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Chapter 1396 - The Undying Make Their Move

Wu… A bugle horn sounded. The great earth in the distance trembled, bright red color blossoming, sky and earth becoming a blood color.

It was clear that an abnormality happened further out, even more terrifying things happening.

The battlefield was too large, divided into many regions. There were clearly energy fluctuations that were too powerful in that direction, drawing everyone’s attention.


Then, heaven overflowing bloody light surged, shattering the sky dome. It was too shocking, time itself seemingly severed there.

“Great formation, the extreme great formation has been activated!” Many foreign creatures cried out.

Even Shi Hao and the others could hear the sky shaking cheers from this place, their expressions changing greatly, feeling that something really bad was about to happen.

“Good, this formation was actually completed? Haha…” The creature surrounded by the golden divine ring laughed loudly, making heaven and earth rumble with noise.

The world was burning, great dao symbols everywhere, rising from the ground surface in the distance, extending towards the skies.

The foreign side was carrying out a great project here, laying a formation here to overturn Heaven Abyss, trying to destroy it so the undying beings could cross over.

Otherwise, with Heaven Abyss here, there was no way for the undying existences to enter this side.


Bloody light covered the sun, attacking the stars in the sky dome above. Great stars were destroyed one after another, one could see just how terrifying this great formation was.

Symbols turned into storms, forming thousands to tens of thousands of ancient beast figures. These were ten thousand spirits that rushed at Heaven Abyss.

“Can they succeed? Even if they only break through a little bit, allowing just one of my side’s undying beings over, it’ll still be enough to break through Imperial Pass!” A foreign creature was praying.


Heaven Abyss trembled. The sky reaching bloody radiance entered inside, displaying a certain amount of use as expected.

“Good!” A few great figures from the foreign side roared.

Suddenly, heaven and earth trembled, the world releasing a mountainous torrent-like roaring noise. All of the blood radiance grew dim, the extreme great formation on the ground starting to break apart, and then exploded with a hong noise.

This moment, was undoubtedly catastrophic. It was unknown just how many creatures lost their lives in that area.


The foreign commanders roared angrily, because the most precious formation banners were completely destroyed, many precious materials also flying towards Heaven Abyss, swallowed up by it.

“Come back!” They wanted to seize these things back.

It was because there were some materials that were too precious, various types of Immortal Gold. Those were bestowed by undying existences, for those unmatched existences, they were all important treasures.

Unfortunately, Heaven Abyss swallowed all of it up, so there was no way it would spit it back out.

“En, not good!” Those people cried out. Just now, they operated the great formation, yet now, Heaven Abyss even began to swallow them up, about to suck them up.

“No!” They cried out loudly.

Heaven Abyss normally wouldn’t swallow up creatures, whenever it displayed might, it would only target undying beings. Why was it even going to wipe them out today?

“It seems like the formation still had some use, making Heaven Abyss display might, not even letting us go!” A creature spoke out in despair.


Someone took action from the other side, not in the desert, but from the limits of the horizon. Everyone could feel a suffocating coldness even from endless distance away.

Right now, forget about others, even Self Release Realm cultivators shivered inwardly.

Undying existence!

Everyone felt their blood run cold. Was that type of existence going to take action?

A black streak of light rushed over, wishing to enter the battlefield, even more so enter Heaven Abyss to seize the Immortal Gold, rescue those commanders.


However, right at this time, Heaven Abyss shone, exceeding the past. Great stars swirled about inside one after another, countless streaks of primal chaos even more so descending. There were large amounts of immortal light that shone brilliantly!

The black streak of light that rushed over couldn’t approach anyone at all, nor could it seize back the Immortal Gold. It was directly swallowed up by Heaven Abyss.

Moreover, right at this time, at the limits of the horizon, an angry roar sounded, making even Self Release Realm cultivators’ souls shake. They felt as if they fell into the depths of the underworld.


In the distance, a short halberd flew over, pitch-black like ink. It directly entered the abyss, being sucked away, and then disappeared without a trace, not coming back out again.

“Heavens, that is an undying weapon, but it was forcefully seized!” Everyone was stunned.

At the limits of the horizon, an angry roar shook the sky dome. That creature was clearly angered to the extreme, yet there was nothing he could do about it, thus withdrawing and leaving.

“That was an ancient undying existence’s weapon, he… just now, he took action, but lost that war halberd!” Someone from the foreign side said with a trembling voice, extremely scared and terrified.

Everyone felt their hearts pound when they looked towards Heaven Abyss. What exactly was there within its depths, for even an undying existence to not dare approach, even a realm crossing attack resulting in the weapon being seized!

After the noise, the battlefield unexpectedly entered a short period of silence. Both armies withdrew, not fighting anymore.

