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Chapter 1374 - Dispatched to Desolate Border

The five dragons were all pressed to the ground and beaten, simply like something out of a fantasy. Everyone was completely stupefied.

When the people from various long life families saw this scene, they all lost their voices. What could they even say? They were asking themselves if what they were seeing was real, but reality was right before their eyes.

Pi pa!

The noises were sharp and clear. The five old soldiers were extremely ruthless. They took action, not even the five dragons able to hold on anymore, their flesh lacerated and bones broken.

If those from the side dared touch them, then they would definitely be blasted apart, blasted into bloody mist before they even got close. Even though the five dragons had their cultivation sealed, their flesh could still produce protective fields on their own.

However now, they were like sheep, unable to stop the five old soldiers.

“Immortal Ancient departed spirits, you all should have scattered a long time ago! You all actually dare to humiliate us!” Wang Wu was violent tempered, not bowing down even under this type of situation, instead shouting out angrily.

He was angered to the point where his entire body was shivering. For him, this was a type of humiliation, he had never felt so dejected before, pressed to the  ground and having his mouth smacked, it truly was unimaginable.

From the past until now, how many great figures had experienced these things before?

Right now, he really wanted to explode his own body, end this type of humiliation. It was just too hard to endure, intolerable.


An old soldier’s large palm descended, blade radiance flickering between his fingers, removing his head, separating it at the neck. Moreover, a finger pointed at the space between his brows, about to deal the killing blow!

“Stop, don’t take his life!” Wang Si shouted. He was now truly scared. He already saw that these old soldiers were too ruthless, turned into puppets, their previous emotions erased, not feeling the slightest trace of mercy towards a so-called long life family.

“Are you all convinced. Do you still dare kick people around?” The golden little ant said noisily.

Everyone was speechless. Did this little devil still not want to stop? The five dragons were about to be tormented to death already, this type of humiliation even harder to accept than death.

“Let’s stop here.” Great Elder said, having the five soldiers stop.

“Are we going to let them go right here? Isn’t this asking for trouble?” The golden little ant was unsatisfied. These five dragons were clearly not easy to deal with, they will definitely get revenge in the future.

“They are experts, rarely seen in this world. These types of people cannot be dealt with like this.” Great Elder said.

“Meng Tianzheng, are you trying to mediate our relationship? What is the point in doing this now, just do your worst!” Wang San shouted angrily, seething in anger.


Great Elder kicked out, sending him flying, the bones in his body releasing pi pa sounds, more than ten of them breaking on the spot, the injuries becoming even more serious.

“You…” Wang San was shocked and furious.

“The reason I plead for leniency, to not let you all endure anymore hardships isn’t because I am weakening my attitude, even more so not to allow you all to act wildly. Immortal Wang didn’t properly discipline you all, so I don’t mind using some time to properly teach all of you.” Great Elder said coldly.

“Then what do you want to do?” Wang San stared at him.

“All of you will be left behind to kill the enemies in Desolate Border!” Great Elder said.

Wang Family’s five dragons were immediately stunned, and then they woke up.

Everyone who was watching also became shocked, understanding what Great Elder wished to do. They were going to be sent to Desolate Border, to use their exceptional strength to kill enemies.

This was sending them away to serve a penal sentence. Once they were sent there, they would likely never return, their final end was definitely dying in battle!

“Meng Tianzheng, you are… using public office to avenge private wrongs, sending us five to our deaths!”

“Meng Tianzheng, is this something you can decide? It is something that all clans have to decide on!”

Wang Da and Wang Er immediately became anxious, shouting out loudly. If they truly stepped on that path, would they even be able to live?

“Shut up!” Great Elder kicked out, sending them flying, blood dying the skies. “The clans are all fighting with their lives on the line in Desolate Border, your Wang Family still hasn’t sent anyone over, so it will just be you all!”

