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Chapter 1376 - Geniuses Gather

Shi Hao suddenly stood up, staring into the limits of the horizon. 

At the same time, the best geniuses of every region were called upon, asking if they wished to bathe in blood and flames, rise up in this chaotic world!

“There isn’t much time left for you all, no one knows when the gate of heaven and earth will be opened. Once the foreign side’s iron hooves cross over, everything will be too late then!”

“Go, let’s take a look. I wanted to pay Desolate Border a visit a long time ago. That is the place where my old man previously fought. I want to take a look, achieve the dao there!” The golden little ant jumped up, even more stirred up than Shi Hao.

At this time, old ancestors from long life families, some of them even the rulers of a clan, like stone statues in primal chaos mist, opened their eyes from unmoving states, responding to this.

“Let the children in the clans make the choice themselves!”

It could be said that regardless of whether they were small clans or long life families, all those that had top level geniuses were reached out to, all of them receiving the message.

The eccentrics of this world were moving!

Regardless of whether it was when Sacred Academy was founded, Immortal Academy established, or when Heavenly Deity Institution appeared, these eccentrics had all helped! Their strength was extremely great. Even though there were only a few of them, their power was immeasurable!

It could be said that they were guest elders of Immortal Academy, Scared Academy, and Heavenly Deity Institution.

The reason why the three academies were going to become integrated, rumored to become one, was precisely because of these individuals’ works!

However, these people were normally like idle clouds, field cranes, wandering the world, appearing and disappearing unpredictably, their whereabouts unknown.

This time, with the world in disaster, they quickly returned. After carefully consulting each other, they decided to foster the younger generation. After this task was completed, they would then head for the Desolate Border battlefield.

That was why this day, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ most famous geniuses all received the summoning!

In reality, these so-called geniuses were mostly disciples of Immortal Academy, Sacred Academy, or Heavenly Deity Institution already, because they were already chosen before, the most powerful group of youngsters precisely them.

This time, the range was widened slightly!

“Three academies will merge into one, this is really going to happen!” Someone said with a sigh.

That day, many youngsters responded to the call, heading out!

Meanwhile, in the following days, the youngsters of all different places moved out. After discussing things with their seniors, they felt that even if they weren’t going to Desolate Border, they still had to head to the place where the geniuses were gathering.

Within the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, geniuses all moved out, gathering together.

“Even if you all don’t go to Desolate Border, it doesn’t matter, we will still teach you with great care. When the time comes, those who are willing can continue on, those who don’t wish to take risks may return to your clans!” This was what an old monster promised.

This was a dao land, the terrain majestic, purple smoke rising in spirals. This was the spiritual essence in underground ancestral veins.

Shi Hao also came, seeing this terrain, feeling slightly moved. This was an expanse of sealed immortal earth!

There was great natural luck underground, left behind from Immortal Ancient. However, it had never been dug up, this place only used to nurture young cultivators.

This place was precisely in Immeasurable Heaven, but it wasn’t in Heavenly Deity Institution, nor was it one of the caves Sacred Academy and Immortal Academy previously excavated.

“Time is pressing, we don’t have time to unearth and tidy up the caves left behind from Immortal Ancient. Meanwhile, this place satisfies all of our needs!”

“This is a great earth ancestral vein left behind from Immortal Ancient. Even though it has been greatly damaged, only having a segment left, the bits of immortal mist that seep out are enough for you all to cultivate!”

Purple mist pervaded the cliffs. Several elders were seated there, explaining the situation to everyone.

They said they would combine all three academies into one, that they would choose an immortal king cave, but where would they get the time to make these arrangements? The powerful individuals all went to fight in Desolate Border.

The eccentrics didn’t plan on carrying out such a large project. They directly found and undid an ancient ancestral vein’s seal, turning this place into an unmatched cultivation dao rite to foster the youngsters.

“Those who are willing to head to Desolate Border, you all have a year of buffer!”

An elder sat in the primal chaos, telling everyone this important time period.

“In the following year, we will teach you about the various advantages and corrupt practices the foreign side uses, and we will also teach you all scriptures, help you clear up confusion, do everything we can to help you all grow!”

In this year, the young geniuses who came from the Nine Heavens would all study and cultivate here. Regardless of whether they were going to head to Desolate Border, they could still cultivate the dao here.

“Understanding the inner details of the enemy, listening to the combat experiences of the ancient people, these are things all of you should learn!”

“There was one who continuously fought bloody battles, going from an ordinary person to a small soldier, eventually becoming a forbidden existence who could look down on the foreign generation. I believe that there are people here who can do the same!”

“The divine abilities learned from books will always be too shallow in the end. One needs to be baptised within life and death, that is the quickest way to transform. I wish to see the most powerful creatures of this era rise up from this group!”


