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Chapter 214

He attacked furiously and spat out a mouthful of blood. This result was too terrifying, as the situation was now practically in his hands!

“Hurry and attack, we can’t let him succeed!”

The Rain Clan members were all worried. Breaking through into the tenth heavenly passage in the middle of a battle was something straight out of a legend, yet it actually happened. Could it be that even heaven wanted the Rain Clan to lose? Such an unfathomable event made people absolutely frightened.

If this child was allowed to grow up, then he would inevitably look down on everything under the heavens and show disdain towards other talents. At that time, how would they face him… It was simply something unimaginable.

In the distance, the heroes all felt indescribably shaken. They felt as if even their hearts were trembling.

Nine heavenly passages was already something that was only recorded within ancient records. As for ten heavenly passages, there was even less of a need to think about. It was practically something that should have been impossible.

Yet the impossible actually came true. Under the gazes of everyone, a single youth was likely going to break through. Even though that volcano was rather indistinct, it was already taking form.

Outside the little guy’s body, nine heavenly passages were flowing with ‘magma’ as it seized the luck between the heaven and earth to nourish his body. An indistinct tenth heavenly passage could be seen, as if it would struggle free from the void and appear at any second.

The large heavenly passage was an extremely spectacular sight. Magma surged and worldly essence energy boiled before cascading down like a waterfall to baptise the little guy’s body.

Every single person felt as if what they were seeing weren’t real, and none of the humans dared to believe what was happening. This child was too terrifying, far exceeding what they imagined.

The little guy was extremely nervous. The tenth heavenly passage was truly too difficult to obtain and establish. Forget humans, it was something that was extremely difficult even for heavenly rank Archaic vicious beasts descendants to accomplish.

And yet today, as a human under such circumstances, he was suddenly about to break through within the Void God Realm.

This all happened suddenly, and even he himself was not prepared. He narrowly escaped death in the last battle, and that last explosion from the great formation almost blasted his body apart. He exhausted everything he had to circulate his essence energy to prevent all of his body’s potential from surging out.


Everyone from the Rain Clan launched their attacks. Tens of thousands of feather began to fly about at the heart of the pure land. Every single one of them were like streaks of rainbows, both dazzling and intimidating. They were all symbol arrows.

Normal arrows were useless against the little guy. These arrows with bone text engraved on them carried incredible attacking power. With ten thousand of these fired at once, cities would be destroyed, and even great mountains couldn’t help but collapse.

Wuwu sounds rang out. Divine radiance flew out streak after streak, interweaving into a densely knit web of light. It was as if this was the law and order of this world.

“Break open!”

The little guy shouted out loudly. A Suan Ni rushed into the sky and roared. His body was sparkling purple with a few golden streaks running through. It was as tall as a mountain as it blocked in front of his body.

Electric radiance danced about as lightning rushed into the heavens, blocking all incoming arrows. It turned into a purple cage, and as sounds of thunder rolled on, the rumbling shocked the heavens.


In the sky, feathers broke apart one after another before turning into fine powder.

This scene was as bit frightening. They were clearly symbol arrows and powerful, or else how would they be able to pierce through mountain peaks, destroy cities and destroy the bodies of experts? However, right now, the thousands of arrows were completely blocked. They were destroyed upon being struck by the terrifying purple lightning, all of them exploding and turning into powder.

The outstanding heroes’ expressions changed. The devilish brat was shocking after all, reaching great heights in cultivation alone. Within the heavenly passage realm, it was difficult for him to meet an enemy. He reached the peak of the cultivation realm, so it was no wonder he was about to establish the tenth heavenly passage.

“He absolutely must not be allowed to succeed!” Several Rain Clan elders shouted loudly, as if they were crazy. If they allowed this savage child to open a tenth heavenly passage, then nightmares will accompany their entire future.

That kind of situation can never be allowed to happen. It was not something they could accept, and was terrifying to even think about.


A giant mountain rose steeply from the ground and flew towards the little guy to suppress him. This was originally a precious imprint that was kept within the pure land, and now, it became enormous to cover the great earth.

After many years, the precious imprint transformed into a mountain, and currently, there was lush greenery growing atop it. There were also all types of beasts and birds moving about in great vitality.

With such a large imprint smashing over with such exuberant vitality, it was as if a heavenly paradise world was pressing down. Its aura was terrifying, and strands of auspicious energy were flowing about in strands it it tried to crush the little guy.

“Break apart!”

The little guy raised his head and shouted loudly. His pitch black hair flew into the air as the essence energy in his body boiled. All of the golden symbols around his body flickered, as he transformed into a divine bird.


