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Chapter 1390 - Primordial Spirit Battle

It was rumored that back then, Jin Taijun almost used up all of the clan’s divine resources to nurture Jin Zhifei. If not for Jin Zhan who appeared later being too extraordinary, he might have very well become Jin Family’s key figure of this generation.

Right now, the two experts confronted each other, staring at each other from the distance. There was lightning rumbling, electrical arcs flickering about between them!

There was a great cultivation realm separating them. Moreover, Jin Zhifei obtained great natural luck when he was young, refining an extremely sturdy primordial spirit, so in everyone’s eyes, it was clear who was weaker and who was stronger.

Many people wiped at their sweat for Shi Hao. Such a promising young genius shouldn’t face this setback here. In this primordial spirit confrontation, a single moment of carelessness would result in great problems that would affect them for their entire lives.

“It is now the final moment. Do you have anything else you wish to say?” Jin Zhifei revealed a smile, his teeth snow-white, his pale skin revealing a rare brilliance.

This made everyone’s expressions change. Was this asking for the last words of the deceased, not wishing to cut the other party down without mercy?

“I’ve already said to let things end here.” In the sky, the great knight on the Heaven Swallowing Beast warned.

“I will show restraint. However, youngsters nowadays really like to boast, feeling like they are great. In reality, they are nothing more than bean sprouts in greenhouses, I fear that he might not be able to hold on, so I am going to instruct him a bit.” Jin Zhifei said with a laugh.

“When I killed ten foreign kings in Great Scarlet Sky Border, you were still acting as a young master back in your Jin Family. Less nonsense, just start!” Shi Hao said.

“Good, since you don’t understand yourself, daring to challenge those far above you, then I will satisfy your wishes, let you understand how high the heavens are, how deep the earth is, how shallow you are!” Jin Zhifei said coldly.

“Just start!” That great knight said.


Right at this moment, the two erupted with astonishing radiance. This was especially true with the space between their brows, shining brilliantly, rising like a sun, illuminating the heavens.

This wave of energy was too shocking, many people backing up. These were two younger generation individuals, yet the spiritual force was so great, affecting the stability of the surrounding space.

This was completely spiritual force, created by divine will!

In the two peoples’ surroundings, the void was torn apart, a black hole appearing, the scene horrifying. Just how powerful were their primordial spirits? Just a will was enough to create such destructive results.

A dong sounded. It was as if an immortal hall’s war drum was struck, intimidating one’s heart. There were immediately many people whose faces went pale, their souls being affected.

One had to understand that they didn’t fight on the battlefield, that they were facing each other from the distance. Just this bit of exchange already created such an intense feeling.


On Jin Zhifei’s side, a little figure appeared from between his brows, brilliant and resplendent, bathed in divine and resplendent light. It was as if a heavenly sun was burning there.

It was too brilliant, one couldn’t look directly at it at all!

No one expected Jin Zhifei to be this domineering, directly sending his primordial spirit out from his body. He was going to use all of his strength, kill Shi Hao with all of his power!

The primordial spirit left the shell, displaying all of its spiritual soul force, the power released too great. A terrifying domain was formed here, formlessly warping space.

“Look, it really turned into a great sun, this is the embodiment of a perfect seed! The most domineering yang force, powerful beyond compare!” Someone sighed with astonishment.

Many people were stunned. This small figure melted, turning into a sun. It then gradually rose, making many people feel as if they had to bow down.

This was one of the legendary types of primordial spirit irregular scenes. When it turned into a sun, it meant that Jin Zhifei’s primordial spirit was the most forceful, powerful, few able to compare to it.

This was already the sign of a practically perfect primordial spirit in the Self Severing Realm!

What could Huang even bring out to face this? Many people felt like everything was pointing towards disaster.

The people from Jin Family remained calm the entire time, always carrying a smile. It was because they had too much faith in Jin Zhifei. A confrontation of divine will, how many people could face him?

That resplendent primordial spirit sun’s speed was extremely fast, suppressing towards Shi Hao!


