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Chapter 1402 - It Is Huang

Shi Hao and Cao Yusheng walked forward, entering Jadefall Lake along a river, stepping on a small boat. Ripples spread outwards.

In the lake’s surroundings, there were many spiritual mountains. It was magnificent and beautiful, white mist swirling about them. Iris and orchids grew, full of spirituality, as if an ancient immortal mountain was located here.

There were some others who also entered Jadefall Lake, because it was almost time.

During this period of time, a few war chariots and divine beasts appeared one after another, bringing young geniuses here. More and more people came for this great gathering of young kings from different clans.

“Wu, there is heaven shocking news, there really might be people from the restricted region here! I seem to have seen people enter Imperial Pass, I wonder if they came after receiving the invitation.”

Someone passed along this piece of information, triggering a huge commotion. Everyone became shocked.

There really were creatures who left the restricted region, arriving in Imperial Pass? Just how earth-shattering was this? From the past until now, not many people had seen them before, no one knowing what they were really like.

In that instant, this became the focal point of the discussions.

Many people were excited. If even creatures from the Nine Heavens’ restricted region came, then that really would be an unprecedented distinguished meeting.


Right at this time, waves of light surged from Jadefall Lake, rushing into the heavens. A sparkling green island emerged, surrounded by a curtain of light, preventing water from entering the island even when it was at the bottom of the lake.

There was an island in Jadefall Lake, now appearing!

For cultivators, islands floating in the sky or hidden beneath water weren’t all that shocking. However, this island was a bit strange, suspected to be the remains of a True Immortal, an immortal previously residing here.

It was because now, they already couldn’t find any cave dwellings, only some debris and verdant plant life remaining. However, it was still extremely captivating.

It was because strand after strand of immortal energy was released precisely from this island. It was rumored that even a piece of normal metal, when fiddled with by a True Immortal, could also be turned into treasure.

That was why because a True Immortal resided here, even if there wasn’t anything left behind, there would still be an immortal aura pervading this place!

It was now time, the gathering of geniuses began.

Everyone got onto this island one after another. Without a doubt, the Five Spirits War Chariot attracted great attention. There was immediately a large group of people who circled over.

At the same time, Little Sky King, Great Xu Tuo, Tuogu Yulong and others also became the focal point of attention, surrounded by many people.

As for Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes, there was even less of a need to say anything. Beautiful female cultivators were far more popular than men. There was a group of young heroes who converged here, enthusiastically calling out to them.

“There really are a lot of people…” The Heavenly Horned Ant said.

“Huh? It’s you?!” When a cultivator saw the Heavenly Horned Ant, his face immediately became pale.

It was precisely the one who delivered the message, he still remembered how terrifying this little ant’s way of talking was, even calling Immortal Wang a kid. If it really said something that crossed the line here, then it really would be beyond terrible.

“Ah, you came too, unlucky!” Just as he backed up, he saw Cao Yusheng, veins popping on his forehead. He turned around and immediately left, because he had been beaten up by Fatty Cao three days ago.

Jadefall Island was extremely beautiful, the green grass like a cushion, beautiful trees verdant and lush. Divine springs surged, wondrous medicines releasing multicolored light, medicinal fragrance assailing the nostrils, leaving one intoxicated.

“What are you all in a fluster for, you ran into me!” A youngster berated that ‘messenger’.

“I’m sorry, just now…”

“Just now what?”

“People who didn’t receive invitations also came.” The messenger said. When he said this, he gave Fatty Cao a look.

“Who dares? Are you trying to make a disturbance in this distinguished gathering?” The purple-haired young man in charge of maintaining order immediately took large steps towards Cao Yusheng. When he arrived before him, he shouted, “You… leave, immediately!”

Cao Yusheng gave him a look of disdain, saying, “Are you looking for a beating? You dare holler at an esteemed guest? Open your dog eyes and take a look, what is this?” While speaking, he waved the invitation in his hands.

The one who came became suspicious, giving the messenger a look.

“Apologize to this old one. So what if I don’t have an invitation? Can’t you be a bit more polite? Apologize.” Cao Yusheng said.

“He really doesn’t have an invitation, that is someone else’s!” The messenger said from not far away.

“Did you steal someone else’s invitation?” The purple-haired young man who maintained order raised his voice.

In the surroundings, there were immediately quite some people who turned around, because the disturbance here became a bit bigger. Many people were shocked. There was actually someone who dared stir up trouble here?

“I didn’t steal someone else’s, it’s my friend’s.” Cao Yusheng said.

“Doesn’t matter, even if your friend didn’t come, he still can’t hand it to you. If you don’t have an invitation, then you cannot ascend the island.” The purple-haired youth was extremely strict, finding Cao Yusheng unsightly.

“Is that so? However, I saw that after Jin Zhan and Wang Xi arrived, there were others from Jin Family and Wang Family who came. I refuse to believe that one clan will receive two invitations.” Cao Yusheng revealed a cold smile.

After he came, he saw that Jin Zhan’s little uncle Jin Zhifei came, as well as another older cousin of Wang Xi’s who came!

