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Chapter 227 – Great Success

The divine ring up in the sky was absolutely dazzling as it surrounded the little guy. When it was calm, It was like a divine moon with a single figure at the center. Pure splendor scattered down, creating an auspicious and divine scene. When it was powerful and exuberant, the divine ring was like a fierce sun, and the figure at the center was incredibly terrifying.

This scene shocked everyone. He actually decided to go on such a path. The ten great heavenly passages linked together, fusing together and forming a divine ring. It truly was a marvelous sight.

Second baldy was immediately scared badly, muttering, “This isn’t just enough to scare the great ancient powers, but even those great Archaic fellows might be startled…”

Even the Willow Deity was shocked. Its ten green and lush willow branches began to move freely in the wind. Specks of multicolored light began to fill the air, making this place seem like the pure land of a deity.

As for Stone Village’s people, they’ve had stupefied looks from a long time ago. This was simply too crazy! The little guy was like a heavenly deity as the magnificent divine right circled about him with a stunning aura.

When had they ever seen such a scene before? They never even heard of something like this before. This was a path carved out by the little guy alone, his own dao that evolved to such a step. No matter who it was that saw this, they would all be shocked.


Suddenly, the divine ring crumbled, and the ten great heavenly passages began to disperse. They curled and danced about, rising and falling within the little guy’s vicinity.

“What happened? Could it be he failed?”

Everyone was suddenly alarmed. If the little guy were to fail here and suffer the consequences, his body and soul would definitely both be extinguished without doubt. That was truly something to be scared about.

“No, he is still fine!” The big red bird cried out.

The devilish brat stood up, seemingly a bit confused. It was because he could feel that there was a lump of light within his body that was currently expanding. It was extremely astonishing, somewhat surpassing his expectations.

With a weng sound, he once again fused the ten great heavenly passages, allowing them to mutually interconnect. A dazzling divine ring was formed, and as it surrounded him, it made him look like a young deity.

His black-hair scattered down. His eyes were bright and his body was sparkling. Together with the magnificent illustrious divine ring, no matter who it was, they would all tremble and feel like a deity was descending.

“Even deities would only have this kind of appearance. Moreover, this radiance is formed from interconnected heavenly passages, so if their cultivation levels are similar, then they are going to be inferior to this savage child!” Second Baldy sighed.

“What a strange feeling.” The little guy carefully felt about. After the ten great heavenly passages were linked together, they rushed towards him. The force of divine essence nourished his body, and his supreme being bone was comfortably warm. That lump of light also became increasingly rich and powerful.

Strand after strand of essence energy surged and surged, entering his body. His entire body lit up, and the supreme being bone in his chest was already calming down after absorbing a portion of the frantic energy. It went into seclusion, once again becoming dormant. However, his body was still emitting light.

Finally, the ten great heavenly passages rumbled with wenglonglong sounds. The divine ring was blinding, and the splendor was light water as it cleansed the little guy’s flesh, nourishing his body.

“This is…”

At this moment, everyone could see that something was different. The light being emitted from his entire body was abnormal. Why did it seem like the dazzling light was becoming brighter and brighter?

In the end, the light within his body formed a central lump that shone with absolute brilliance.

“The ten heavenly passages are being nourished, and strands of auspicious energy are concentrating at one point… Is his flesh becoming a heavenly passage?”

The big red bird was astonished, feeling an extremely weird feeling. The little guy seemed to have transformed into a heavenly passage himself, becoming extremely bright and resplendent. His divine essence was unending as it surged in waves.

The devilish brat was constantly puzzled. It was exactly this feeling that made him confused. The energy within his body was unending and extremely strange.

“This should have been caused by the divine ring, forming a flesh heavenly passage… It can’t be, is this real?!” Second Baldy went stupid. As he uttered these words, he found it difficult to believe.

The little guy stood at the center of it all, and was finally starting to understand. This wasn’t a heavenly passage, but was similar to one. Essence energy surged wave after wave, but it originated from the nourishment of the ten heavenly passages.