A giant Kun Peng appeared. It fiercely rushed high up into the sky, and with a rumbling sound, smashed into that great mountain. The mountain stone was blasted apart, the ancient trees were broken, and the waterfalls no longer had any water in them as they were all blasted apart.

The Kun Peng despised being below the heavens. With a single charge, this precious artifact that the Rain Clan’s elders cooperatively refined for so many years was collapsed at the first blow, turning into ashes.

Everyone became indescribably shocked. This was too powerful! With just a precious technique, he tore apart the heaven and earth, destroying that rarely seen great mountain imprint.

“En?” The little guy was a bit confused and felt that something wasn’t quite right. With the appearance of the tenth heavenly passage, it seemed like his essence energy consumption was especially great. He had to go all out to open it.

Originally, he wanted to wait and allow it to naturally appear. However, now it seems like the tenth heavenly passage wanted to seize the luck between the heaven and earth to take form, and only then would it fully appear.

“Open up!”

He released a low roar. His entire body lit up, and nine heavenly passages appeared to pour essence energy through his body. They were gathering to set up an origin for the creation of the tenth heavenly passage.

Golden symbols flickered and purple lightning interweaved together. A mysterious layer of radiance appeared around his body. It covered his flesh and continuously released a mysterious force that assisted in the refinement and assembling of his body’s potential.

The little guy exhausted everything he had to establish it. He wanted to enter this new realm as soon as possible, because once the tenth heavenly passage appeared, he would be at the most glorious peak!

However, what startled him was how excruciatingly difficult it was. The tenth heavenly passage was already quite clear and was gradually stabilizing. It was on the verge of being established, but was still just missing that little bit.

“Open for me!”

He shouted loudly. A fierce fluctuation was transmitted from within the void, as if it was about to smash free

“He’s too impatient! Ten heavenly passages is extremely terrifying, and is something that even heavenly ranked divine birds and archaic beasts have a hard time achieving. To thoroughly comprehend this process, one must accumulate their energy and slowly break through.”

“I don’t agree. I heard that the chance is fleeting, and if one misses it, then they would find it difficult to ever succeed again.”

There were people discussing in the distance while paying close attention to what was happening here. Everyone was shocked. This child was too heaven defying! With these types of techniques, it was difficult for them to use words to describe what they were thinking.

“How can we give him that chance? Do not spare any expenses and destroy his cultivation base. We cannot allow him to stabilize the tenth heavenly passage!” The Rain Clan’s elders faces were completely sinister.

They began to boss people around, and all sorts great formations were activated. Killing intent roiled and surged like a tide as it flooded towards the devilish brat. They wanted to exhaust his essence energy and disturb his state of mind.

The little guy’s brows furrowed and he stopped temporarily. He could feel the tenth heavenly passage, and he could feel his body undergoing a slow transformation. However, currently, it was too difficult for him to establish it completely.

“Do you think you guys alone can stop me?” The little guy sneered.

He hacked out with his sword, immediately causing a large area to collapse. When it collided into those symbols, the resulting explosion became even more brilliant and shocking.

However, the little guy’s body also trembled. The tenth heavenly passage’s energy expenditures were too great as it came into existence. With this distraction, he seemed to have affected him a bit.

The little guy thought for a bit before turning around to leave. He wanted to leave this place and find a place to peacefully pass through this crucial point to prevent avoid anything unexpected.

When the Rain Clansmen saw this, they immediately felt a shiver. They began to feel anxious, and among them, a great elder shouted, “Use the divine boat!”

With a weng sound, an azure divine boat blossomed with auspicious light. It soared into the sky and carried many experts. Symbols densely covered the area as it rushed murderously at the little guy.

“Such fast speed!” The little guy was startled. He had just turned around,

“You can’t escape!” The rain clansmen took action. There was a great dreading in their hearts, because they were scared that the little guy would leave and successfully carry out a miracle. If that happened, then the Rain Clan’s future problems would definitely be great.

The little guy stopped and did not continue to run. He could tell that this divine boat was not ordinary and possessed extreme speed. Should he be able to leave and find a peaceful place to seclude himself, it would be extremely troublesome if these people suddenly appeared to disturb him and create a huge problem.


A cluster of symbols fell, carving deeply into the ground. The little guy fell back quickly and avoided this attack.

His stood far away and silently probed his body’s condition. His injuries were severe, and his body was in tatters. However, it was also precisely because of this that he was able to stir up his hidden capabilities to create the tenth heavenly passage.

Following that, he began to carefully study that extremely mysterious heavenly passage. It was faintly discernible, and it was integrated into his entire body. However, it did not completely descend, and was waiting for him to seize heavenly luck.

“There’s no problems, it isn’t like how those people were discussing. The opportunity cannot be missed, and I’ve already grasped it. There’s still sufficient time.”