It was because what just happened was too shocking, an undying existence even taking action, yet was still defeated in the end, weapon lost.

At this moment, above the sky dome no one could see past, there were more than ten figures confronting each other, each seated on one side.

On one side were Meng Tianzheng and two other elders, in their hands the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth, Ten Realms Diagram, Nine Phoenix Furnace, True Dragon Horn, and other immortal weapons!

In the star dome, starlight swirled, extremely dazzling.

There were twelve foreign elders seated on the other side of the starry space, their figures all blurry, auras terrifying, definitely not weaker than Great Elder Meng Tianzheng.

This formed a powerful contrast, Imperial Pass only having three people, while the other side directly had twelve people who moved out!

None of the twelve foreign elders held undying artifacts, or else they would be sucked away by Heaven Abyss, instead only carrying the Heaven and Earth Pouch immortal artifact!

It was in perfect condition, previously belonging to the Nine Heavens, but it was seized back then, falling to the foreign side. Several years ago, the Heaven and Earth Pouch had even more so clashed against the Ten Realms Diagram.

Apart from this, in their hands, there were two damaged immortal weapons.

The two sides didn’t fight, but this type of confrontation was even more frightening than killing. Once they took action, it would definitely be earth-shattering, possibly immediately deciding life and death.

There was great killing being carried out in the desert, yet in the sky dome above, there were even more terrifying figures opposing each other with equal harshness!

“Let’s go, it is still not time!”

In the end, the foreign elders got up, their actions cautious, and then withdrew, quickly disappearing.

“The path is too difficult, I have a premonition that turbulent times are not far off.” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng released a light sigh.

In the desert, a silver-haired youth was found and led to a region to face Huang. This person was precisely Wu Feng, someone who was known as a Heavenly King!

“Wu Feng, I never expected you to have come as well. Please send my greetings to the ancient undying being in my place!” In the sky, a great Self Release Realm expert spoke extremely politely.

It was because Wu Feng had previously received pointers from an undying existence, seeing those unmatched figures.

This was a young man, his head of long silver hair falling down to his waist. His figure was tall and straight, handsome and outstanding. There were some mysterious silver patterns on his forehead.

Outside his body, silver light pulsed, forming a large circle of flame, making him look divine without compare, as if he was full of undying aura.

This was precisely Martial Heavenly King!

How vast was the foreign side? It was grand without end, creatures even more so countless. To be ranked fourth among the present world King Clans, he could definitely be called exceptionally powerful among his peers!

To be granted the title of Heavenly King, receive pointers from an undying existence, he really was a noteworthy disciple. For a young man, this really was an incomparable glory.

“Distinguished one, right now, I fear that I cannot kill Huang, I came with important matters.” Wu Feng said.

He truly was quite heroic, his silver hair brilliant, moreover dressed in silver armor that flickered with radiance. His entire being was resplendent like a silver sun.

This person, no matter where he went, definitely wouldn’t be overlooked, truly extraordinary.

Many people looked towards him, even the people from the Nine Heavens’ side no exception. There were some who were angry, feeling like he was too arrogant. What did he mean he couldn’t kill Huang right now, don’t tell me that he felt like he could kill him?

“What matters do you have?”

“Anlan, Shutuo, the two ancient ancestors wrote a decree for me to hand to my master, have him open it in the desert. Meanwhile, my master handed it to me.” Martial Heavenly King said.

The master he spoke of, was the ancient undying existence!

When those in the surroundings heard this, they couldn’t help but suck in cold air.

“You are bringing the decree here?” Even the foreign great figures were moved, not even them knowing of this.

“That’s right.” Martial Heavenly King nodded and said, “Based on my suspicions, it is already time. I am going to request for the decree!”


Everyone backed up, providing him with a path.

Light flickered. An altar appeared here. It was extremely mysterious and ancient, carved out of a skull. It had existed for a really long time.

Wu Feng’s hands shone. A golden decree suddenly appeared in his hands. He knelt down, incredibly pious, placing it on the altar and then quickly backing up.


At this moment, heaven and earth trembled, a wave of indescribable aura covered the world!

Even in the heavens above, Great Elder Meng Tianzheng and the others who held immortal weapons were shaken, revealing serious expressions. They muttered to themselves, “This is…”

In the desert, the altar carved from the skull released strange radiance, releasing mysterious essence energy onto the decree.

The golden decree immediately flourished with even more brilliance, and then it was ignited!


The desert trembled, the world outside Imperial Pass shaking.

The golden decree burned, ancient characters appearing one after another, flying towards Heaven Abyss. Moreover, there were two massive sounds, as if two unmatched beings were interrogating Heaven Abyss!

“Heavens, this is…”

“Anlan, Shutuo, are the two ancient ancestors communicating with Heaven Abyss?!”

1. Wu=Martial, Feng=Peak

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