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Chapter 22.1 – Wait

Su had another dream.

There were only dark green ripples as far as his eyes could see. His consciousness drifted within these ripples, but it was trapped in a small area, unable to move. As for his body… where was his body? What was a body? This was even a question he had to think strenuously about. He couldn't see the existence of a body, yet he could feel one. His body seemed to have been divided into several parts, with each part suffering from such a great amount of pressure that he couldn't move even if he wanted to. However, his consciousness was perfectly intact. What was the reasoning behind this?

Su was perplexed. He tried to move the scattered parts of his body while also observing his surroundings. However, his consciousness' movements were extremely sluggish, taking him several minutes to even make a single thought.

Outside of the green colored surroundings seemed to be a figure that was swaying about. The figure was saying something, but Su could not understand the words at all.

Su's consciousness became blurry, and he gradually sank into the depths of the green liquid.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, he suddenly heard sounds of breathing. Even though the voice was soft, it was still quite clear. Moreover, it crept closer and closer, to the point where its source was no more than thirty centimeters from him.

Su discovered that he had already regained control over the various parts of his body, and the surroundings quickly focused within his consciousness. Before he even thought about his current circumstances, thousands of numbers and information were sent to the various parts of his body.

Su suddenly opened his eyes!

His upper body first moved thirty centimeters, and then with a hu sound, he sat up. His left hand grabbed the head of the individual approaching him, and his right hand grabbed the individual's throat!

Su's string of movements was made as fast as lightning. Even though there were still many parts of his body that weren't under his control, in that instant, his consciousness had already revised and issued the command, causing his movements to only deviate slightly. This millimeter of a difference wouldn't impact the results in any significant way.

At this time, the reaction speed of Su's movements was so fast it seemed to synchronize with his consciousness. He saw that the one that had drawn closer was a girl with her hair fixed above her head. His left hand had already felt her hair, and a smooth and supple feeling transmitted through his fingertips. However, this did not affect his hand's explosive strength that restrained her head. His right hand brushed past her cheek and fastened itself to her neck.

Everything seemed to be perfect, playing out exactly like how Su had pictured it in his mind.

However, her head moved to the side, easily and gracefully freeing her from the pressure of Su's left hand. Then, her body stood up, and then even straightened itself out a bit. Su's right hand grabbed forward, but he only made contact with air. When his hand only grabbed thin air, his body automatically stopped his momentum. However, his right hand still reached out a few centimeters from the forward inertia.

From his seat, his hand perfectly aimed for the tightly bound chest that was proudly stuck outwards. In terms of distance, there was less than three centimeters between the two. In terms of shapes, Su's extended hand only barely managed to cover the round curves.

Su didn't move further, nor did he back off. Instead, he froze right there. When he recovered his awareness, he found that the other party possessed terrifying strength that could erupt at a moments notice. His instincts held him back from making even the slightest bit of movement!

He already saw who the individual next to the bed was. It was Persephone.

Persephone gave the ambiguous situation the two were in a look, and to Su's surprise, she lifted her hand to adjust her glasses. When her arm moved, it automatically sent her chest a bit forward, as if they were going to make contact with Su's fingers. Su could clearly feel the heat her body was sending out.

"Do you want to feel them? I promise I won't take offense." Persephone's eyes that were hidden behind the black framed glasses were shining so brightly they were somewhat terrifying.

The enormous difference in power that was crushing down on him suddenly disappeared. Su then recovered his ability to move about. Even though Persephone was kindly inviting him, Su still slowly retracted his hand. Regardless of whether Persephone was telling the truth or not, it was always best to avoid provoking her if at all possible. There was no need to question Persephone's charm. During their time together, even Su would at times develop strange thoughts.

"I…" Su looked at his surroundings and realized that he was inside of a medical ward. However, the last memory he had stopped when the leader's throne burst high up in the sky. He originally thought that he would undoubtedly die, but it seemed like the circumstances were quite a bit more optimistic than he had expected.

"Your current situation is good, so good it exceeded my expectations. Your performance this time in the training camp was exemplary, so let me offer you my congratulations, Second Lieutenant Su." Persephone immediately changed into a strict and indifferent general. When she spoke, her tone was simple and cold. She also reached out her right hand towards Su.

Su reached out his hand and grabbed Persephone's. Then, she immediately smiled again, and the smile was enough to make one's soul sway. In addition, she didn't let go after she grabbed Su's hand. Her fingers continuously stroked his skin as she spoke. "Second Lieutenant Su, going forth, you will receive studies in theory. After that, would you like to work for my office? I still lack a life… no, I meant an office assistant."

Su obviously couldn't distinguish between a life assistant and a work assistant. Of course, whether he could or couldn't didn't really make a difference. What he needed right now was to increase his strength, not to enjoy his luck with women at Persephone's side. Moreover, to stay at the side of a Black Dragonrider general, even if he did have such luck, he would have to risk his life to enjoy it.

He thought for a while before saying, "Let me study the… theory first. At that time, you might have new requests from me." Su was quite smart, and also rather attentive. In the training camp, he already learned that there were times where he couldn't flat out give his rejection.

Persephone seemed to suddenly become a bit different, her eyes becoming brighter. She sat down beside the bed, and her upper body leaned towards Su. The two's faces got closer and closer. Persephone was still a bit shorter than Su, as such, by tilting her head slightly upwards, the two individual's lips got closer. 10 centimeters, 5 centimeters…

"New requests could happen at any time, not necessarily when you finish your studies…" She softly said. The faint heat released from her lips reached Su's lips.

Seeing her completely unrestrained burning gaze and hearing this type of statement that he could not find a proper reply to, Su suddenly felt as if there were bugs crawling on every inch of his skin. It was incredibly uncomfortable, and he truly wanted to crawl completely under the snow white sheets.

This type of thought left Su utterly speechless. He knew that for the long foreseeable future, in front of this Black Dragonrider general with peculiar interests and completely unrestrained bearing, he was going to have to retreat in defeat again and again.

Only at least right now, he had already been defeated, yet he couldn't retreat.

Right when Su was stuck in this situation where he couldn't advance or retreat, a sharp and clear sound of heels pounding on the ground could be heard from the corridor outside the medical ward that was heading this way. The strange, ambiguous, and dangerous aura in the room immediately vanished without a trace. The heavy pressure Su's mind was suffering from disappeared, and he couldn't help but release a breath of cold air.

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