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Chapter 1395 - Great Figures Taking Action

“It really is him!” A creature said quietly, looking at Shi Hao, cold light flickering in its eyes.

“I never expected him to have come to Desolate Border too, daring to appear here! Who knows just how many people want to kill him!” Another young foreign creature said with a cold laugh.

The battle of Great Scarlet Sky Border ended in the foreign side’s younger generation’s great loss, one person killing ten of their kings. This type of battle accomplishment made everyone feel ashamed.

When news were transmitted to the other side, all clans were shaken. There was actually someone who was this domineering, continuously killing ten great experts of their young generation, who wouldn’t feel shocked?

It could be said that during this year, many creatures of the foreign side’s younger generation were eager to give it a try. All of them carried a wave of resentment, wishing to fight against this person.

Even some older generation figures learned about the results of Great Scarlet Sky Border. Towards the defeat of the younger generation, they all carried different opinions.

It could be said that Shi Hao already had some reputation in the other side, quite a few creatures hearing about him, many of the younger generation even viewing him as their rivals.

Now that he truly appeared here, it naturally produced a great disturbance.

“You came at the perfect time. Kill him, completely eliminate this disaster!”

“Wash away Great Scarlet Sky Border’s humiliation, remove his head, today is the day!”

On the other side, quite a few creatures were releasing low roars, every one of them clenching their fists tightly, eager to give it a try.

On the other side, the clans were all aggressive, warlike races, extremely brave. Even the younger generation, when they saw Shi Hao, not only did they not feel fear, they all wanted to fight.

Of course, the ones who had these types of thoughts, daring to step out, were mostly King Clans!

It was because normal cultivators understood well that if they went up, they would undoubtedly die, only King Clans could fight.


The void distorted. A figure quickly rushed out, arriving forward.

This was a large spider, entire body shining with silver light. It was roughly a zhang in length, not all that large, but extremely intimidating. A spider that was even taller than a human stood there, making those who saw it shiver with fear.

“Silver Spider King, we have some on our Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side too.” Shi Hao stared at it. Was this a clan that turned traitor, or was it a species that was subdued after falling into enemy hands?

He knew that the other side had large areas where the creatures residing within were the same as the Nine Heavens’ side, for example, Mo Dao, he wasn’t much different from a human.

“So you are Huang, the human youngster who was rumored to have killed ten of my side’s kings?” The Silver Spider King asked. Its eight legs were standing on the ground, flickering with silver radiance like an ice-cold metal body.

“I am!” Shi Hao nodded.

“Then there’s no more issues, just hand over your life!” The Silver Spider King was extremely decisive, throwing itself over.

This area was originally rather quiet, but now, it immediately erupted with noise.

When the Silver Spider King threw itself over, crazy winds swept about, sand and rock flying everywhere, the desert erupting into chaos.


Waves of sand overflowed into the heavens, reaching more than ten thousand zhang into the air, submerging the heavens. Sand and dust surged, hiding the sky and covering the earth, the entire world becoming a hazy yellow color.

The most terrifying thing was that divine force vortices appeared. Silver vortices tore through the air one after another, about to swallow up Shi Hao inside.

The Silver Spider King took action, immediately using an extreme art. It was fully aware of how terrifying Shi Hao was, so it wanted to seize the initiative, gain the upper hand, place him at a disadvantage until it found an opportunity to kill him.

With a raise of Shi Hao’s hand, large amounts of golden feathers appeared, these were Kun Peng feathers. They turned into divine arrows one after another, all of them shooting into the silver-colored vortices. It was as if sparks flickered about, this place immediately lighting up.


Golden radiance and silver light exploded, brilliant in that place, the void caving in.

Waves of sand surged, the desert like a vast body of water. Under the effects of divine force, they surged greatly, a large amount of the sand waves directly rushing into the heavens beyond, layers of clouds completely scattering.

“Inescapable Net!” The Silver Spider King roared out.

It didn’t dare act with the slightest bit of carelessness, using its most powerful divine ability. In its surroundings, ripples were formed one after another, spreading outwards. This was a shocking domain.

Moreover, it sprayed out wisps of divine force that mixed with those ripples, producing a giant spider web!