The little guy exhaled and did not worry any more.

He turned around and directly rushed into the pure land. He was like a demon king as he coldly said, “Since you guys want me to stay behind, then just accompany me to your end!”

However, this time he was especially careful to avoid the explosions of enemy formations. If not, he would really be in danger.

Now, every time he traveled a bit of distance, he would use the broken sword to hack apart the ground in front of him. It was like pulling apart rotten weeds as he rushed into the heart of this land.

Currently, rubble flew into the air and dust clouded the sky. Everyone was shocked; the devilish brat was trying to completely destroy the Rain Clan’s pure land, not leaving anything behind.

Armed with just a sword, the little guy rushed in alone. With a hong sound, rubble flew everywhere as he tried to destroy the final central divine formation. There were many people here.


Rain Clan’s people roared loudly. Among them was a pagoda that was bright red and strangely mysterious. It was as if it emerged from an ocean of blood, carrying a bitter aura as it tried to suppress the little guy.

“En, it’s rather eccentric!”

The devilish child completely dodged it and did not make any contact. These things were extremely sinister and carried a soul destroying nature that chilled one to their bones.

“Was this the Soul Suppressing Pagoda? The one that could kill one’s real body?” The corners of the little guy’s mouth revealed a cold smile.

His two hands moved about, bringing about lightning. Endless amounts of powerful stellar qi poured down densely, causing dense mists to rise and purple multicolored light to cover this area. What was bravery? He was going to use lightning to refine that pagoda.

Radiance from the lightning poured out like water, quickly surrounding this place. A cauldron appeared once again. The little guy used the creation properties in lightning to construct this type of cauldron, preparing to collect that small red pagoda.


Everyone from the Rain Clan became anxious. They never thought that the little guy would still be so terrifying even after receiving heavy injurious. In addition, he still had to divert part of his attention to the creation of the tenth heavenly passage. They immediately became angry and nervous, because the pagoda was about to shift owners.

Everyone watching also became shocked. This youth was just too formidable. Wasn’t he trying to open the tenth heavenly passage just now? Shouldn’t he be distracted because of that?!

In fact, what the spectators didn’t know was that the devilish child already understood his body’s circumstances. There was no need for him to wholeheartedly devote himself towards breaking through.


In the sky, the divine boat rushed over. Endless symbols from bone texts flickered, as if the stars in the sky were falling to earth. It was absolutely dazzling as it submerged the devilish brat.

“Now is the time!”

The little guy suddenly took action and fiercely shouted out. His entire body flourished with magnificent golden light, and a golden Kun Peng appeared. It rushed into the air with the broken sword in its mouth, colliding with that precious boat.

“Not good!”

Everyone within Rain Clan shouted. The Kun Peng was truly enormous as it spread its wings, and it was incredibly fast as the two collided.

The broken sword shone, and with a hong sound, it hacked into that divine boat.

Even though this was a rarely seen precious artifact, how could it match up to the sharpness of the broken sword? A kacha sound immediately rang out, and a portion of the divine boat was hacked off.

“We’re done for!”

The Rain Clansmen’s faces were miserable. One of their clan’s treasures were destroyed.

The only thing the people on top of the divine boat could do was abandon ship and stay away from that terrifying youth. All types of precious light flew about as the experts left the divine boat.

The little guy did not pay attention to them, because if he quickly got rid of this divine boat, then he won’t have much to worry about. He focused on seizing the Soul Suppressing Pagoda to ultimately obtain another magical artifact.

At this moment, he rushed in and unleashed a slaughter on the remaining people here. The golden wings behind his back shook, and ten people immediately exploded with a hong sound.

Aohou… The purple Suan Ni roared. It was as tall as a mountain and constructed out of lightning. It rushed in and unleashed chaos within the heart of this pure land.


With a raise of the little guy’s hand, a streak of bright red multicolored light flew out. The Soul Shattering Needle quickly pierced through the head of a great elder. He cried out miserably, and his soul was destroyed on the spot.

“Sixth grandfather!” A group of people shouted out. An important in their clan had just died, with their void body and real body passing away at the same time.


Another streak of multicolored light was released, piecing another elder between the brows. With a pu sound, his body exploded. It turned into a bloody mist before melting.

“What? Fourth grandfather!” Everyone was alarmed. Another elder had died; today’s losses far surpassed their imaginations.

The devilish brat began to massacre everyone here. He swept through everything before him, killing left and right. No one was his opponent as fresh blood died this place in red.

“Little thief, hand over your life!”

A group of people shouted in anger. They threw caution to the wind and began to fight with their lives on the line.


