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Chapter 215 – Great Enemy


An extremely huge palm carried with it earthen radiance as it descended from the sky. It was as if a deity took action to smash the little guy into pieces.

It was precisely that human youth. He seemed to be about fourteen or fifteen years old, and his build was sturdy. It was as if a barbarian god descended as he exchanged over ten fierce blows with the little guy.

The devilish child cried out loudly with great bravery as they crossed swords. He was like a small deity. Even though his stature wasn’t that large, he was still incomparably intimidating.

Between the two, multicolored light rushed forth and essence energy surged. Astral winds fiercely blew about, blowing the mountains until they were split open; one could see just how terrifying it was.

A battle of life and death unfolded. The little guy and the other individual were both sent flying. This type of bloody battle was extremely thrilling. Precious techniques wreaked havoc like a flood and radiance covered the sky and earth with extreme ferocity.

The cry of a dragon rang over. The other powerful enemy that was eyeing covetously pounced over murderously.

The horned dragon was powerful and sturdy. Its scales shone with dazzling brilliance, and its body seemed like it was forged out of of immortal gold. As it rushed past, it smashed apart several boulders that weighed over tens of thousands of jin.

Its body was extremely powerful. It was an archaic vicious beast’s heir to begin with, and together with its race’s powerful body, it rarely met a well-matched adversary.


The Horned Dragon and the little guy collided. It first sent a claw into his fist, and then it turned around and whipped its tail. Its thick and long body was dazzling as it swept over.

The little guy dodged. The dragon tail sent enormous stones that ranged from tens to thousands of jin into the air. They exploded in the air, causing silt and stones to tumble around. Lightning flashed and thunder roared; it was extremely terrifying.

When the little guy raised his hand, lightning immediately began to dance about. A brilliant purple sea of lightning appeared, smashing into the horned dragon ferociously.

A hong sound rang out. The horned dragon avoided it, however, a mountain behind him was struck instead, blasting apart on the spot and turning into dust. In addition, the area it struck was charred black.

The huge streak of lightning curled about the ruins and created chi la sounds. The outstanding heroes watching were all stupefied. The devilish child’s body was in tatters, and he bore heavy injuries, yet he was still able to put on such a display of divine might.

The Horned Dragon’s pupils were cold. He rotated his sparkling and brilliant body and charged over once again. The dragon’s body coiled about, wielding with its movements the astral winds, causing the world to shake.

Brilliant symbols decorated its body. Those were true dragon markings, and contained within them were profound mysteries. When its precious technique was released, there would be tens of thousands of multicolored light streaks.

The chanting of deities could vaguely be heard. It shook the nine heavens and resonated in all directions. This sound began to grow stronger and rush towards the little guy like a great ripple.

Giant boulders weighing up to hundreds of thousands jin were smashed apart one after another. When that dragon cry arrived, the ripple would brush over them and turn it into powder.

The little guy shivered and began to carefully proceed. The bone text written within the True Primordial Record surfaced in his mind. The ordinary bone text began to transform miraculously, containing within them a supreme profoundness.

The devilish child’s expression was serious. Splendid symbols flickered in front of his body, rapidly arranging themselves into a golden sea. With a honglong sound, it collided with the ripple created by the horned dragon. Both attacks simultaneously collapsed.

The outstanding heroes were all shocked. With these types of existences fighting, it wasn’t abnormal at all for normal people to feel despair. After reaching the limits of the heavenly passage realm, how could other people be their opponent? If they participated, it would only result in their death.

The little guy began to fight with the horned dragon. They both rushed forward and collided repeatedly. In the end, both were sent flying far away.

The devilish child wiped away a strand of blood from the corner of his lips. The light in his eyes were clear. He received heavy injuries after fighting off the deity’s decree, and later on, he was hurt again by the explosion of the Rain Clan’s formation. His body was covered in many wounds, and his body looked like it was on the verge of breaking.

And at this moment, he was fighting with a mysterious youth as well as an Archaic vicious beast heir. Their exchanges were fierce, and after receiving these attacks, his injuries naturally worsened, causing blood to flow.

However, the savage child was still fairly savage and not scared at all. He rushed toward the horned dragon several times while grinding his small shining white teeth, about to bite down.

“My body is seriously injured, so I cannot use all of my strength to fight with them. If this continues, things will turn out really badly.” The little said to himself.

