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Chapter 226 – Change Again

“This is something that is going to frighten to death even those ancient powers!” Second Baldy was speechless, and even his eyes and mouth were opened wide. It simply couldn’t believe everything it was seeing, because this was just too heaven defying. Was this still a human?

The big red bird was also stupefied, watching from the side with a stunned look. This was too scary. This did not follow conventional reasoning at all, and was definitely an oddity.

After the ten heavenly passages were all recreated, they all began to ring with honglong sounds. The divine might was like an ocean, causing immortal light and auspicious vapors to surge. If those geniuses saw this, they would definitely be scared to death.

The old village chief was shaking from excitement, and even his lips were trembling. He felt happy for the little guy, and his voice was shaking as he continuously praised the little guy

Even Shi Linhu, Shi Feijiao and the others were stunned. They were all shaken. Soon after, they used their large fists to beat their chest with excitement, expressing their joy.

“Too powerful!”

Pihou, snot baby, Huzi and the others were also excited. They cried out loudly in celebration. They were the little guy’s comrades from birth, and so they truly felt happy for him.

Under the willow tree, the little guy sat with his legs crossed. Around him, the ten heavenly passages rumbled, creating a truly magnificent sight. Every single one was incomparably large, as if they were holding a world of immortals in place. Precious splendor rose and auspicious vapors descended; it was truly spectacular.

These heavenly passages were extremely large, and every single one seemed like the tenth one. The essence energy they emitted was like a divine waterfall, pouring down in a ferocious and astonishing manner. Those that were watching couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

However, this was what was truly happening. The ten heavenly passages were large and perfect.

In addition, at this time, they had already transformed. They were no longer like volcanoes, but rather like monstrous and multicolored words, becoming true ‘heavenly paradises’.

This kind of transformation immediately made the little guy think for a bit. He felt that he could still transform a bit further. The little guy was stubborn, not willing to stop here.

Then ten monstrous and multicolored circles of light were like ten worlds. If he could join them together, just what would happen? When he reached this point, he became inspired. He decided to apply it and give it a try.

“Don’t take any more risks! This is already enough to scare all those ancient powers. Are you still not satisfied?” Second baldy shouted, reminding in a loud voice.

This was indeed already heaven defying, and could be considered standing on glorious peak. It was enough to overlook the heavenly passage realm and show disdain towards everyone else in the same realm. To continue any further would make everyone feel like he was going too far.

However, the little guy already decided to put it into action. He was going to merge all ten heavenly passages into one. All types of auspicious multicolored light surged, and this place became covered in dense essence energy. They continuously surged, making this place incomparably gorgeous and dazzling.

The little guy was unsatisfied. He attempted to refine them, and the ten heavenly passages violently shook. They turned into one mass, fusing together into a single world!

Everyone was mind blown. What kind of strange scene was this?

Within the vagueness, people could see images. Majestic spiritual mountains, elegant verdant peaks, and divine waterfalls were revealed one after another. Bright multicolored lights scattered down, and auspicious beasts and precious birds appeared.

This… is simply like an immortal domain!”

Of course, everyone understood that these were just images and weren’t real. These were scenes that appeared when the little guy was opening his heavenly passages, and they were reappearing now.

When his large eyes were opened, lightning radiance shot about. Only when one carefully looked would they be able to see this.

The ten heavenly passages merged, turning into a great world. It was vast and borderless, as if it could hold the sun moon and stars. It seemed like it could lock in the heavens.

“So fierce and powerful!” Second Baldy exclaimed.


As soon as its words were uttered, that world began to violently shake. The ten heavenly passages simply couldn’t truly be fused together. They collided into each other, as if they were going to break apart this region.

Even the little guy’s body was swaying. He received a tremendous attack, and a strand of blood immediately appeared on the corners of the little guy’s lips. This was much more serious compared to before.

The ten heavenly passages began to shake at the same time. If they truly exploded into pieces after colliding, then his body and soul would inevitably be exterminated. Even if a deity intervened, he still couldn’t be saved.

The little guy began to meditate with rapt attention, and was finally able to separate those ten heavenly passages, allowing them to rearrange in all directions. They released an undying fluctuation, creating a river of essence energy that flowed onto his body.

“Not good, this road is extremely difficult and won’t work.” He could clearly sense that it was difficult to make this process work. If he continued, it was extremely likely for his life to be put in danger.

However, the devilish brat’s little ‘savageness’ wouldn’t be calmed that easily. He was carefully testing and continuously coming into contact with it. He still wasn’t willing to give up, wanting to to see if he made some kind of mistake on this route.

If he wasn’t mistaken, then no matter how difficult it was, he would still continue on. The only thing he was scared of was taking the wrong path.


After unending refinement and repeated mixing, the ten heavenly passages finally reveal a hint of fusing together. However, there was a huge problem with his body. The ten lumps of light squeezed together to refine his body.

Sure enough, the ten great heavenly passages merged together, and his body was the hindrance, about to be exterminated. The lights congregated, becoming parts of a whole.

This made the devilish brat stupefied. If he wasn’t even here anymore, what was the point? Was he supposed to be the sacrifice to leave behind a heavenly paradise world?

“Is this the wrong way?” The little guy became confused, and then began to continuously try again. He was so shaken that he began to cough out blood. The ten great heavenly passages weren’t stable, almost creating a big problem.

In the end, he sighed. This route isn’t clearing up…

“It truly is wrong.” The willow deity spoke.

It had a powerful deductive ability, and after seeing the what the little guy was trying to do, it could tell with just a glance. This route was using his own body as a living sacrifice, so it was impossible to succeed.

