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Chapter 212 – Disrespecting a Deity

“What stupid deity? If you are so powerful, then break through the rules and order of this place to kill me! I’m going to cut, eat, and eat! Eat everything!”

The devilish brat did not feel any fear towards deities, so reverence was even more out of the question. He shouted savagely, his young and tender face carrying a bit of provocation. It was just like when he challenged big yellow in the village when he was younger.

He was clearly fighting with his life on the line, yet it almost seemed as if there were some immature stubbornness in his expression. It truly made people not know whether to laugh or cry.

The broken sword in his hand was like a blazing sun as it shone with matchless brilliance. Sword qi gushed out streak after streak, and these fluctuations alone could shave off mountain peaks.

In the sky, the thick sword streaks of radiance numbered in the hundreds, and they all struck down on the symbol parchment. The Rain of Light there poured down in torrents, creating an ear-splitting sound, as if great stars were being smashed open.


The earthen-colored symbol parchment emitted light, blossoming like fireworks. The character ‘attack’ became increasingly intimidating, releasing an unwavering aura as it shook incessantly.

The rain of light became even more magnificent, and a golden waterfall cascaded down from within the parchment’s symbol. It carried within it the will of the Rain Deity, and was not something one could defy since it held within it the laws of a deity.

Unfortunately, it was still suppressed down to the Heavenly Passage Realm, and so it couldn’t surpass that.


However, even though things were as such, it was still terrifying. The golden rain of light was as sharp as blades, and with weng long sounds, it shook even the heavens. The golden light was concentrated as it struck down on the broken sword with dang dang sounds.


Even though the little guy’s defenses were extremely powerful, he was still not able to completely avoid this. His calf was pierced through by a drop of light, immediately causing a string of blood to blossom.

“Stupid paper. You’re about to shatter already, yet you still dare to hurt me.” The devilish brat was angry. The nine volcanoes around his body rumbled, and the magma began to flow like a large river, continuously entering his body.

“Rotten paper, hurry up and break!” The little guy shouted, and the ancient black sword began to flowed with strand after strand of multicolored light. It was as if a black phoenix had awakened. Its aura became even more frightening as countless streaks of sword radiance sliced towards the sky.


The symbol parchment was shaken until it was displaced. After seeing how it was shaken back and forth, one could see just how fierce those attacks were. Even the decree of a divine being couldn’t endure it and seemed like an ordinary boulder.

The little guy pursed his small lips. His expression became increasingly serious as he continuously hacked down. His arms left behind afterimages in the air, because his movements were too fast.

The broken sword violently shook. It had already been brandished countless times, and at this point, the black sword and his arm were resonating together. Weng weng sounds fell incessantly, turning this area into a sea of swords.

The sound and images of the broken sword meshed together. The multicolored light released by the symbols directly turned into an immortal ocean of sword qi that engulfed the skies.


The divine decree violently shook. Its brilliance quickly dimmed, and was sent flying.

The broken sword in the little guy’s hands did not stop. It continuously slashed about, and within the sword ocean, several streaks of extremely powerful sword qi rushed forth. They were astonishingly thick, and as they smashed over, they seemed to have possessed the force of a mountain.

The divine decree continuously turned about as it flew out several zhang after being struck. In addition, its luster became increasingly dim, and the divine flames curling about it seemed to be on the verge of being extinguished.

Everyone became overwhelmed with shock. Just how terrifying was this sword qi? It could actually collide against the symbol parchment of a deity! It was powerful to an unbelievable degree.

The Rain Clansmen were even more alarmed. This was too savage! It was merely a single child, yet he actually withstood the Rain Deity’s decree. After all this time, he didn’t fall, and was actually starting his counterattack now.

“Worship the Rain Deity!” Within the pure land, a group of elders sat down. Upon seeing this scene, the youngsters behind them followed suit. They began to mumble, chanting out an ancient incantation.

An wave of mysterious fluctuations proliferated, spreading out like a tide.

The Rain Clan’s decree seemed to have recovered, immediately becoming more powerful than before. It was as if it woke up from its slumber, and with a rumbling sound, it turned into a golden sun.


At the same time, lightning flickered, and golden rain erupted with the brilliance of a sun before cascading down. This was the profound mysteriousness of the Rain Deity produced in a fury after its essence energy recovered.

 Deities shouldn’t be provoked, and one couldn’t speak profanity against them. If they found out and felt that their prestige was offended, they would immediately erupt into fury!

“Rotten paper, how come you became stronger again?” The little guy grimaced as two more bloody holes appeared on his body. His body was so powerful, yet it couldn’t defend against the divine rain’s attacks.

He fiercely fought back, but was still struck down from the skies, completely submerged within the rain of light.

The devilish brat displayed his precious technique, causing a black body of water to overflow into the heavens. It stopped the sun-like golden rain and resisted the deity’s profound mystery, enduring a tremendous pressure.

In the end, he once again fell down to the ground.

The devilish brat was unconvinced and did not yield because he knew that as soon as he retreated and tried to flee, he would immediately be killed.

