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Chapter 1369 - Formation Annihilated

They had previously fought a world-shaking battle in the Desolate Border, bathed in the blood of endless enemies. In the end, they returned with their bodies in ruin, left with no choice but to refine their own bodies into puppets. These were old soldiers who had previously fought great battles with the foreign side!

However now, they had to take action against the descendants of the Nine Heavens. Being forced to this step also left one feeling sorrow and helplessness. Their spears should’ve been pointed at the foreign side, yet now, there were people from the Nine Heavens who opposed them.

“You… let me down!” Wang Ji cried out. He was nailed into the air, in great pain, difficult for him to endure this type of torment.

Blood flowed down along the spear’s black golden shaft, an alarming sight. Wang Ji couldn’t move at all, only able to scream out, the spearpoint eating at his soul.

“Dao friends, please be magnanimous, there are some things that can be settled with just a bit of explaining. We still haven’t taken action against Shi Hao, yet you all pierced Wang Ji’s chest, killed our clan’s disciples, isn’t this going a bit too far?” Wang Zhen spoke. He already withdrew far away.

That war chariot really was unordinary, swirling and flowing with complex bone texts, successfully avoiding the five old soldiers’ attacks.

This place became completely quiet.

Everyone was extremely shocked. Wang Family’s army of thousands surrounded Heavenly Deity Institution, yet over a hundred people were swept through just now, crushed and turned into corpses.

“Even you all have the shame to use the two words ‘too far’. Leading an army of thousands to surround Heavenly Deity Institution, already said that you were here to seize Shi Hao, what not taking action against Shi Hao is there to talk about? Could it be that we can’t resist until you all hold the executioner’s blade by our necks?” Cao Yusheng said.

The five old soldiers’ strength exceeded everyone’s expectations. These were Wang Family’s elites, their trump card, yet in the end, they were chopped up like vegetables, over a hundred people killed in an instant. 

“Please let down Wang Ji, we can slowly discuss things between us.” Wang Zhen said, still remaining calm. He had white hair and fine skin, possessing a type of immortal feeling.

Wang Ji was his descendant, someone who could also be considered an expert in the clan, his status not low. He couldn’t just watch his own descendant die.

“Kill him!” Shi Hao said, not showing the slightest hesitation.

“The Heavenly Horned Ant bloodline cannot be humiliated!” The solder leader’s war spear shook. With a pu sound, Wang Ji only had time to release a miserable scream, and then he broke to pieces, turning into a blast of bloody mist, losing his life.

A great expert from Wang Family died just like that, like a radish being pared, like cabbage being chopped up, simple, efficient, and direct.

“You…” Wang Zhen’s expression changed, suddenly becoming angry, losing his cool. The other party killed an important figure from Wang Family, not showing any mercy.

In the surroundings, the great families nearby who hurried over after they heard the news all trembled inwardly. Those five old soldiers left them all in great fear. Even though they had long died, no longer true creatures, they still possessed the confidence to overlook everyone here.

They all knew that things could no longer be mediated, this might very well develop into a huge matter!

“Set up the formations, bring out all of the formation cores. Today, since all of you decided to act ruthlessly, don’t blame my Wang Family for acting rudely. We will use violence to kill all of you demons!” Wang Zhen said coldly.

Then, following an order, bronze formation cores appeared between these soldiers one after another, linking this place up. A terrifying aura was released.

This was Wang Family’s war formation, passed down from their ancestors. It had displayed outstanding use when fighting against other long life families before.

“Who are you calling the demons?” Shi Hao berated.

The five old soldiers had fought endless battles in Immortal Ancient, in the end dragging back their ruined bodies, ultimately sealing themselves into puppets. These people had established great merit, protecting these Nine Heavens. Insults against them couldn’t be tolerated.

Everyone was shocked, because at this moment, Shi Haos face fell, extremely angry. It was clear that Wang Family’s remarks touched his bottom line.

“There are some things that can’t be said. Slandering me isn’t that big of a deal, but there are some people you all truly shouldn’t insult. Ask the people here, who dares call these five seniors demons?!” Shi Hao shouted loudly.

“You call them old soldiers who had fought endless battles in Immortal Ancient, but what proof do you have? It is nothing more than a title of righteousness you established yourself, wishing to get the world on your side. Let our Wang Family’s soldiers examine if they really have that type of strength!” Wang Zhen said coldly.


On Wang Family’s side, formation cores shone, mottled copper rust stains came off, every single one of them starting to become sparkling and translucent.

These bronze formation cores all had many blade marks and sword holes, but now, these already couldn’t be considered flaws, because they had great dao patterns infused into them, making them even more terrifying.

At the same time, this proved that these formation cores had experienced great battles before. They had been immersed in blood and flames.

“Arrange the formation, attack!” Wang Zhen shouted.

His white hair fluttered about, body releasing killing intent. Immortal dao energy completely disappeared, malicious intent surging into the sky. When one person’s aura changed so greatly in an instant, it was also extremely shocking.

The several thousand soldiers raised their weapons at the same time, slowly advancing. This time, it was completely different from before. Those formation cores moved, interweaving into bone texts, surrounding the void.

Everyone was covered within, every single soldier protected inside!

This was a battle formation, one of Wang Family’s killing formations that could cut down the Nine Heavens’ gods and devils, the power boundless.

When they saw the war formation shine, a few long life families’ expressions became extremely ugly, because some of their seniors had previously died under this formation.

“Pierce through them, kill them all!” The golden little ant shouted, truly finding Wang Family’s people unsightly. Not only were they bossy and domineering, they were even extremely hypocritical.

Thousands of people advanced, charging forward like a powerful stream of steel, power sky-shocking. The entire world began to tremble; right now, everyone held their breaths.