An eight trigrams web covered heaven and earth, surrounding in Shi Hao’s direction, wiping out life force, imprisoning souls, extremely terrifying.

“Not good!” Even from far away, there were some watching this battle who couldn’t hold on, their primordial spirits starting to leave their bodies, directly sucked out, landing on that great web.


A miserable cry sounded, one person dying violently on the spot. His primordial spirit was swallowed up by that web, dying an extremely miserable death.

This left everyone feeling greatly alarmed. This spider was too terrifying.


The silver great web descended, covering everything, impossible for Shi Hao to avoid it, covering him underneath.

“Isn’t your flesh unmatched? I am going to capture your primordial spirit, refine your soul!” The Silver Spider King roared sinisterly. Its enemy was already covered by the web, which meant that it was about to succeed.

It was because not a single enemy had been able to escape before.

Shi Hao stood there without moving, but the domain in his surroundings became who knew how many times stronger. In addition, heavy clouds appeared high up in the sky, thunder and lightning suddenly appearing.


Lightning poured down like a waterfall, crashing down from the heavens above. This wasn’t normal lightning, it carried wisps of chaotic energy, extremely terrifying and shocking.

Moreover, large amounts of rain poured down, lightning flashing, thunder roaring, the scene terrifying.

Shi Hao used his Lightning Emperor Precious Technique, moreover releasing the most powerful attack, using lightning tribulation to sweep through heaven and earth, purge the world!

In that instant, the spider web known to have refined all Void Dao Realm experts to death was turned to dust, completely breaking apart, and then disappearing.

“Ah…” The Silver Spider King cried out, because it was struck by streak after streak of thick lightning that were as thick as mountains, entire body charred black, exploding soon afterwards.

A king fell, moreover so quickly. The foreign side entered a short period of silence.

“Just like the Golden Yaksha, comparable to two hundred heads!” Shi Hao said to himself.

When they heard his words, the creatures on the other side glared at him.

“Good, you killed it well!” On the Nine Heavens’ side, there were people who cheered loudly.


Right at this time, a finger appeared in the sky dome, golden-colored, suppressing heaven and earth. It fell with some falling stars, quickly pressing down towards Shi Hao.

This scene was extremely terrifying. This person could definitely crush the moon with a single finger, this type of massive golden finger was like a pillar that supported heaven. The rumbling sounds were ear-splitting.

Everyone was horrified. This expert sat in the sky dome above, definitely incomparably powerful. Right now, he took action to kill Shi Hao.

The finger was just too large, even mountain ridges insignificant in comparison.

“You dare?”

The great knight seated on the Heaven Swallowing Beast shouted, rising up. He left his mount, holding a pure golden mace in his hands, pointing it towards the sky dome.

In that instant, the golden mace enlarged, facing the finger, releasing great dao lightning sounds. Endless symbols’ precious light rushed into the heavens.


Blazing light flickered about between heaven and earth. That golden finger turned into a great golden hand, covering everything. No one could look straight at it, it was too resplendent.

With a dong noise, the golden mace struck the heavens, colliding with the great golden finger, tearing apart the sky dome. Under many people’s shocked eyes, small stars exploded one after another in outer space, falling down.

“Isn’t your foreign side brave, enjoying battles, fights between kings? Why are you doing this today?” The great knight holding the golden mace said coldly.

The foreign clans were warlike, extremely bold, known as aggressive clans, yet today, there was a great figure who wanted to directly wipe out Shi Hao, clearly seeing him as a great threat in the future.

“This isn’t an ordinary battlefield after all, what is the point of speaking so much? We are all cultivators, who would bother with such details.” In the sky, a golden divine ring appeared, a powerful creature surrounded within.

This was an expert at the peak of the Self Release Realm. He looked down on everyone below.


On the Nine Heavens’ side, what was given in response was a divine arrow that tore through the sky, continuously firing four shots. They turned into four terrifying divine rainbows, rushing towards the foreign side.



Four powerful creatures released miserable cries, unable to escape at all, immediately exploding, blasted by the divine arrows until not even bones remained.

They were all King Clans’ people, all of them experts with great potential. In the end, they were killed so easily.

