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Chapter 1419 - Lightning Spirit

Wang Family’s experts opposed Shi Hao, they couldn’t tolerate him rising up!

Wang Family’s five dragons were banished to Imperial Pass precisely because of Shi Hao. This was a great grudge, if nothing unexpected happened, they couldn’t leave and would end up dying here.

That was why Wang Family’s people in Imperial Pass hated Shi Hao, the hatred they felt even stronger than that of those in the Nine Heavens.

After Shi Hao crossed tribulation, the first thing Wang Xi’s grandfather did was contact the important people from Imperial Pass, even the five dragons who lived from the archaic times learned of this!

Wang Xi’s grandfather swung his sleeve, examining it closely. That was a stone case, within it a few small characters that left him inwardly shaken, incredibly shocked.

This a sacred object bestowed by Wang Da, an unimaginable item, within it was a creature.

“Heavens, there really is this type of thing in the world, having this type of creature?” Wang Xi’s grandfather trembled, feeling a wave of fear. Immediately afterwards, he became overjoyed.

Regardless, this thing would be used to kill Shi Hao, so he didn’t have to worry about his own safety. Moreover, if it was cultivated properly and used well, it would become something Wang Family could rely on, becoming an unmatched servant.

Only, it was hard for him to not be moved. His fingers were even trembling, because this thing was too rare, rarely seen.

“Dao brother, what happened to you?” Jin Zhan asked. It was because he saw that the other party’s hand was trembling slightly, his sleeves moving.

“Cough, it’s nothing, just that Huang might be crippled, so I feel inwardly happy.” Wang Xi’s grandfather didn’t hide this type of joy, a smile appearing on his face.

It was because what he held in his hands could disturb heavenly tribulation, the effects tremendous, able to interfere with Shi Hao’s dao!

This heavenly tribulation still hadn’t finished. Even though it was close to its completion, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths still haven’t disappeared. If this thing was released, there would likely be heaven shocking changes!

Wang Xi’s grandfather smiled, feeling extremely happy, all of the wrinkles on his face even unfolding.

Lightning Spirit, this was something from legends, almost never seen before. He never thought that it actually existed.

However, the stone case Wang Xi’s grandfather had just obtained had a small word written on it, within it precisely a Lightning Spirit!

It was rumored that it was born in lightning tribulation, origins terrifyingly shocking, able to devour lightning radiance, to the extent where it could even swallow up heavenly tribulation. That was why no one believed there was this type of thing.

It was the so-called when things reach an extreme, they can only move in the opposite direction. Once a living creature was developed, it would definitely become formidable, naturally not fearing lightning, to the extent where it could even use it as food.

From past until now, forget about ordinary creatures not believing that this type of creatures existed, even true supreme beings wouldn’t believe it, because this didn’t make sense.

What was heavenly tribulation? It was the might of the heavens, the amount of time it existed short. How could a type of creature be produced within that small amount of time?

That didn’t match normal reasoning!

However, Wang Xi’s grandfather now obtained one. He believed that Wang Da wouldn’t speak without thinking, there was no way there could be a mistake. How could an ancestor of that level go back on his words?

This was Wang Family’s first dragon!

Wang Xi’s grandfather recalled a legend, something related to Wang Da.

In the past, Wang Da journeyed throughout the world, previously entering a sealed secret world, a cave from the last great era. He almost died there, Immortal Wang ultimately startled, saving him only after using the immortal war halberd.

It was rumored that that place had electrical light, endless lightning. Could it be that this Lighting Spirit was brought precisely out of that place?

According to a few things recorded in bone books, this type of existence had to be born in lightning, because that was its food. Otherwise, it would die.

“Heh heh, we are just waiting for you to head on to the next life now!” Wang Xi’s grandfather’s eyes were extremely vicious as they stared forward.

In the Nine Heavens above, Shi Hao sat with his legs crossed, entire body surging with radiance. He was drinking the Lightning Tribulation Liquid that fell, obtaining tremendous benefits.

One could see that he was shedding his old skin, new skin like fine jade. Moreover, even his hair came off, the newly grown hair black and shining.

