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Chapter 225 – Reconstruct

He was deeply touched by this. It was as if he suddenly understood it all and knew what to do next.

A single thought traversed through the barren universe, roaming through the great emptiness. It witnessed the creation of celestial bodies and crossed the vast ocean of time without end!

The little guy’s spirit merged with the ten great heavenly passages. It was as if he experienced the era when the heavens were opened. For just a brief moment, he could sense the true wonders of the great dao.

It was extremely vague, but it was still intimidating. He seemed to have witnessed the establishment of the world, the evolution of life and how all living things operated.

His mind was clear as he watched everything. He was appreciating the profound mysteries of the heaven and earth, understanding the transformations of the world.

The primal chaos undulated up and down. Specks of light appeared, turning into supreme creatures one after another. The spiritual mountain shattered, giving birth to spiritual wonders after seemingly endless years.

The little guy was in high spirits, and his mental state was calm. Even though he was young, his ability to grasp things was astonishing. He was trying to seize those fleeting imprints and keep them inside his heart.

Auspicious multicolored light surged and a bright mist filled the air. His mind was fixed here, becoming one with the heavenly passages. It was as if the formation of all living things were unfolding here.


Finally, he released a light shout, and his mind was integrated into a heavenly passage. He was going to reconstruct this ‘volcano’ and reopen the heaven and earth to expand it.


Divine force fluctuated and brilliant auspicious colors lit up the area. Countless ripples proliferated, creating a divine rumbling sound. It made the little guy seem incomparably sacred. His body was completely still, yet it was shining.

His spirit left his body and mixed into his heavenly passages. However, he could still similarly resonate with his body. Threads connected the two, as if they were divine chains that connected the luck of the heaven and earth.

Nine out of the ten heavenly passage were overflowing, and all of the essence energy were concentrated at one opening. Even the willow deity was like so, and while sparkling brilliantly, it was like a vast ocean that poured down, centralizing at one opening.

“Heavenly passage, evolve further!” The little guy grunted. He concentrated all of his essence energy and poured it all into an opening, continuously reconstructing it.

Speck after speck of light appeared, as if they were living creatures. They flourished within this heavenly passage with life force.

The power of creation, something so exceptionally powerful was difficult for him to obtain. Since the ancient times, just how many people could do such a thing? He was trying to attempt it at the heavenly passage realm, and the creation and release of life force was still something he could test.

When his divine will was condensed within the ten heavenly passages, the great vagueness of the world seemed to react to it, becoming affected.

Divine multicolored light diffused and auspicious lights overflowed this area. The other nine heavenly passages’ magma began to pour into this heavenly passage opening. The willow deity’s liquid seemed even more like a seed of life, causing this place’s vitality to overflow with an aura of evolution.

It was indistinct, but it seemed to possess life.


The little guy shouted loudly and began to repeat this with the other heavenly passages to create vitality. He was hoping to make them greater like the tenth heavenly passage.

Sure enough, it was effective. Specks of light began to appear, as if they were growing living beings. They quickly grew bigger, making all of these heavenly passages bright and full of vitality.

It was just like this great world. After the heavens were opened, all types of living things came into existence. Only when all types of creatures were multiplying did it become more majestic. Its liveliness flourished, becoming increasingly magnificent and refined.

Tens of thousands of creatures were growing, also supporting the establishment of the world. The order of the world was developed like this, becoming increasingly eminent and unapproachable.

The force of life gradually increased, remodeling this heavenly passage. It seized the luck between the heaven and earth, and the little guy imitated this process on his small heavenly passage, using the endless divine multicolored light to analyze and continuously establish it.

However, in the end, the little guy released a sigh. He was still too young, and his cultivation realm wasn’t high enough. It was too difficult for him to establish it.

In the end, he was still at the heavenly passage realm. The creation of life was far above the scope of what he could control, and to forcefully push further would only trigger bad omens.

“Is opening the tenth heavenly passage truly the limit? Why is it that no matter how much harder I work, it’s still hard for me to advance even an inch further?”

The little guy spoke softly. He watched as the specks of light within the heavenly passage exploded one after another. The life force and refined spirit once again returned to being multicolored light. He silently observed everything and carefully began to think.

In regard to this, the Willow Deity did not say a single thing the entire time. He did not speak or give out any pointers, and merely watched him break through by himself.

In reality, the tenth heavenly passage was already perfect. He had already reached the peak of this cultivation realm, and so it was hard to find any more suggestions for it. The little guy could only depend on himself to advance, because everyone’s path was different. With too much intervention, it will only lead to a confined way of thinking.

