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Chapter 216 – A Glimmer of Hope at the Darkest Hour

“Have any of you heard of such a youth in the wasteland, fourteen or fifteen years old, in the heavenly passage realm be so unrivalled?”

“Why isn’t he well known?”

The spectators were all amazed. The unruly youth actually possessed such strength, yet was never heard of before. He was excessively powerful, and it would have made more sense if his actions shook the world.

Everyone became suspicious. Where did he come from? It was most likely either the Archaic divine mountain some ancient forbidden land secluded from the rest of the world. Otherwise, how could they not know about him?

“Maybe he’s not someone from the great wastelands at all and came from a great region!”

There were people who came up with these speculations. Such a thing had happened in the past, where a genius approaching the limits of cultivation crossed over to this region and conquered every direction for the sake of breaking through.

It was to a point where there were other unrivalled geniuses that crossed over into new regions in search of new opportunities to reach a higher level. Things like the copper precious book were what they hunted after.

While people were trying to guess at his identity with bewilderment, the battle reached its climax. It was turning more and more fierce, throwing the heaven and earth in disorder.

Great heavenly bodies began to move about one after another. That human youth was extremely terrifying. His two palms seamed to guide the sun and moon, as if he was a divine king. His entire body was brilliant, and his bronze-colored body was packed with explosive energy.

Everyone became overwhelmed by shock. What kind of might was this? He could actually control the heaven and earth! His movements truly shocked one’s soul.


The little guy met him face on. His palm slammed out, directly striking one of the great stars into pieces. He advanced bravely and began to fiercely exchange moves. The two both fought while risking life and limb, causing a bloody war to break out in the pure land.

A dragon cry shook the nine heavens. The Horned Dragon coiled and twisted about, causing the mountains to immediately be destroyed. He swooped over while surging with terrifying and brilliant symbols, also joining the battle.

The little guy’s entire body was covered in blood. From entering this world until now, this was the battle that was the most dangerous, as he could fall at any time. These two were both great enemies that established nine heavenly passages. They were truly formidable opponents in both name and reality. He, on the other hand had a body that was suffering from great injuries, making his situation rather grim.

“Why can’t I establish it yet?”

After fighting like this, the devilish brat also began to feel a bit upset and scared. If this continued, then he would undoubtedly die as soon as he became slightly careless. Moreover, his body’s condition was getting increasingly ruined. He couldn’t establish the tenth heavenly passage no matter what he did, and he was running out of tricks. It was to the point where he no longer cared and used every last bit of essence energy to charge through.

He finally understood why even heavenly ranked vicious beasts found it difficult to establish the tenth heavenly passage. It was simply too hard, and was fundamentally different from the ninth heavenly passage.

This wasn’t something that a treasure could help with, as it was difficult to draw help from other objects. It was something that one had to personally strive for, seizing the natural force between the heaven and earth to break through. There was no better way.

“Why can’t I do it?” The little guy was furious. He could clearly feel that it was about to appear in front of him. It was just missing that tiny bit.

If this continued, he truly would be missing the tenth heavenly passage by such a tiny bit, losing out on this great opportunity.

“Just open!”

At this moment, the little guy roared angrily. On one end he was fighting a great battle with powerful enemies with blood trickling out from his mouth, and on the other, he was sparing no effort to stir up the tenth heavenly passage and open it.


He was attacked by that unruly youth, suffering a palm to his back. He was sent out horizontally, smashing apart a huge boulder. His entire body smashed into the dust, blood covering his entire body.

The Horned Dragon swooped down and wanted to add another blow with his claw to firmly decide this battle and steal the precious book.

The little guy was furious, and he had never been struck while down since he was born. Today, however, he suffered misfortune again and again, and he was going berserk. However, he could feel that his back was split open and blood was flowing out, exhausting too much of his essence energy.

In the end, he controlled himself. He shifted his body to another position, as he did not want to throw away his life while fighting a bloody battle with these two creatures. He began to fight while retreating.

“Let’s take some chances and test something out. I’ll borrow their power to break through!”

He always had this idea, but did not dare to put it into action because it was too dangerous. However, now that things reached such a stage, he was truly out of options.

The little guy’s body shone, and golden ripples began to appear one after another. They began to slowly rotate to devour worldly essence. It was extremely mysterious.

They fought fiercely, and the little guy made mental preparations. Finally, he found a good opportunity and shouted loudly. He forcefully tried to break through and open the tenth heavenly passage.

“You still aren’t willing to hand over the precious book? Forget about establishing your heavenly passage, you won’t even be able to keep your life!” The Horned Dragon shouted and swooped down.

In reality, he was extremely nervous himself. Even those heavenly ranked vicious beasts found it difficult to open their tenth heavenly passage. He was just a human, yet was actually able to peer into such a realm. This type of feeling made him feel extremely restless.

