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Chapter 228 – First News

“The savage child returned! What is he trying to do now? He shouldn’t be trying to create some kind of heaven overflowing chaos, right?” Many people truly feared him. This fellow was full of energy, and only heaven knew what kind of things he was going to do.

Those great powers that were nearly flattened were feeling even more fearful. They were gnashing their teeth in anger after hearing about the devilish brat’s return, because who knew if they were going to be targeted. It was as if these people were facing a great enemy; their faces turned ugly as they nervously waited.

The little guy was completely unaware of this. After appearing, he seemed extremely familiar as he called out, waved his hand and patted the shoulders of random people.

“Why do you seem so familiar? I think I killed you before! You already recovered in just three months, truly not simple.” The devilish child was extremely friendly, giving people an unbearable feeling.

Those experts hiding within the crowd immediately felt their faces pale after being recognized. They took to their heels and fled frantically, because their injured bodies were far from being completely healed. They merely forced themselves to come to pass on some information.

If they were killed by the savage child now, then their true bodies would most likely be ruined as well. At the same time, they felt more and more suffocated and annoyed. In just a short period of time, a group of people were frantically running away.

“Ah, could it be that I’m familiar with so many of them? Were they all people that I killed before? Am I really that ruthless? I don’t recall killing so many…” The little guy scratched his head.

The group of people cursed silently. The amount of people you killed were few? After forcefully pushing everyone back, the Rain Clan, Tuoba Clan, four great families and many others all suffered disastrous losses, having their pure lands directly flattened.

The devilish brat appeared again, causing everyone to gather in this area. After returning to the Void God Realm, he became the hottest topic. No matter whether it was friend or enemy, they were all paying particular attention to him.

“Don’t run! Even though I still have some soul shattering needles here, they weren’t prepared for you. What’s there to be scared of?” The devilish brat blurted out with seemingly good intentions.

This was just too strong of a blow, clearly disrespecting them. Even though he felt that they weren’t worthy of the soul shattering needles, it truly made them feel upset after hearing his words.

It hurt their pride too much! The group of people were furious, especially those geniuses. They all felt an urge to never enter the Void God Realm again.

The devilish brat seemed extremely insensitive and enthusiastic. As he watched them flee frantically, he didn’t chase after them and merely saw them all kindly. He told them that he wasn’t actually going to chase them.

“Absolutely infuriating!” No matter whether it was the older or younger generation, they all felt the urge to spit out blood.

Rain Clan, Tuoba Clan, Western Tomb Beast Mountain and the others’ faces became ashen. They truly regretted coming here, because they truly felt stifled and wronged. This wretched brat.

The little guy also began to run with sousou sounds, leaving the starting ground. He entered the golden passageway and directly entered a higher level region to the place where he established the tenth heavenly passage.

“I’m coming! There is still a debt.” As soon as he arrived, he began to shout and scream.

Within the primal chaos and ruins outside the starting ground, the Willow Deity took root. More than ten tender branches pierced into the heavens, as if some kind of existence was being roused, causing the heaven and earth to tremble.

Within the heavenly paradise, an array of brilliant light descended from the skies. The rain of light seemed auspicious and holy as it swirled in the air, scattering down on this mountain range.

A circle of light descended, and keng qiang sounds rang out. Strand after strand of divine light burst forth, and streaks of auspicious light was spat out. Two pieces of bronze book appeared, dropping into the little guy’s hands.

The multicolored light receded and the mist of light began to recede. The bronze pieces were simple and unadorned with a few patterns carved on it.

The people who followed along were all shaken. Did this child defy the heavens? After howling towards the sky for how there was still a debt, the Void God Realm directly dropped down two pieces of divine book. This really made people speechless.

Everyone became stupid, this… Was this real? They didn’t see him do anything, yet he was able to obtain two pieces of bronze book so easily.

No one knew just how many people were watching from the distance, because the devilish child was too well known. As a result, there were many outstanding individuals that followed along to see just what kind of things he was going to do.

“So selfish. Where is the interest? Why are there only two pieces? It’s been accumulating for such a long time already!” The devilish brat was furious as he jumped and shouted towards the sky.

The outstanding individuals watching were all petrified. How freaking ridiculous was this?! To be unsatisfied with the law and order of the Void God Realm, this child was truly unmatched. He was truly hopeless and incurable.