Mountain winds blew over, and a haze appeared around the great willow tree. Misty haze enveloped this area, and only the ten or so willow branches were sparkling and crystalline. They descended around the little guy’s surroundings, once again protecting him.

“Have I really reached the end of this path? Maybe it was just not left behind in this world, and those individuals who truly reached it only sighed, not leaving behind a single word in this world.” The little guy said to himself.

Above his head, the tenth heavenly was massive, surpassing the other nine heavenly passages. It was the most majestic when absorbing and releasing divine might. If the other heavenly passages could become like this, then the divine might will increase many times over.

He understood his situation quite clearly, but no matter how difficult he tried during the past three months, it was still extremely difficult for him to advance further. He wasn’t able to carry out these plans and reach those results.

It seemed like he reached the end of the road. It was difficult to advance any further.

“Could it be that I really have to take the risk and give it a test?” The little guy revealed a serious expression. A brazen idea sprung up inwardly. This was what he was thinking, but in reality, it could easily result in death.

He had already established the tenth heavenly passage, and could be said to have reached a glorious level. Since ancient times, there hasn’t been any supreme youth who was like this, because there simply wasn’t any reason to risk such danger, as it was merely a little bit of unreconciled feeling.

It was possible that there was still more down this path, but the method was not passed down in this world. He wanted to take that step and cut down the obstacles in his path to tread on his own road.

However, it was just too dangerous. As soon as he failed, he would disintegrate. The ten heavenly passage legend would become a wisp of smoke, and at that time, it would truly be falling from the heavens into the underworld!

“Willow Deity…” The little guy raised his head and looked towards those green and lush willow branches, wanting to know its opinion.

“This is your own path. Whether or not you can succeed depends on your own self. I am merely a bystander.” The Willow Deity quietly spoke.

The little guy began to consider everything. When he lifted his head and saw the scorched black willow tree, he immediately decided that at worst, he would just try again. Even the willow deity could be reborn from such darkness, so if he lost, as long as he was still alive, then there was definitely a day when he could stand up again.

This was the stubbornness of the devilish child, and also his young savageness. However, sometimes, people truly did need this type of boldness, or else how were they supposed to become strong, advance, and persevere unswervingly from start to finish?

“Qingfeng, Ermeng, Pihou, if I am to fail here, you need to catch a big fatty for me in the future to take care of the latter half of my life.” The devilish brat shouted out. He was prepared to go mad.

Everyone was dumbstruck. This fellow was behaving as if he was putting his life on the line. Shouting out so noisily like this indicated that he was going to do something great that could affect him for the rest of his life.

“Be careful, do not act rashly!” The group of people howled loudly. They revealed anxious expressions as they reminded.

“What exactly is he trying to do?” Second Baldy was confused. Hairy ball scuttled towards his head and began to shout incessantly at the little guy with zhizhi sounds.


The little guy gathered the force of the nine-heavenly passages and bombarded one of the heavenly passages. All of his essence energy withdrew, returning to their original states. They began to emit divine might before starting to firmly react.

“Heavens!” The big read bird cried out in shock.

Even the village chief’s face also became pale. He stretched out a trembling hand and shouted out nervously, “Child, don’t! You are already a supreme youth, do not act so impetuously!”

He was actually trying to destroy one of the heavenly passages. This was too crazy! Who dared to do such a thing? He could easily fall here, and a slight mishap might cripple him, wasting his lifetime of cultivation.

“This fellow went crazy!” Second baldy was stupefied. This was too terrifying! Was he trying to destroy himself? He was walking down a path of self-ruin!

The little guy did not say a single word as he sat there. He was isolated from the outside world, submerged within his own world. He exhausted everything he had to assemble the force of the other nine-heavenly passages into that one heavenly passage.


Finally, that volcano cracked apart and magma surged. It shattered within the void, making it seem as if the heavens collapsed here, destroying everything.

More than ten willow branches swayed, causing green multicolored light to drizzle down and subdue all directions. It did not allow those divine multicolored lights to frantically rush out, forcing them to return.

The little guy coughed out large amounts of blood, and his body began to shake. That heavenly passage was struck to pieces, making him receive a grave injury. This was an extremely dangerous action, and if it was any normal person, he would have definitely shattered.

It was because that surging divine might was comparable to a stellar river. It rushed in every direction with the ferocity of an ocean, drowning him within.

The one thing he could depend on was how strong his body was. Even though one of his heavenly passages broke apart, there were still nine more. Moreover, his body began to turn sparkling and translucent, becoming closer to immortality.

He already opened ten heavenly passages, so even if he were to destroy one of the heavenly passages in this cultivation realm, he could still endure it and preserve his life.