However, if he displayed his might right now, it would certainly have the effects of a heavenly passage. It truly was complicated and mysterious.

Was this a heavenly passage? What was he supposed to call this? Even the Willow Deity felt rather speechless, but there was still a great sense of admiration.

“This is the nourishment cooperatively produced by the resonance of ten great heavenly passages…”

The lump of light within the little guy began to flourish with increasing vigor as if it was a sun. The ten heavenly passages were interconnected, mutually discharging divine essence to form this central lump of light.

The rain of light was hazy. It was incomparably peaceful and auspicious, making this place extremely sacred as if it was a piece of divine land.

“How are you going to utilize it?” In the distance, Second Baldy’ gaze was fiery as he asked with curiosity.

“Isn’t it obvious? The ten great heavenly passages have to each nourish a precious technique, and in the future, so I will definitely have to find supreme abilities in the future. As for the one inside my body, it will naturally be used to command the ten heavenly passages, because it will nourish my unique and unrivalled precious technique.” The devilish brat said noisily.

The big red bird and Second Baldy became fearful. After thinking for a bit, they realized that this fellow truly was truly shocking.

The old village chief knew that this child wasn’t joking around. He had a supreme being bone within him, and if it was reborn in the future, it would definitely produce his own unmatched divine ability.

In addition, after going through nirvana, the precious techniques contained within would also become even more unordinary. They would transformation along with his body, becoming completely different. It was difficult to imagine just how powerful they would become.

“Wu, ten heavenly passages with a precious technique in each. Now that there is a circle of light within my own body as well, then my own precious technique has a place to grow.”

The devilish brat was elated. He was so happy that his large eyes became like crescent moons.

This time, he created a new route that made him stand out from everyone else. Not only were the villagers shaken, even an old bird like Second Baldy became stupefied. The Willow Deity even became moved, feeling a sense of absent-mindedness.

Right, this even drew the Willow Deity’s attention. After thinking and carefully analyzing this situation, it released and sigh and said towards the little guy, “You are correct.”

Recently, the Willow Deity often praised the little guy, and these feelings were all sincere. The devilish brat was quite gifted in the area of cultivation, far surpassing those ordinary geniuses and often bringing surprises.

The little guy continuously formed the divine ring, and then separated them in an effortless manner. There wasn’t the slightest bit of hindrance, and as its divine splendor gushed out, it made people exclaim in admiration.

“This heavenly passage to raise the Kun Peng, this heavenly passage temporarily for the Suan Ni, this…” He began to count happily. His smile was extremely pure.

What made people speechless was that he was imposing and powerful just now like a supreme deity, yet currently, he was actually laughing like this.

When fighting, he possessed an intimidating divine might, but when he was calm, he was like the boy next door. It gave people a sense of familiarity, because the little guy was straightforward by nature and extremely ‘real’.

“Alright, your baptism is complete.” The Willow Deity said.

The mist dispersed, and those green and lush branches retreated. Multicolored light began to recede, allowing this place to return to normal, no longer being surrounded by the dense essence energy.

“I succeeded just like that?” The little guy scratched his head. Even though this process was extremely dangerous and his body was almost split apart, seemingly on the verge of being exterminated, he was finally able to stick it out.

The devilish brat seemed to be a bit dizzy as he reflected on everything. He was truly full of happiness, and in the end, he had a somewhat silly smile on his face.

The villagers woke up from their stupor, and a group of children rushed over. They were full of joy and excitement, and all of them cried out loudly. They threw themselves over, burying the little guy under them.

“You guys are crushing me to death!” The little guy shouted.

“Yeah, right! Even a mountain can’t crush you to death.”

“Exactly! Grandpa Chief said that if we don’t put you down now, we will regret it in the future, and we agree. When you become a deity in the future and we become aged, we can tell our children that we even bullied a deity before. Wouldn’t this be great to brag about?”