His entire being was covered in a faint layer of radiance, as if he was bathed in a divine ring!

Right now, the lightning radiance couldn’t harm him, as if he had an undying golden body!

Shi Hao stared at the lightning tribulation pool in the sky. It was indistinct and also extremely far. He was plotting inwardly, waiting for a good time to rush up and fully seize it.

Suddenly, he felt as if this heavenly tribulation was a bit strange, as if it still wasn’t finished, yet the lightning pool poured down liquid on its own, bringing him natural luck. Something wasn’t quite right.

“En, there is a heaven beyond the heavens, turns out this isn’t just a proverb, but true!” Suddenly, Shi Hao narrowed his eyes, realizing something inside.

He finally noticed that in the nine heavens above, outside the lightning radiance, between the clouds, there was a heaven that was extremely indistinct, he couldn’t see through it even when he opened his Heavenly Eyes.

However, there were no dangers over there already, no need to fight intensely.

“Two lightning pools, it really is the first time I’ve seen such a thing!” Shi Hao said to himself. Then, he suddenly realized something, immediately understanding what was going on.

He saw that there was a small lightning pool above the Tenth Heaven, less than a square foot in size, within it primal chaos and immortal energy. It covered everything inside.

The nine heavens’ lightning pool corresponded to this, beneath it, it could only be considered a secondary pool.

“The ninth layer of heaven’s things are definitely not as good as the tenth layer. It wanted to deceive me, make me leave, keep dreaming!” Shi Hao snickered.

If he didn’t think about it carefully, detecting that there was a Tenth Heaven, he would have definitely been satisfied and left after looting the secondary pool.

“I understand, the Ninth Heaven’s Lightning Tribulation Liquid was diluted, it should have trickled down from the Tenth Heaven!” Shi Hao looked at their whereabouts, one perfectly beneath the other, so he made this speculation.

The lightning tribulation still didn’t end, so the lightning pool wouldn’t disappear. Shi Hao didn’t feel worried in the slightest. He wanted to seize both of these pools!


He rose up, rushing into the sky, immediately appearing before the secondary pool. This triggered cries of alarm, everyone shocked.

It was because Shi Hao directly sat down, using this type of precious liquid to wash his body, not drinking and enjoying it like before.

Since he knew that there was still even better Lightning Tribulation Liquid, he naturally wasn’t stingy with this, using it to cleanse his body.

Sure enough, this pool didn’t reject him, proving that there was still an ultimate natural luck.

At this moment, Shi Hao was faced with a choice. The most dangerous part of the lightning tribulation had passed, because now it was time for the benefits. Should he go a step further or consolidate everything first?

After crossing this tribulation, he could already choose to break through and enter the Self Severing Realm!

At this age, this cultivation realm, if news got out, it would definitely shock even the dead, truly shaking past and present, unprecedented!

No one his age had entered the Self Severing Realm, already reaching the peak of martial dao at twenty something years of age. This was just too rarely seen, at the very least, in this great era, no one younger than him had accomplished it.

Even Shi Hao himself felt like he was breaking through too fast!

For the sake of entering the Void Dao Realm, he used his body as the seed, cultivating in seclusion for three years, only a year has passed since then. Now, he was going to break through again, this really left others speechless!

During this past year, he fought, but not too much, he hadn’t sharpened himself enough yet. It was because he spent the last year in seclusion as well as in order to come to Emperor City. Like many other youngsters, they were all grouped together by a few eccentrics, lecturing in the pure land, speaking about Desolate Border’s secrets and other things.

“This is too fast!” Shi Hao said to himself. If he wanted to, he could take the step right now, immediately becoming a Self Severing Realm great cultivator.

When he carefully thought about it, he was more willing to settle down a bit. It was because he had only cultivated the immortal dao scripture for one year, always adjusting his body, making the three strands of immortal energy truly take root in his body. If he hurriedly broke through now, it seemed a bit unstable.

“I’ll wait and see if someone forces me. If the battle environment isn’t too nasty, I would rather solidify my dao foundation first. Either way, I can easily break through!” Shi Hao came to this decision.

