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Chapter 1356 - Sealed Ancient Realm

The creation of the world was probably not much more chaotic than this!

The several thousand zhang tall eyeball cracked apart, breaking apart into blood essence that wrapped around the coordinatie symbols and mysterious heavenly patterns. It opened up the world, blasted through the primal chaos, tearing through everything unstoppably, nothing able to stop it.

Was this the power of Luo Mo? Even after he died, with this being the last bit of his power, he still dominated the world!

An eyeball together with a bit of damaged soul, yet it was actually enough to reach this step!

This left everyone horrified. The foreign creatures knelt down, chanting scriptures from their mouths, carrying disappointment, frustration, and great emotion. They knew that after this, Luo Mo would truly disappear, no longer exist in this world.

A few people released a deep sigh inside. The ancient ancestor still ended up in this type of state in the end, it truly was rather sorrowful. It was because they felt that Luo Mo’s heroic spirit was threatened by Ancestor Shutuo, so he had no choice but to do this.

However, none of the elders in this world dared say a single word about this, or else their entire clan would be wiped out!


The primal chaos exploded, everything caving in; a passage of light was produced. Luo Mo’s scarlet blood’s red color carried a dark light, at the same time accompanied by silver radiance, extremely special.

“En, there are still two colors, it’s the five-colored true blood!” In the back, Great Elder sucked in a cold breath of air.

He couldn’t help but feel shock. Those with five-colored blood, even if they didn’t cultivate, they might reach half a step away from the long life domain, this type of bloodline’s power just too domineering.

It was rumored that only Shutuo, Anlan, and other ancient families had a chance of producing a child with five-colored blood.

Of course, it wasn’t like there wasn’t seven-colored blood, but no one knew anyone with it, at least no one had seen it before.

Perhaps, Anlan, Shutuo, and others’ blood would, after experiencing a great era, separate from five-colors, possibly entering the unmatched seven-colored blood level.

The Immortal Corpse Wrapping Cloth fluttered about here. Great Elder Meng Tianzheng was extremely serious, facing this situation with a severe expression. He protected all those at his side to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

Today, the Nine Heavens and the foreign side carried out a great confrontation. In the end, both sides withdrew, yet this major event that exceeded everyone’s expectations occured.

Luo Mo, a legendary unmatched expert, was actually summoned as a heroic spirit. This touched upon a few great mysteries of the other side.

Back then, what made the other side have no choice but to withdraw, return to their world? Perhaps they might find out from what was going to happen now.


Heavens fell and earth collapsed, primal chaos surging. That undying blood was too domineering, even though it was ruined blood, the bit that remained in that eyeball, it was still unstoppable.

Right now, Shi Hao, Great Xu Tuo, Ten Crown King Tian Zi, Exiled Immortal, Cao Yusheng, and others all saw what was called heaven-splitting might!

The blood from Luo Mo’s heroic spirit opened the sky over there, propping open a world, recreating the world. This type of scene was too strong, making everyone tremble with fear.

What was called unmatched, what was called matchless? Luo Mo right now displayed this vividly and thoroughly. Even if it was only a damaged imprint, it could still produce world-shocking effects.

However, his time was limited, there was no way he could continue existing for a long time. His will already scattered along the way, only some instincts remaining, opening up a path there.


Thunder rumbled, lighting hacking about like dragons, interweaving there. Luo Mo’s heroic spirit blood stopped all of this.

“En?” The foreign creatures were all shocked, their minds sinking.

“Found it, it’s right there!” The foreign creatures were overjoyed, the group of elders so excited it was difficult for them to control themselves.


Silver snakes scattered, these streak after streak of mountain peak-sized lightning, tangling with the chaotic energy. This was primal chaos lightning, the power immeasurable.

Powerful explosions erupted. After the primal chaos was cleaned out, a monument appeared there, hundreds of thousands of zhang tall. It was black and dripping with blood, extremely terrifying.

It was precisely here, a sealed ancient world!

This was extremely mysterious. It was hidden in primal chaos, completely submerged, moreover as ancient as a great era in the past.

From past until present, no one had ever discovered it before.

What was primal chaos? A strand of energy was enough to move mountains, crush mountain ridges. With so much primal chaos together, all things would be shattered.

Why was splitting the heavens difficult? Because primal chaos was too frightening, if one wasn’t a top level expert, then they couldn’t go in and out, let alone creating a world. They would be exhausted to death halfway through, crushed to meat paste.

Meanwhile, here, there was an ancient world sealed.

The monument was too tall. It towered here, a pressure spreading from it.

Luo Mo’s heroic spirit blood attacked precisely at this place, every strike enough to split the heavens. However, there were waves of primal chaos lightning that were incurred, the two clashing.

Luo Mo died, his will erased. Now, he really was releasing the last of his life, his blood attacking this direction in waves, not cowering back.

Heaven and earth trembled, all of Great Scarlet Sky Border shaking intensely, as if it was going to break apart, the situation extremely terrifying.


Heroic spirit light shone, wrapping around symbols, condensing into a human figure there. It brandished its arms, shaking up heaven and earth, unexpectedly producing a magical imprint and smashing out.

