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Chapter 213 – Heaven Warping Talent 

The little guy’s chest began to heat up and burn like a fiery furnace. His entire chest began to sparkle, and drip after drip of blood essence was created. It was as if it was wrapping itself around a deity that was about to be reborn.


The little guy was aching. Not only was his chest itchy, it was also extremely sore. It felt like it was being torn apart.

In the distance, everyone sighed. It was a pity that such a heaven warping youth was going to die here. They could tell that he definitely met misfortune and was about to be killed by the divine decree.

Everyone from the Rain Clan laughed coldly. So what if you have a heavenly potential? In the end, you’re still going to die and not be able to grow up. There was no way he could resist the will of a deity!

“I’m going to die from pain, ao…” The devilish brat shouted out.

The brilliance here was dazzling, and no one could see what was happening clearly. They all surmised that the Rain Deity’s decree must have displayed its final divine might to exterminate him.

At this place, a deity could reach the extreme realm and transcend worldliness. Even though they would would still be under the restriction, they would surpass any outstanding geniuses.

“It is truly unfortunate, because he definitely would have became an extremely shocking genius. Outside of using the divine decree, there wasn’t even any way to kill him. In the end, he was still cut off from his prime.”

Outside of those great powers, there were still many people that weren’t affiliated with them. They did not have any hatred or grudges towards the little guy, so they only felt sympathy towards him for what happened.

A genius like this falling was truly too unfortunate. He would have definitely displayed extraordinary skill and became a supreme expert that wasn’t weaker than a pure-blooded creature!

“He invited this disaster on himself. A deity is so high and mighty, do you think a bug like you is worthy of challenging it?” An elder from the Rain Clan sneered.

Only now did everyone release their pent up breath of air. If nothing strange happened, the devilish brat would inevitably die. He would be turned into a lump of blood, and even his real body will die.

It was because this was the law of the divine dao. It could completely erase his spirit and will. He could not escape, and his real body would turn into a living corpse.


There were people who began to carefreely laugh with joyous expressions. Once the devilish brat dies, this huge mess would finally calm down. They would never have to worry about him challenging everyone again.

These people included those from Tuoba Family, the four great Kun, Li, Yuan, Meng families, and many others. They were all ancient inheritances that bore great grudges against the devilish brat.

The little guy’s body was currently in a transparent state. His chest, in particular, was like jade, so even the circulation of his blood was visible. A circle of light could be seen, and it was as if it was wrapping up a deity. It was absolutely dazzling as he bathed in the divine flames to undergo rebirth.

It was a small bone that was without form. It was currently being nourished by essence blood, producing a transparent bone outline. It was extremely brilliant, as if a small segment was trying to be reborn.

A wave of terrifying aura circulated, but it was luckily drowned out by the light created by the divine decree. No one could see what was happening, so they all thought that it was the attack symbol displaying its divine might.

The little guy’s chest had symbols circulating about it, as if a divine altar was constructed. The flames ignited as if they were trying to seal a deity, and the essence blood’s vitality was too powerful as it continuously nourished that circle of light.

The ‘attack’ symbols had dimmed after colliding with the small pagoda, and it was even hacked by the broken sword. It was already unsteady and would most likely not escape destruction.

The little guy’s chest shone. Like threads of silk, the light twisted about that ‘attack’ symbol before removing its divine essence to unceasingly nourish the blood and bone in his chest.

“It seems like it still can’t grow out.” When the acute pain subsided and he recovered his state of mind, he began to feel a bit of regret.

After all, it was only a small corner of a badly damaged decree, not an entire sheet. It wasn’t complete, and so its divine essence wasn’t enough to make that circle of light undergo transformation.

“I hope the Rain Clan can bring the remaining pieces of the decree as well.” The little guy’s injuries were severe and his body was in tatters, yet his eyes were still roaming around like a thief as he thought about other divine objects.

After who knew how much time had passed, a bo sound was heard, and that ‘attack’ symbol shattered. It disappeared, and the light around the little guy’s chest also faded.

As he anticipated, that bone was not able to take form and come into existence. Even though he felt rather disappointed inside, from a different perspective, he was also extremely excited. This meant that the supreme being bone was extremely terrifying, and that the divine essence from a small corner of this decree was not enough to bring it back to life.

The broken sword was like a small sun, and it seemed to resonate with the mysterious fluctuations originating from the little guy’s chest. It was recovering just now as well, and only now did it gradually dim from its previous brilliance to return to its original state.