It was because Wang Family was going all out, now truly displaying their power.


When all of the soldiers raised their weapons, aiming them all at the five soldiers, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Waves of chaotic energy surged in this battle formation.

This made everyone shiver inwardly. It was as if an ancient prehistoric giant had revived, its body condensing in this battle formation, as if it was going to defy the heavens and return to this world!

“Aohou…” Sure enough, a roar sounded. A gray-colored monster appeared. It had a divine ape head, a wolf body, giant snake tail, and even a pair of black bat wings, its appearance extremely sinister.

This was a world-shocking killing formation, able to continuously release prehistoric giants. They rushed out from the formation cores, making one shiver with fear. There were several hundred formation cores! If they all released vicious beasts, then it would be unimaginably terrifying.


Several thousand people roared, their voices shocking heaven and earth!

At this moment, Shi Hao, the golden little ant, Cao Yusheng, and the others’ expressions all changed. They truly underestimated Wang Family’s backing, this type of power too shocking.

It was because right at this moment, many formation cores lit up, several dozen prehistoric giants emerging, every one of them looking majestic and imposing, their power exceptional.

This was a killing formation made specially to deal with peerless experts!

“Seniors, be careful!” Shi Hao transmitted sound.

The five soldiers stood together. Their weapons shot through the void, the trajectories extremely frightening, as if heavenly blades were descending onto this world, deep and cold killing energy shaking up the heavens.

Great dao symbols appeared from their bodies, deep and cold, as if they came from the realm of asuras, killing intent flourishing even more powerfully!

“Destroy the formations!”

The soldier leader released a low shout. The five individuals advanced together, facing Wang Family’s great formation with their bodies.


One of the soldiers raised his large black halberd into the air, hacking apart the monster that appeared first, killing it on the spot!

The five individuals were actually this terrifying! Everyone sighed with astonishment. They had just begun, yet it already left Wang Family’s side shaken.

“Revive all of them, activate all of the formation cores! Kill them all!” Wang Zhen said coldly.

Several hundred formation cores shone at the same time, becoming brilliant and dazzling. Prehistoric giants appeared one after another, crushing down until heaven and earth split apart, making the ground tremble. This type of power was too great, as if the most powerful beings were displaying their power.

“Accept death!” At the same time, Wang Zhen laughed coldly. He produced a magical decree that was extremely ancient, a fragment left behind from the last great era. It possessed a type of mysterious power, prepared specially for dealing with unmatched experts. Right now, it supported the battle formation.


Sure enough when the five soldiers took the initiative to attack, their weapons were all blocked. The great formation produced a barrier of light, protecting everyone.

This was especially true after it was supported by the magical decree fragment. Its power increased greatly, the great formation not being affected at all.

That was, without a doubt, an immortal dao decree!

It was to the extent where it might even be a supreme treasure fragment, its origins impossible to even estimate.

Everyone’s expressions changed. The situation was extremely terrible. Wang Family came fully prepared.


Right at this time, the old soldier leader produced a small tattered banner, throwing it into the great formation in front of him.


Everything changed. Wang Family’s formation became unstable, starting to shake intensely. The hundreds of giant beasts that appeared all cried out, trembling continuously.

Of course, the most direct change was that the decree fragment Wang Family brought out released a pu sound, starting to burn, quickly turning to ashes.

“That is… an immortal banner?!” Wang Zhen’s face immediately became pale.

“A ruined banner that had basked in the blood of countless enemies, belonging to our squadron. Even though only the five of us are left, the war banner still remains!” The old soldier said quietly, as if reminiscing about the past.


After eliminating that magical decree fragment, the damaged small banner destroyed several dozen formation ores. The five old soldiers walked forward with large steps, unleashing a great murderous disaster.

It was just that simple, directly breaking through the formation!

The five of them were like fierce tigers that entered a group of sheep, weapons breaking and blood splashing out wherever they went, no one able to stop them!

“Kill!” Wang Zhen shouted out. He had no choice but to stake it all. It was because the group of old soldiers immediately arrived in front of him, too fast, not even his ancient war chariot could move this quickly.


The magical artifact he activated flew out, the war chariot helping him block a world-shocking strike.

“Stop!” He shouted.

However, that soldier didn’t listen to anything he said, only attacking murderously.

Wang Zhen was extremely strong, powerful and extraordinary, but he didn’t wish to exchange attacks with this old soldier, fearing that he was an Immortal Ancient resident. He activated the magical decree fragment again, wishing to kill the soldier in front of him.

However, the old soldier’s body surged with an expanse of symbols, directly blasting that magical decree to pieces. These were immortal dao symbols.

“Heavenly Horned Ant Great One had previously bestowed this, carving protection symbols. Even a corner of a damaged immortal dao magical decree wants to injure me?”


The other four rushed over as well, appearing at almost the same time. Five weapons stabbed out together, piercing through Wang Zhen’s flesh.


Wang Zhen roared out, struggling intensely, but he couldn’t escape at all. His primordial spirit was sealed within his flesh, no way for it to escape the body.

“Hurry and stop! Everything can still take a turn for the better, we can discuss things!” He released a low roar, not wishing to die.

“There is no need!” A soldier exerted force. The heavenly spear brandished about, hacking apart Wang Zhen at the waist. Blood gushed out crazily.

“I am Wang Family Nine Dragons’ second dragon’s eldest son, you all cannot kill me!” He still didn’t die. The upper half of his body spoke out, his voice extremely quiet. It was because he was scared of losing face, and at the same time, he was extremely weak, so this part wasn’t faked.

“It won’t make a difference even if the nine dragons came!” That old soldier was extremely direct.


Wang Zhen died, blasted apart by the five individuals’ weapons, turned into a bloody paste!

“We are waiting for the nine dragons to come!”

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