This was just too shocking, this type of power making one’s heart contract, as if they were going to explode from the suffocating pressure.

In the rear, Shi Hao and the others’ expressions changed. How could this type of thing happen?

“Didn’t he die? How could he still take action, moreover produce a magical imprint?!”

“This is the glory of the most powerful, even when he died, there is still a type of combat instinct, war blood imperishable. After suffering backlash, it would automatically display unmatched might.” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng’s expression was serious.

However, his eyes were still blazing hot, as if they saw a path, seeing a new dawn. Even though this world didn’t allow immortality, lacking that environment, he still wouldn’t give up.

Meanwhile, at this moment, he seemed to have gained enlightenment, developing some insights.

“Even if it is ten deaths no life, I’ll have to try in the future anyway!” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng said to himself, seemingly coming to some kind of decision.

“Prepare to move out!” In front of the black abyss, a group of elders said quietly, preparing to move, wishing to enter that sealed ancient world.

It was because that place carried heaven-shocking secrets. The reason why the other side withdrew in the past was because they were set back, and this place was one of the main reasons.

Even a glorious unmatched ancient ancestor Luo Mo was even killed in battle here, one could imagine just how frightening this place was back then. No one from the other side would forget about this place, all of them wishing to know what exactly happened.


Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, heaven and earth swaying.

In the primal chaos, the hundred zhang tall giant monument was massive, trembling, but refusing to be destroyed. It towered there, as if it supported all of eternity!

It was pitch-black like ink, sticky with the blood of who knew what species, looking extremely alarming. A great era passed, yet that blood still didn’t dry up.

The blood color looked like it was new, still bright and shining.

The giant black monument and blood released a wave of terrifying aura that made one tremble with fear, always feel as if that was the source of destruction, that they shouldn’t approach it.

Luo Mo, a generation crushing expert, right now, displayed his powerful might. He was incomparable, human-shaped heroic spirit blood displaying great power, shaking up the nine heavens.

Right now, it was not only the border that was shaking, even all of Great Scarlet Sky was trembling slightly, one could see from this just how great the power was.

Qiang qiang qiang!

When the weapons crossed and loud noises were released, Luo Mo’s heroic spirit blood underwent a change, slowly changing from human shape to that of a weapon. Moreover, there were several types, all of them hacking towards the black monument.

Right now, sparks flew everywhere, metallic light erupting. Killing energy even more so rushed into the heavens, scattering the heavy primal chaos. This place was chaotic, extremely terrifying.

Cao Yusheng and the others were speechless. They were sure that if they entered recklessly, they would directly be blasted into ashes, not on the same level of power at all. They now witnessed the power of an undying being.

Meanwhile, this was still just what was left of a ruined soul. If it was at its peak, just how frightening would it be?

With things playing out like this, they finally understood that the legends of the world being forcibly broken into the Nine Heavens Ten Earths wasn’t without reason. It was because these creatures were just too formidable!

Only, even though Luo Mo was powerful, his heroic spirit blood refined and tempered a hundred times over, right now, the monument still refused to be damaged, remaining unbreaking.

During this period of time, even though the monument was shaking and rumbling, releasing dark light, blood flowing out from its surface, it still wasn’t damaged. It was shockingly sturdy.

This made everyone sigh with astonishment. This was but Luo Mo’s power! What kind of person was he?

However, after thinking about this carefully, the foreign creatures couldn’t help but become silent as well, because even the foreign experts experienced a setback, a power able to stop them.

Then, someone took action, sealing up this place, displaying heaven-shocking methods. Their statuses were definitely astonishing, or else how could they dare fight against Luo Mo?

“They couldn’t win, and Ancestor Luo Mo even died. The essence blood and final will have already pretty much scattered, unable to open up this place.”

A foreign elder released a sigh, carrying great regret. He really was unwilling to just give up here.

It was because according to Anlan, Shutuo’s suspicions, this place was extremely sturdy, only on a special day would a spatial node become unstable, able to be opened.

Meanwhile, today was precisely the day, and they waited for the right person. Luo Mo took action, only, it was quite regretful, not succeeding.

“Not good, Ancestor Luo Mo’s heroic spirit blood has grown dim, about to be turned to ashes!” Someone cried out in alarm.


Sure enough, the five-colored true blood suddenly surged, and then it exploded, turning into streaks of light, immediately igniting, completely scattering.

“We are going to fail just like this?” The foreign side’s people clenched their fists. They mustered such great forces to come here, precisely to open up this ancient land, yet there was this result.

It was to the extent where an ancient ancestor heroic spirit had no choice but to enter eternal rest, be completely wiped out.

“I really don’t want to accept this!” Someone roared towards the sky!

Suddenly, a ka cha sounded, extremely ear-splitting and clear, sounding from the primal chaos.

The hundred thousand zhang giant black monument revealed a crack. It extended outwards, a large amount of blood gushing out!

Then, in front of it, primal chaos space revealed a crack, producing resplendent divine light. It was that sealed ancient world, it was finally broken through.

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