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Chapter 1357 - An Ancient Land Flowing With Blood

“We’re going!”

In front of the black abyss, there were a few elders who moved, rushing outwards, wishing to immediately enter that sealed ancient world, find out what exactly was going on.

It was because they came with an objective. Not only were they trying to look into the past, they also wished to seize some things. Ancient ancestor Shutuo wanted to repair a giant weapon, and there might be some clues here for the materials needed.


Divine light surged like rainbows, more than ten figures moving together. The foreign experts were going to enter the ancient world in the primal chaos.

This made Shi Hao, Cao Yusheng and the others’ expressions change. Their only had Great Elder Meng Tianzheng here, the situation extremely bad, so how were they supposed to stop it?

They could see figures appear everywhere before the dark abyss, not less than a hundred people, all of them older generation individuals who were ridiculously powerful. Meanwhile now, only a dozen or so of them moved out, still many of them in reserve.


Great Elder was extremely decisive and direct. He brought out the iron blood war banner from the past, aiming it at the dozen or so people, using the unmatched war banner to kill them.

“You dare?!” On the other side, the leading figure of the elders released a loud shout. He activated a pot, releasing hazy radiance, suppressing the great cosmos.

Immortal Smelting Pot, this was definitely a powerful weapon, one known to have been forged to refine immortals to death. Right now, it displayed might, stopping the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth.


A great collision erupted there!

The dozen or so elders moved out of the way, but they were still blasted by the shockwaves until they coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, their faces were all pale white, eyes revealing vicious expressions, staring at Great Elder Meng Tianzheng.


There was someone who completely ignored this, moving quickly, flying towards the primal chaos.

“En, not good, the distance is too far, the obstruction from the realm wall is too great!” Suddenly, an elder cried out in alarm.

It was because his speed became slower, his cultivation suppressed, entire body feeling uncomfortable, movements becoming extremely uncomfortable.

After the foreign creatures broke into this realm, many of them felt out of sorts.

Before they were completely suppressed by this world, they would be expelled.

It was because the great dao they cultivated was completely different, what they displayed were things from a different world, so they clashed with this place. This was why they were suppressed.


There were some who vomited blood, because they didn’t want to be suppressed, forcefully using their most powerful ancestral techniques to resist this. However, in the end, they continuously coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.

However, they still closed in, arriving in the primal chaos, wishing to enter that sealed ancient realm.

It was because it wasn’t that far, the distance still endurable, clenching their teeth as they persisted forward.

“This blood is a bit special, we should collect a bit of it!” Someone said quietly, staring at the blood on the black monument, eyes revealing brilliant light.

For them, everything near this sealed ancient land was worth exploring. If they could, they would bring everything away.

This was especially true for that hundred thousand zhang tall giant black monument. If they could bring it away, they wouldn’t hesitate to do so. Perhaps Shutuo, Anlan would be able to see what was going on.

“Be careful, we’re being rejected. Don’t do things that might produce danger.” Someone said.

The reason why Luo Mo could affect the monument was because even though he was only a ruined soul, he was still who knew just how many times more powerful than these people. Apart from this, Luo Mo’s heroic spirit had existed in Great Scarlet Sky Border for a long time, so he gradually adapted to this world. Perhaps it could be said that he already assimilated with this world, possessing a similar aura as this world.


Suddenly, danger broke out. As soon as someone touched a strand of blood, collecting it into the copper cauldron, it made the black monument erupt with activity.

This blood seemed to have life, couldn’t be blasphemed against. It couldn’t be placed in a vessel, or else it would be an insult for it!

That blood immediately ignited. Light spread, immediately drowning that person out, instantly turning him into a torch. He screamed and struggled about there.


The scene was extremely miserable. A moment later, his body was turned into charred coke. Apart from this half of his body turned into ashes, completely unable to protect himself, even less so able to put out the flames.

“Heavens!” The other creatures were all shocked. What kind of blood was this? It couldn’t even be touched, touching it meant death!


However, there were only more terrifying things awaiting them. The black monument swayed, a rain of blood scattering down, releasing chi chi noises. These people’s expressions all became deathly white, all of them shocked.

Everyone activated weapons. There were bull horns, beast claws, golden artifacts, all of them rushing out to resist this power, but all of it was completely useless. After the rain of blood descended, these artifacts were like paper mache, all of them blasted rotten.

It was just like when molten iron landed on the snow, blazing heat melting ice and snow. Waves of white mists rose.


Large amounts of miserable cries sounded, more than ten elders completely drenched under the rain of blood, unable to evade in time. Then, they released miserable cries, all of them rolling on the ground.

Right now, they weren’t top level experts, but rather ordinary people who had their bodies penetrated, in so much pain that they wished they were dead. Smoke surged from their bodies, corroding them, taking their lives.

This rain of blood, for them, was fatal, completely impossible to stop!


In the end, the dozen or so people were all set aflame, turned into blasts of fiery light, completely annihilated. The miserable screams made the scalps of the people who saw this turn numb.

These were terrifying figures who cultivated for hundreds of thousands of years, yet they died just like this.

Without a doubt, if these dozen or so individuals entered the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, they would definitely trigger an absolute disaster, many long life families’ elders having to move out to have a chance of calming things.

These dozen or so elders were definitely an unimaginably terrifying power!

However, they were still completely wiped out here, not a single person left behind, all of them swept clean. There were only some bone dregs left, the burning extremely thorough.

In the back, no one said anything for a long time.

Right now, even the Immortal Smelting Pot was brought away, the corpse wrapping cloth also withdrawing itself, both sides not clashing anymore. The scene had too great of an impact just now, intimidating everyone.

“They were expelled by this world, even the weapons suppressed, unable to move as they please there. Moreover, that monument is too frightening! When it is touched, one would reach the end of their lives!” Next to the darkness, someone said quietly, starting to think things over.