He was inside the lightning pool, operating the immortal dao scriptures, using the natural luck here to refine himself, nourish the three strands of immortal energy within his body.

At this time, he scattered the three great dao flowers again. Meanwhile, that mysterious creature also went dormant inside of his body again, taking residence in the Sea of Reincarnation.

After the immortal energy scattered, it distributed itself into every inch of Shi Hao’s body, his bone marrow, and inner organs, mixing with his body, nourishing each other.


When the immortal dao scriptures operated, his body was like a bottomless pit, absorbing the Lightning Tribulation Liquid, nourishing the immortal energy, strengthening himself, entering a type of extremely balanced state.

Suddenly, his Sea of Reincarnation shone, also moving. The wheel of fate within the Sea of Reincarnation devoured the Lightning Tribulation Liquid, because that represented new life, the two close to each other.

Moreover, right at this time, the Sea of Reincarnation’s ‘sea’ also underwent a change, actually devouring lightning radiance, absorbing the destructive power.

This type of change was too shocking. The massive lightning and other things actually became nourishment for him. Shi Hao’s body trembled, he finally understood how extraordinary this path of his was.

Only his own path was the most powerful!

He grasped quite a few cultivation methods, having an Immortal Ancient precious scripture, present world method bone texts, and others, the number of world shocking divine abilities not few either, but they were still established by others.

There was always a type of saying, that only what belonged to oneself was the strongest!

He established his own path, now obtaining the realest verification. This was a great dao path that belonged to him alone, able to bring him to the very peak.

At this moment, the Sea of Reincarnation devoured lightning radiance and Lightning Tribulation Liquid, evolving in Shi Hao’s abdomen. A grand scripture-like sound was released!

Shi Hao’s entire body was resonating, immortal energy surging through his flesh and bone marrow. It was because a type of gentle radiance was currently being released from the Sea of Reincarnation’s two polar extremes of life and death, released by the Sea of Reincarnation to nourish the body after it completed the absorption.

Immortal energy was taking root, growing within his bone marrow and inner organs. This type of feeling was extremely real, he could clearly feel everything right now!

One could see just how fast this was, or else how could it be like this?

Shi Hao was filled with joy, this was a type of tremendous gain. His figure was steady as he sat there, devouring lightning tribulation, absorbing the precious liquid in the pool, strengthening himself!

Lightning radiance was drawn over, making heavenly tribulation continuously crash down. However, they couldn’t injure him, instead helping him evolve!

Shi Hao closed his eyes, immersing himself within, not moving, as if he entered a deep state of dao comprehension.

In the distance, Wang Xi’s grandfather was stupefied, and then he was shocked and furious. Even outsiders could sense this type of transformation, clearly feeling that he was becoming stronger, obtaining tremendous benefits!

“This is the time! While you are in seclusion, mind roaming the great emptiness, your life will be taken!” He gnashed his teeth in anger.


A light noise sounded. He opened up the stone case, releasing three creatures.

In that instant, the void here distorted, and then it returned to normal again,

There were three Lightning Spirits, all of them the length of chopsticks, looking like snakes, bodies flowing with electrical radiance. One was silvery-white, one golden, one dark red. While no one noticed anything, they tore through the void, entering the lightning.

Then, they headed directly towards Shi Hao!

The dark red one was the most savage. When it saw the lightning pool in the lightning, its eyes flourished with radiance, turning into a blood-colored streak of lightning, heading in that direction.

It wanted to kill Shi Hao, seize his natural luck, being the first one to move aggressively.


However, just as it approached, an expanse of lightning hacked down, all of it blasting its body, sparks flying in all directions.

Shi Hao suddenly opened his eyes, staring in that direction. He was already on guard, only, he was still doubtful. There were creatures in heavenly tribulation that could stealthily move forward and interfere?

Now, he saw a blood-colored reptile, leaving him extremely shocked!

“You want to harm me? This matter is not finished!” Shi Hao was angry. This was too vicious, at the crucial moment, someone wanted to destroy his dao fruit, cripple him, there was nothing more hateful than this.

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