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Chapter 1401 - Powerful Individuals Gather

“This place really is beautiful!”

In the distance, a few young ladies stepped on the endless lotus leaves, walking over from a dark green brook, their dresses all touching the water surface. They were beautiful and refined, as if they were girls from immortal dao families.

Indeed, Jadefall Lake was beautiful and outstanding, blue like gemstones. Even though they were still far away, that type of spirituality could already be felt, sending over waves of pure white immortal energy.

Crystal trees grew here one after another, taking root in the spiritual mountains around the lake, releasing pure and clear light. These trees were extremely special, all of them semi-transparent, the patterns in the trees clearly visible. Moreover, the trees’ color was divided into many different types, from purple that looked like they were made from purple gold, to red-colored ones that were brilliant like cornelian.

“It is indeed extremely beautiful!” Shi Hao stopped, gazing towards this holy land.

“This person is so fat, hehe!” When a few young girls passed by, they all covered their mouths, releasing a few giggles. They gave Cao Yusheng and the others a few looks.

“This is a sign of good fortune, okay?” Fatty Cao disputed.

Soon afterwards, the young ladies went into the distance, moving gracefully. Then entered Jadefall Lake, stepping on the brilliant lake surface, and then flew towards a massive spiritual mountain up ahead. There were pavilions there, silver waterfalls and flowing streams, white mists swirling about, the scenery full of artistic feel.

“It’s Wei Family’s four fairies!”

“It’s them, the legendary Wei Family Four Phoenixes!”

There were quite a few cultivators moving about not too far from Jadefall Lake, their ages not looking that great, all of them under thirty. They were quietly discussing amongst themselves, revealing the four fairies’ identities.

Many people didn’t have the qualifications to enter Jadefall Lake, unable to participate in the genius gathering, but they really wanted to see those legendary figures, which was why they came to the outer regions, paying close attention there.

Wei Family’s four fairies had great reputations. When someone revealed their identities, there was immediately quite the disturbance, many people starting to discuss amongst themselves.

It was because not only did they possess astonishing beauty, their talent was even more so extraordinary, origins extremely great, making others feel admiration.

Wei Family wasn’t a human clan, but rather one of Imperial Pass’ three great long life families, isolated from the outside world. The creatures of the Nine Heavens didn’t know about them at all. This was an extremely mysterious and ancient inheritance.

This family has four phoenixes in this generation, four stunning women known as exceptional geniuses. When these four joined hands they could sweep through all of their peers!

Suddenly, under deafening rumbling sounds, a silver war chariot arrived, its speed too fast. The chariot surged with waves of silver light that burned like flames, an intimidating aura rippling over from within the brilliance.

“Five Spirits War Chariot!” Someone cried out in surprise.

This war chariot was extremely special, its entire body shining, made of silvery-white metal. Even though it was shining, it also carried a mottled ancient aura, marks left behind from battles of the past.

The most unique part was that what pulled the chariot weren’t truly living creatures. They looked like five swallows, silvery-white and shining, spreading their wings into the air, within the gracefulness a type of domineeringness and viciousness.

These creatures carried a cold metallic luster, size not that small. They pulled the chariot, rumbling past, powerful and intimidating.

This was a legendary precious artifact. The Five Spirits War Chariot charged forward boldly, wherever the silver light reached, all enemies would be forced back. It had previously established glorious achievements, belonging to an unmatched being, his preferred means of transportation.

“This is Qi Hong, the carriage now belongs to him, obtaining that unmatched being’s care, this generation’s inheritor!”

There were a few unmatched beings in Imperial Pass, their cultivation deep and immeasurable, always cultivating in seclusion by the ancestral altar, rarely coming out. These were the city’s highest level protectors!

“That unmatched figure bestowed this chariot to him. Qi Hong is extraordinary after all, treated with such importance by someone at that level!”

A few people released sighs of astonishment. It was because the Five Spirits War Chariot’s reputation was too great!

The five silver birds looked like swallows, but they were actually Vermilion Birds. Of course, there were people who saw them as True Phoenixes, just that they didn’t have resplendent feathered arrows, when they were refined, it was their spirits that were focused on, not their outer forms.