Suddenly, many people’s expressions changed. The primordial spirit light that rushed out from Shi Hao’s forehead was also extremely brilliant, lighting up the sky dome. Its aura was terrifying, shocking everyone.

What was going on? How could the primordial spirit of a Void Dao Realm youngster be this terrifying?

Soon afterwards, the primordial spirit light that illuminated the sky dome withrew, and then condensed into a weapon. Moreover, the radiance underwent changes, becoming pitch-black like ink.

Shi Hao’s primordial spirit underwent a strange change. That extremely powerful small figure turned into a black sword core that swirled with killing energy. Then, it rushed out, hacking outwards.

“Heavens, that is… a primordial sword core!”

“Wang Family’s Chaos Calming Art!”

Someone cried out loudly. This was just too shocking! Just how inconceivable was this? Why did Huang grasp Wang Family’s Chaos Calming Art?

Chaos Calming Art, its power had shaken endless generations, known as the most powerful offensive sword art, one of the most well-known sword arts in all of history. This was Wang Family’s clan protecting extreme art, not something outsiders could pry into.

However, Shi Hao now displayed it!

Not far out, that primordial spirit sun trembled. Jin Zhifei stared blankly for a moment, because the Chaos Calming Art’s reputation was just too great. In the past, the foreign great army was slaughtered with it until they nursed a grievance!

Right now, they were carrying a confrontation of primordial spirits. This was just too dangerous!

“There is no need to worry, Wang Family’s extreme art has never been leaked, he is just bluffing!” Outside the stage, Wang Changhe shouted.

It was because in the past, Huang had previously used this type of method to scare his opponent, in the end nothing more than a bluff, an empty frame. He didn’t actually grasp it back then.


The great primordial sun was even more dazzling, rushing forward!

Only, that black sword core made one’s heart pound even greater. It was like a streak of black lightning, directly hacking forward.

“Yi, something’s not right, there really is a sword core, how could it be like this?!” Wang Changhe cried out loudly.

When this sentence sounded, everyone’s expressions changed, because he was someone of Wang Family’s direct line of descent, the one who was most knowledgeable about this.

Jin Zhifei was immediately scared. If it was a true battle, he wouldn’t be scared, but this was a contest of primordial spirit, how could he not fear the Chaos Calming Art?

It could be said that when one’s strength was similar, if it was a battle of primordial spirits, no one wouldn’t fear the Chaos Calming Art. This was an unmatched great method for obliterating one’s primordial spirit, it was impossible to match!

It was precisely during this moment when the two approached each other.

In that instant, all types of thoughts flew through Jin Zhifei’s mind, his will no longer resolute, fearing that his primordial spirit would be cleaved in half!

On the other side, after Shi Hao’s primordial spirit turned into a black-colored sword core, he pressed forward, not showing the slightest intention of backing up, not shaken at all. He hacked forward, could be said that he was making an all out effort!

The two’s reactions were different, clashing in that instant.

The primordial spirit sun shone. Secret methods were displayed, natural laws activated, suppressing towards the sword core.

The primordial spirit sword core swirled with ancient light, flickering with mysterious symbols. It rushed over, hacking through many natural laws.


In that instant, the two collided. Heaven and earth trembled greatly, many great black cracks appearing in the void, making a few black vortices appear.

An exchange of divine will attacks!

It was just this intense. The two did everything they could, hacking at each other!

“No, that really is a primordial spirit sword core! Wang Family, how could your sect protecting extreme art have been leaked out?” Gold Family’s people were nervous, all of their faces falling.


Inside the stage, heaven and earth collapsed. The divine will clash was not inferior to a collision of true bodies, triggering great alarm.

One could see that the black primordial spirit sword core tore through the primordial spirit sun, slicing it in half.

“Damn it, no!!!” Many people from Jin Family screamed out. Jin Zhifei was a heaven warping figure, if he died here, it would be too much of a pity. It definitely couldn’t be permitted.

In that instant, someone moved, about to take action and interfere.

