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Chapter 1388 - Conscription

He was that old celestial who had lived since the archaic times from Celestial Clan. After not meeting for many years, not only did he not die in meditation, his vitality even became quite a bit greater.

The old celestial’s body was thin and withered up, indeed becoming a bit younger. He had a head of gray hair, even though his body was still dried-up, there was a life flame burning within him, no longer lifeless.

“It seems like you obtained some natural luck in Imperial Pass, your life flame not going out, going to continue burning for a few years.” Shi Hao said.

Back then, the old celestial didn’t have much lifespan left, already reaching his late years. Now, his spirit was healthy, blood energy abundant, there was no worry to his life force for quite some time.

“Entering Imperial Pass was precisely to give up my life, use up the residual heat within me. If I died right after coming here, wouldn’t it be letting down all of my cultivation?” The old celestial said.

There was not much to hide. When an ancient figure who shocked the world under heaven didn’t have much time left, they would be chosen to enter Emperor City, comply with the Archaic Contract of Alliance, go out to fight!

The great medicinal dao masters in the city would bestow divine pills upon them to prolong their lives, ensure that they could continue living for a period of time.

“There is much natural luck outside Imperial Pass, rumored to be immortal medicines. I have left the pass several times, even though I was fortunate enough not to die, I still never found any immortal medicines. Living a second life truly isn’t easy…” The old celestial said with a sigh.

Shi Hao’s mind was moved. The region outside Imperial Pass was mysterious after all, actually having such heaven-defying things. He had heard that there were dying experts who left Imperial Pass, but came back to live a second life!

Turns out all of this was related to immortal medicines and other things.

The old celestial spoke in a profound manner, “Heaven-defying natural luck isn’t as simple as just immortal medicine, there are many methods to live a second life, but all of them are too difficult. Those opportunities outside the pass aren’t easy to find.”

“What is your intention after telling me these things?” Shi Hao looked at him, not carrying any good feelings for the old celestial.

Back then, in the three thousand provinces, he had escorted Yun Xi for hundreds of thousands of li, avoiding the War Clan’s pursuit, yet in the end, when he arrived in Celestial Clan, the other party lusted after his Kun Peng Technique and other things.

In the end, Celestial Clan not only didn’t show him gratitude, instead throwing him into a prison, he almost died there.

The clan bit the hand that fed them, leaving Shi Hao with great disgust.

“Little friend, you’ve entered Imperial Pass for a few days already, it is time for you to be conscripted if we look at the time. However, I know that you talents are exceptional, so I don’t wish to send you straight into the blood-soaked battlefield. If you die, that would be too much of a pity. That is why I suggested to a senior to have you pick long life immortal medicines, what do you think?” The old celestial was all smiles.

Shi Hao’s face immediately became cold. He really wanted to directly trample down on this old mans’ face. This was definitely not some good thing. If long life medicines were that easy to pick, they would have long gone extinct, why did they have to wait for him to pick them?

If there really were any, then they would definitely grow within restricted areas, normal people unable to approach, even supreme beings most likely dying if they went there.

At the same time, Shi Hao was also shocked. The old celestial was so old, already living an incredibly long amount of time, yet he still made a suggestion to an older generation. This really gave him a headache.

“Your opportunities have always been quite ample, someone with great natural luck. When I thought about it, if there was anyone who could successfully pick the medicine, then it would be someone like you.” The old celestial said with a smile.

“I am not interested in picking medicines, I came to Imperial Pass to sharpen myself. Also, I will not accept any conscriptions, but rather choose to leave the pass myself.” Shi Hao coldly said.

“Is that so? However, our region here wasn’t notified of anything. Everyone is within the range of conscription.” The old celestial was all smiles.

At his side, those middle-aged men all wore silver armor, every one of them seething with killing intent. They were law enforcers, strength powerful, glaring at Shi Hao like a tiger watching its prey.

“If you aren’t willing to pick medicines, then that is one thing, you can follow the army out, however, that isn’t some game. One needs to face all types of life and death dangers on the battlefield.” The old celestial said.

Shi Hao looked at him coldly, not saying anything.

