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Chapter 224 – Extreme Baptism


The forest trembled, and the earth shook. All of the ancient trees swayed, and leaves flew chaotically into the air. It was as if a great earthquake happened.

A ground dragon roared. Its body was as large as a mountain, and it was over a hundred meters long. It was currently making its way through the forest, and a collision from a vicious beast like this was enough to collapse a small mountain.

A thick claw dropped down, crushing the ancient trees. Giant boulders flew in all directions as it directly trampled apart the mountain ground. Even though it looked rather clumsy, its figure was still enormous, so every step allowed it to travel a large distance.

However, such a ferocious beast was currently fleeing. Behind him, a small shadow was chasing from behind like a shooting star. Every single step he took would cause the ground to crack apart. Even though his figure was small, his strength was matchless!


The ground dragon roared. It realized that it could no longer move because that small figure grabbed his tail. It was as if he was carrying a sack as he pulled the ground dragon back.

Rocks tumbled about, and ancient trees collapsed. The little guy was dragging an enormous ground dragon as he walked out of the great mountains. Under the light of the setting sun, it was extremely horrifying to see such a small figure pulling a hill-sized giant beast behind him.

The sunset elongated their shadow, almost to a disproportionate length.

“The little guy is too strong!” In the distance, Pi Hou and Er Meng were stupefied.

In the past few days, the little guy underwent all types of training, and fighting giant monsters was undoubtedly the simplest and most direct way. He did not kill any of them, but rather captured the creatures near the mountain range that could threaten the villagers before dragging them far away.

This was already the eight giant beast subdued by him! It was absolutely shocking.

In the morning, the little guy got up early and left again. This time, he arrived at a waterfall that was five hundred li away. He stood below and resisted the force of the downpour.

A vast expanse of whiteness above him, and from time to time, huge stones would roll down. Light covered his body, and instead of using his fists, he used the dense symbols to defend against it.

“Rise!” he shouted.


The vast white waterfall paused momentarily, and soon after, it actually began to flow in reverse, moving upwards. Golden symbols wrapped around it, as if it was a divine river.

When he trained his body in the past, he also endured the pounding of the waterfalls and the falling rocks. However, currently, it was completely different. With just a single breath of air, he released a shout that made symbols rush into the sky, propping up the enormous waterfall!

Within the eyes of mortals, this was simply a miracle. Golden symbols were everywhere, almost dying the waterfall golden. Symbols interweaved, imprinting them within the waters, making it look divine and incomparably gorgeous!

The little guy was training his body and consolidating the heavenly passage realm. He was waiting for the Willow Deity’s baptism, because it was possible that another miracle could take place!

He depended on himself to break into the tenth heavenly passage, surpassing the Willow Deity’s expectations. However, it still insisted on giving this child a baptism to see if he could bring about a new transformation.

At noon, the little guy arrived in front of a lake and suddenly jumped inside. Soon after, water immediately surged, and with a honglong sound, over a hundred jin of water rushed out. His body’s position became like a vacuum, separating a portion of the lake water and bringing it into the sky. He was like a flood dragon as he controlled and held the water in the air.

The little guy was training himself, but lifting rocks was already useless for him. Meanwhile, this type of practice was much more exhausting, challenging both his body and symbols. Even his mind and spirit were being used up.

With the opening of the tenth heavenly passage, the little guy could lock down everything within a certain area. Once this type of divine might was released, ordinary opponents would find it difficult to escape.

This was not some kind of precious technique, but rather an accumulation of divine might. After a large amount is gathered, it would erupt, almost forming a type of domain. This was what allowed him to force back all those heavenly passage realm enemies before.

He had reached the absolute peak of this realm, and could look down on everyone else in the heavenly passage stage like a god!

Finally, he once again exhausted all of his divine might. With a hong sound, the golden symbols disappeared, and the lake water descended with a sound of muffled thunder, shaking the great earth.

The little guy was directly pounded by everything. He was in a miserable state, and only after a long time did he crawl out from the great lake. He was completely spent as he collapsed on the grassy shore.