There were ten slits that were especially prominent on his body, and they intersected each other. Blood were flowing from them, and if this continued, it seemed like his body was going to be torn apart.

“Hand over the Archaic divine book!” The human youth shouted before rushing over.

With a honglong sound, the earthen yellow mist began to surge. His palm seemed like a mountain as it dropped down, and it quickly expanded, covering the heavens. A hazy Bi’an rushed out.

This was his precious technique, and it was finally revealed, erupting from the mist. Light overflowed into the heavens as it engulfed the world.

The Bi’an was as terrifying as a deity. It towered like a mountain, and even though its body had the form of a lion, it had a dragon horn. Its body was a golden color and covered in dragon scales. A terrifying aura was being emitted.

The little guy released a long roar, and his pupils were emitting precious light. A purple-colored Suan Ni rushed out from behind his back, similarly tall like a mountain as it rushed towards that Bi’an. Lightning curled about, and the two fiercely fought fought.

Everyone was incomparably shaken as they watched these two Archaic vicious beasts fight. The rivers and mountains were annihilated, the heaven and earth torn, and even the sky trembled.

At this time, the little guy also rushed up and personally fought with that youth. The two Archaic vicious beasts fought with each other as blood scattered out from between them.

“You won’t be able to keep the precious copper book!” The mysterious youth shouted.

He was extremely powerful. He had beast skin clothes on, with his shoulders and arms bare. His body was of a bronze color, and it was robust and sturdy. It was as if a barbarian deity descended onto this world.


The little guy responded with a fist. Despite his body’s injuries, he was still just as fierce as before as he struck the youth. He used actions to explain himself.

Both of their bodies trembled, and then their bodies emitted light. Symbols interleaved across the sky with such brilliance that it was difficult for people to open their eyes.


The youth roared loudly, and his pupils widened. The other party was heavily wounded, and his age was much lower than his, yet he could still similarly fight back. He wasn’t any bit inferior to him, making him feel rather unsatisfied.


The youth swung his leg, and it was like a mace as it swung out, bringing with it wuwu sounds as it smashed into the air. Symbols surged like an ocean, and it was like a humanoid vicious beast, excessively powerful.

The little guy soared upwards and avoided this attack. At the same time, he also swung out his leg high into the air before bringing it down. His right leg swept towards his head, and a flourishing golden light submerged the area in front of him. Peng!

This youth used an arm to block this kick, and at the same time, the other hand reached out and grabbed his ankle. He wanted to capture the little guy and then hack him down.

His black hair was thick and his eyes were bright and penetrating. As they opened and closed, electricity would be released. There was a terrifying type of unruliness to him.

Normally, who dared to fight so fiercely with the devilish child? The mysterious youth accomplished this, and not only did he fight him in such close distance, he was even going to hack down the little guy alive!


The little guy snorted coldly. His right leg firmly struck down on his arm, its force sinking downwards. His other leg shot towards the head, and his entire body pressed down.

“Break open!”

The mysterious youth raised his hand to block the foot. Both had a heavenly collapsing might, and after catching his leg, he was once again going to strike him down.


The little guy’s legs both trembled, taking root within the void. They were like boulders, and couldn’t be moved. At the same time, both of his palms burned with magnificent golden light. A Kun Peng was vaguely visible as they struck towards the youth’s head.

Ah… The youth roared, and his aura changed. White waves of energy overflowed into the heavens as he released the little guy’s foot. A white tiger appeared to block the Kun Peng.

After that, the two individuals’ bodies also collided. With a honglong sound, waves poured out like that of an ocean, submerging this land.

The outstanding heroes were shaken. These two were so fierce, and were unexpectedly so unyielding. They had just made their moves, yet such aggressiveness was displayed, collapsing this pure land.

The Rain Clan’s pure land was completely split apart. Now with this type of attack happening, it was in an even worse state. Broken walls stood, and stones rolled on the ground; this place turned into a silent and dried up piece of land.


Finally, the little guy pushed down this youth, dropping down from the sky and smashing into the great earth. The ground immediately cracked open, causing stones to fly into the sky and dust to fill the air.

A huge cavity appeared at that location. The devilish brat went mad and pressured his opponent like a small vicious beast. They fiercely exchanged moves and fought at a close distance, both of them dyed in blood.

