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Chapter 234 – North Sea

The elders that were sitting in front of the heavenly palace naturally had supreme statuses. Their strength was deep and profound, and they were known as supreme experts. They were the leading figures from various great powers.

At this time, someone stood up and spoke out. The green-haired youth immediately stopped, no longer taking action.

Shi Hao stood there and calmly looked at him, saying, “I’m not creating trouble, it’s those guys that are bullying me intolerably.”

The blood on the ground hadn’t dried yet, and that young expert was blasted to pieces, splashing blood on the divine mountain. His actions were like that of a small demonic deity! After so many years, just how many people dared to fight within the divine mountains?

There were many people that were staring at him, feeling shock from the power he displayed just now. The ten heavenly passages were terrifying after all. He had just entered the Spirit Transformation realm, yet he was already so powerful.

Even the purple-haired girl and the others had multicolored light flowing through her pupils as they looked over. This great divine mountain was extremely peaceful, and everyone was waiting to see how those elders were going to deal with this.

“We were all young once, and I have also acted so frivolously. This brings back memories.” This elder began to laugh gently, seeming rather benevolent. As light covered his entire body, the elder didn’t actually blame anyone.

“It’s just some small matter. After dozens or even a hundred years later you guys will look back at this like a small wave in the ocean. It’s not a big deal at all, so it’s fine as long as we move on from this.” Another elder laughed in an amiable manner, similarly shining like a small sun as precious splendor scattered down.

An originally intense fight was dissolved just like this. Peace was restored to this mountaintop.

“Everything has been prepared, so we should set out. There are other alliances that are making moves, so we are going to fall behind if we wait any longer.” An elder spoke.

“The other clans and I have decided that it’s difficult for us to take action. This time, it will all be dependent on you guys.” Several elders spoke.

With the appearance of the Archaic divine nest, the Kun Peng precious technique was also revealed, bringing about chaotic movement from all directions. If these supreme experts made their moves, heaven knows to what degree their fights would reach.

They agreed among themselves that they were not going to fight; otherwise, the damages would be extremely severe. The entire wasteland would be thrown into chaos, causing the great earth to tremble.

Everything was going to be decided by the younger generation, so in this way, the destruction that resulted wouldn’t be too great while the opportunities would be great. The Kun Peng precious technique would belong to whoever obtained it.

In reality, these elders were far above the spirit transformation realm, and there was no way they could enter the nest of the Kun Peng. This was the main reason why they gave up and handed over its pursuit to the younger generation..

It would be great if they smoothly went in and out of that sea area, but they feared that it most likely wouldn’t be like so. Others definitely will move out and use any means possible to fight over it, turning the sky and earth upside down.

“You all try your best. If necessary, we will show ourselves. We won’t allow anyone to behave dishonestly.” An elder spoke.

While they fought, there shouldn’t be any old fellows participating since they couldn’t enter. However, when they were going to break away from the Archaic divine nest, then it would become difficult to say.

There was a chance that some kind of supreme expert might make their move. It was entirely possible for them to wipe out all of the younger generation for the sake of obtaining the Kun Peng’s precious technique. There was a chance for any of these cruel events to happen.

Finally, they went on their way. Their party was grandiose and majestic as they entered the rainbow-colored passage; this was the divine mountains’ heavenly path.

“That sea region is extremely special. Since ancient times, no one knows just how many people died. In the past, no one knew what the cause was, and only in recent years did we realize that it was due to the Kun Peng’s death. You all must be careful.”

Just before leaving, several elders gave out their final warnings.

At the final moments, the purple-haired girl’s father also appeared. He was the primary expert in creating this rainbow passageway, and his appearance was incomparably  dignified.

When Shi Hao stepped onto the passageway, he called out to him. It made this honorable expert’s body go rigid and his face become dark. His hand shook, causing the rainbow passageway to tremble. It made many people’s faces pale.

“Hehe…” An elder began to laugh up his sleeve.