The birds were brilliant, but they weren’t scarlet red, instead made from the same material as the chariot, sturdy and imperishable.

Everyone knew how terrifying the Five Spirits War Chariot was. It had previously rushed into the enemy outside the pass, slaughtered enemies, weaved unstoppably through the foreign great army, slaughtering them until their corpses piled up like mountains, blood flowed like rivers. The enemy would immediately become terror-stricken when it was mentioned, this war chariot was unstoppable!

It could be said that this chariot embodied the glory of an unmatched being, one of Imperial Pass’s most important precious artifacts, making everyone’s eyes red.

It was because it was rumored that all enemies could be crushed just by relying on this war chariot alone, to the extent where the owner didn’t even have to do anything himself. The Five Spirits War Chariot could flatten armies on its own!

This was a great killing artifact, even more so a carriage that made the eyes of all cultivators in Imperial Pass turn red!

Qi Hong, even though he wasn’t a true disciple of the master of the Five Spirits War Chariot, he still obtained his guidance. His cultivation was immeasurable, he had never suffered a defeat.

“Qi Hong, the successor of an unmatched being, he will definitely rise up, no one able to stop his advance.”

Qi Hong also came. This type of young Pride of Heaven came, unmatched to this day, prospects brilliant, no one able to predict how far he could reach.

“There were previously rumors that the Five Spirits War Chariot oppresses the heavens! It is not as simple as an ordinary weapon, just that it had never been truly activated yet. The undying passed it onto Qi Hong, what does this mean?” Someone said quietly.

With the arrival of the Five Spirits War Chariot, Jadefall Lake began to tremble intensely, green light rushing into the heavens, triggering astonishing irregular scenes.

On the surrounding spiritual mountains and precious ships in Jadefall Lake, many people were greatly alarmed. There were even a few who directly moved to welcome the master of the Five Spirits War Chariot.

With a shua sound, silver light spread out, descending from the war chariot, forming a path. It was as if the heavenly dao was rumbling, making the primordial spirits of everyone nearby tremble, as if they were facing an unmatched supreme being.

“The war chariot is too terrifying!” Someone said quietly.

A silver light great path unfolded on the ground. Two creatures walked out from the war chariot, one of them divine and untainted, surrounded by silver flames, as if a heavenly emperor entered this world.

He had an extraordinary appearance, extremely outstanding. A head of golden long hair scattered down, even his pupils like this, brilliant like two golden suns, intimidating to the extreme!

His body was extremely sturdy, a light golden color, as if he had an Imperishable Golden Body!

Golden body, yet it released silver light, just how astonishing of a scene was this? It was rumored that since the ancient times, only the most outstanding individuals, some immortal dao individuals could have this type of appearance.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath. This was Qi Hong, he was even more terrifying than the legends! It was as if an ancient war immortal reincarnated, overlooking everything underneath the skies, looking down on the masses!

There was someone next to him, wrapped within primal chaos, only a blurry outline visible. A pair of eyes shone resplendently like a heavenly sun. When they opened and closed, divine light split the heavens, too terrifying.

“Jin Zhan!” Someone recognized him.

He was the inheritor Jin Taijun attached the most importance to, proficient in present world methods, known as a peerless Pride of Heaven from the Nine Heavens above, divine heroicness unmatched. No one expected Jin Zhan to actually walk out of the Five Spirits War Chariot, one could see how close his relationship to Qi Hong was!

“Please!” The owner of the war chariot Qi Hong said.

“Brother Qi, please go first!” Jin Zhan said.

They entered Jadefall Lake, and then stepped onto a spiritual mountain, many young experts coming out to greet them. They felt incredible admiration for Qi Hong, not many people in Imperial pass who had never heard of this person.

At the same time, Jin Zhan couldn’t be looked down on either. He came from the Nine Heavens, rumored to be walking at the very forefront of present world methods, possibly breaking all sorts of legends in the future, establish an even more expansive great cultivation path.

“Brother Qi, you came. Seeing your golden body, silver radiance, you definitely became even more astonishing, worthy of being the successor of an unmatched being. In the future, you will definitely reach the peak of martial dao, unmatched in this world!” Someone spoke out.

