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Chapter 1400 - Distinguished Meeting of Geniuses

“Descendants of unmatched beings, what kind of people are those?” The Heavenly Horned Ant muttered, not all that concerned.

This was especially the case when it even overlooked the descendants of True Immortals, not even asking about them.

The messenger who came couldn’t keep his composure anymore, reminding, “There are also descendants of True Immortals!”

“Are True Immortal descendants that special? It’s not like I haven’t met them before, what Wang Xi, Jin Zhan, didn’t they all come from long life families? Aren’t they the same as being descendants of True Immortals?” The Heavenly Horned Ant curled his lips.

“Um, you haven’t met those people before, they belong to three long life families in Imperial Pass.” The one who came wiped at his sweat. This was the first time he met this ant who spoke so boldly, not even placing the inheritors of long life families in his eyes.

“Descendants? They aren’t even the children of True Immortals. I’ve even met Immortal Wang, that immortal kid before, so why would I have any interest in those descendants? Remember that a year ago, we even fought with Wang Family. Immortal Wang was something though, stronger than those kids of his!”

When the messenger heard these words, he was immediately speechless, what kind of freak did he end up encountering? Did it really treat long life families with such little importance, even cutting down Immortal Wang’s reputation substantially, calling him an immortal kid, who dared call an old monster who had lived for endless years this?

“Lower your voice, be a bit quieter, or else you would be bringing a great disaster onto yourself!” The messenger advised while wiping at his cold sweat.

“You don’t recognize me?” The Heavenly Horned Ant was stunned.

Shi Hao walked over from the distance. He was left quiet stupefied, the messenger was boasting about True Immortal descendants before the little Heavenly Horned Ant, something was a bit wrong here.

Unless they were the direct children of True Immortals, how could they compare to the status of the golden little ant? This was but the direct child of a Vicious Ten!

Back then, the Vicious Ten’s Heavenly Horned Ant, even though he wasn’t an immortal king, not achieving that dao fruit, his true strength was definitely not weak, close to reaching that level.

“You… are?” The messenger was confused. He looked at the golden little ant on the letter.

This letter was still held in his hands, yet in the end, an ant suddenly jumped up, having this type of tone. He really was a bit at a loss.

The little ant looked at him with disdain, saying, “Kid, you really aren’t sincere, you are purposely mocking and overlooking me, right?”

The messenger wiped at his sweat. Not long ago, this ant even called Immortal Wang an immortal kid, yet now, he was acting old and wise, calling him a kid, he really was going dizzy.

“I just came out of seclusion, I’ve been cultivating this entire time during these past few years…” The messenger said.

Shi Hao walked over. When he heard this, he smiled and said, “This is a Heavenly Horned Ant, Vicious Ten’s son.”

“This… ah, I… I’m going!” The messenger immediately made himself scarce. He actually really wanted to give the legendary Heavenly Horned Ant a look, but when he thought about how even Immortal Wang was called a kid, it was as if a fire was lit under his ass, not daring to chat with it anymore. He was really scared badly, fearing that it might end up saying some type of shocking thing and bring disaster onto him too.

When he ran up to the village entrance, he stopped for a moment, giving the letter to the children in the tribe, and then turned around to run. He really was panicking a bit.

“In three days, Jadefall Lake…” Shi Hao read through the invitation card, quietly saying to himself. He then casually tossed the letter onto a wooden table.

“Hao brat, I went out of the pass. I heard that you went to the great desert and had some fun, your rewards quite abundant. You killed two more King Clan experts?” Cao Yusheng ran over.

There was only a great river separating the tribe he was staying at with Shi Hao’s. He was the friend closest to him.

When he heard this shout, moreover that type of address, Shi Hao’s forehead became covered in dark lines.

“Fatty, what kind of nonsense are you spouting?” Shi Hao glared at him.

Cao Yusheng released a forced laugh, and then said, “Right, just now, who was the one who ran out from Stone Clan? He was saying something about giving some young Pride of Heaven invitation cards. Motherfucker, he actually never heard of my name, even more so not giving me an invitation. I directly gave him a good beating!”

Shi Hao was immediately speechless. When he looked at this fatty, he really didn’t know what to say.

“Brat, you really aren’t kind and honest!” The Heavenly Horned Ant couldn’t even continue watching this. Even though he was upset, he didn’t take action, only speaking and reasoning with that person.


When he understood what was happening, Cao Yusheng was upset, saying, “They overlooked me, disregarding me, what is so special about it anyway? Fuck, I won’t go anyway. En, hold on, I can’t not go. The more they refuse to give me an invitation, the more I want to go.”