This was this clan’s mountain guardian, and was well known among supreme experts. After entering the Void God Realm, he was given a good beating by the devilish brat. The elders that knew him would always laugh secretly every time they recalled this.

The elder of heavenly mountain was precisely the purple-haired girl’s father. He really wanted to grind his teeth his anger and slap that devilish brat. The elder was going to treat the savage child rudely because he was too heaven defying, but in the end he controlled himself.

“Devilish brat!” In the end, he spat out these two words. He released a breath, causing frantic winds to stir and cloudy mist to cover the sun, directly sending Shi Hao into the depths of the passageway.

“Wei, we still haven’t talked about old times yet. We just met again! I wanted to ask senior for advice.” That young and tender voice rang out, making the elder’s hand shake again. The rainbow passageway violently shook again.

Finally, the large party left. There were divine servants, divine guards and spirit transformation realm youth. Their numbers weren’t few, totalling to roughly six or seven hundred people.

It was as if a they were traveling slowly through a river of stars. As they stood on top of the passageway, everyone rushed towards the distance. Time seemed to be passing quickly, and it also seemed like it was in disorder a multi-colored light shone everywhere.

Without knowing how much time had passed, a heavenly light appeared in front. In addition, a salty and fishy dampness met them head on. They had appeared several millions of li out, and were now far from the divine mountains.

“Ah, this… is so majestic!” The devilish brat’s eyes were opened wide. He felt extremely shocked as he stepped on the soft sand.

After getting used to the great wastelands, seeing so many great mountains and hearing so many vicious beast’s cries, he suddenly appeared in front of the great ocean. This was a type of shock for him. Shi Hao’s eyes looked everywhere, because everything was extremely new and odd for him who had never seen such things before.

“The ocean is truly endless.” Shi Hao said to himself. He had seen quite a few great lakes and blue waves, but compared to what was in front of him, they couldn’t even be called small water ditches. For a child that grew up within the mountains, this was absolutely mind-blowing.

On the golden beach, a group of people emerged. As they walked out from the rainbow passageway, the majority were completely calm after seeing such a vast body of water.

“This is the North Sea, the northernmost extremity of the wastelands.” A divine servant spoke.

The great sea undulated up and down, surging with great momentum. A huge wave rolled over, crashing down like thunder. A huge expanse of white stretched out in front, creating a single line between the ocean and sky. It stirred people’s hearts, making them feel rather insignificant.

“Could the legends be true, that there is a Dragon Palace at the center of the ocean? Are there ocean deities?” Shi Hao lightly spoke.

“Be quiet. Don’t bring up those taboo matters, or else you might bring about some kind of disaster.”

A golden beast whose teeth had practically all fallen off was standing beside the purple-haired girl. Its body seemed like it was forged out of gold, and as powerful fluctuations were released, a brilliant and dazzling radiance shone. Currently, he became the devilish brat’s personal bodyguard in fear of him acting recklessly. The golden beast would constantly advise him, as well as reply to all of his questions.

At this time, several old servants were holding ancient scrolls. After spreading them out, they were placed on the sand to be studied. They wanted to make certain their targeted sea area.

“We are going to cross the ocean. That sea area is extremely dangerous. If we took the rainbow passageway, it’s entirely possible for all of it to immediately explode along the way.”

“This sea hasn’t been peaceful since ancient times. There are many creatures within the ocean that are ridiculously powerful. Everyone must be careful.” An old servant concealed within silver light reminded.

Finally, a youngster’s palm emitted light. It was a small bright and transparent boat carved from the pit of a fruit that emitted a hazy radiance. Obviously, there were some preparations that had been made.

The small boat erupted in the wind, instantly becoming grand and magnificent. It was comparable to a small mountain, and it floated on the ocean surface, it was absolutely dazzling. Auspicious energy floated about the entire ship.

“Let’s go, we are going to cross the sea and proceed towards that sea area.”