Without a doubt, the one who took action was one of Imperial Pass’ Ten Archery Gods. His expression was cold, saying, “Since it is like this, then I do not need to admire your foreign side’s bravery either, the demon hunting will begin, who cares if you are a shrimp or an alligator, I’ll kill whoever I want!”

The expressions of the creatures of the other side changed. The divine archers of Imperial Pass were the enemies they feared the most, simply nightmares on the battlefield that couldn’t be avoided.


However, the top level figures of the other side didn’t compromise, still powerful. Three figures flew over in succession. There was even a black-colored divine arrow that shot at Shi Hao.


On the Nine Heavens’ side, a divine archer fired his bow, an arrow shooting out, wind and lightning surging. Chains of order appeared everywhere, stopping that black arrow, blasting it apart.


Moreover, on the Nine Heavens’ side, there were several knights who appeared, rushing forward to stop the foreign great experts. The skies immediately exploded.

All types of natural laws appeared, auspicious light appearing in tens of thousands of streaks, blossoming between heaven and earth!

This type of power was too boundless!


The divine archer who came from Imperial Pass released a loud shout, continuously firing his bow. As a result, after just an instant, large amounts of people were shot into bloody mist, the scene terrifying.

“Haha, foreign cowards, all of you are greedy for life, afraid of death, not daring to fight on your own, inciting the old turtles to come out and launch hidden attacks, are you all scared?”

“Heh, were you all slaughtered in Great Scarlet Sky Border until you became scared stiff, no one from your younger generation daring to fight, only able to hide in the back? Aggressive clans my ass, more like incompetent clans!”

On the Nine Heavens’ side, someone ridiculed.

On the foreign side, the young generation were all seething with anger. Even though they were ruthless, it had to be said that they were brave and warlike, something that originated from their bones, easily provoked.

Moreover, they didn’t ask the older generation to take action, but were rather truly wanting to kill Huang themselves.

“Old ancestors, please stop, we are willing to remove Huang’s head, wash away the shame from Great Scarlet Sky Border!”

“Old ancestors, please allow us to do this! If we cannot kill Huang in a fair battle, my side’s younger generation will always feel shame, forever unable to erase this feeling of humiliation!”

A few people roared out at the same time, petitioning towards those old ancestors.

In the sky, the foreign creatures who were currently fighting frowned, all of them feeling a bit dissatisfied. Just now, they really wanted to directly kill Shi Hao, but never expected that there would be several people offering him protection, all of them top level figures.

They already saw that Shi Hao’s potential was frightening, leaving him behind might lead to a disaster.

However, right now, the younger generation of their side were so stirred up, every one of them incredibly courageous. If they were dissatisfied, it might affect their morale.

Moreover, they believed that the Nine Heavens Ten Earths would inevitably be destroyed. If they mustered such great forces against a small cultivator, disregarding the feelings of their side’s youngsters, it really wasn’t all that good.

It was because they believed that on their side, there were definitely young experts who could kill Huang.


The top level experts from the foreign side all withdrew, not taking action anymore.

The desert was endless, as were the battles. Meanwhile, this was only one battlefield. There was still blood being shed elsewhere, fighting going on. However, the activity here also drew the attention of many people in the distance.

“This time, which stunning figures from our younger generation came to Desolate Border?” An old ancestor asked.

Many people shook their heads, not knowing the answer to this question.

“Of the younger generation, the most powerful ten great King Clan experts, has any of them come?”

“I don’t think any of them did!”

“No, there is one, the fourth ranked Martial Heavenly King might have came!” Someone replied quietly.

Of the foreign side, in the younger generation, only the King Clan experts ranked in the top ten spots could be called Heavenly Kings!

Shi Hao had killed a few foreign king clan youngsters, but he had never fought against a Heavenly King yet!

Apart from this, the ones known as Heavenly Kings all received guidance from undying beings, extremely powerful, every one of them dominating a region, unmatched at their level, able to sweep through the masses.

The expert in the golden divine ring nodded, and then said, “Good, it was actually the fourth ranked Martial Heavenly King. I know of him, he is quite formidable. Find him for me, have him kill that youngster named Huang within two moves!”

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