This place became peaceful once again. The Rain Deity’s ‘attack’ symbol disappeared, and only paper remained. Moreover, it was cut into two, and even though there was still some divine splendor to it, it was far from what it previously had.

The two halves of symbol parchment were suspended in midair motionless.

The devilish child directly pinched one of the halves and carefully gave it a try. Nothing dangerous happened, and after the attack character disappeared, the earthen paper also lost the divine creature’s will, no longer attacking him.

“What? He actually survived? Even the deity’s decree wasn’t enough to kill him?!”

The outstanding heroes watching were all shocked, not believing what they were seeing. This result went against everyone’s expectations. They all thought that he would undoubtedly die, so how could they have anticipated that he would be still be in such good shape?

Everything in front of the Rain Clan’s people turned dark, because the result was difficult for them to take in. The savage child didn’t die, and the attack character disappeared instead. This made them so furious they wanted to cough out blood.

Tuoba Clan, four great families and many others were similarly stupefied. They clearly just heard a heart tearing cry from him earlier, so how was he still alive? Just now, they were still sneering, this… It was as if they took a slap to the face, making their faces burn with rage.

The little guy began to loudly talk drivel. After grabbing that decree, he directly shoved it into his mouth before chewing with kachi kachi sounds. His behavior was truly bold and unrestrained, as if he was chewing on a radish!”


Everyone from the rain clan immediately felt their faces turn green. What was this? It was the Rain Deity’s decree, yet it was actually being chewed by him in such a rude manner!

Ah pu…

Several elders with greater statuses within the Rain Clan immediately spat out blood from anger. The divine ancestor’s decree was actually being eaten; this was simply disrespecting a deity! How would people view them now?!

“He really… ate it?”

In the distance, the outstanding heroes were all stunned. They all looked as if they saw a ghost. They heard his loud cries not long ago about how he was going to ‘eat, eat, eat it all’, but they had all thought these were words shouted out of anger and not in seriousness.

They never thought that he would really chew on it without knowing what kind of materials it was made out of. It was like beast skin, and was also like bright silk. It made crisp sounds that one could hear from even far away.

That savage child continuously chewed with his small bright teeth, making gazhi gazhi sounds ring out incessantly as he bit down with vigor.

The Rain Clan’s people were so angry they were becoming dizzy. This was a completely undisguised disrespect! How could they endure this?

Kachi kachi

The little guy continuously chewed, and the sound created was rather loud. He wrinkled his small nose as he mumbled, “Doesn’t taste good at all.”

The group of people was about to lose consciousness. Was the taste of this something that should be evaluated? This child was too savage! He even chewed the decree of a deity to pieces, biting down with all his strength. Was he not scared of being stuck by heavenly lightning?

“You… You are truly wretched!”

Everyone from Rain Clan went mad. This was an absolute disgrace. The most sacred object left behind by their ancestor was being chewed on by a human as if he was a horse chewing a peony! This was absolutely too hateful.

“Shameful devilish child!” When the purple clothed girl in the distance saw this scene, she didn’t know how to evaluate it. In the end, she could only curse out like this.

Dumbstruck, Huo Ling’er sighed and said, “This brat… Too evil. Is he the reincarnation of a Taotie or something? Why does he put everything in his mouth and dares to eat anything?”

The outstanding individuals watching all became dizzy.

Rain Clan members within their pure land were so angry and stifled that their faces turned red. Their vision blurred, and they were about to faint. They really wanted to rush up and kill him, but they were scared that they would die themselves, since the other party was ridiculously strong.

“The heavens are unjust!” They cried out in anger.

However, there was foreign matter flickering in the sky. It was as if the heavens heard their shouts as a lump of light descended and emerged beside the little guy’s side.

Meanwhile, a stone tablet appeared. On top of it were some sparkling and translucent characters that flickered with multicolored light; this was the Void God Realm’s record stone tablet.

Everyone from the Rain Clan was stupefied. Was this to make them die from anger? There was no heavenly reason, truly no heavenly reason anymore! The devilish child actually established another record!

The outstanding heroes also felt a wave of shock. This fellow was going to establish another record? However, after thinking about it, they felt relieved. Just now, the battle was definitely something worth recording.

The little guy suspiciously looked at the circle of light. With a bo sound, the curtain of light broke apart and two bronze pieces appeared in his hands. His eyes immediately widened from extreme happiness.

