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Chapter 1375 - Target: Desolate Border

Immortal Wang’s words left everyone stupefied, inwardly shocked. They never expected him to make this type of decision!

That gate was extremely massive, as if formed from a massive immortal peak. It towered between heaven and earth, supporting the universe, forming a realm crossing divine dao gate.

Troop after troop of soldiers set out, every one of them surging with blood energy, spiritual essence surrounding them. Divine force overflowed from these people, gathering together, crashing down like great waves against a shore, shaking up the skies, making this place unstable.

These were definitely elites, their helmets bright, armors shining, the cold radiance of their weapons illuminating the nine heavens, leaving even one’s primordial spirit even horrified. They were like a group of demonic gods from hell, about to fight in the great desolate land.

At first, it was still calm, but as the great army arrived, barbaric beasts were used as mounts, stirring about restlessly, all of them ancient beasts, many of them abnormal species who cultivated for over ten thousand years. Knights sat on top of them, holding pikes, war spears, and other things, the scene extremely frightening!

These vicious beasts had cold scales that flickered with metal-like cold radiance. They were extremely large, every one of them releasing low roars, shaking up the void until it split up.

There were over ten thousand ancient beasts, quite a few of them having long horns on their heads, cold and deep, tearing through the sky like heavenly blades. Their hooves were massive, trampling down on the world until heaven and earth trembled, rumbling with noise.

This place was noisy, killing intent surging!

This wave of elite soldiers were definitely not a normal army. Regardless of where they slaughtered, there would be a rain of blood and foul winds, triggering great shock.

No one expected Immortal Wang to invest so deeply, handing over an army this large to support Desolate Border!

This wasn’t all. Loud and clear bird cries sounded, giant wings spreading into the skies. Vicious birds rushed out from the spatial gate one after another, unfolding their divine wings, covering the sky and hiding the sun.

It was as if black clouds drifted over one after another, casting great shadows over the earth, making one feel suffocated, even breathing difficult.

Ten thousand vicious beasts flew over, every one of them with cultivators seated on them. Man and giant bird, this was a powerful combination. Roiling killing intent surged, surging high into the sky.

These vicious birds were made up of descendants of all types of divine birds, while the ones in the lead were all divine birds, for example, Golden Crows, Pengs, Green Golden Luans, and others, precious wings splitting the heavens!

Ten thousand mounted vicious beasts, ten thousand vicious birds, and eighty thousand soldiers on war chariots, all of them moved through the skies, creating an extremely shocking scene.

“This is precisely my sincerity!” Immortal Wang’s voice sounded from behind the spatial gate.

No one expected to see this type of huge expense. This was definitely not making up the numbers with inferior troops, but rather Wang Family’s personal powerful troops, an extremely important wave of power.

Immortal Wang actually sent them out, sending them as reinforcements to Desolate Border!

This was completely different from what everyone imagined. He offered up an extremely important wave of strength!

Great Elder looked at this great army. After remaining silent for a bit, he said with a smile, “Brother Wang has shown great kindness. This great army can be considered great help in our hour of need!”

In the sky, the great golden dao paths withdrew, entering the bodies of several elders. They stood together with Meng Tianzheng, all of them leaders of long life families, peerless experts!

They didn’t say anything. They originally wished to support Great Elder Meng Tianzheng, all of them wanting an explanation from Wang Family, but now that they saw this scene, they could only release a light sigh.

Jin Taijun was first shocked, and then she revealed a smile, saying, “Brother Wang is formidable, still like when you were young, heroic and unrivaled, majestic aura swallows ten thousand li. This type of dedication is worthy of admiration!”


The army of a hundred thousand roared out this word together, making the heavens collapse and earth split as a result, pitch-black great cracks like those of an abyss extending in the sky. They were completely unified, might world shocking.

This fully displayed Wang Family army’s backing, definitely brilliant soldiers, all of them possessing extraordinary skills.