However, the injurious were unavoidable, moreover, they were extremely severe. Streak after streak of terrifying wounds appeared, and in the end, his sparkling flesh split apart. Even a body as strong as his ended up like this, so one could see just how frightening it was!

“Child!” The village chief howled, almost coughing out a mouthful of blood. However, he didn’t dare to shout too loudly in fear of disturbing him.

Shi Linghu, Shi Feijiao and the others all clenched their fists. Qingfeng, Dazhuang, Snot baby and the others walked over as well. They were all extremely nervous, and even Ziyun, Hairy ball and the others felt incomparably concerned.

They could only watch from the distance, since their wasn’t anything they could help with.

To reopen the heavenly passage, once again evolving the force of life.

When the little guy’s eyes opened and closed, divine light would erupt and shoot out. He had already reached the perfect tenth heavenly passage, and naturally had enough experience and understanding of this realm. He had to reform it once more.

In particular, he thought back to when he established the tenth heavenly passage.

“He silently stabilized his breath and used the divine force to refine the Willow Deity’s fluid. His body quickly healed and he started to create it.

“Exhausting everything, extinguish it all into nothingness before creating the heavenly passage once more.”

He spoke softly. He thought back to his experience within the Void God Realm where he had to evolve further. To form the most powerful heavenly passage, he naturally couldn’t follow the norm and had to go further, walking a different road.


After recovering his wounded body, he earnestly pushed forward. However, after exhausting all of the divine might in his body to reconstruct the heavenly passage, an abnormality occurred. Right as soon as the heavenly passage was about to form, it suddenly exploded.

This time, the little guy’s wounds were extremely severe. His body was in tatters, almost breaking apart. It was a spectacle that was too horrible to endure, and there were many parts where even his bones were revealed.

“Not good! After destroying one’s heavenly passage, it’s difficult to establish again. This is a type of inhibition, imprison by the laws of this world. After being destroyed, how could it be that easy to recreate.” In the distance, Second Baldy as feeling a great fear inside.

The little guy however was not discouraged. If he couldn’t even reconstruct a single heavenly passage, how was he going to complete what he had in mind? He was going to reopen the ten heavenly passages to become more powerful!

After walking to the limit of this road, he was not satisfied, and instead wanted to surpass it. He wanted to advance even further and break through this limit, stepping onto a path he could call his own.


His body was dripping with blood, and his body was splitting apart. The little guy frowned, but did not even make a sound as he began to try again. He was going to evolve the heavenly passage and reestablish it.

His mind and spirit were being challenged. His body shone, and the symbols that appeared were like golden butterflies as they danced lightly around his body. With a hong sound, a blazing divine light surged, piercing towards the heavenly passage that turned into nothingness.

This time, he used up everything he had to establish it as soon as possible. He repeated the process, and with the support of the other nine heavenly passages, endless divine multicolored poured over to stabilize it.

Unfortunately, he failed once again. The little guy cried out loudly as his body almost broke apart and blood shot out from his mouth. This was truly difficult to accomplish. To reconstruct a heavenly passage after destroying it was more difficult than even scaling the heavens.

Just like this, he continuously attempted it non-stop, receiving serious injuries several times. Finally, things turned for the better, because he could vaguely see the shattered fragments.

When that heavenly passage cracked apart, revealing fragments that flickered with symbols. This was a hazy expanse of the great dao’s profound mysteries!

It was difficult to grasp completely, but even though it was like so, there was still a lot to be gained from even a mere glance. These were the world’s natural laws, a part of an undisputable dao that was as old as this world.

His injuries were pretty severe, but he still continued to reconstruct the heavenly passage. During this period of time, he continued to study these shattered pieces. His body was already ruined to a point where it was almost beyond recognition, yet his essence energy seemed like it was improving, becoming more and more exuberant.


This time, he was finally able to establish it. The heavenly passage was not destroyed, and those mysterious symbols that he was watching began to resonate, interweaving into his spirit. It made this heavenly passage release a rumbling sound, as if it had life once again!

This heavenly passage was extremely large, just like the tenth heavenly passage. It surged with auspicious colors that submerged this area, and a terrifying divine fluctuation.

He found the breakthrough point, and was about to exceed his current cultivation realm, advancing further!

Just like this, the little guy spared no effort to test every way he could, enduring the tormenting of having his body torn apart. Finally, after a day and a night, all ten heavenly passages were completely reestablished. All of them were now extremely massive, possessing fluctuations that were absolutely shocking.

“There seems to be some kind of new change!” He was astonished as he spoke to himself.

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