He had already trained to the peak of this cultivation, yet he was still not satisfied. He still wanted to advance more within the heavenly passage realm and break the limits of the tenth heavenly passage!

“I need to surpass the limits and become the strongest!”

The devilish child howled about. After getting enough rest, he began to throw everything into disorder again. The entire mountain range was not able to calm down, and all of the vicious birds and fierce beasts were frightened away.

Two months elapsed in a flash. The willow tree at the front of the village had shone the entire time. A hazy mist was floating about, and as the harmonious aura diffused through the air, it made people feel safe and relaxed. Cultivating here would result in twice the accomplishment with half the effort.

Recently, the big red bird, Ziyun, Little White the unicorn and the others all gathered around this place to cultivate, making great progress.

The little guy spent his days leaving early and returning late. He would torment himself until he was completely drained to completely consolidate the heavenly passage realm. In addition, he was still trying reach the highest level as he earnestly advanced.

Finally, the third month arrived. The Willow Deity once again became peaceful, however, this was only a temporary silence. It began to emit a divine sound, calling the little guy over.

Even though they were separated by over a hundred li of the great wasteland depths, the devilish child could still feel it. That type of imprint was like a streak of lightning as it sliced through the sky before appearing in front of him.

“It’s finally going to start!” He dropped everything and quickly rushed back to stone village.

The villagers were all alarmed. This was a major event, and everyone was nervous. Even Second Baldy, Octadic Treasure Chicken and the others were shivering with fear as they stuck their heads out to look around.

Hairy Ball was scratching itself nervously. It really wanted to rush over, but was blocked out, not allowed entry.

The little guy returned and caught his breath. He allowed the essence energy to fill up his body before sitting under the willow tree. He was extremely serious, no longer having his normal mischievous face.

“It’s starting.” The Willow Deity seemed extremely peaceful. It only spoke these words, and soon after, its body lit up. Over ten branches descended like divine chains as they emitted precious brilliance.

First, four jade jars were broken, and four drops of crystalline divine liquid flew over. With a honglong sound, they erupted into an expanse of magnificent multicolored light and surged like the waves of a vast ocean.

This was precious blood from the four great vicious beasts, individually created from the Heaven-Swallowing Sparrow, Mount Yi’s creature, Qiongqi, and Southern Meteoric Divine Mountain’s creature. It was a concentrated essence that had once been refined by the Willow Deity.

At this time, the four drops of blood burst open, emitting a divine might that made it seem as if the heaven and earth were collapsing. A powerful fluctuation like this was enough to completely destroy a village and the great earth around it.

However, all of these ripples were stopped by the ten or so willow branches. A vast wave of multicolored light was tamed, transforming into small streams. They converged to form a waterfall that poured down from the skies, cascading onto the little guy’s body.

This was a type of miraculous scene, as if the world of immortals was being opened and the sweet dew of the immortal spring was descending. It nourished this youth in the secular world, refining his flesh and seizing the force between the heaven and earth.

The little guy closed his eyes, and his body began to shine with a brilliant luster. The divine light formed from the blood of those supreme experts entered his body and began to rumble. At this moment, all of his organs began to glow, and the multicolored light within his body seemed as if it could allow him to transcend.

Ripples were released one after another. The little guy began to feel bones burst and flesh move all around his body. With pipipapa sounds, it was like a segment of divine music, carrying with it a certain rhythm.

He had already reached the pinnacle of the Heavenly Passage realm, and it was difficult to advance even an inch further, so only his physical body was becoming stronger. Even though the symbols flourished magnificently both inside and outside his body, there wasn’t too excessive of a transformation.

“I don’t believe it! This isn’t my limit, and I can still break through more!”

The little guy suddenly opened his eyes. His head of black hair drifted in the wind, and his eyes seemed to have streaks of lightning running through them. His body was surrounded by a rising haze of multicolored light, making him seem just like a supreme young deity that possessed a world-shocking aura.


Within his vicinity, ten heavenly passage appeared simultaneously. This time, they did not pour out ‘magma’, but instead began to refine this multicolored light. They began to devour the divine essence of the four great supreme experts, causing rumbling sounds to sound incessantly.

