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Chapter 1389 - The Last Three Great Realms

The martial field was extremely vast, able to accommodate the gathering of the armies of all different clans. There were many soldiers here from all different clans, all of them dressed in ice-cold armor, holding sharp weapons in their hands.

Meanwhile, in the sky, vicious birds and beasts spread their wings one after another, casting down great shadows. There were powerful knights seated on them.

The great armies were all going out to battle!

“Are you not going to consider picking long life medicines? Entering the battlefield like this, your life or death is hard to say.” The silver-robed enforcer who led him here said with a low voice, trying to convince him one last time.

Shi Hao released a sneer, shaking his head. How could picking long life medicines be that easy? If he went, he would likely die even faster. Moreover, even if he successfully brought any back, who would he have to hand the medicine to?

“You are going to atone for Stone Clan’s crimes?” In the sky, another powerful knight spoke. He stood on a mountainous white lion’s body. He looked down, saying, “Your words are quite bold!”

Shi Hao really wanted to say that Stone Clan was without guilt, but he knew that disputing it was meaningless. What he could do now, was to first bring Stone Clan out from danger.

This was originally an extremely flourishing great clan, having great authority in Imperial Pass, but now, the population withered, less than a thousand members. If this continued on, the entire clan would be wiped out.

“In the past, when Stone Clan had many people, if they wanted to redeem themselves, killing a hundred thousand enemies would be completely insignificant, needing much more! Perhaps it is now a chance, after all, Stone Clan is already extremely small. For them, this is a type of blessing, perhaps they have a chance to be freed of their crimes.”

Another knight said, his voice drifting about, not extremely fierce, but it still made Shi Hao feel extreme disgust.

Stone Clan was extremely small, about to be wiped out, how could it be called a blessing? This person was clearly mocking him, his words not kind!

Shi Hao turned around, looking towards this person. He sat on a Southern Li Divine Flame Rhinoceros beast. This mount was extremely special, purple energy rising up from it, southern li flames curling about it, clearly a divine ancient beast.

As for that knight, he looked extremely young, his skin white and fine. Even though he was male, his entire body was gentle. He was handsome, but he also looked a bit morbidly pale.

“You don’t need to stare at me, I’m Jin Zhifei, Jin Zhan’s eighth uncle. You are still too far off from me, if you want to challenge me, you still need to wait many years.” This knight didn’t seem to mind at all, picking up a small blade, currently trimming his nails.

This type of frivolousness and casualness was clearly a type of contempt for Shi Hao, not attaching any importance to him. At the very least, it didn’t look like he treated him like anything.

“Merely stepped into the ‘Self Severing’ Realm, what is there to be arrogant over? If there really is a life or death battle, it is hard to say who suppresses who.” Shi Hao responded coldly.

After the Void Dao Realm was the ‘Self Severing’ Realm, these people already rare experts in this world. It was because there already wasn’t much of a path to travel after this realm!

“You have guts, can I interpret this as provoking me? Just a small cultivator who had just entered the Void Dao Realm, yet you already dare to behave arrogantly before me?” Jin Zhifei lowered his nail trimming blade, staring at Shi Hao.

“If you feel like you are high up above and want to suppress me, I don’t mind flipping you over.” Shi Hao calmly said.

In that instant, many people on the martial field looked over. There were many experts from different clans, all of them staring at these two.

A youngster at the Void Dao Realm challenging a Self Severing Realm expert, this triggered quite the alarm. It was because challenging those of a higher realm was too difficult, especially since Jin Zhifei was a genius, a knight who wasn’t that old himself, fighting strength extremely powerful!

Geniuses winning against opponents of higher cultivation realms wasn’t something impossible. However, if one wanted to fight those well-known geniuses who were a great cultivation realm higher, then there was no chance of winning.

“Haha, it seems like there are some random cats and dogs who have also matured now, not showing seniors respect at all. If I don’t properly discipline you a bit, you won’t understand the immensity of heaven and earth!” Jin Zhifei said.

His original intent was to beat down Shi Hao, cut down Huang’s might in Jin Zhan’s eyes from his own clan’s place. He never expected the other party’s reaction would be so intense, challenging head-on.

Many people shivered inwardly. One shouldn’t look at Jin Zhifei because his skin was snow-white, looking sickly, this was actually one of Gold Family’s few geniuses, one who was extremely powerful.

Moreover, his age wasn’t great, less than forty, yet he was already a Self Severing Realm expert. This type of cultivation speed was rarely seen under the sky, enough to make all sides shiver inwardly from his might.

“Who do you think you are? Throwing your weight around, believing yourself infallible. Since you can’t differentiate good from bad, then just let this random cat or dog you speak of slap you to death with a single move!” Shi Hao opposed with equal harshness.

Everyone was speechless. This youngster was also extremely domineering, not feeling any fear when facing Gold Family’s genius, immediately saying slapping to death after he opened his mouth. He wasn’t an ordinary person as expected.

Shi Hao had long had a wave of pent-up anger building inside. It was first Wang Changhe and the others who appeared as enemies, and then it was the old celestial who appeared with bad intentions. Now, Jin Family’s people also stopped him. He now completely erupted.

“Everyone, look for yourselves, this is the attitude of this younger generation, without any respect for seniors, not attaching any importance to us. I really have no choice but to take action and properly discipline him a bit.” Jin Zhifei looked at his fingernails that he had finished trimming, and then his eyes stared angrily, looking at Shi Hao like a vicious beast.

His age was actually not great, instead purposely using his status as an older generation to suppress Shi Hao.

“Even someone like you thinks he can join the ranks of seniors? They have no intentions of associating with you, don’t try to stick gold on your face.” Shi Hao said.