“Haha, subdue him!”

The group of children threw themselves over and began to wrestle and roll on the ground with him. It was just like when they were little; these comrades were extremely intimate, and their feelings for each other were extremely deep.

This kind of sincere affection and feeling will eternally be carved into the innermost parts of the little guy’s heart. No matter how many years pass after this, no matter how the world transformed after this, he would never forget.

After tossing and turning about, the little guy crawled back up. The clothes on his body were wrinkled and dirty.

“Child, you aren’t little anymore, and should go and marry a big fatty.” Shi Feijiao walked over and stroked his head with a beaming smile.

When Shi Linhu head this, he immediately walked up and grabbed the little guy’s hand, saying, “What about our family’s Huniu? Is she fat enough?”

“What? I didn’t hear anything!” The little guy shook off his hand and ran into the wastelands.

“Haha…” The group of people all began to laugh loudly.

The little guy in the distance darkened his face as he tried to ignore them.

The group of adults were chatting, and they all seemed extremely happy because what they had discussed before was going to come true. With the little guy being so heaven defying, then it was entirely possible for him to bring back an Archaic vicious beast youth to protect this place.

‘Child, don’t be so embarrassed. We aren’t forcing you to marry a girl from this village. Is there someone outside that was to your liking? Hurry and bring one back! We are all waiting to drink at your wedding feast.” Er Meng’s father spoke.

The little guy in the distance did not dare to reply.

“Right! Could it be that there’s already several fatties out there? Hurry and bring them all back. We are all waiting in anticipation!”

“Haven’t you seen brother Dazhuang already? There’s even a child now! We can feel at ease once you have a few descendants.”

The group of elders also began to laugh with hehe sounds. There wasn’t a single thing they weren’t willing to discuss.

In the distance, Ermeng, Pihou and the others were all making faces at him.

Only the little guy was completely silent. He ran away in a dejected manner.

“Haha…” Everyone laughed loudly.

“You can go to the Void God Realm now. You might receive some kind of reward.” Right at this moment, the Willow Deity spoke.

“What?” The devilish child quickly returned and ran towards the village entrance. He looked up towards the Willow Deity and said, “The rewards that I am receiving, are those the one that the Void God Realm owed me when I broke through into the tenth heavenly passage?”

This thought was constantly in his mind, and after coming back, he mumbled about it towards the Willow Deity quite a few times about how the Void God Realm still owed him this debt. Only, the Willow Deity never replied.

“After the passage of countless years, the Void God Realm’s laws and order is no longer as great as before. If there was someone that intervened, then a few changes could have happened.” The Willow Deity said.

The little guy immediately widened his large eyes and replied in astonishment, “Willow Deity, it shouldn’t be you, right?”

Could it be the Willow Deity that intervened?” He began to become somewhat suspicious.

“It wasn’t me. It is a problem with the laws and order itself.” The Willow Deity shook his head and said, “The Void God Realm has a spirit, something created by the deities of the past. No one is certain just what remains of it.”

“Will there be any dangers if I go then?” The devilish brat asked with astonishment.

“Unlikely. That was merely a rare accident.” The Willow Deity did not speak in detail.

“Then I’m going to go now!” The devilish brat was extremely stirred up as he cried out. He was happy and excited.

With a hong sound, the willow branch tore through the heavens and opened a mysterious gate. Lightning appeared and thunder roared as symbols covered the sky.

“My reward, I’m coming!”

After spending three months here, the devilish brat appeared once again in the Void God Realm. It naturally instilled a huge tempest. There were many people who felt reverence, and also many who were curious. With his appearance, a vast crowd immediately appeared.

The ones that were most anxious and hopeful were those from the Archaic divine mountain. They had been waiting for the little guy this entire time, and after disappearing for three months in one go, it made them impatient. They hoped that he would reach the Spirit Transformation realm earlier so that they could find the ten vicious descendants’ techniques.

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