Among them, the Heavenly Passage at the very peak was the largest, filling up the void as it commanded the other nine heavenly passage. It was incomparably powerful, producing an overwhelming pressure.

During these past days, he had continuously studied as to why the largest Heavenly Passage was different. He wondered if it was possible to make the other nine heavenly passage just as grand and imposing, because that would allow his divine might to increase greatly.

“This isn’t going to be wasted, right?” In the distance, the old village chief was astonished. If the tenth heavenly passage was going to squander this divine essence, then it would truly be a pity.

“He is returning the favor. Normally, he draws divine strength from the tenth heavenly passages, but now, he is nurturing them back with the endless divine essence. Is he trying to establish more heavenly passages?” Second Baldy was puzzled. He had already conquered all ten heavenly passages, so what else could he do?

Suddenly, the little guy released a loud shout. The symbols around his body ignited; his bones began to crack with pipa sounds and his flesh began to move about as inexhaustible essence energy formed a true dragon that rushed out. It split into ten parts around his body before entering the ten heavenly passages.


The rumbling sounds of the ten heavenly passages fell incessantly on everyone’s ears. They became even more brilliant and splendid, as if the immortal world was appearing. The ten heavenly passages were joined together, their dazzling brilliance shocking as divine radiance surged.

In the sky, the four great experts’ divine essence turned into a waterfall and poured inside. It was as if the heaven and earth were being divided, and there was even a haze of primal chaos that filled the air.

The ten heavenly passages absorbed it all, but it was still not enough!

The Willow Deity took action, lowering more than ten of its tender and moist branches. Suddenly, they began to burn magnificently, and the most tender tips of each branch released a drop of liquid.

The divine light connected the heavens. This was the Willow Deity’s divine essence, and when the drop fell, it was as if the life force of an ocean descended. This type of aura alone made all of the vegetation near Stone Village grow frantically, because the vitality was just absolutely shocking!

Within the grass and earth, many seeds directly took root and began to bud. They rose abruptly from the ground and grew at an amazing speed.

On that cliff, the withered old trees and giant dying vines instantly emitted light. They became rich and green, directly recovering and obtaining a new life force.

It was a miracle. The Willow Deity’s liquid seemed like it could split earth and heaven apart to create a great world. Even at the end of  the nothingness, a tremendous amount of life force appeared!

In front of the village, everyone began to feel relaxed, and even their old illnesses completely disappeared. There was an indescribable type of comfort, because the life force was just too rich.

Even the aged elders felt their complexions becoming rosy. The essence energy was exuberant, making them feel as if they became several years younger.

In the center of the courtyard, the little guy sat cross-legged under a willow tree. The scorched black tree stood behind him, and the fresh tender branches surrounded him. Sparkling liquid floated above him, making him feel a wonderful feeling that was difficult to put into words.

The endless essence energy surged with noise before completely entering his body. Following that, it began to flood into the ten heavenly passages and turn into countless symbols. They were densely packed and numerous, bringing about another shocking baptism.

He depended on himself step after step to reach this level. Only after reaching this extreme realm did the Willow Deity give him this baptism. It wanted to see whether he was going to be the same as others, or if with this help, create another miracle!


The great vitality rushed into ten heavenly passages and caused them to sharply inflate. The ten heavenly passages could barely hold divine essence from the Willow Deity. There was too much, and every single drop of divine essence was like an ocean to him.

A majestic aura spread. The tenth heavenly passages rumbled before fiercely expanding, almost running out of space for the willow deity’s divine essence. It was an enormous amount, and every single drop was as vast as an ocean.


The little guy’s body shone, and he released a breath of air. His essence energy was refined into light, and after rushing out of his body, it flew into the ten heavenly passages.

At this moment, the world seemed to have calmed down. Everything seemed to have frozen, and all of it returned to the void. If was as if he traveled beyond time and space and built the sky and earth!

That instant of time felt like millions and millions of years. His mind traveled from the great emptiness to the splitting apart of the heaven and the earth. His essence energy merged with the ten heavenly passages, forming an Immortal Domain!

“I think I know what I should do!”

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