One of the Horned Dragon’s large claws dropped down while emitting a dazzling precious splendor. It was as if the sun had exploded, and symbols were everywhere.

This time, the little guy did not dodge, and instead directly met him face on. He reached out his hand, and with a peng sound, he grabbed the Horned Dragon’s claw. He exerted himself to pull it closer, activating the Golden Ripple Technique to absorb its divine force.

Meanwhile, that unruly youth also rushed over murderously, pushing the sun, moon, and stars as he advanced. It was as if a divine king descended into this world as he directly hacked over.


The little guy used his other hand to stop him. With a peng sound, he caught his hand, and golden symbols similarly appeared to frantically devour his divine force.

The Golden Spiral Rippling technique was the Kun Peng’s precious technique. Its power was inexhaustible, and could dissolve the attacks of one’s enemies and refine their divine might, channeling it into their own bodies instead. It was a truly a unique and profound mystery.

However, it was still situational. If the opponent was powerful enough and decided to use all of their strength, it was simply impossible to refine such powerful essence energy. Trying to do so would destroy one’s body, leaving behind only a corpse.

“You’re courting death!”

The Horned Dragon and unruly youth both sneered. Their origins were great, so how could they not see through the profoundness of this precious technique. They fiercely activated their divine strength to end the little guy’s life.


Right at this moment, the little guy roared loudly. Not only did he not protect himself, he even guided the two waves of power into his body, mixing them into his own essence energy and control. He wanted to forcefully break open the tenth heavenly passage.

At the same time, the nine heavenly passages around his body burst with light, connecting the heaven and earth. Magma surged, and incomparably brilliant light flourished, resonating and helping him link together the tenth heavenly passage.

A terrifying fluctuation of energy was produced from this place, flattening the ruin and surging violently like turbulent waves. The spectating heroes’ faces immediately changed as they quickly retreated.

Nearby, rock turned into powder, and mountains were splitting apart with kacha sounds. The space itself seemed like it was being distorted, creating an absolutely shocking scene.

The little guy cried out in pain. It felt as if his bones were being shattered and his soul was being hacked apart in a never-ending loop of torment.

It was as if he was placed in some type of unbearable purgatory. The devilish child howled, but even though it was excruciatingly difficult, it was something that he had already decided to go through with. However, the tormenting he was currently going through was truly a type of torture.

The tenth heavenly passage suddenly began to fluctuate between being clear and indistinct. It continuously flickered, making people feel rather anxious. Waves of auspicious multicolored light was released in all directions.

“He is trying to borrow his opponent’s power to establish his own heavenly passage and undergo transformation!”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. This child was just too daring! A single mistake would cause his body and soul to be entirely extinguished. In addition, how could his opponents willingly go through such a thing?

Sure enough, the unruly youth and Horned Dragon were both absolutely merciless. They fiercely stirred up their strength to break apart his body. The wave of divine force immediately erupted, rushing out from his body in an irregular manner.

Ah… The little guy shouted out loud and continuously coughed out blood. There were cracks all over his body, as if he was about to explode.

“Let me open it!” He roared in anger. His essence energy turned into a lump of hazy light as he forcefully conducted the two individuals’ dominating strength to rush the tenth heavenly passage.

The devilish brat never gave up. Even after reaching such a dangerous state, he still did not let up and still wanted to borrow their power and thoroughly refine it into his body.

The tenth heavenly passage was terrifying. At this time, auspicious multicolored lights were emitted strand after strand to devour the essence energy from all directions. The divine forces that were being lead by the little guy were completely absorbed.

“Not good!”

For the first time, the unruly youth and the Horned Dragon’s expressions changed. They noticed that the situation exceeded what they had predicted, and was no longer in their control. Their essence energy flowed out like an unending stream towards the devilish child’s body, and then went towards the establishment of the tenth heavenly passage.

Their bodies lit up. They trembled, resonating with the technique. The most terrifying part was that they felt as if they had sunk into a swamp. They couldn’t move a muscle, completely locked in place.

“What?! Is he actually going to succeed?”

“Stop him, he absolutely can’t be allowed to refine the force of the world to establish the tenth heavenly passage!”

The Rain Clan’s pure land was in ruins, and the the ones defending this place were wiped clean. However, there was still the Tuoba Clan, Western Tomb Beast Mountain, four great families and others. Many people rushed forward.

However, before they could come close, they were attacked by a undulating wave. Their bodies were shaken until they began to cough out loud mouthfuls of blood. They couldn’t even take half a step nearer, and an strange domain was established here.

At this moment, even though the little guy was suffering from an excruciating pain that felt as if his entire body was being broken and reforged, he was still feeling rather excited. He was going to establish the tenth heavenly passage with the strength of three.