It was obvious that the purple-clothed girl, silver-haired girl, scarlet-haired youth and the green-haired youth that Shi Hao hated made up the main force of this expedition. After they entered the Kun Peng’s nest, they were the ones that were going to be relied on to fight.

When the time came, none of these old servants could enter. Only those at the spirit transformation realm could fight it out.

Everyone jumped up and entered this enormous ship. It was as if a mountain was moving as rumbling sounds rang out. With high ambitions, it sped towards the depths of the ocean.

This was a precious boat that could travel extremely quickly. It was not that different from flying, and in the blink of an eye, they had already travelled several hundred li. The great ocean billows were extremely terrifying, yet they barely affected the boat.

After that, they sailed through thousands of li. Suddenly, the ship violently shook and its radiance began to flicker. The entire great ship almost flipped over.

“What is going on?”

“Did something happen?”

Everyone was startled. They could only see a silver fin appear from the vast ocean. It was incomparably terrifying, and also extremely large. It was as if they had crashed into another ship.


In the next moment, lightning radiance overflowed into the heavens. The silver lightning rushed over from within the ocean, directly smashing apart this enormous boat. The electricity was absolutely horrifying as it arced across the sky.


A miserable shriek immediately rang out. A large amount of people were struck by the electric arcs, exploding into pieces as a result.

“You bastard!” An elder became furious. With a throwing motion, he tossed out a beast skin. It hid the sky and covered the earth, covering up this great ocean. Dense symbols began to flicker with holy splendor to obstruct the incoming electric radiance.

In the next instant, another elder took action. After taking out a beast skin, it quickly enlarged and spread out. It was like a piece of dry land, catching everyone else.

These several hundred people suddenly suffered such an attack, resulting in large casualties. Even the survivors were wounded.

“We were careless!” A divine servant blamed himself. Traveling in the air while using such a powerful artifact exhausted a lot of energy. For the sake of saving labor, they traveled by sea, but never expected to have suffered an attack a thousand li from shore.

“What kind of creature are you? Why are you attacking us?” Below, a divine servant was currently fighting the silver monster fish.

Its entire body was silvery while, its body like a large fish. However, there were no scales, and on top of its head was a pair of ox horns. Its body was like a small mountain.

“I loath you land creatures. My children have all been killed by creatures like you in the past few days.” The great silver fish roared.


The lightning hacked over as if it was a huge wave. A huge expanse of white struck down, causing that divine servant’s body to tremble violently. His entire body was charred black and suffered a great disaster before rushing out.

“What a powerful ocean creature!” Everyone was shocked. They haven’t even entered the sea for that long, yet they already encountered such a monstrous fish. Just how dangerous was their road ahead?

“That’s unrelated to us. Injustices can be paid back to their owners, so go kill those true murderers. Why would you attack us?”

The other divine servants took action, suppressing it together.

Symbols instantly flourished, sealing up the sea surface. The huge fish roared and violently struggled. Ultimately, it soared up into the air and revealed its silvery white body, releasing undying streaks of lightning.


After a final strike, its body became covered in blood and was almost cut in two. Dropping into the sea, it moved its tail to rush into the ocean depths, disappearing from their sights.

“You creatures must all die!” It shouted this furiously before disappearing.

“Seems like the road ahead won’t be peaceful. We are just starting…” Those powerful divine servants sighed and said.

“Fly higher, don’t move so close to the ocean surface.”

Finally, the remaining three hundred or so creatures began to fly on top of that enormous beast skin. Symbols were spread out, creating an bright and resplendent expanse of light.

After entering ten thousand li into the ocean, a concentrated blue light flew over towards the beast skin. Even though there was quite a bit of distance between them, countless blue symbols flickered as they battered down.

“Sea demons!”

These were humanoid creatures with fleshy wings and serpent’s tails. Being entirely blue-colored, their appearances were extremely monstrous. Even though they had human-like faces, fierce teeth extended out from their mouths, giving them extremely malevolent appearances.