He definitely could not retreat now, and had to fight to the end. If he ran, his speed would definitely not be faster than that mystical parchment. It possessed the mark of a deity, giving it power at the absolute limit of this heavenly paradise.

Golden rain poured down, carrying with it waves of thunder-like sounds. An endless torrent was descending.

“I’ll cut, I’ll cut, I’ll cut with everything I have!” The devilish brat shouted. With a step of his feet, he once again rose high into the air. The Kun Peng wings behind him moved, carrying him forward.

The little guy was without fear as he continuously brandished the sword. The nine heavenly passages around his body shone, gradually fusing with his flesh. The broken sword erupted, creating ocean sized waves.

Meanwhile, he activated a precious technique. The Kun Peng and the sword fused together into one body and rushed murderously into the skies.

True Kun Pengs’ bodies were not completely gold. There were also black symbols, and when they soared into the skies, the spreading of their wings would cover the heavens.

Comparably, human bodies were just too weak and weren’t even comparable to dust. It directly devoured that golden sun-like divine decree; the scene was absolutely shocking.

The symbol paper transformed, becoming bigger. It released an undying radiance that illuminated the heavens, its aura flourishing even more magnificently.

The Kun Peng was without fear. After fusing with the sword qi and merging together, it possessed a type of invincible and imposing manner as it oppressed the heaven and earth.


A majestic aura burst forth. The Kun Peng swooped over with symbols numbering in the tens of thousands. The golden parchment was struck and sent flying. It continuously flickered, as if it was about to be blown apart.

The Kun Peng pursued, wanting to swallow it in one gulp. Its enormous body covered the skies, making all of the spectators dumbstruck; this was simply too shocking.

“This isn’t a great Peng, but rather the Kun Peng! Truly frightening! He actually revealed this type of precious technique!”

With a hong sound, the little guy dropped down to the ground before once again charging over. He merged together with that Kun Peng, positioning himself at the center. The broken sword flourished with an even greater light as it transformed into a beak that fiercely rushed forward.

The result was a collision on a world-shaking scale. The rain of light scattered down, and the divine radiance shone in all directions. What happened inside was not visible, because the dazzling light made it so that no one could look straight at it, forcing them to close their eyes.

Only much later did this light completely disappear and the skies once again become peaceful. The little guy cried out miserably as he fell down. His body was covered in blood; this time, he received a serious injury.

What about the Rain Deity’s decree? Everyone was confused, because they couldn’t see the earthen colored parchment after the rain of light vanished.

At this moment, everyone from the Rain Clan couldn’t sit still any longer and was about to go mad. That was a symbol parchment with the will of a deity contained within! How could it vanish just like that?

“Rotten paper!” After the little guy fell onto the ground, he began to curse in a sulky manner. His body was covered in bloodstains. Taking out a jar of precious blood, he quickly unplugged the cork and began to drink it like water.


Suddenly, a golden symbol parchment flew over from the horizon with an intimidating aura. The earthen yellow became truly golden. It flourished brilliantly and possessed an astonishing divine might.

A crack appeared on it. It was clear that the symbol parchment received serious damage from the great collision just now and was not a match for the Kun Peng and broken sword.

However, the will of the deity was unsurpassable. Currently, it was furious, and even though its spirit was fractured, it was still a deity. Being hacked apart apart and sent flying by a mortal was definitely not something its will could tolerate.

“Still didn’t break?” The little guy was a bit apprehensive. The injuries on his body weren’t light, and could be considered rather serious.

The golden-colored symbol paper emitted light. The ‘attack’ symbol on it rang out with qiang qiang sounds and released an undying aura. In addition, its killing intent overflowed into the heavens.

The rumbling sounds were shocking. It was as if a golden vast body of water surged from above the symbol parchment. This was not a rain anymore but instead a divine ocean that directly cascaded.

The little guy curse and began to flee frantically. Behind him, the divine wings shook, rapidly increasing his speed to help him evade.

However, the vast golden body of water were too ferocious and violent. It reached everywhere, hiding the sky and covering the earth as it arrived. He was directly buried, unable to avoid this.

“Get off me!”

The Kun Peng precious technique rushed forth and a black ocean appeared. No one knew how many li it covered as it surged up violently to withstand the vast golden body of water. Meanwhile, that black great fish also soared up, devouring the divine light..


The symbol parchment shone in the sky. Every single stroke of the character shook, as if they were precious artifacts. They unexpectedly flew out like strokes of iron and silver with an upright and strong force.

The little guy’s expression changed. He took out the broken sword and sent it flying towards the sky to block the ‘attack’ character. The two came together into a huge collision.

Within the rumbling sounds of confrontation, the two continued to shake violently as they exchanged attacks. The divine sounds that erupted sounded like the chants of deities, frightening the spectators.

The golden rain poured down in torrents. In addition, lightning and thunder appeared, erupting from the attack symbol. The lightning flowed like streaks of astral rivers as they hacked towards the little guy.

Thunder and rain interweaved. As a Rain Deity, how could it not know about lightning? They were interdependent, making it even more powerful. At this time, the divine decree completely erupted.