Qi Hong was extremely calm, not revealing any arrogance. He humbly returned politeness, moreover introducing Jin Zhan at his side to those around him.

“The Pride of Heaven of a generation, Jin Zhan, your reputation precedes you. You are a true dragon among men as expected!” Someone praised.

Qi Hong and Jin Zhan, the two of them were surrounded like stars around a moon. Many young cultivators moved together with them.

“What a big display.” Cao Yusheng said.

They didn’t even step into Jadefall Lake, yet already saw such a show of extravagance. The Five Spirits War Chariot carried two powerful individuals into the distinguished meeting, as if true supreme beings were setting out.

The little ant curled his lips. He was extremely dissatisfied with Jin Zhan, because Jin Zhan was designated as Wang Family’s son-in-law. This person stood against Shi Hao, wanting to take action for Wang Family.

To use the Five Spirits War Chariot as transportation, this really was a show of extravagance, leaving the young generation experts shaken.

“Keep your composure. If he doesn’t provoke us, then let’s just be in harmony, come peacefully and leave peacefully.” Shi Hao said, not willing to stir up a disturbance here.

With the foreign army’s pressure and the great danger of breaking through Desolate Border, he didn’t have the mind to bother with any thoughts of competition.

“What about Wang Family’s woman? Why isn’t she together with Jin Zhan?” Fatty Cao looked around. He was naturally talking about Wang Family’s number one pearl, Wang Xi.

“Don’t bother looking anymore, she came.” Shi Hao said.

There were two war chariots that arrived from the distance, releasing exploding noises. Several terrifying barbaric beasts pulled the chariots, their steps making heaven and earth tremble, rumble with noise.

The noises became louder and louder, eventually loud as thunder, leaving one in fear.

“Tuogu Family’s Lightning War Chariot!” Someone said with shock.

Those were two purple-golden war chariots. They arrived one after the next, both of them bathed in lightning. Streak after streak of electrical arcs poured outwards, terrifying to the extreme.

“Tuogu Yulong, Tuogu Family’s True Dragon!” Someone said quietly, staring at the man in the first carriage, feeling great fear, not daring to provoke this person.

Tuogu Family was one of Imperial Pass’ three great long life families, descendants of a true immortal, within them flowing some immortal blood. Their population wasn’t great, but their clan was extremely powerful.

This was especially the case with Tuogu Yulong, known to be this clan’s True Dragon, his strength heaven-defying. He was only twenty something in age, but his cultivation already shocked the past and present at his age.

Tuogu Yulong stood on the first Lightning War Chariot alone, facing the wind, his long purple hair flying about, eyes like lightning, releasing purple light, making everyone’s souls tremble.

This was an exceptional young expert, extremely well-known in Imperial Pass!

Wei Family had four phoenixes, while Tuogu Family had a dragon, forming a contrast.

Behind this Lightning War Chariot was another emperor carriage, on it two women, one of them dressed in bright red clothes that carried electrical light, like a fiery red rose, extremely stunning. This was precisely Tuogu Yulong’s younger sister named Tuogu Luoyan, beauty captivating even the birds and beasts, extremely gorgeous. At her side was Wang Xi, snow-white clothes fluttering about, standing on the Lightning War Chariot, as if she was going to ride the wind and ascend to immortality.

“No wonder she didn’t stand together with Jin Zhan, this is a two-pronged attack!” Cao Yusheng said to himself.

Jin Zhan came with Qi Hong on the Five Spirits War Chariot, while Wang Xi walked with Tuogu Family, were they moving separately, trying to rope in two great inheritors, trying to get other long life families on their ship?

“These people wish to form an alliance, we must be careful!” The Heavenly Horned Ant said.

“It doesn’t matter. If one achieves immortality, then it will  be enough to flatten this world! If there are great changes that take place in the future, what is most important is one’s individual strength, no matter how many sheep there are, it still won’t be enough to face a lion.” Shi Hao said.

Then, they saw Little Sky King seated on an ancient beast, entering Jadefall Lake, receiving the greetings of many people.

Then, Great Xu Tuo, Qi Gu, Lan Xian, and others also arrived, as well as even more people who came. There were quite a few people who they didn’t recognize, all of them young cultivators from Imperial Pass.

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