“What is there to complain about? I have an invitation, you can have it.” Shi Hao turned around, preparing to continue his cultivation, comprehend his own method and dao.

“This thing has your name on it!” Cao Yusheng reminded.

“Kid, you really do want to go?” The Heavenly Horned Ant looked at him, never seeing a fatty with such thick skin before. He really was examining this invitation card.

“Go, I have to go, I’m going with you all!” Cao Yusheng pulled at Shi Hao.

“I’m not interested!” Shi Hao said.

“Since we’re in Imperial Pass and others are inviting us so enthusiastically, how can we not give them any face? Moreover, we have to join together to fight the enemy anyway, so it’s perfect for getting to know each other, establish a bit of friendship beforehand.” Cao Yusheng pestered and coaxed.


In Imperial Pass, the younger generation all couldn’t calm down, especially the elites of various clans, the most powerful inheritors of clans all waiting.

Unfortunately, many people were fated to be disappointed, because they wouldn’t obtain any invitations, couldn’t join in that legendary distinguished meeting of heaven’s pride.

News spread everywhere that there would be a gathering of the younger generation  in Imperial Pass, that it would be carried out in Jadefall Lake. At that time, there would definitely be a sharing of scriptures and dao.

If others knew that Shi Hao didn’t want to go, they would definitely be stunned, definitely leaving a few people stupefied. It was because they wanted to obtain an invitation badly, but were left disappointed.

“Wu, I heard that this time, there is a rare treasure brought back from the other side for display.”

“So what? There are much more important things. I heard that someone obtained news of long life medicine outside Imperial Pass. There was an ancient being who left behind a ruined diagram, marking out the areas where the immortal medicine roams. It is going to be shared at the meeting for everyone to see.”

“I heard that they would even talk about secrets regarding the restricted regions!”

In the Imperial Pass, young cultivators from various clans were discussing amongst each other. Even though they couldn’t join in, they were still enthusiastic, understanding many things. 

“Which restricted regions?”

“Naturally the Nine Heavens’ restricted regions!”


This left everyone shocked, many people surprised. Those places couldn’t be randomly discussed, or else they might provoke disasters onto themselves.

“It is rumored that there was even an invitation sent to a certain restricted region this time, just that we don’t know if someone from the restricted region will come.”

When news transmitted back, quite the commotion was raised. Many people were shocked, greatly shaken.

The restricted areas of the Nine Heavens, what kind of places were those? They were True Dragon pools, tiger nests, who dared touch them? One might immediately end up paying a price of blood and soul!”

Moreover, during these endless years, the restricted regions were always lifeless, lacking life force. Now that an invitation was sent to this type of place, would any creatures really come out?

“Distinguished meeting… it is definitely a distinguished meeting!” Someone exclaimed in admiration.

If a creature came out of the restricted regions, even if they were extremely young, not having any battle accomplishments, it would still be enough to raise an uproar, leave all clans greatly shaken.

Everyone really wanted to know whose idea it was to actually do this.

One had to understand that the Nine Heavens’ restricted regions were unimaginably terrifying and mysterious. From a certain perspective, the level they represented wouldn’t be inferior to the matchless experts who had long disappeared in history!

Fortunately, they were extremely low-profile. Throughout all this time, they always remained in a solitary state, not displaying any activity.

Otherwise, if they became enemies, then this world would inevitably be thrown into chaos, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths most likely finished!

The three days passed in an instant. An area within Imperial Pass with elegant scenery, shrouded year round in spiritual essence was bustling with activity. It was because many geniuses came to this gathering.

Jadefall Lake, the waters a jade green, as if a sparkling jadestone was embedded in the great earth, gentle and beautiful, brilliant and faintly discernible. It had immortal dao energy spilling out from it year-round.

It was because it was rumored that there was an immortal who had previously taken residence in this region in ancient times!

There were many spiritual mountains in Jadefall Lake’s surroundings, some shining, divine and brilliant, some pitch-black like ink, even now still releasing black mist, but they weren’t terrifying, instead possessing a type of great dao aura. There were purple-golden ones as well, as if emperor swords were inserted into the lakeside one after another.

Quite a few of these spiritual mountains were floating, not falling onto the ground, the scenery elegant, faint mist swirling about, as if this was an immortal realm.

Shi Hao arrived, unable to withstand Cao Yusheng’s pestering, walking out from the distant great wastelands, leaving Stone Clan’s territory and heading here.

They saw that this place was extraordinary from the distance, immortal mist rising, swirling about Jadefall Lake and the surrounding spiritual mountains.

“Is there really something that came out of the restricted region? I really want to see what it looks like!” The golden ant said.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything, but he also had similar thoughts. This was the biggest reason why he came to Jadefall Lake.

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