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Chapter 1348 - Disdain Towards the Other Side

Seventh one!

These three words were extremely cold, and also extremely emotionless, shaking up all of the foreign kings.

In that instant, this ancient battlefield where not a blade of grass grew became quiet. Everyone looked towards the battlefield, looking towards that young man that was like a War Immortal.

Huang, he killed seven kings in a row, fighting the entire foreign younger generation alone. He won again and again without being defeated, leaving all of these kings shocked!

“Hateful!” The foreign side’s people released a low roar, their fists clenched, fingers were turning white from being crushed. They really wanted to immediately kill Shi Hao, cut this person down.

However, the bloody reality was right before their eyes. That young man named Huang really was too terrifying, couldn’t be defeated. None of the young kings of various clans had confidence in dealing with him.

Even at the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, this time, no one cheered or made noise.

It was because he fought seven times, Shi Hao killed seven great enemies. After everyone’s initial excitement, they all began to gradually calm down, feeling worry for Shi Hao.

Did the foreign side not have experts? There was no way!

It was because the long life families knew that there were some youngsters from a few ancient families that established absolutely stunning feats in the ancient times, simply terrifying, shocking even true immortals!

Any one of those achievements, if placed in this present age, were impossible to surpass. They were like martial dao monuments, crushing down on everyone!

Those people from these families, when they were young, there were some who could already pluck stars and capture the moon, mouth devouring four seas. They were monsters among monsters. As for just how strong they really were, it was simply unimaginable!

After an endless amount of time passed, those ancient families definitely didn’t decline. There were definitely monsters hiding among their later generations!

“Huang, we thank you. You have to be careful!” in the back, a few people from Lu Family shouted out. They carried disappointment and frustration within the sadness, right now expressing their gratitude.

Lu Hong who had the Life Seed was regarded as important by many people. Even though she didn’t excel in battle, because she comprehended life’s true meaning, she had a chance of becoming a long life being. However, in the end, she died under the Golden Devil Bird’s hands.

Shi Hao killed that golden-haired woman, this could be considered getting revenge for her.

Right now, the foreign creatures’ moods were all extremely complex.

Many of them thought that this young freak named Huang might truly be an undefeatable enemy. At the very least, it was difficult to find someone among the young creatures who could face him.

“Perhaps he isn’t too much weaker than that person from Anlan Clan!” Someone said quietly, and then began to silently think to himself.

The Anlan Clan was one of the foreign side’s most ancient families, powerful to an inconceivable level, simply unimaginable. The clan’s surname was a taboo, saying the true name would display its might.

“The Anlan Clan has only produced one to two inheritors with the most powerful bloodlines, at most not exceeding three. I wonder if one of them will emerge in this era.”

The foreign kings were commenting from the back, speaking softly. It was because at this time, they were hoping for people from that clan to appear and sweep through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, powerfully suppress and kill Shi Hao!

Even when a woman whose talents weren’t that great married into that clan, she still produced a genius like Zhan Feng, becoming one of the kings of the younger generation, one could see just how terrifying the Anlan Clan was.

In reality, this clan’s direct line of descent, those with truly unmatched bloodlines, would never marry outside the family.

Unfortunately, this clan’s people were pitifully few, the bloodline too domineering, severely affecting their reproduction.


Right when the battlefield calmed down, that youngster in the battlefield spoke up. This word was like a metal chisel that drove straight into the hearts of the foreign younger generation, making everyone tremble.

Right now, many people felt a sense of humiliation, even more so a type of anger, as well as a sense of defeat!

It was just one person on the other side! However, he stopped the path of the young kings. Was there no one who could do anything to him? Could it be that they really had to go back and invite someone out?!

A single person stopped them, leaving the foreign younger generation kings without countermeasures, unable to face this opponent.

This scene, now together with the word ‘next’, was naturally ear-splitting!

‘Next’, this word carried a type of contempt, as well as a type of coldness, as if a ruler was looking down on them, coldly passing judgment!

How could the young foreign experts not feel anger and humiliation? It was because since the beginning of history, it was always their side’s creatures that looked down on the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!

Yet now, everything was flipped, someone blocking their path, a single person intimidating this group of kings!

For that person, this type of power was definitely a type of glory, even more so a type of brilliance. Right now, Shi Hao had already begun to achieve this.

No matter what happened later, regardless of whether he died in battle, during this moment, he stood at the very peak, the foreign kings not daring to face him head-on!

Perhaps the kings’ numbers were limited, not that many coming here, that there were still stronger individuals hidden. However, right now, this scene was enough!

In the back, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ experts, even though they felt envy and jealousy, hot blood surged. Shi Hao’s great power made their minds surge with passion.

Time circulated. From the past until now, creatures of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths have always been surrounded by a shadow, suffering threats, but now, a young man was able to defeat the creatures of the other side until they couldn’t lift their heads. This naturally left everyone stirred up and excited.

“You are too arrogant!” Someone from the other side shouted.