He shouted and jumped. He almost tripped over himself; this was unexpectedly more pieces of the Archaic divine book! In addition, he got two pieces all of a sudden.

“This is too great! At this speed, it won’t be long before I obtain another unrivalled precious technique!” The devilish child was absolutely elated. It was as if he didn’t notice how dark the Rain Clanmens’ faces were at all.

There was a line of writing on the stone tablet, directly stating that he defeated the will of a deity. His amazing bravery was worth rewarding, establishing a new record.

Tuoba family, four great families and the others’ faces were all extremely ugly. This fellow was just powerful to a ridiculous degree. He defeated the decree of a deity, and even received such heaven defying things.

If it was said that the spectators hesitated previously and weren’t super jealous, then now, they couldn’t help but seriously consider it. Just how long did this take? He already obtained three bronze book pieces.


The little guy wrinkled his nose. He ate half of the paper and smacked his lips. In the end, he did not explain the reasoning behind his actions and directly grabbed another half. Regardless, it still contained powerful divine essence, and so he was going to eat it even if it didn’t taste good.

“This half… Tastes like chicken!” After biting it to pieces, he spoke out these words.

“This is intolerable harassment!” Everyone from Rain Clan couldn’t endure this.

During this entire course of events, the little guy continuously circulated symbols to recover his injuries. This time, he was almost killed by the divine decree, and his body was about to break.

“Do you think I’m scared of you bunch?” The little guy was always holding back a bit of his strength. He wanted to make his move a long time ago, but after narrowly avoiding death just now, his injuries were extremely severe, so he was quietly recovering.

“Don’t give him a chance. Take advantage of his serious injuries to exterminate him!” Someone from the Rain Clan saw the opportunity and shouted loudly, but did not leave the pure land. Instead, he unleashed a great formation to twist him to death.

The little guy raised his head and drank a large mouthful of descendant precious blood. He then rushed out quickly and hacked out with the broken sword. Since he even fought with the will of a deity before, was there anything else to be scared of?

“Quickly fall back, we will fight him. We cannot have everyone stay here.” An elder muttered. The great formation did not require all of them to be there to be activated. To prevent even more mishaps, it was still better to evacuate some of their people.

“You can’t escape! The one that runs is the one that I will chase after and kill!” The devilish brat shouted savagely.

The battle unfolded, and the little guy used all of his strength to attack. He charged into the pure land and withstood the attacks from the great formation’s endless symbols.

No one knew just how many precious bones were buried inside of here. At this moment, they displayed their might, and the divine formation in the center surged with a bit of primal qi. It was extremely terrifying.

The little guys continuously shouted out. A single mishap would result in him losing a chunk of flesh. It made him grind his teeth in pain and quickly back up.


The broken sword displayed its might. His nine heavenly passages opened, and the little guy seemed to have ignited into flames. He charged into the pure land and resisted the symbols.

Finally, a miserable shriek rang out. He broke through several layers of the formation, unleashing a slaughter. In merely a split second, seven to eight bloody heads flew off. They streaked across the sky without even being able to close their eyes.

At this time, the devilish child was like an evil god. His actions were ruthless as he massacred through all of his enemies. When he thought back to his dead senior brothers and sisters, his wave of grief swept through his heart.


The little guy raised his sword and hacked apart another formation. He rushed in murderously and immediately killed another twenty or so people. Blood immediately soared high into the air.

“Hateful! After destroying my pure land, you better not let me find out where your clan is located. Otherwise, I will completely exterminate it without leaving a single person alive!”

An elder bellowed under his breath, his heart absolutely furious. When had the Rain Clan ever received this type of torment? It was obvious that after today, they were going to be at the forefront of discussion. This type of defeat was simply too humiliating. At that time, they won’t even be able to lift their heads.

The little guy did not show any mercy and killed the entire way. The terrifying Kun Peng wings flapped and golden light surged. With a hong sound, more than ten people in front of him were directly blasted to pieces without even leaving behind a skeleton.

As he swept forward, he saw an elder of high status. He used all his strength to rush forward, and the Suan Ni precious technique was activated. Countless streaks of lightning descended, collapsing a mountain peak. Buildings were destroyed, and ten people turned into processed coke.

That elder was the only one remaining, and after being struck by the electricity, he began to convulse in a spasm. His entire body was charred black, and he had difficulty budging an inch. A cold glint flashed by the little guy’s pupils, and with a raise of his hand, a scarlet demonic needle flew out. With a pu sound, it landed right between the elder’s eyebrows.