Everything was lining up, and it seemed like he was going to succeed!”

Time continued to pass by bit by bit. The little guy’s entire body shone, as if his body was trying to hide a small sun. It was incomparably dazzling, as if a deity was entering the world of mortals.


It was as if the great Dao was rumbling. The mysterious symbols around him circled about, and the other heavenly passages appeared together. They released essence energy, nourishing the tenth heavenly passage together.

This place was extremely auspicious and holy. The events were progressing smoothly in the right direction.

After two hours, the sound of an explosion rang out. The little guy shouted loudly and began to exhaust everything to give the energy in his boyd a final push. If he succeeded, then the tenth heavenly passage would arrive, and if he failed, then there was a chance for him to die.

The unruly youth and Horned Dragon both shouted loudly as well, because this was the point where the essence energy being plundered from their bodies was at its greatest, almost drying.


A huge sound was transmitted. Heaven and earth became incomparably brilliant as endless brilliance scattered down. The tenth heavenly passage gushed with auspicious multicolored light, and it seemed like it was about to succeed.

Suddenly, the little guy’s body shook violently. He continuously coughed out blood and was send flying horizontally. There were wounds everywhere on his body, as if it was on the verge of breaking down.

The tenth heavenly passage grew dim, immediately becoming indistinct. It once again concealed itself within the void.

The little guy fell into the dust. The slits on his body were terrifying, and his injuries were at a critical point. If he was even struck by someone once, he would definitely be broken into pieces and turn into a corpse.

The devilish brat clenched his teeth. Without saying a word, he circulated the true primordial record to nurse his body. His face was completely emotionless!

It was a terrifying defeat. He had never suffered such a thing before, moreover one so thorough. The tenth heavenly passage was already almost established, yet it was broken off in the end, leaving his body on the edge of disappearing.

The little guy guy was stupefied. He endured the pain and silently tried to heal himself.

Not far off, the other two individuals also suffered from the attack. They both coughed out large amounts of blood while lying on the ground. Their bodies were covered in blood as they shook, but their injuries were definitely better than the little guy’s.

This region became deathly quiet. Everyone was stunned. It was clearly going to succeed, yet why did it suddenly fail?

“The tenth heavenly passage is difficult to establish after all. No wonder even the Taotie, Wu, and other true descendants can’t necessarily succeed. It really is a rarely seen thing.”

The people all sighed, because the tenth heavenly passage was too heavenly defying. Regardless of how exceptional one’s  natural talents were, at the final juncture, they still had to experience dejection and bitterness, to a point even their life couldn’t be preserved.


A few people laughed loudly. Tuoba Family, Western Tomb Beast Mountain and the other great powers all released their pent up breath. Following that, many figures quickly rushed forward together to get rid of the little guy.

The little guy suddenly jumped. He did not feel any attachment to this place as he turned around. His speed was extremely fast as he fled towards the limits of this great earth.


How could these great powers give up this chance? The devilish child was injured and dying, so it was the perfect time to kill him. There were some that quickly reported to their superiors to prepare magical objects like the Soul Shattering Needle and Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

At the same time the Unruly Youth and the Horned Dragon also soared up. They followed and chased after the little guy’s traces.

As a result, the little guy was in a rare silent state. He fled far away from a certain direction, because he saw the purple-clothed girl. That was a ‘vicious beast’ that was quite difficult to deal with.

At the same time, he relied on his spiritual instincts to avoid wave after wave of terrifying fluctuations. He directly broke into a primitive forest to flee for his life.

An great and unprecedented chase unfolded, throwing the entire heavenly paradise into chaos!

News traveled everywhere, and a tempest was raised even within the real world. Everyone was shocked!

First of all, the Rain Clan’s pure land was exterminated, pulled up by the roots. Roughly eighty percent of the experts guarding the place were killed, and among them, three great elders’ real bodies met disaster as well.

Just how shocking were these news?! The one that caused this was merely a single youth! Just by himself, he rushed into the Rain Clan’s pureland and unleashed an unstoppable massacre!

Moreover, he even ate the decree of a deity. This made people flabbergasted, as his actions were truly unbelieveable.

These events made Stone Country boil with commotion. Everyone was discussing this, making it difficult for the Rain Clan to raise their heads.

Moreover, this child actually established the tenth heavenly passage, only when he was about to succeed, there was a sudden disaster. He failed at the last hurdle, causing even greater shock and astonishment.

The entire great wasteland was abuzz as everyone discussed these events.

The appearance of the Horned Dragon and the existence of the unruly youth were all mixed within this incident.

“Go and hunt down the devilish child!”

This order was sent out by many different great powers, such as the four great families, Rain Clan, and Tuoba family. A great disorder was staged within the Void God Realm.