“However, this can result in a type of taboo technique.” The Willow Deity sofly spoke, and then entered a state of silence. It began to quietly contemplate.

Finally, the Willow Deity sighed softly. This type of technique harmed the heavens. It was excessively ferocious, and continued use would most likely resolve in the wrath of heaven.

“Yi, I understand as well. If the enemy tried to kill me while borrowing power from their heavenly passages, I could use them as living sacrifices.” The little guy was extremely sharp-witted when it came to cultivation, understanding in that instant.

Living sacrifice! If the opportunity was presented, then they could use the heavenly passages to turn the owner into a sacrifice, offering them alive.

This wasn’t the time to be absent-minded. The little guy once again calmed down and concentrated on the difficulty in front of him. He continued to bathe in light like before, submerged under the flourishing radiance while he tried to break through.

Within the peaceful silence, the little guy felt that he truly reached the peak of the heavenly passage realm. There was no chance of breaking through, and it seemed like this was the end of this path.

“Willow Deity, in the past, has there been anyone like me, completely reestablishing the ten heavenly passages?” He asked.

“What do you think?” The Willow Deity did not answer his question directly.

“Endless years have passed, and there are countless creatures that have existed throughout the boundless land. I believe that there has to be someone who walked down this path, and don’t think that I am the only one.” The little guy said. He was clearheaded, and did not feel complacent over this.

“It is excellent that you can be alert and have this type of reflection. Everything else doesn’t really matter.” The Willow Deity said.

“I want to advance further, but there’s no way. Willow Deity, do you have any other suggestion?” The little guy asked for guidance.

“It has been your own struggle from start to finish. In order for you to tread on a different path, I cannot allow my words to restrict your way of thinking.” The Willow Deity was serene and tranquil like before.

“I understand, but I still want to advance further.” The little guy was at a loss. His expression was a bit bitter as he carefully considered. However, he didn’t have a better way.

Two hours passed just like this. The little guy knew that he didn’t have any better ideas himself, and it was difficult to open up another path. There was a chance that only a last opportunity was left.

“Willow Deity, I am going to break through with all I have. I am going to try one last time and open the ten heavenly passages again, allowing it to soar past the extreme!” The little guy spoke. He wanted to carry out one final baptism.

“Give it one more push then.” The Willow Deity nodded.

Within the void, the liquid was still there. They were sparkling, transparent, and brilliant. The little guy did not completely squander it, and was currently going to make an all out effort to make use of this divine liquid in one final push.

“Open for me!”

He released a loud roar, and the ten heavenly passages resonated. They were extremely stirred up, and as essence energy roiled, it became like magma before pouring down like a divine waterfall towards his body.

With everything he had released, the little guy threw caution to the wind. The ten heavenly passages flourished, releasing an immortal splendor. His body was also like this, and as dense symbols circulated about, it was as if his life was being ignited, blossoming with the most powerful strength.

He stood up and roared towards the heavens. His hand began to stand up, and essence was spurted out from his mouth. Symbols danced about, as if divine butterflies spiralled around his body. At this moment, his essence qi penetrated into the vast sky.

The little guy seemed to have ignited with energy. All of his power was released, reaching the most powerful point.


The ten heavenly passages were opened, and they were all incomparably massive. They began to resonate, and as the little guy made them collide, precious splendor erupted.

“This…” Second Baldy’s entire body was covered in goosebumps. His scalp was numb, and he quickly backed off. This was too crazy! The savage child actually advanced to such a stage.

Ten heavenly passage began to bump into each other, and it could easily end up in the destruction of both their body and soul. What was he trying to do? Did he go crazy?

With a wenglong sound, this entire place became distorted. The ten heavenly passages were going to become damaged. They continuously collided into each other,

The devilish child roared loudly, and was not willing to give up. At this time, he began to frantically spit out and take in while circulating the symbols around this entire body. He began to centralize them towards his chest, as if he was trying to resuscitate something.


They fiercely collided, and the large volume of divine might roared. Together with the crystalline liquid in the sky, this place began to boil with activity. It became a vast body of divine essence.

The little guy released and absorbed, making the symbols congregate towards his chest. It focused all of the essence energy into his body, entering his chest. They frantically stirred about, simply putting his body on the point of exploding.

Finally, a great might pressed down. A honglong sound continuously trembled, its terrifying might overflowed into the skies, making even people’s souls tremble.

The little guy’s ten heavenly passages resonated, shining from his chest region. He began to tremble noisily, and only light and essence energy were left behind here. Everything was submerged, and violent fluctuations were released. It was powerful to the extreme.

If he didn’t have the Willow Deity keeping things under control, then a great problem definitely would have happened. The surroundings would have received the most terrifying battering.

The heavenly passages collided, creating cracks. Then, under the oppressive attacks, the center underwent a terrifying change. In the end, a strange connection was actually formed between them.

“Burst forth for me, one more push!”

The devilish brat shouted loudly. He didn’t want to destroy the ten heavenly passages, but rather wanted to join them together. In addition, he used the forbidden force from his chest, thinking of a way to make it resuscitate and participate in this process.

The ten heavenly passage revolved and collided. In addition, they were drawn towards the mysterious aura around his chest. They resonated with each other, bringing forth a mysterious transformation.

With a weng sound, the ten heavenly passages continuously revolved around the little guy. They were mutually linked together into a magnificent and imposing divine ring. It was splendid and dazzling, causing divine multicolored light to illuminate into the nine heavens.

Finally, they began to resonate, burning even more fiercely. It was as if a flourishing divine sun had appeared, suspending in the sky with the little guy at the center.

This type of scene made people feel fear. It was a world-shocking divine ring formed out of ten great heavenly passages. They were joined together with a single person at the center, overlooking the world.

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