However, not one stood out. The Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment still hadn’t shone, not selecting another opponent for Shi Hao.

It was because with every third victory, there would be a period of time permitting him to rest on the battlefield. It wouldn’t select another opponent during this time.

Just now, the Snake Yaksha and the Golden Devil Bird, because they had already won before, they could enter the stage at any time without the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment’s selection, which was why they could fight a decisive battle against Shi Hao, leading him to winning seven rounds in a row.

Now, he could rest for a short period of time.

“I only had time to eat Triple Delight, there is still Four Type Meatball, Five-Layered Meat… it really is a tough choice. There are too many good things, how should I even make the choice? How should I cook it all? Even this is rather taxing on the mind.” Shi Hao said with a sigh.

“You… are intolerably unbridled! You are definitely going to die a miserable death today!” There were some creatures on the other side who couldn’t hold themselves back anymore.

What Triple Delight, Four Type Meatballs, Five-Layered Meat? There wasn’t a single decent name, all of them too lowly, dishes of commoners. Wasn’t he deliberately mocking the kings?

On the ground, the golden-haired woman turned into a golden divine bird, the Snake Yaksha’s body also split into pieces, silver light flickering about, a silver snake body left behind.

Shi Hao collected everything in an unhurried manner, preparing to enjoy good food.

The battlefield was dead silent. This was extremely strange. Many people stared at him, especially the foreign younger generation whose eyes were all scarlet red, every one of them surging with killing intent!

“This is more like it. Are you all experiencing a type of grief, indignation, and helplessness?” Shi Hao stood up, looking at them. With a cold laugh, he said, “These have always been things you all have placed on us, it has always been like this since ancient times, threatening us to the point where our survival has been difficult. However, today, I only killed seven of your world’s young generation, yet you all already cannot take it anymore? Just think about everything you all have done, look at your two blood-soaked hands! After all these endless years, just how many malicious deeds have you done?!”

Shi Hao didn’t feel any sympathy for the other side, berating them from the battlefield, looking down on the foreign masses, including the older generation. He was furious, carrying a wave of great anger.

“Young man, even though you are quite brave, you still won’t achieve anything. Heaven’s fate is with me, in the grand scheme of things, regardless of whether it is you or true immortals, everything will be turned to dirt!” A middle-aged man coldly said. He didn’t feel any anger towards the continuous deaths of the younger generation, still cold and ruthless. His eyes flickered with ice-cold luster like two blinding stars in a cold night.

“Then there is nothing more to say. I will kill my way through one generation after another, start from the younger generation to you in your middle-aged generation, and then to the true indiscriminate murderers of the older generation. Blood will be repaid through blood, end killing through killing! The so-called grand situation, so what? I am waiting? Heavenly fate? I don’t care about that at all! I only need to break through it!” Shi Hao replied.

“You are going to kill me? Even ant-like existences dare to bark noisily. Just a single hand of mine is enough to crush you to death!” The middle-aged man said coldly.

“What a moron. Can you come over? Just wait until you truly cross over. At that time, I believe a single hand of mine can crush you to death!” Shi Hao’s reply was extremely domineering.

It was because according to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side’s speculations, the foreign side’s people should have some type of objective, and that was why they didn’t hesitate to pay any cost in order to break through Great Scarlet Sky Border, opening up a hole. However, they still suffered from the suppression of the realm walls, the obstruction of natural laws. They actually couldn’t enter this side deeply, only able to stop at the border!

“You dare criticize me?!” The middle-aged man’s sword eyebrows stood on end, killing intent overflowing into the heavens, sweeping out like a demonic sea, engulfing the heavens above and earth below.

“State your name!” Shi Hao said.

“You can’t accept it? Remember, my name is Chi De!”

“Good, I’ve remembered it. I am a man of my word. In the future, a single hand of mine will crush you to death!” Shi Hao directly said.

“You…” Chi De finally couldn’t hold back, erupting with rage, taking steps forward, wishing to kill Shi Hao.

However, his body swayed, movements not that natural.

The expressions of those from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side all changed. He was suppressed by the force of the realm wall, which meant that he was extremely powerful, suffering from the retaliation of natural laws. The stronger the person, the more clear the effects were.

“Do you want to die?” Right at this time, Heavenly Deity Institution’s Great Elder Meng Tianzheng spoke up, his voice like thunder, shaking up that middle-aged man. With a cold snort, he turned back.

“From here on out, we can just get things done as quickly as possible. There are three people left, I’ll let all three of you come at me together!” Shi Hao said, looking down on the foreign side.

This shattered the current mood. Many people from the foreign side were angered, including a few middle-aged experts. This lowly creature from a world they had previously subdued, the descendant of the defeated actually dared to show them such contempt.

Shi Hao was extremely impolite. “I know that you all carry hidden motives. What I want to say is that the plot will be revealed in the end, so just hurry and make your action. What is the point of making your youngsters die in vain one after another? If you really want to send them continuously to death, then just have them come over together. I’ll just wipe all of them out!”

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