Then, Great Elder stared at them coldly, saying, “However, it is precisely this attitude that you all have that allows me to carry a bit of hope, allowing me to believe you all one more time that you didn’t betray us for the enemy.”

“Elder, they are just pretending, they should all be killed!” The golden little ant shouted hatefully.

“Nonsense, you all wish to ruin our lives, this is intolerable! I wish to talk to the clansmen, converse with the family!” Wang San shouted.

They didn’t wish to be sent to the Desolate Border, not wishing to die, wishing to meet with Immortal Wang, ask him to interfere.

“You all have exceptional skills for nothing, not using it to kill enemies, isn’t it a waste? It’s already decided. This warship from Wang Family will depart for Desolate Border, join the war!” Great Elder said.

Everyone sighed. The five dragons’ fate was hard to alter, fated to fight in Desolate Border.

Many people inwardly clapped their hands in admiration, especially a few long life families who even more so released a breath of relief, feeling that things should be just like this.

Only a few people felt regretful, because they weren’t able to see Wang Family’s Nine Dragons move out together. If that happened, then they could’ve watched an unmatched great battle of the nine dragons taking action together!

It had always been said that when the nine dragons were together, then they would be unmatched under the sky. However, they never saw this themselves.

“No, I won’t yield! It isn’t because I fear death, but it is because I need to discuss things with father! My Wang Family can participate in the battle, but we can’t be forced by others, that is too shameful!” Wang Wu shouted.

“Correct, my Wang Family is willing to contribute in Desolate Border, but we can’t go through this type of method!” Wang Si also roared.

“Since you all don’t fear death, then just go, the earlier you go, the more help you all will be. With your skills, you will definitely establish great merits in Desolate Border. You all know that there is great natural luck there as well, who knows, you all might even obtain great benefits!” Great Elder berated.

“You… are arbitrarily taking action, it cannot be like this!” Wang Er roared out, feeling shocked and furious.

Wang Family’s five dragons were struggling, not wishing to head to the battlefield. They roared here, struggling about.

At this time, immortal music sounded above, auspicious multicolored light blossomed. A great golden path stretched out for who knew how many tens of thousands of li, descending from outer space.

Everyone was shocked, all of them stunned. This was a realm crossing passage!

Someone supported heaven and earth with unmatched divine force, arriving from another place in the Nine Heavens, entering Immeasurable Heaven.

“Yuyu Heaven’s Gold Family!”

Someone recognized who it was because they saw the ancient emperor carriage on the great golden path, on it Yuyu Heaven’s Gold Family’s insignia. This was an extremely powerful long life family.

Everyone’s minds jumped, because this emperor carriage was no small matter, it belonged to the clan’s Lady Monarch, an old woman with unimaginable cultivation.

She was the old ancestor of the Gold Family, the number one expert of the long life family, her magical force boundless.

This golden war chariot, despite looking quite dim in color, also a bit damaged, these were all proof of past brilliant battles, an object that had existed in two great eras!

This was the ancient war chariot Gold Family inherited from the last great era, becoming Lady Monarch’s vehicle. 

At this moment, the war chariot rumbled, directly arriving through the golden light passage from Clear Profound Heaven, appearing in Immeasurable Heaven, descending onto Heavenly Deity Institution.

Only this emperor carriage could move through the Nine Heavens this easily, as if it was traveling on level road!

“There is trouble”! Someone said with a sigh.

It was because everyone from long life families knew what she came here for.

Gold Family produced an exceptional pride of heaven named Jin Zhan, someone who cultivated in Sacred Academy, this person known to have shattered all types of records from past to present, forging his own path. No one could face him in the present world methods path, exceeding all those before him!

It was precisely this Jin Zhan, who was betrothed to Wang Family’s Wang Xi.

It could be said that Wang Family and Gold Family were connected by marriage, adding power on top of power, making all of the so-called top level powers all feel incomparable restraining fear.

“Jin Taijun!” Even Great Elder Meng Tian became serious, staring at that war chariot.