“One separation resulted in many years, now that the two of us have met again, we can be considered friends of the past. Let’s not talk about conscription matters, instead reminisce a bit.” The old celestial carried a smile.

“I thought that after reaching the Void Dao Realm, I wouldn’t be far from an old sect master like you. It seems like I am still lacking a bit.” Shi Hao sighed, not acting pretentious.

“Heh heh, youngster, you’ve really frightened me, already comparing yourself to me at such a young age. Sigh, should I feel sad, or should I force a bitter smile?” The old celestial said in self-mockery.

Then, he put away his smile, calmly saying, “Sect masters are divided into three six nine, the weakest Heavenly Deity Realm can even call themselves one, the most powerful naturally exceeding the Void Dao Realm, just like an old fella like me. After all, as someone who has left my name in the three thousand provinces’ history, I can’t be too weak.”

What do you mean too weak? You are too strong!

The old celestial was definitely not a simple figure, could be called an extremely terrifying creature, his cultivation deep and immeasurable!

“Little friend, in reality, I actually think highly of you, and I regret the decision in the past quite a bit, really should have married off Yun Xi to you, have you become a member of my Celestial Clan.” The old celestial said with a sigh.

Shi Hao didn’t pay this any attention, because everything had already happened. There was no meaning in mentioning the past.

“Haha, perhaps you think that I am being false, but what I wish to say is that I really am regretful. If I now proposed you and Yun Xi becoming dao companions, what would you say?” The old celestial asked.

“Senior, we should just let past events go.” Shi Hao said.

It was because he knew that it would be extremely difficult for him to get along with Celestial Clan, the clan’s guardian spirit even died because of him, this type of thing couldn’t be hidden. Celestial Clan’s people will definitely learn of it.

“You have a point, some things in the past, once the timing has passed, it is hard to go back. Sigh, this is especially the case after hearing the guardian spirit has died, it really is like having a knife twisted in my heart.” When he spoke up to here, the old celestial’s eyes released radiance, making the heavenly dome tremble, simply about to strike down stars!

“It has nothing to do with me. That guardian spirit’s age was too great, exhausting everything to deduce heavenly fate, in the end even exhausting his own life away.” Shi Hao said calmly.

“You really make it sound simple!” The Old Celestial narrowed his eyes, putting away his killing intent, recovering his cool.

However, no one said anything for a long time. He clearly held back that urge within him, not taking action, because this was Imperial Pass, no one daring to randomly kill here.

“My clan’s Yun Xi didn’t come, why didn’t I see Three Stone Monarch either?” The old celestial asked.

“I do not know.” Shi Hao shook his head. Yun Xi never even entered the Nine Heavens, so he naturally had no way of knowing.

As for Three Stone Monarch, this was someone even Shi Hao was quite curious about, where did he end up going? It was rumored that he entered the Nine Heavens, but there was no sign of him.

The old celestial didn’t say too much to him, instead looking at the others who came, saying, “Haha, comrades, this little friend is but a heaven warping genius, his potential truly shocking past and future. Do not let a pearl be lost in dirt, when conscripting him, you really have to consider things carefully, of course, you have to pay attention to his safety and danger.”

Shi Hao looked at old celestial coldly. The other party’s appearance this time definitely wasn’t out of good intentions, but rather for Celestial Clan’s sake, or perhaps it was others that he acted together with.

Perhaps, it was all of these reasons together.

“I’ve already said that I came here to sharpen myself, I will not accept any conscriptions. Are you all going to forcefully bring me away?” Shi Hao said coldly.

“Big brother, don’t go!”

“Don’t take big brother away!”

The group of children shouted. Even though they were young, it was definitely not the first time he saw this type of scene. They knew that once they went their separate ways, they would be parted by death, difficult for those who were conscripted to come back alive!

“Great ones, it is indeed not the last days yet, you cannot bring this young man away!” Shi Houde and the others also spoke up.

“Really is a group of endearing children, making one feel pity just by looking at them, they should be far from the battlefield. However… sigh.” The old celestial shook his head, saying with a sigh.