These creatures came from the sea. They all opened their mouths to spit out blue-colored symbols. There were almost a thousand sea demons closely packed, and a similarly large number of symbols were descending on Shi Hao’s party.

“Damn it! These creatures are the hardest to deal with. We don’t have any hatred between us, yet we are being attacked again.”

The divine servant took action, interweaving symbols to block the rain of blue light. Rumbling sounds rang out, and all of them were destroyed.

However, the sea began to turn chaotic as countless blue figures rushed out. The sea demons numbered in the tens of thousands. These creatures stirred up heaven overflowing waves, throwing the oceans into disorder.

“This is exactly what I meant! These guys are extremely troublesome. Upon attacking, they will send out large groups numbering at least in the tens of thousands. At the most dangerous times, there could be over a million sea demons!”

Even the several powerful old divine servants were becoming anxious. The circumstances weren’t optimistic, because forget millions, even hundreds of thousands was enough to bury all of them here.

Layer after layer of murderous blue light rose. Mysterious symbols flickered as murderous intent filled the skies. This was a great seabed formation that could twist and kill everyone high in the air.

“The Supreme Sea Demon has given the order to seal up this region. Anyone that trespasses should be killed without exception!” A loud voice was transmitted from the within the ocea.

“Break out! We need to leave quickly!”

A divine servant took out a beast horn and blew with wuwu sounds. The noise was like thunder, shattering the endless blue symbols. The beast skin lit up as if it had been ignited, quickly flying out.

It was obvious how terrifying that beast horn was. The sound it produced was like the shouting of deities, penetrating through everything in the way. It blasted apart the blue symbols to open up a path.

It was one of the divine mountains’ ancient treasures, left with them precisely for these kinds of dangerous situations.

Only after fleeing far away did everyone finally calm down. It felt like the sea was full of dangers. Just what kind of accident happened?

“What happened? Did the people before us provoke some kind of disaster? Why do I feel like the sea is full of murderous intent? Could it be that the Seafloor Dragon Palace or a supreme ocean deity was disturbed?”

It was difficult for them to calm down, but they still advanced towards their destination.

Two hours later, they entered the great ocean abyss.

Suddenly, the ocean waters turned chaotic. The sound of troops could be heard, shaking everyone to the core. It was as if a magnificent army was charging forward, and as golden spears hacked towards the air, murderous intent flooded the ocean and sky.

“That is…”

Everyone was shocked. A black horse was madly sprinting on the water surface, as if what it treaded on wasn’t water but the vast great earth. Its hooves created ear-splitting sounds, all of it created by itself.

Behind him, a headless human appeared. Black armor covered his body, making it look absolutely terrifying. A golden spear that pointed into the heavens was held in his hands as he rushed towards them.

“What is going on? What kind of creature did we encounter?” Everyone became greatly alarmed.

The sea was just too strange. Experts came rushing from left and right, all of them extremely eccentric and odd. This headless expert in particular was even stranger.

A divine servant made his move. With a hong sound, he was directly shaken by that golden battle spear. He spat out blood before flying back.

“Not good. This is a saint that died at sea during the ancient era. Even though this is merely its remaining force, we aren’t strong enough to defeat it!”

“Hurry and call for the great supreme experts to come down and protect us!”

They were all shocked. They still haven’t even entered the Kun Peng’s nest, yet they already encountered wave after wave of eccentric and terrifying dangers.

“Yi, this isn’t right. Everything here is sealed up… Could it be that we arrived at the Demonic Sea? There’s no way to call the great supreme experts for help, so did we already arrive at the Kun Peng’s nest?”


The golden battle spear slashed over, slicing at the heavens. The entire beast skin was cut in half, and a small portion was even diced to pieces. A group of people began to miserably cry before being blasted to pieces.

As Shi Hao observed all of this, his heart was shaken. There were so many experts within the great sea! Why did it seem even more dangerous than the wastelands?

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