“Excellent! If all of the clans could be like this, the Desolate Border will remain unbreaking, my world can be preserved, giving our more extraordinary descendants enough time to grow!” An old monster from a long life family at Great Elder Meng Tianzheng’s side nodded and said.

“Father, we were unfilial, lost face for you!” In Heavenly Deity Institution, one of the five dragons that was subdued in Heavenly Deity Institution said.

The five dragons didn’t cry for help, nor did they curse Great Elder Meng Tianzheng and others. Only, this type of tone made others couldn’t help but develop suspicions. Were they acting in response to Immortal Wang’s great might, or were they pointing out something?

“Idiots, overestimating your capabilities. Just properly make contributions in Desolate Border, kill a few more enemies to wash away your guilt and crimes!” Immortal Wang said.

The five dragons’ expressions all changed. Immortal Wang really made this decision. The hundred thousand elite soldiers that were brought over were not to exchange for these five dragons, they were still going to be sent out.

After remaining silent, they all bowed down, obeying this order.

Immortal Wang said, “The hundred thousand soldiers will be handed to you five, properly lead them to kill the enemy. Don’t act foolishly again, don’t let them bleed for no reason, glory coexists with blood!”

“Understood!” The five dragons shouted loudly, their eyes all becoming deep. The hundred thousand men were prepared for them, perhaps what they will rely on to stand tall in Desolate Border, they couldn’t waste their father’s efforts.

In the distance, everyone frowned, but soon afterwards, their expressions calmed. It would most likely be hard for outsiders to command Wang Family’s great army, only the five dragons were fit for this.

Towards this, neither Great Elder nor those true rulers of long life families interfered, acknowledging this fact.

“Brother Wang is generous, extremely kind!” Jin Taijun laughed. Then, she personally took action, undoing the five dragons’ restrictions in Heavenly Deity Institution.


In that instant, the five dragons’ blood energy overflowed, a streak of scarlet multicolored light shooting from their crowns, piercing the sky dome. This was their life essence blood, surrounded by rich chaotic energy.

This scene was too terrifying. The five dragons’ strength was exceptional, bravery unmatched, power oppressing countless great sects!

This time, if it wasn’t for the five old soldiers who participated in Immortal Ancient’s last phase war that took ation, others could completely forget about subduing them. All of them would be killed if they tried.

They instantly connected their broken bodies. It was as if thunder rumbled within their bodies, the sound of blood flowing. It was accompanied by immortal mist and chaotic energy, directly recovering.

People as powerful as these were ridiculously full of life. Even if their bodies were ripped apart, four limbs and head separately buried in different parts of the world, they would still be quickly gathered, reassemble.

When one’s power reached this extent, it was extremely difficult to kill them, difficult to send them to the grave!

“All of you are good men, heroes at the prime of your lives. I hope you all can kill many enemies in Desolate Border, establish a legend, raise up Wang Family’s past matchless immortal might!” Jin Taijun said with a smile, her old eyes closed.

“Many thanks to senior!” The five dragons saluted together.

Their eyes were cold as they swept at Shi Hao, Cao Yusheng, golden little ant and others. However, this time, they didn’t express anything else, not opposing them.

However, the deep coldness within this glance made everyone’s heart tremble, as if they were stared at by a giant prehistoric beast, extremely dangerous.

“Brother Wang, why don’t you come over for a chat?” Meng Tianzheng spoke, inviting Immortal Wang out from Wang Family over to Heavenly Deity Institution.


A wide great golden path appeared in the spatial gate, auspicious multicolored light in large amounts, incredibly auspicious. It extended all the way here, many great dao flowers scattering down in the surroundings, scripture sounds rising and falling.

This was an irregular scene that would only appear when the most powerful individuals walked the world, touching upon the long life domain, about to achieve immortality!

Half a step to immortality!

This was Immortal Wang’s strength, someone known as one of the most powerful individuals in this world!

A young man walked out from the great golden path, life force exuberant, graceful and elegant. This was an extraordinary and aloof young man. He was just too young, truly making one’s eyes pop out.