The elders spoke about many things, boosting everyone’s morale.

If not for time being pressing, the great battle arriving soon, why would they do this? They were all hoping for someone to create a miracle, to defy the heavens through blood and flames.

Shi Hao saw many people he recognized here. There was no need to talk about people like Qing Yi and witch, there were also many heaven warping individuals from Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy, for example, Little Sky King, Nine Netherworlds Ao, Great Xu Tuo, and others!

Apart from this, he also saw a group of people from Sacred Academy, among them one individual accompanied by Wang Xi who couldn’t avoid attention even if he didn’t want to. That person was wrapped within immortal mist, as if an emperor entered the world of mortals!

There was no need to ask, this was Jin Zhan, the male known to be the Pride of Heaven in this generation!

He walked the present world path, but right now, there was thick immortal energy covering his body. It really was shocking.

Apart from them, Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy had a few other peerless geniuses who hadn’t made an appearance also come. There were even more so inheritors that were hidden within long life families!

This time, it truly was a gathering of stars, the geniuses who should come all came. This was a great gathering of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ young heroic talents.

“Shi Hao, I heard that you overwhelmed ten kings in Great Scarlet Sky Border with your strength alone. It is truly moving, wa ha ha, worthy of being my brother!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit hopped over, slapping Shi Hao’s shoulder, purposely putting on a bold appearance.

In reality, it was as if she would never grow up, looking around thirteen or fourteen years of age, silver hair shiny, large eyes like rubies. No matter how one looked at her, this was a tender and immature young girl.

“Shi Hao, nothing bad happened to you, right?” Qing Yi walked over, her eyes gentle, softly asking, extremely concerned. The battle in Great Scarlet Sky Border triggered a huge commotion in the younger generation.

After all, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was even killed in battle, Lu Hong withering away. Those were all individuals known as young supreme beings!

Huang swept through all of his opponents in Great Scarlet Sky Border, continuously winning ten battles. It was difficult for him to not draw attention even if he tried!

Right now, all of the youngsters looked over, including Immortal Academy’s Little Sky King and others, as well as the Pride of Heaven Jin Zhan accompanied by Wang Xi and the others.

Shi Hao smiled and said, “When we go back, I’ll invite you all to eat a great foreign creature meal. Those are all king level bloodlines you know, could be considered rarest delicacies of this world. At the very least, I’ve never tasted them before!”

“Wahaha, excellent! I love eating vegetables the most, I’ve never tried the foreign radishes and cabbages yet. This time, I will properly enjoy myself!” The little rabbit’s skin was extremely thick, not red in the slightest.

However, after they reunited, before they weren’t given too much time to catch up, the liveliness was cut short.

It was because the elders on the cliff spoke up, talking about a few King Clans from the foreign side, as well as the terrifying unmatched clans!

“There is a clan that is known as one of the most ancient Emperor Clans, to the extent where it is even more ancient than Anlan and Shutuo, these two clans. Their strength is terrifying, enough to leave one in despair and fear. It is because this clan has a type of innate skill that allows them to create a truly unmatched ancestral method in this world, one that can make all divine abilities, precious techniques, and ten thousand methods extinguish!”

When an elder spoke about this, everyone was shaken up, feeling a great pressure. Immunity to divine abilities, magical force, just how heaven-defying was this? How was one supposed to win over this type of opponent?

Shi Hao was moved. This wasn’t something he heard for the first time, he had heard about this type of ancient Emperor Clan a long time ago.

Meanwhile, he previously cultivated a similar type of strange force, Magical Force Immunity. It could scatter the precious techniques and other things of the enemy, but it could only be used for a short amount of time. This was something he was able to obtain out of coincidence, the main reason because he ingested a Golden Bodhi Fruit.

However, this was the foreign Emperor Clan’s innate talent, ultimately turning it into an unmatched ancestral method. From a certain perspective, the other party had already researched it for two great eras, so it was definitely more complete and profound than what he possessed.

“I’m waiting to fight a battle to the death with this clan!” Shi Hao said to himself. He wanted to use this clan to perfect his own method.

“Anlan clan is too terrifying. The word Anlan itself a taboo, its power shocking Immortal Ancient. Back then, Heavenly Horned Ant Great One had his body pierced through by a golden pike, his blood splashing over the starry sky…” On the cliff, those elders were extremely serious, explaining all types of secrets.

As they spoke about these things, the youngsters who came to this place were all incredibly shocked.

“Seniors, I want to know, the foreign side has undying beings, while in our world, true immortals have long ceased to exist, so how are we supposed to fight? How are we supposed to resist the enemy? If nothing unexpected happens, aren’t we destined to lose?!”

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