The little guy grimaced, revealing an expression that was even uglier than crying. Today, he truly suffered, receiving heavy injuries. After such a long time, he still wasn’t able to get rid of the symbol parchment.

If people other people knew what he was thinking, they would definitely become stupefied. This was a showdown with the mark of a deity, so being able to last until now was already a world shocking event. However, he was still acting like this, so could it be that he was going to destroy the decree? That was the same thing as directly blaspheming a divine creature!

In the sky, the ‘attack’ symbol shone, and every stroke seemed like a streak of lightning. It rumbled continuously and shown brilliantly in all directions. The little guy that was struck was about to emit black smoke.

The broken sword blocked withstood it, creating kengqiang sounds as it continuously shook.

“Hurry and wake up. Don’t let that stupid paper have it’s way!” The little guy shouted.

He felt as if the broken sword did not fully activate, as if it was still testing him. He still had to depend on himself, making the devilish brat furious. He almost stepped on the broken sword out of anger.

The battle was incredibly fierce. The symbol parchment shone and surged with a vast golden body of water that met the black waters behind the little guy’s body head on. The huge black fish turned about, creating a heaven shocking wave.

Meanwhile, the ‘attack’ symbol from the symbol parchment seemed like a precious artifact, hacking out with lightning. Killing energy descended with a ferocious force to suppress the devilish child.

It seemed as if there was no way out. The little guy was forced into desperate straits. He had no one to rely on, and no route of escape. He could only depend on himself to fight to the end and persevere on.


The purple Suan Ni erupted. It was as tall as a mountain, towering into the heavens. It wanted to swallow the lightning that was descending, and one of its claws slashed out to shatter the ‘attack’ character.


The two individuals clashed. They were both lightning in nature, causing an incomparably fierce collision. Endless lightning radiance were emitted, throwing this place into chaos.

The battle reached its climax, and the Rain Clan was uneasy. This devilish brat was too powerful, actually being able to defend against a piece of the damaged decree. It far surpassed their expectations.

They were inwardly anxious, fearing that something bad was going to happen. All of their faces were pale as they watched the battle nervously. They were hoping that the Rain Deity’s will would immediately kill the devilish child.    

The little guy received serious injurious, and his body was about to break apart. There were over twenty bloody holes, dying his clothes in a bright red; he truly looked rather miserable.

He had never been in such a desperate state while fighting people. He was about to be killed, because the will accumulated within the divine decree was too powerful. It forced him to be on the defensive.

“If I had ten heavenly passages, I would directly eat you!”

He continued to persevere and did not give up. In addition, he began to gradually feel that the symbol parchment’s luster was starting to dim. It was not as rich and powerful as before.

“Stand firm! It’s on the verge of falling as well, so I have to press on!” The devilish brat clenched his teeth. If he was defeated now, then he would truly die without a grave.

“Yi, that symbol degree has become dim!” Right at that moment, the others also began to notice this abnormality.

Everyone from the Rain Clan felt their faces becoming absolutely pale without the slightest bit of color. They were all frightened; how could things have ended like this? Could it be that the Rain Deity’s decree couldn’t suppress him?

Finally, the symbol parchment shone and once again became brilliant. It turned into a huge star as it rushed towards the devilish brat with the intention of killing him.

“Not good! The symbol parchment is burning up it last bit energy, its strength inevitably becoming stronger. He’s going to be killed!” Huo Ling’er was shocked and felt that things were turning bad.

“The deity is using his final ultimate move!” The others also sighed, because they felt that it was truly difficult for him to escape this disaster.

The little guy roared. A Kun Peng and a Suan Ni appeared outside his body and began to spin with extreme speed to defend against that symbol parchment. At the same time, the broken sword also flew out to fiercely collide with that decree.

Finally the broken sword seemed to have awakened . It hacked that symbol parchment in half.

However, that symbol character seemed unaffected. It still similarly descended towards the little guy’s chest. The two halves of the symbol parchment continued to shoot down to kill the little guy.

“Rotten paper, I’m not scared of you!” The devilish child shouted.


The symbol character unleashed its final light, submerging this area. No one could see what was going on clearly and only felt a boundless force spreading out.

Even though he couldn’t protect his life, the little guy still struggled on. Flinging his head, the sparkling small pagoda in his hair collided with that ‘attack’ character. A ding sound immediately lightly rang out, obstructing it.

Unfortunately, the small pagoda had not yet recovered. The two merely knocked into each other.

Even though that was all that happened, it was still terrifying. It made the ‘attack’ character lose quite a bit of brilliance, moreover, allowing him to once again grab the broken sword at this time. After swinging with all his strength, an ear-splitting kengqiang sound sounded, making the ‘attack’ symbol dim once again by quite a bit.

The little guy cried out loudly. He truly went for broke this time without any fear as he once again brandished the broken sword.

Suddenly, he felt his chest burning extremely vigorously. He felt a wave of boiling heat, and a terrifying aura filled the air. Strand after strand of multicolored light were released, seizing that attack character.

It was as if a black hole opened up there that frantically devoured. The little guy couldn’t help but shout loudly, because he felt a great itchiness at that area. Supreme essence blood was strengthening, giving birth to an inexhaustible life force.

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