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. This old fella looked  polite and amiable, but his actions were cold and ruthless. Was this a threat against him?

“If there is anyone who targets Stone Clan, your clansmen outside might have something to worry about as well!” Shi Hao said extremely powerfully.

The old celestial and the people in silver armor were all shocked, and then they entered a momentary silence. It was because they thought of Ye Qingxian, Meng Tianzheng, and others. This youth named Huang was definitely not someone cut off from others.

The old celestial said, “Youngster, you thought too much. Why was Imperial Pass able to tower all this time? It is because the clans all have common wishes, all willing to fight for it. You should make your preparations, it is time to leave the pass.”

The ones in silver armor were the ones who carried out the conscription, and could also be called enforcers. All of them nodded, moreover stating that they didn’t come to conscript Shi Hao, but rather that there were rules set. Even the geniuses who came to sharpen themselves, when it came time to leave the pass, they still had to leave. If they didn’t go, then they would be asked to immediately return to the Nine Heavens.

The group of children even more so tugged at his clothes, their little faces looking up, full of worry. A few young girls directly cried, because they felt like he was going to die outside.

“Master, you have to come back alive!” A’Shou’s eyes carried tears.

“I heard people say that big brother is a supreme being among the younger generation, someone whose bravery is unmatched, previously continuously killing ten foreign great kings! He will definitely come back safely!” A child shouted.

“Child, preserving your own life is the most important, do not try to be brave!” The people of this tribe sent him off, all of them quietly warning.

“Wuwu, big brother, you have to come back safely!” A little girl wept.

Shi Hao felt a wave of warmth within him. It had already been a long time since he felt this feeling. It was as if he returned to the lower realm’s Stone Village, a type of feeling he felt towards his loved ones.

“Don’t worry, the heavens can’t stop me. There will be a day when I will sweep through the foreign side!” Shi Hao said with a loud laugh, and then left with large steps.

“I wish to know, what can I do to wash away Stone Clan’s so-called crimes and punishment?” Along the way, he asked the enforcers.

The old celestial’s status was extremely high, already leaving, not getting further involved.

“Oh? You wish to atone for the crimes of a sinner’s bloodline?” One of them said with shock.

“I am someone from this bloodline!” Shi Hao said.

“To redeem one person, you must kill a hundred. Right now, Stone Clan’s population is pitifully few, only around a thousand people, so you need to kill a hundred thousand experts from the foreign side, and then the great sin will truly be exempt.” An enforcer in silver armor said coldly.

Kill a hundred thousand?! Shi Hao sucked in a breath of cold air. This was just too difficult.

This wasn’t a confrontation between people of the same generation, but rather on the battlefield where the situation was complex. The difficulty of killing a hundred thousand terrifying experts was just too difficult.

It was because there were foreign ‘Dragonslayers’ there, specially in charge of monitoring the battlefield. When they saw creatures with potential or anyone too outstanding, they would take decisive action, cut down the dragon!

Apart from this, on the true battlefield, perhaps there might be undying beings!

Under this type of situation, on the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, who could kill a hundred thousand experts?

“What do you want to do?” A silver-robed enforcer laughed coldly.

“I wish to do it. Give me time, I will accomplish this!” Shi Hao said.

Soon afterwards, they arrived on a giant martial stage. There were already many people here. A silver-robed enforcer laughed loudly, saying, “Everyone, someone says they wish to kill a hundred thousand foreign enemies, do you all believe it?”

At this moment, everyone’s eyes looked over, staring at Shi Hao.

The experts of all clans gathered here, preparing to leave the pass and fight the enemy, fight a great battle in Desolate Border!

“I wish to know, if I can wipe out the ruling clans of the foreign side, for example, Anlan, Shutuo, these Emperor Clans, removing their members’ heads, would it be worth more?” Shi Hao asked.

“Indeed, there are some heads that are worth over a thousand heads of others, to the extent where there are important individuals whose heads are worth over a hundred thousand heads!” Above the sky dome, a great knight seated on a Heaven Swallowing Beast said.

“Good, I understand!” Shi Hao nodded.

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