“You…” The purple-haired youth was a bit annoyed, because there were indeed quite a few people who came with a familiar person, moreover not just a few of them.

“Right, that old man, age already great, what young genius? You didn’t chase him away, yet instead came to make noise here.” Cao Yusheng pointed at Jin Zhifei, someone who had fought with Shi Hao not too long ago, the Jin Family expert who had his mount seized. He then said, “Do you not know that I am the number two supreme being of the present world younger generation? The one who will bury me is number one, while I am number two!”

While looking at his chattering appearance, the purple-haired youth laughed coldly and said, “Regardless, you are no good, cannot enter. You don’t have the qualification!”

“Why can they enter?” Cao Yusheng pointed at Wang Family and Jin Family’s people, as well as some other people who didn’t have invitations.

“Can you compare to them? They are the heaven’s pride of long life families, the people they were brought by are enough to be sovereigns under the sky!” The purple-haired youngster ridiculed.

It was clear that the disturbance here was now great. This place became quiet, many people looking over.

“It’s… Fatty Cao!” Someone said quietly. There were cultivators from the Nine Heavens above who recognized him, knowing that he was close to Shi Hao. They felt like now that this fatty was provoked, Huang would definitely make an appearance.

“What qualification is needed?” Right at this time, Shi Hao walked over from the back, looking at the purple-haired young man in front of him.

At this time, a few people recognized him, for example, Great Xu Tuo, Exiled Immortal, protectors’ descendant Dugu Yun, Qi Gu, and others. They were all people who were familiar with him, right now nodding in his direction, sending their greetings.

“Who are you?” The purple-haired youth asked.

The messenger hurriedly rushed up, saying a few sentences quietly into his ear.

The purple-haired youth immediately widened his eyes, sucking in a cold breath of air. This was actually Huang, he was now personally dealing with him!

“There was some misunderstanding. Since Brother Shi came, then you can naturally bring a friend or two.” His revealed an awkward expression.

“Who really is that person?” Someone asked, feeling extremely dissatisfied.

Right at this time, a disturbance swept out. The owner of the Five Spirits War Chariot Qi Hong walked over. From far away, he said with a smile on his face, “Is this Brother Shi? I have been looking forward to meeting you for quite some time. To be able to meet now, it truly is a pleasure, a pleasure!”

Everyone was shocked. The inheritor of an unmatched being, Qi Hong, actually personally greeted this person, so polite to this delicate and handsome youth. It really left everyone shocked.

Not long ago, a group of people were welcoming Qi Hong, surrounding him, but now, he actually went to greet another.

“Turns out you are Huang. We met along the way! Your appearance is so delicate and pretty, but your battle accomplishments are so incredible. In our imaginations, we thought that you would have three heads six arms, leopard head and looped eyes.” Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes walked over, a young lady among them giggling.

Everyone was alarmed. Even the four genius young ladies came over to greet that young man, trying to gain his friendship, being this polite. Who exactly was he?

“Haha, Huang, someone who rose up through a single battle, killing ten foreign kings in Great Scarlet Sky Border, shocking the world under the sky, we finally meet today.” Long life family’s Tuogu Yulong walked over, his head of purple head scattering down, divine might surging as he walked over.

Even he came over, this naturally made everyone’s minds tremble, faces pale.

At the same time, everyone finally knew who the one who came was. Tuogu Yulong spoke his name, it was Huang!

Shi Hao was surprised, not expecting these people to take the initiative to welcome him.

Long life Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes were one thing, after all, there was no conflict of interests, but Qi Hong who owned the Five Spirits War Chariot clearly invited Jin Zhan to ride with him, while Tuoba Yulong’s sister accompanied Wang Xi, quite close to each other, so why did they treat him with such courtesy now?

This place erupted with noise. The cultivators from the Nine Heavens naturally recognized Shi Hao, but many creatures in Imperial Pass had never met him before.

Now, they finally understood, seeing this person for themselves. All of their eyes burned, feeling shock and excitement.

“Heavens, he is that Huang! I came together with him, wasn’t that far away. I never expected to have traveled most of the trip with him!”

“Brother Shi, this one truly feels great admiration for you! In Great Scarlet Sky’s battle, you brought great glory to our side through slaughter, making everyone release a pent-up wave of resentment! I had always heard about you, but never met you, it truly is a fortunate encounter today!”

Large amounts of people surrounded over, so crammed not a drop of water could trickle through. It was extremely noisy. There were even more so some young ladies whose eyes burned with passion, staring at Shi Hao.

Imperial Pass was located at the very front of this realm, constantly facing the threat of the other side. No one understood how terrifying the creatures of that side were than them. Continuously killing ten kings, for them, it was simply a legend!

This place erupted with noise, many cultivators surrounding over.

Of course, not everyone called out so enthusiastically, for example, Jin Zhan sat there, not moving the entire time, or Wang Xi, her white clothes purer than snow, extremely cold, never giving Shi Hao a look.

There were some others, for example, Six Crown King Ning Chuan and others who didn’t say anything.

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