The Suan Ni precious technique flourished, and golden lightning ran through the pure land. When these people entered the lightning, they were immediately blown apart, turning into blood, bone fragments, and ultimately ashes.

The little guy was like an asura as he attacked in all directions. He was immersed in the blood of his enemies as he moved forward, and no one could stop him from advancing.

“Ignite the pure land, open the divine formation!” Someone shouted loudly.

The little guy felt a shiver. He roared, and his entire body began to flicker with brilliant symbols. A golden wave began to engulf forward, and with a hong sound, that person was struck to pieces.

There were others that shouted, and they were going to activate their last great formation. The devilish child had already suffered from a great mishap, so he naturally couldn’t allow them to do so. Symbols began to cover his body densely.

The great sea was immeasurable, and black waves appeared from behind his back, directly submerging the this area. A huge black fish swayed its tail, and with a honglong sound, almost a hundred people exploded.

The little guy used everything he had. The black wave was completely formed from symbols, and as he began his slaughter, it swept in all directions. Many people were directly blasted into pieces.

“I’ve spent enough time here, it’s time for me to leave.” The devilish child felt that he shouldn’t stay there for too long, and that he should establish his tenth heavenly passage.

Suddenly, a wave of powerful energy poured over. The little guy sent a palm flying over, and the two collided. It was as if a volcano erupted, causing endless brilliant symbols to appear.

“What? There’s someone who is a match for the devilish child!”

The outstanding heroes were absolutely shocked as they watched attentively.

It was a horned dragon whose entire body was brilliant. It was emitting a dazzling radiance that seemed as if it belonged to a deity that wanted to kill the little guy.

“Pure-blooded creature!”

“An archaic vicious beast’s heir!”

Everyone began to tremble with fear. They could tell immediately that this was a pure-blooded horned dragon. Otherwise, how could it fight with the devilish brat?

“It’s you!” The little guy recognized who it was. It was that horned dragon that he traded moves with in the Hundred Shattering Mountains.

“It is me. Hand over the precious bronze book and I will immediately leave!” The Horned Dragon’s expression was cold. Its entire body was covered in dazzling scales, as if it was made out of immortal gold.

“There’s no way you will get them.” The little guy turned around. He had to establish his tenth heavenly passage, so he did not want to engage in any excessive chatter.


The horned dragon attacked and wanted to engage in a great battle with him. It was not willing to give up, causing precious techniques to surround this area.


Suddenly, the space shook. Like a streak of lightning, a figure rushed over and blasted towards the little guy with incomparable ferocity. Its killing intent overflowed into the heavens.

With a dong sound, the heavens shook. The great earth split apart and the pure land began to crack open. This one attack was extremely terrifying, as if it was a great earthquake.

Everyone was shocked. It was just a human, and actually forcefully sent a palm at the devilish brat. The power was a bit excessive!

“How could this be? How many more human youth are there?” No one dared to believe what they were seeing.

Who was this? No one had ever seen this person before. A nine heavenly passage human youth actually appeared! It was a bit horrifying, as such a thing was never heard of before in the past.

The little guy gave him a cold look and once again turned around. He really couldn’t stay any longer, and had to open the tenth heavenly passage.

“Leave behind the precious book! If not, you won’t be able to escape, and don’t even think about opening the tenth heavenly passage!” The Horned Dragon blocked his way.

In addition, there was a type of unruliness to that human youth. His bronze skin shone, and he was well built. He also rushed over to kill.

“No one can stop me. Today, I will open the tenth heavenly passage and show you guys!” The little guy rushed in fiercely, and the broken sword lit up.

However, the opposing party clearly also had a supreme treasure. It was similarly terrifying and met him with equal harshness.


The Suan Ni raised its head. The devilish child released lightning, surrounding this place. Then, he personally rushed up with lightning radiance to clash with the two individuals in succession and fight within the sea of lightning.

At the same time, from within the void, that mysterious heavenly passage seemed to have become a bit more distinct as it released an immortal energy.

“What? Could it be that he is going to establish the tenth heavenly passage in the middle of battle? Too heaven defying!”

Everyone cried out in surprise, all of them revealing shocked expressions. It was as if a vast body of water was undulating and fluctuating fiercely. The heavenly passage became increasingly distinct, as if it was going to completely form.

A light weng vibration rang out. That youth was extremely terrifying, and with a precious technique activated, symbols covered the sky. It was as if it was going to suppress all directions, carrying with it an unrivalled aura as it continuously smashed into the little guy.

“If you don’t hand over the precious book, then forget the tenth heavenly passage. Even your life will be forfeit!” The Horned Dragon was callous as it attacked at full force.

“You two better not provoke me. Otherwise, I will eat you completely!” The devilish brat revealed his small snow white teeth and threatened seriously.

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