With this kind of scene before them, was there still anyone else who dared go?

“We still cannot move, because we are suppressed too greatly, likely just throwing our lives away in vain. However, we can let some younger generation in.”

“What if the other side stop us?”

Those elders next to the black abyss were discussing things.

“We still have to give it a try. Bring the Immortal Smelting Pot!” The leading elder made the decision, about to use this unmatched magical artifact to resist the world’s suppression.

At the same time, a few youngsters walked out from within the black abyss, among them including He Ziming. They were all extremely powerful, these individuals not leaving yet either, waiting this whole time!

“This won’t do, we have to move as well. That sealed ancient world is a bit strange, the things inside cannot fall to the other side. It will be bad if they obtain it.” The little fatty Cao Yusheng said.

“All of you, step back!” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng spoke, having them leave this place.

As long as the distance was too far, the other side couldn’t do anything, because they couldn't enter deep into Great Scarlet Sky, would be rejected. There was no way to truly cross realms.

“Great Elder, we’ll go together with you. This type of strange place might have some special natural laws that are unfavorable against powerful individuals.” Shi Hao spoke.

This wasn’t the first time he experienced this. He had visited many secret lands, many of them having special restricting natural laws, the more powerful one was, the greater the pressure they would face, making them suffer greatly.


On the other side, those people in front of the black abyss already moved, the other side sending out another dozen or so elders, bringing along He Ziming and a few other youngsters.

It was clear that they also felt some misgivings, worrying that this place would suppress experts, which was why they brought youngsters with them. When needed, these youngsters might be able to enter further into that ancient realm.

After some hesitation, Great Elder also brought some youngsters, for example, Shi Hao, Ten Crown King Tian Zi, Cao Yusheng, Daoist Qi Gu, and others, quickly advancing.


Up ahead, divine splendor scattered down, chaotic energy roiled. That Immortal Smelting Pot was moving, it was extremely terrifying!

“Great Elder, here!” Along the way, when Shi Hao saw this scene, he handed the Everlasting Immortal Sword Core to Great Elder Meng Tianzheng so he could display more power.

With both the corpse wrapping cloth and the Everlasting Sword Core, he would have both offense and defense. Even if there were more than ten elders on the other side, he could still remain fearless.

The monument was pitch-black like ink, not moving at all. Only when those from the other side attacked at that great primal chaos crack, wishing to bring the ancient realm back to light did this ancient monument display some abnormalities once more.

Moreover, it was even more frightening than last time, rain pouring down like buckets, all of it red-colored. This was blood, all of it carrying heaven overflowing killing energy.

This blood surged out from the cracks on the monument, these cracks opened by Luo Mo!

The black monument seemed to possess life, actually bleeding.

Everyone’s expression changed, especially the expressions of those from the other side, their faces immediately becoming white. The terrifying scene was something anyone could see with their two eyes. Who didn’t fear death?


The Immortal Smelting Pot moved, releasing divine light. It was an unrivaled precious artifact after all, turning here, blocking the rain of blood. Moreover, that pot’s mouth opened, trying to refine it!

Everyone was shocked. This pot was too formidable, worthy of being something made to refine immortals. When faced with this sinister monument, the terrifying blood, it didn’t care, directly dealing with it.

However, this blood was a bit special. It floated outside the Immortal Smelting Pot, not entering, difficult to suck away. It shone there, facing it in a stalemate situation.

“What? Not even the Immortal Smelting Pot could collect it?”

“It’s because it is being suppressed by the realm wall, greatly affected! This is most likely the reason!”

The foreign side’s minds trembled.


In the back, Great Elder and the others also arrived. The rain of blood suddenly swept in reverse, flying in his direction.

Moreover, the rain of blood from the Immortal Smelting Pot also flew over, all of it gathering towards Great Elder and the others.

“This is…” They were shocked, fearing that a great disaster was approaching.

However, something that left all of them shocked happened. A rain of blood scattered down, directly entering the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth!

It was as if a desert that had remained arid for too long was suddenly irrigated by a clear spring, receiving the best nourishment. This tattered piece of cloth shone, becoming resplendent, sparkling, immediately becoming divine.

“Immortal blood!” Great Elder trembled, his voice even shaking a bit.

It was to the extent where he suspected that this might very well be the blood of an Immortal King!

“Stop it, this blood is extremely beneficial for that cloth!” An elder from the foreign side released a low roar, wishing to interfere.

“Not good, time is limited. We have to enter the sealed ancient realm first, or else we’ll miss the opportunity!” Someone spoke in opposition.

Immediately afterwards, they used the Immortal Smelting Pot to attack the primal chaos crack. After all, Luo Mo blasted open a crack, so now, they could enter it relatively easier.

Let alone the fact that right now, what they were using was one of the foreign side’s most powerful weapons, the Immortal Smelting Pot!

After clashing several times, a hong sounded. A wave of desolate and distant aura covered heaven and earth. An even larger crack was opened in that ancient realm that had been sealed for many years. They could enter now!

Blinding light erupted, the aura inside incomparably sacred.

At the same time, a bird cry sounded, the noise shaking the nine heavens. It was a young bird, but it could already split the skies with its wings, able to soar above.

“True Phoenix!” Someone cried out. In this ancient realm, there was actually a young immortal bird! It was likely born here.


Afterwards, everyone became horrified, because blood flowed out from the great primal chaos crack, bright red and shocking, the light streaks rushing into the heavens.

“Heavens, that’s immortal blood! What exactly happened here back then, why is it that the blood of immortals flowed out as soon as this realm was opened? Just how many experts died here?”

Everyone was shocked. They widened their eyes, staring forward.

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