Within the sky, a dark cloud began to roll about. It began to descend, moving towards the little guy’s head.

“I don’t want it anymore! You can keep the interest!” The devilish brat immediately took to his heels and ran. Back then, it was precisely this dark cloud that expelled him from this place and labelled him ‘unwelcome’. Now, it came again, and he truly didn’t want to be kicked out for two more years, because that would be too embarrassing.

Finally, the black cloud dispersed, and the world became peaceful once again.

Everyone was astonished. The Void God Realm truly had a spirit and definitely shouldn’t be provoked! They began to revere this place even more. It was difficult to imagine just how the deities of the past founded this place. Could some kind of existence have ex?

A sparkling stone tablet appeared, and the words on top began to shine. The recording tablet arrived a bit late, but it still came in the end. There wasn’t that many words, only a few words: Heavenly Passage Sovereign.


The outstanding individuals were shaken. Then, this entire area began to clamor with noise. The four characters were enough to explain everything, making everyone tremble!

Heavenly Passage Sovereign; this was a type of confirmation, and the pinnacle of glory. Even though there was only a few words, it still explained everything. Currently within the heavenly passage realm, he was the most powerful.

In other words, to be called the most powerful within the heavenly passage realm means that it is true at least within the wasteland’s Void God Realm, because no one has broke through like he had within the this spiritual world before.

“This fellow is so powerful! Suddenly rising to power and forcing people back the entire time, just how many years has it been since such a person appeared?”

“Within the boundless land, there exists countless creatures. Too many great experts have appeared, and as for how powerful those legendary figures are, no one can clearly say.” Someone shook their head in disagreement, because this was merely within the wasteland’s Void God Realm.

Someone so carefree and unrestrained like the devilish brat was still rarely seen. To attack in such an unorthodox methods, his mental state was too disgusting. Of course, one can also say that he had too much confidence.

The little guy was elated, jumping around as he looked at the bronze book. Now, he had a total of five pieces, or in other words, he had completed half of the entire book.

“Sigh, after flattening so many great powers, I haven’t seen any kind of reward. Could it be that some kind of problem occurred?” He looked towards the skies and really wanted to shout out.

“Of course there isn’t. There are those from the ancient times that were way more fierce than you. There was someone who completely wiped out ten pure lands, eradicating even more great powers than you.” Someone replied from the distance.

“But I’m so good and honest.” The devilish brat said to himself.

“Ah pei!” Many people spat out these two words from their hearts, and these were naturally the disciples of those ancient sects whose pure lands were destroyed. Even though they felt hatred, they still did not dare to come forward.

“Why isn’t there anyone trying to steal these now? I’m waiting here.” The little guy muttered. He held the pieces of bronze book in his hand as if they were bricks, lifting them up and down as if he was trying to see how heavy they were. His action were extremely provoking.

Everyone cursed silently. This child was deserved to be known as someone who angered god and human alike. In reality, many people wanted to steal them, but they truly didn’t dare to. They could only conceal their jealousy deep within them.

“Youngster, I finally found you. Your were running too quickly.” In the distance, several elders were gasping for breath as they followed over.

These people began to emit divine light one after another, becoming bright and dazzling. It was as if they were enveloped within divine rings; one of them was in a circle of silver light, another had purple mist around, and there was even one where specks of scarlet multicolored light floated about.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. What kind of experts were these?! They were definitely not ordinary, and were likely all formidable characters from ancient clans.

“Why would I need to run? Could it be that you guys want to steal my divine book?” The devilish brat turned around with an extremely excited look on his face.

“No no, we don’t have those intentions.” Those individuals quickly shook their heads. They truly feared that he would make things difficult, mowing them down and stripping them clean.

Soon after, the little guy knew where these people came from. They came from the Archaic divine mountain, because all of them were unordinary and had strange appearances.

Among them, an elder shone with golden light like a divine sun. It was just like a golden beast in the shape of a human, but golden fur covered the entire body. His age was extremely great, and his teeth seemed to have almost all fallen off.

The other creatures were similarly in humanoid form, but weren’t actually humans. For example, there was the spirit race with silvery light covering their bodies, or the wood clan wrapped in divine light. Their ages were great, and were old servants.