“Unbridled, stop making trouble. If you have the skill, then all of you fight enemies on the battlefield! What kind of skill is there in shouting noisily inside?!” Right at this time, that great knight mounted on the Heaven Swallowing Beast said.

“It wasn’t me who acted randomly, but rather that the new person is too arrogant, I wanted to help him understand some rules, instruct him on how to be a person.” Jin Zhifei said.

The eyes of the great knight on the Heavenly Swallowing Beast were cold. Even though he disliked Jin Zhifei, he knew that the long life Jin Family wasn’t good to provoke, especially since Jin Taijun was fiercely protective of her children, treasuring the clan’s geniuses greatly.

Shi Hao said, “This type of thing even has the nerve to talk about rules, talk about instructing? There are so many great knights here, is there any room for you to act recklessly? If you don’t understand the difference between seniors and juniors, I’ll come chat with you, see who instructs who.”

Everyone laughed, feeling like there was something interesting to watch. These two had just met, yet there really might be a battle.

“Senior, you’ve also seen for yourself. This random thing is even challenging me, I can’t just not respond, right?” Jun Zhifei said with a chuckle.

“In my opinion, having instability inside isn’t too good either. We might as well just let them exchange some pointers.” The knight on the white lion said.

“Just leave things like this. I do not wish to see anyone seriously injured, lose fighting strength, I want all of you to kill enemies for me!” The great knight on the Heaven Swallowing Beast said coldly.

“Haha, fine, we’ll get this done quickly, it won’t affect the battle!” Jin Zhifei laughed loudly.

This triggered a great alarm, the cultivators of all clans looking over. They never expected that two geniuses were going to fight before going out to war!

The martial field was extremely large, if people wanted to fight an intense battle, there was enough space, even the incredibly massive Heaven Swallowing Beast had enough room to spread its wings, fly about as much as it liked.

“Challenging the Self Severing Realm while in the Void Dao Realm, this youngster is too arrogant. If he doesn’t wake up, he will definitely suffer greatly!” Someone said with a light sigh.

“The one he is challenging is a heaven warping genius, there is no way he can skip realms and win!”

Many people shook their heads, not thinking things will end well for Shi Hao at all, feeling pity for his situation. They believed that there was completely no chance of victory, that he was definitely going to be humiliated.

The martial field had a giant space opened up for the two to fight.

Self Severing Realm creatures could be considered rarely seen experts of this world.

There were some who believed that there were two final great cultivation realms above the Void Dao Realm, which were precisely Self Severing and Self Release!

Normally speaking, Self Release Realm’s people were too powerful, often being referred to as supreme beings!

Of course, there was a large group of people who believed that the Self Release Realm’s creatures still couldn’t be considered supreme beings, that they had to rise up one more great cultivation realm, the name of this realm itself Supreme Being!

“In this heaven and earth, there is only one supreme being!” It was unknown who it was that said this, but it was passed along generation to generation. Even long life families had stated that if they couldn’t touch upon this realm, then there was no way of achieving immortality.

There were some old monsters who, after doing research, felt that if the environment of the world hadn’t changed, in this entire great era, there would still only be one person who would ultimately achieve immortality. This was perhaps an annotation to that saying.

There were others who believed that an era could produce several supreme beings, but only one could achieve immortality.

In the long life families’ perspectives, after Void Dao Realm, there originally should have been: Self Severing, Self Release, Supreme Being, these three great realms.

Now, Meng Tianzheng and Immortal Wang were both people who entered what the outsiders believed to be the Supreme Being Realm, all of them wishing to fight over that final single position.

However, the world’s environment changed, their hopes of achieving immortality now uncertain.

Other creatures, like those in Self Release Realm, were praised as supreme beings, but that can only be considered praise. Before Meng Tianzheng and others, those people definitely didn’t dare call themselves this.

As for Yuan Qing, they called him a half supreme being, but that was actually just halfway to Self Release Realm.

Strictly speaking, the number of supreme beings in this world was limited. The unmatched creatures that were secluded within the ancestral altar should also be among these individuals.

On the martial field, Shi Hao stood against Jin Zhifei!

“There is no reason to make things so difficult. Since we are going out to battle, then we should end things quickly. Why don’t the two of us both use a divine will attack, quickly decide victory or defeat, what do you think?” Jin Zhifei asked.

“That’s fine!” Shi Hao responded in a straightforward manner.

A few people’s expressions changed, because they heard some rumors that Jin Zhifei’s divine will was unmatched, ridiculously powerful.

“Heh heh, old eight will definitely win, could be said that he’ll easily crush Huang, make his primordial spirit collapse, forever unable to raise his head.” There were others from Jin Family here.

It was because there was always a rumor that Jin Zhifei’s opportunities were ample, previously obtaining great natural luck. When he was young, he accidentally ate a rare soul nurturing divine herb.

He made it through the divine medicine’s impact, living. Moreover, after receiving the assistance of the experts from his clan, after endlessly refining his soul, it made his primordial spirit exceptionally powerful.

“Haha, young man, since you aren’t going to play your part, then let me teach you a bit about how to be a person.” Jin Zhifei sat on that Southern Li Divine Flame Rhinoceros, no intention of getting off. He was high above, looking down on Shi Hao.

The two had a bit of distance between them. This time, it wasn’t a battle of the flesh, but rather a divine will attack. It was definitely going to be extremely dangerous, because it involved a collision of the soul!

“You speak too much, still didn’t win yet! If you are defeated by me, won’t you feel extreme shame for your current stance?” Shi Hao spoke emotionlessly.

“You are extremely confident, this is a good thing. However, don’t completely collapse after you are defeated by me, have your dao heart broken. If that happens, then you won’t be able to achieve anything in this life.” Jin Zhifei said coldly, his eyes flickering with pressing coldness, light flashing through the sky like lightning.

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