The ground blasted apart. The devilish child’s entire body was covered in blood, because the divine decree as well as other factors caused him to bear heavy injuries. Currently, more than ten wounds became even more serious.

Meanwhile, the youth that had unknown origins was also in a terrible state. His arm had blood trickling from it, and his chest was almost blasted open, similarly receiving great injuries.


The two once again attacked each other, and the little guy seemed to have turned him over. Then, his leg swept out, sending that youth flying.

The mysterious youth avoided crucial damage, but his face was still struck. He was in scorching pain as blood tricked out.

This was not enough to decide the victor. However, even if you hit a person, how could you hit their face? This minor injury immediately made him go crazy and act even more violent as he rushed towards the devilish brat.


They fiercely crossed swords, and the battle became more fierce. In the end, blood began to drip out from his wounds, and his little face seemed rather pale. With a pu sound, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Meanwhile, blood also began to flow from that mysterious youth’s mouth.

They separated and stood away from each other, watching each other carefully.

With a hong sound, the little guy’s surroundings was in pieces as magma surged. He was trying to forcefully break open the tenth heavenly passage and transform within the great battle. He was pushing himself to the limit to advance.

The reasoning behind his actions was because he saw that it was too difficult for him to escape. Two great foes stood in his way, and since he was suffering from serious injuries, he had to go through another bloody battle.

With a weng sound, the horned dragon rushed over and attacked the little guy. It did not give him the opportunity to have a breather, and even less so the chance to open the tenth heavenly passage. It wanted to seize that bronze book and gain a heavenly opportunity.

The little guy met it head on and once again began to fiercely exchange attacks. During the course of these events, his tenth heavenly passage continuously flickered, yet it refused to truly appear.

The circumstances were far from reassuring, and the devilish was in a perilous situation. Even though he was extremely strong, his body was after all in tatters. If he continued to be attacked by two experts that were like heirs to deities, then he might truly fall.

“You’ve made me angry! I’m going to eat both of you!” The devilish brat widened his eyes and stared at them furiously.

The current situation was extremely bad, and he felt as if his hands and feet were tied against these formidable opponents. His body’s condition was not good, making it difficult for him to go all out.

The little guy began to fight with the Horned Dragon, rushing towards its back. The Horned Dragon turned around with the flexibility of a snake. Its body seemed like it was forged from immortal gold, shining with matchless brilliance.

“Hand it over!”

The Horned Dragon shouted, and with a wenglong sound, its dazzling body began to brandish about. It unexpectedly wrapped itself around the little guy like a giant snake around a mountain, binding with increasing tightness!


The Horned Dragon opened its mouth, revealing its bloody mouthful of white teeth. He chomped down on him, as if he was going to devour him in one bite.

The little guy’s eyes emitted light. He also opened his mouth, directly biting into the Horned Dragon’s flesh. With a kengqiang sound, the scales shattered, with over ten scales directly being torn off by him.


Blood rushed forth. The devilish brat swallowed the dragon blood in huge mouthfuls, seemingly a bit savage. The outstanding heroes watching were all stupefied; who was the Horned Dragon and who was the human? Why did it seem like it was the other way around?

The Horned Dragon was in intense pain, and he was also overwhelmed by shock. He had just opened his mouth and wanted to swallow this human youth, yet he was the one bitten instead.

Ao… It was furious as it swooped over. Its huge mouth was opened to bite the devilish child.


A Kun Peng soared upwards and enlarged. It was dazzling as it rushed towards the Horned Dragon’s mouth. It was startled, and quickly abandoned the devilish brat to soar into the sky.

With a weng sound, the little guy was flung away. In the end, he began to suck in, causing a brilliant streak of blood to blossom from the Horned Dragon, entering his mouth.

Under normal circumstances, it was vicious beasts that ate humans. Now, it was the opposite. The little guy smacked his lips as if it was rather delicious. Just now, he bit off a chunk of the Horned Dragon’s flesh.

“It’s fragrant and sweet, worthy of being precious flesh!” In front of his body, the tenth heavenly passage once again appeared. Divine light surged, and auspicious multicolored light shone brilliantly. However, it was still not completely established.

“What do I do? Can I let them combine forces? Should I let them come at me at the same time and open the tenth heavenly passage to undergo an extreme transformation? If I can do that, then pushing back these experts wouldn’t be an issue any more.” The little guy said to himself.

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