It was because this was the first time many people were seeing this legendary giant!

Everyone simply refused to believe what they were seeing, that this harmless, beautiful young man who only looked seventeen or eighteen years of age, was Immortal Wang whose might had dominated endless time. It was too inconceivable.

However, he didn’t give everyone the chance to watch for too long.

The great golden path extended from the horizon to Heavenly Deity Institution, quickly disappearing from everyone’s sight.

“Dao brother’s grace truly leaves us in admiration!” A ruler of a long life family sighed with praise. This was what he sincerely felt and not spoken out of flattery.

“I’ve aged, still become old in the end. As for living a second life, I am only halfway there.” Immortal Wang smiled, his teeth snow-white, brilliant to the point where it was a bit dazzling.

“All of you, come over, offer your apologizes to Brother Meng.” Immortal Wang called over his children.

Comparatively speaking, the five dragons were all elders, their hair gray and white. Compared to him, outsiders really didn’t know who was the senior.

The five dragons were stupefied. They greeted Meng Tianzheng and said, “Senior, please forgive our hastiness!”

“There is no need to trouble the younger generation any further, they are all good children.” Jin Taijun was all smiles, her face covered in wrinkles, speaking out like this.

Great Elder transmitted sound to Immortal Wang, saying, “Brother Wang, I am an extremely straightforward person, if there is something to say, I will just say it. This child Huang obtained a scripture, and he has gifted it to me to study. I feel like this scripture is quite formidable, if you are interested, in the future, I can let you consult it as well.”

He then further transmitted and said, “I already established nine dao restrictions on Huang’s primordial spirit, so no outsiders can view the scripture, or else the scripture would be destroyed.”

Immortal Wang’s eyes were deep. He gave Shi Hao a look, and then he looked at Great Elder.

“This scripture is extremely extraordinary. If Wang Family establishes great merit for the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, you will naturally have the right to research it. At the time, I will personally bestow it.” Great Elder said.

Immortal Wang’s eyes were extremely deep, one could vaguely make out the scene of when heaven and earth were first separated, even more so sun being destroyed, moon falling. Wisps of chaotic energy scattered out, the scene extremely shocking!

Then, he nodded, not saying anything.

The long life families’ rulers stopped for a bit. After discussing things for a bit, they each departed in their separate directions.

“Depart for Desolate Border!” Wang Family’s hundred thousand elite troops went on their way. Under Great Elder and a giant from the long life family’s lead, they all went out to join the battle.

The Nine Heavens naturally had to have people protecting it as well. There were giants that remained behind!

The situation was unstable, this great world reached the critical moment of life and death again. All clans made moves one after another, preparing to face the other side.

The most powerful group of people from the younger generation were naturally not forgotten. That very day, someone came looking for them.

“Do you all wish to grow up quickly, become miracles? Only a baptism of flames and blood can allow one to grow up the fastest!”

This was a voice that sounded by Shi Hao’s ears, ringing like a great bell!

“The ancient people were powerful because they excelled at battle, fighting many battles, constantly fighting. There were rumors that there were people who, while at a similar age as yourselves, headed straight for Desolate Border, bathing in the blood of enemies, becoming stronger the more they fought. They gradually ascended into the heavens, becoming supreme beings, and then broke through the trial of death, directly becoming war immortals!”

“There were people who could do this in the past, what about you all? Do you want your names to shake up endless generations, or do you want to just let things run their course? Are you going to advance bravely, or are you going to hide in your greenhouses?!”

“One has to understand that Desolate Border is not only a battlefield, but also a place of natural luck. The mountains are vast, immortal earth boundless, burial grounds endless. The dao rites of ancient great powers are everywhere, just too many opportunities. To rise up from small soldiers, slaughter your wait out from the lowest rung, this can allow all of you to pry into the path of immortality, advance boldly between blood and death. Who dares head there? Do you all have the courage?!”

This voice rang through heaven and earth, making one’s blood boil and resonate.

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