They came from the Archaic divine mountain, representing several different powers. They wanted to leave for the sea not too long in the future again, but could never find the devilish brat. Now that they saw him, they naturally rushed over.

“I still haven’t entered the spirit transformation stage yet. Breaking through isn’t something that can be rushed. Do you guys have some kind of divine text or supreme precious technique? Just give me some random guidance.” The devilish brat spoke.

Several people began to stare blankly. Wasn’t he speaking rubbish? He was already at the peak of the tenth heavenly passage and could enter the spirit transformation realm at any time, so how could he not succeed?!

“If you guys don’t believe me, then just take a look. I really didn’t break through yet. Give me some kind of Archaic divine mountain breakthrough sacred manual please.” The little guy’s skin was extremely thick.

“There isn’t much time left. We are going to move out soon, and can’t wait any longer.” A purple-clothed girl with divine aura rising in spirals around her walked over. Her voice was slow and unhurried, as if they were the pleasant sounds of nature.

“What about the news I wanted?” The little guy asked. Surprisingly, the little guy actually didn’t call the purple-haired girl a vicious beast. In addition, his face was serious without the slightest hint of a smile.

“It seems like you care about them quite a bit.” The purple-haired girl said. She was extremely quick-witted, and an intelligent light flashed through her purple pupils as she tried to read the little guy’s face.

“Turns out you are also a fatty. Hurry and tell me.” The little guy urged.

The purple-haired girl’s sparkling white forehead immediate revealed several dark streaks. She clenched her small fists, holding herself back. However, she truly felt like it was unbearable, and was already cursing inwardly.

“Nine years ago, there truly was an extremely powerful couple that once lingered around an Archaic divine mountain. In the end, they left the wastelands.”

“What?!” The little guy was shocked. His eyes were widened, and it was unclear whether there was sadness or pain on his face. He didn’t say anything for a long time.

“I still want to know more.” Only after a long time did he say these words.

“They left the wastelands, so currently it’s quite difficult to get any sort of news.” The purple-haired girl said. Even the powerful Archaic divine mountain could not investigate everything, especially if they were no longer in this region.

The little guy’s eyes were red, and he seemed completely different from before. He was extremely quiet, and it was quite a while before he recovered.

“I still want to know more detailed information.” He put forth his requirement.

“We can only do what we can. Currently, you need to enter the spirit transformation realm, or else there won’t be enough time. We don’t know how many different powers are going out to sea, and so there will definitely be a disastrous war. Blood will die the sea surfaces red, and bones will fill up the seas. You need to quickly improve your strength to defend yourself.”

“Fine, I get it.” After the little guy said this, he turned around and left.

The old servants each represented different powers. They were going about to ask for a concrete period of time from him, because they truly didn’t want to wait any longer.

In the end, they were all blocked by the purple-haired girl, not allowed to speak. It was because she knew the savage kid’s temperament; forcing him any further wouldn’t do any good.

“Father, mother, where are you guys?” The little guy walked slowly by himself. He stayed away from the outstanding heroes, quickly disappearing within the limits of the horizon.

Soon after, he began to pace between different ruins. The ruins of Rain Clan, the Tuoba Clan, and many others. He had visited these places before, and was currently thinking about his personal matters.

This made the various great powers all feel rather gloomy. They were truly unreconciled, because this was like visiting old memories. Was this an overview of his future ‘glory’?

It didn’t matter whether these outstanding heroes were content or not, because no one dared to go up and suffer misfortune. Currently, the devilish brat represented savageness, so no one wanted to provoke him.

Unknowingly, the little guy arrived at an extremely vast and majestic pure land. Spiritual energy descended streak after streak from the mountain tops, as if it was a small waterfall.

“Martial Imperial Mansion!”

The little guy suddenly lifted his head and saw a stone tablet sticking out from the pure land. On top of it were three words.

“Father, mother, you both definitely came here before, even though you are no longer here.” The little guy clenched his fists. His gaze was intimidating, as if two streaks of lightning were shooting out.

A long time passed, and the terrifying aura finally disappeared from his face.

“Who is there? Freeze, you are not allowed to enter!” Right when he reached the gate, even though there was still quite a distance separating them, someone already shouted, coming out to obstruct him.

“You… What are you trying to do?” Someone cried out in shock after recognizing him.

“I’m coming as a guest.” The little guy only had these four words.

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