A mournful scream rang out, and the elder immediately dissolved, disappearing from this world.

“Soul Shattering Needles!” The outstanding heroes all cried out in alarm.

The Rain Clansmen’s hearts were torn apart. They roared out, but it didn’t change anything. Such a high level elder died, and the real body became a corpse as well.

The little guy’s expression was blank as he rushed forward murderously. After the Heaven Mending Pavilion was destroyed, the faces of his senior brothers and sisters still appeared in front of him. It made his heart completely ruthless and his eyes cold.


He broke through eleven great formations in succession and killed a huge group of people. The dead were piled up in heaps behind him as the devilish child went berserk.

“You are too unbridled! One day, you will be kill by my clan!” Everyone from the Rain Clan hollered.


The little guy roared, and a Kun Peng spread its wings before swooping forward. This time, seventy to eighty people were blasted and crushed apart by the powerful precious technique.

“This child was is too heaven defying. To restore the Kun Peng’s precious technique to this degree, it’s truly rarely seen! In the future, it just might be possible for him to comprehend all the mysteries of this unrivalled ability!”

Someone within the outstanding heroes muttered.

Tuoba Clan, the descendants that rushed over from the Western Tomb Beast Mountain and the others’ expressions all changed when they saw this scene. The Rain Clan encountered a calamity, and it was as if this was an ominous foretelling. Were they going to end up in a similar situation?


Everyone from the Rain Clan went crazy as well. They began to fight with their lives on the line.

Right at this moment, an elder’s gaze became fierce, and a sneer appeared at the corners of his lips. “Do you think you can beat me in ferocity?”

With a hong sound, the entire pure land suddenly exploded. Near the center, a formation was shattered, exploding and causing divine light to rush into the heavens. The little guy was not the only one that received heavy injuries; many of the Rain Clan’s people were directly blown to pieces. They turned into a bloody mist without even having to time to make a sound.

“So fierce!”

The outstanding heroes’ hearts shook, and all of them trembled. The Rain Clan had at least a hundred people that fell. After suffering such a sudden attack and being directly blown up, even their real bodies’ vitality will suffer greatly.

“Did he die yet? If not, then use the Soul Suppressing Pagoda to make his real body die together with his void body!” That elder roared fiercely.

They also brought over a magical artifact that could destroy one’s soul and making the real body fall as well.

The little guy did indeed receive an extremely serious injury. His body almost split apart, and bloody scars covered his body, spread out like a web. He was so powerful, and his physical body reached such an extreme level, yet he was still injured like this. It could be seen just how terrifying the explosion of that formation was.

His grimaced in pain. Thinking back, he was too careless just now. He thought that after destroying the deity’s will, the Rain Clan’s pure land was already practically defeated. As a result, he was almost killed.

Currently, his injuries were too severe, and his body was in tatters, on the verge of breaking apart.

“This works out just fine! If you didn’t die yet, then it’s perfect for the Soul Suppressing Pagoda to refine you, making your real body die!”

In the distance, the outstanding individuals were all stupefied. They did not think that the battle tides would suddenly turn. They originally thought that the Rain clan’s pure land was on the verge of being annihilated and did not think that the devilish child would suffer an attack that would injure him greatly. It was possible that he might die.

“I was careless. However, it’s impossible for you guys to kill me!” The little guy was fearless, and essence energy ignited all about his body to restore his injured body. All of his hidden capabilities erupted out.

“Yi, that’s…”

“Heavens, what happened? Is it a miracle?”

The spectators were all stunned. There were many cracks in the devilish brat’s body, and it seemed like he was going to break apart, but suddenly there was still a boundless living essence energy that bloomed.

An indistinct volcano appeared, as if it was linked directly to the great universe. With a rumbling sound, it fell from the sky and suppressed downwards.

Even the little guy was stunned. A strange change was happening to his body, as if it was being transformed, was this… the tenth heavenly passage?!

“I broke through myself, and didn’t need the baptism’s aid!” The little guy’s eyes contained an unswerving determination as he clenched his fist.

“Is this something from a legend? There was actually someone that opened a tenth heavenly passage!”

People cried out in surprise. This was like a fairytale.

“Hurry and stop him! He absolutely must not be allowed to establish it!” An elder from the Rain Clan roared in fury.

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