“En? Who dares create unfairness?” In the sky, the great knight seated on the Heaven Swallowing Beast shouted. He raised his hand, completely subduing the experts from Gold Family. His large hands covered the sky, covering all of them on the ground.

It was clear that this was a terrifying ‘Self Release Realm’ expert, the highest level leader of this place.

In certain situations, these people were known to be supreme beings. Even though they weren’t really supreme beings, they still obtained great fame, their strength powerful to the extreme.

Gold Family’s Self Severing Realm experts were all covered by a single hand from him, unable to move, leaving everyone horrified, inwardly sighing that those at the Self Release Realm really were frightening.

On the stage, Jin Zhifei was directly cut in half by the sword core, a miserable scream sounding.

Everyone’s breathing stopped. This result was too frightening, exceeding everyone’s expectations. A Void Dao Realm youngster actually seriously injured a Self Severing Realm expert?

Right now, Wang Changhe’s expression turned pale, breathing difficult, heart pounding. He simply refused to believe what he was seeing. Wang Family’s unmatched secret method was leaked out?


Suddenly, that black sword core in the arena also cracked, releasing crisp noises.

Everyone was stunned. The situation displayed changed, not like how they imagined.

“This Chaos Calming Art has problems, Huang didn’t obtain the true inheritance!” Someone realized, understanding the truth.

At the same time, Wang Changhe felt like he could finally breathe. Just now, he was blinded by shock and anger, now discovering that Huang didn’t actually understand the Chaos Calming Art’s secrets. It was because the symbols on that sword core weren’t the same as Wang Family’s.

“You almost deceived me. Hand over your life!” Jin Zhifei shouted. His primordial spirit halves merged together, but the radiance was dim, the damage serious.

He was extremely shocked. When he was young, he had previously obtained a Soul Nurturing Divine Herb to refine his primordial spirit, making his divine soul powerful beyond compare. Why was it that today, when facing a youngster, both sides suffered with neither side winning?

That was why he wanted to continue fighting, use all of his trump cards to kill the other party.


The primordial spirit sword core completely shattered, turning into an expanse of light, dancing about there. They then quickly merged together, becoming a golden Kun Peng!

“En, not right, why is he not injured?” Jin Zhifei was shocked.

The others’ minds also jumped. That sword core clearly broke, so how could it be that his primordial spirit wasn’t damaged, still so powerful?

Wang Changhe was alarmed. What kind of method was this? Why was it the same as the Chaos Calming Art?

It was clear that Shi Hao didn’t grasp the Chaos Calming Art, this nothing more than an imitation. In reality, he was using the Imperishable Scripture!

During this year, he always searched about, carrying out all types of tests. In the end, he discovered that Imperishable Scripture was most suitable for the physical body, if it was used to cultivate the primordial spirit, it didn’t really fit.

Otherwise, how could it be this frightening?

In the end, after trying things repeatedly, he could only treat his primordial spirit as flesh, only able to operate Imperishable Scripture here for an instant.

This was how it was just now. He supported his primordial spirit with Imperishable Scripture making it incredibly sturdy, carrying out a great clash.

Even though his primordial spirit shattered, in that instant, Imperishable Scripture activated, allowing him to quickly reassemble, recover, not harming his vitality.

A bird cry sounded, shaking up heaven and earth!

Shi Hao’s primordial spirit turned into a Kun Peng, slaughtering his way forward, still in his peak state!

Jin Zhifei’s expression was miserable. Right now, he discovered that the other party’s state was this perfect, while his primordial spirit was cleaved in half, long suffering great damage. He was now about to suffer a loss.

At the same time, he found this hard to believe. Why was Huang’s primordial spirit this powerful, able to content even against his uninjured state!

In reality, Shi Hao’s primordial spirit was just this powerful, because he ate a Golden Bodhi Fruit, Soul Guiding Lotus, and Yellow Springs Fruit, all of them primordial spirit strengthening divine medicines.

Apart from this, he had also experienced heavenly tribulation many times, forging the primordial spirit, making it far greater than ordinary people.

From a certain perspective, his current primordial spirit was even more terrifying than his body!

Kun Peng swooped down!