Every passage was sealed off. The various powers joined hands to search for the little guy. They wanted to end him in this world, not giving him the opportunity to survive.

It was obvious that they had already prepared demonic artifacts. Even though they were precious and incomparably rare, they all took them out today. They couldn’t rest at ease as long as the devilish brat was still alive.

This was a place of bloody rain and foul winds, and was even more so a place of chaos. The entire heavenly passage was in a state of unrest, encountering a great calamity.

The little guy travelled for several days without sleep or rest as he continuously fled for his life, no one knowing just how many times he had been struck. The great battle continued for days on end, covering his entire body in blood.

The worst part was that he encountered the Horned Dragon and that human youth again, the repeated battles worsened his injuries.

The most terrifying part was that the golden passageway was sealed off. There were countless experts guarding it, making it so that he had no way of retreating and leaving this domain.

These circumstances had already persisted for ten days. The wounds on the devilish child’s body were now even deeper, and his body was in a worn-out state. He could die at any time, and was barely holding on.

Finally, he managed to escape another chase. He hid inside one of the caves within the mountain range and silently tended to his wounds. Time was limited, and he had to seize every second he had. Otherwise, the enemy would arrive again.

During these past few days, he was always reflecting on why the tenth heavenly passage failed. He just couldn’t figure it out, making him feel even more troubled.

That day, he merged the strength from three experts at the ninth heavenly passage stage, yet he still failed to break through. How could that not make him dispirited? He came to the conclusion that even if he tried to peacefully break through alone without any disturbance, it would still not be any better.

After all, that was the strength of three people!

“This fellow is too crazy. Father said that there had never been a human who dared to act so recklessly before. How could one open the tenth heavenly passage within the Void God Realm?” Huo Ling’er furrowed her brows as she spoke.

The Fire Nation emperor had said that as soon as one of those pure-blooded creatures from the Archaic divine mountain gained such a heaven defying opportunity, they would immediately invite a supreme ancient existence to protect them. They would never try to do it alone.

Several days passed. The little guy was still fleeing for his life, and in addition, the injuries on his body reached a crucial point, almost as if they were beyond a point of restoration.

His body was in tatters. After all these years, he had encountered countless great battles, yet he narrowly escaped all of them. Now, however, he felt like he couldn’t hold on any longer.

“I really can’t accept this.” The little guy said to himself. He did not believe that he would be killed, and even now he did not give up. He continued to treat his body and ponder over the tenth heavenly passage event.


Another great battle broke out. The enemies caught up, and the little guy began to risk his life again. Blood died his clothing, and his entire body was bright red as he once again escaped.

This time, after he fled, he collapsed within the primitive mountain forest. His body was torn everywhere, as if even a gust of wind could break him into pieces. Blood dyed this grassland red.

“This is the final opportunity. I still must break through!” The devilish brat stubbornly stated. He still had not given up.

It was because the tenth heavenly passage had been there all along. Even though it was rather indistinct, it was still circling around his body.

He completely cleared his mind and no longer cared whether or not enemies were coming. His entire mind was empty, temporarily forgetting everything.

His injured body was in tatters, and his essence energy seemed like it was almost completely exhausted, like a lamp burning out the last of its oil. As a result, it was extremely tiresome this time, and it was quite possible that he might die in the middle of breaking through.

Time passed by bit by bit, and the little guy persevered on. The small oil lamp burned within him, guiding him forward; he was not willing to give up.

Finally, he exhausted his final bit of strength. The oil within the lamp had dried up, and his body became dim. His body no longer produced a sliver of strength.

At this moment, he was like a corpse, an empty shell without a soul. There was no essence nourishing his body, and he was about to die.


Suddenly, a wave of powerful energy flooded over. As the last bit the oil lamp dried up, the potential concealed within the deepest depths of his soul was released, rushing out like a vast sea.

His entire body shone, and his injuries quickly healed. In addition, an expanse of divine light surged, and with a honglong sound, it bore through the void, linking up the tenth heavenly passage.

Strand after strand of auspicious multicolored light flowed out, as if a world of immortals was opened!

He was on the verge of succeeding! If nothing unexpected happened, then he would have the tenth heavenly passage!

“My body died here and then was reborn. My body was broken, and every last bit of essence energy within my body was exhausted. It was as if everything was emptied, starting over again from nothing.”

At this time, the little guy completely understood and comprehended everything.

Since ancient times, what every supreme expert went through to establish the tenth heavenly passage was a bit different. He, in particular, actually used this method to break through, standing apart from all others.

“I lost everything… and therefore I transcended.” The little guy said to himself

Immortal light appeared strand after strand as the tenth heavenly passage expanded. It seemed like it was going to completely emerge as it gushed out propitious multicolored light, nourishing his body!

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