“Brother Meng and I have previously met!” An old woman walked out from the golden ancient war chariot. She was extremely tall, the passage of time leaving too many traces on her body. She was old and gray-haired, face covered in wrinkles, blood energy already a bit dried-up.

Otherwise, when someone of this caliber came out, when even the slightest bit of blood energy leaked out, it would make the heavens split apart, great earth cave in.

She treasured it greatly, restricting all of her blood energy, not letting even a wisp flow out.

“Brother Meng, I came to plead for leniency. Could you give me face and let these five dragons go?” Jin Taijun was extremely direct, speaking like this. Her head of snow-white hair was like silver, a closed vertical eye resting between her brows.

This was a terrifying figure, unknown just how many tens of thousands of years it had been since she emerged in the world. Now, she came on her clan’s ancient war chariot, arriving in Immeasurable Heaven precisely to rescue the five dragons.

Everyone sighed inwardly. Wang Family and Gold Family were connected through marriage, clearly moving together. In this type of situation, Jin Taijun appeared.

Jin Family was a huge power, and Jin Taijun was even more so a matchless figure. She was someone whose might had illuminated the archaic years, brilliance rushing into the heavens, not many people able to compete with her.

Right now, she was already incredibly aged, but regardless, she still left others fearful. There might still be unmatched strength within her.

Everyone watched silently, many of them not wishing to see the five dragons absolved from punishment. However, they also knew that it was hard to say what would happen now that Jin Taijun spoke.

Great Elder Meng Tianzheng looked at her. After remaining silent for a moment, he said, “I refuse!”

It was just these two words, extremely direct, rejecting her just like that.

“Brother Meng, you also have younger generation, and also… descendants. Do you not wish to have some leeway, think for your descendant, give a bit of face?!” Jin Taijun said.

When speaking these words, she emphasized the word ‘descendant’. This left everyone shocked, Great Elder also had a descendant? This was the first time many people learned of this.

It was because according to the rumors. Great Elder Meng Tianzheng remained unmarried throughout his life, not having a dao companion. Now, this information was released, that he had descendants!

“Are you threatening me?” Great Elder said coldly.

“I do not dare. I only wish to say that you should put yourself in others’ shoes, be a bit more tolerant, give the descendants a chance. This way, the Nine Heavens can remain polite and amiable, so that nothing bad will happen in the future.” Jin Taijun had an amiable expression on her face, speaking in an easy-going manner.

Many people sensed sharpness from her words. This was a type of hinting, even more so a type of forcefulness!

“Stop speaking useless words. No one can change this matter no matter who comes!” Great Elder refused strictly, moreover saying, “My descendants are in Desolate Border, life and death ruled by fate. If they fall in battle, then that is the best final destination!”

When everyone heard these words, they were all shaken up, couldn’t help but feel great respect for Great Elder. His descendants were in Desolate Border, just how selfless was this, sending all of his descendants there!

Right now, regardless of whether it was the people watching in secret or those standing here, they all felt a wave of respect.


Right at this time, brilliant light flickered about in the sky, immortal mist surging in waves. There were divine beasts that brought war chariots over, four or five powerful auras emerged in succession, their aura covering heaven and earth.

They were all people from long life families. A few of the most ancient figures appeared!

“We support Brother Meng’s decision!” A few people walked out, primal chaos surging, immortal mist faintly discernible. They spoke out at the same time.

Several long life families supported him, making Jin Taijun’s expression changed. In the end, she nodded and said, “Fine!”


Right at this moment, at the limits of the horizon, an enormous door opened, endless troops rushing out, their armor resplendent, blade radiance shocking the heavens, exceptionally dazzling. This was a group of elites, right now arriving through a spatial gate!

“Just a few unworthy offspring. Brother Meng can punish them as he pleases, just have them bring back some merit in Desolate Border. At the same time, my Wang Family will send out a hundred thousand elite troops!”

This voice sounded from the spatial gate. It was Immortal Wang!

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