This time, a rain of light splashed outwards. The golden divine bird was unharmed, while the primordial spirit sun lost part of itself, almost torn apart by the Kun Peng!

“Ah…” Jin Zhifei screamed miserably.

His primordial spirit ran, scattering down a rain of light, as if blood was dripping. This was actually even more precious than essence blood, because this was the spiritual power that leaked out after the primordial spirit was injured.

Jin Zhifei suffered a great defeat!

If they really fought, relying on his Self Severing Realm cultivation, he would have definitely had a huge advantage, yet now, because they fought with primordial spirits, he ended up in this state.

With a shua sound, Shi Hao’s primordial spirit returned to its shell. Then, his entire body rushed out, chasing after him.

Jin Zhifei was shocked and furious. A younger generation actually dared to chase after him like this!

Shi Hao’s speed was too fast. Jin Zhifei’s primordial spirit was injured, before it could enter his own forehead, the other side already slaughtered his way over.

That Southern Li Divine Flame Rhinoceros was currently running while carrying its owner’s body, as fast as lightning, but it still wasn’t faster than Shi Hao, being caught up to.

“You…” Jin Zhifei was stupefied. There was only a short distance left between his primordial spirit and his body.


Not far out, Shi Hao descended from above, one foot trampling down on Jin Zhifei’s face, kicking him down.

Everyone grimaced when they saw this, feeling pain just by looking at this. It was because Jin Zhifei’s face even warped, the sound of bones cracking vaguely sounding.

The instant Jin Zhifei’s flesh dropped down, Shi Hao also dropped down, a foot stepping on his face, keeping it under his feet.

“You were previously so bossy and domineering, insufferably arrogant, overconfident. After saying all of that, what is the result like? Nothing more than this, just a random tom or dick!” Shi Hao said.

At this moment, Jin Zhifei almost exploded with rage. He was still in his primordial spirit state, watching helplessly as Shi Hao trampled his body below his foot. This was just too humiliating.

Everyone was stupefied. It was actually Huang who won!

Jin Zhifei was incomparably furious, this feeling just too hard to endure. His primordial spirit was outside, wishing to return to his flesh, about to face the situation of being stepped on under a foot. If it didn’t return, if the other party took action right now, without his physical body to protect him, it was extremely dangerous.

It really was an impossible situation!

“Do you not want this physical body anymore?” Shi Hao asked. With a peng sound, he gave that face another kick.

“You, stop!” Jin Zhifei shouted, truly feeling embarrassed. If he returned to his flesh, then just how humiliating would that be? If he didn’t return, then there would be a huge problem.

“Do you admit defeat?” Shi Hao asked indifferently.

“I…” Jin Zhifei was furious. He had previously said many things, ridiculing this youngster, but in the end, it was this result.

He felt a scorching pain on his face, as if it had been slapped fiercely.

“I lost!” Jin Zhifei said unwillingly.


This place became noisy, everyone discussing passionately.

“Aright, victory has already been determined, just end it here.” The great knight in the sky said.

“Here’s your leather bag!” With a peng sound, Shi Hao’s right leg kicked out, as if he was kicking a ball, sending Jin Zhifei’s physical body out.

Jin Zhifei was furious. His primordial spirit surged, returning to his body. As a result, he immediately felt an intense pain, especially his face that was scorching hot. It was because there was still a clear shoe imprint there.

“I am angered to death!” Jin Zhifei was humiliated and resentful. Today’s matter was a type of great shame.

He called his mount, but discovered that Shi Hao leapt out, sitting on the Southern Li Divine Flame Rhinoceros’ back, forcefully urging it on, taking it as his mount.

“That’s mine!” Jin Zhifei said angrily.

“This is my spoils of war, if it was on the battlefield, even you would become a part of my spoils of war.” Shi Hao gave him a cold look.

It was just too shameful, Jin Zhifei really wanted to roar towards the sky.

At this time, many people looked at him, the expressions in their eyes strange.

The expressions of the people from Gold Family fell, even Jin Zhan came, watching everything indifferently.

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