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Chapter 1347 - Seventh One


The Golden Devil Bird turned into a streak of golden light. After this strike, it quickly withdrew. After testing Shi Hao out, it suffered greatly, its golden feathers withering.

They fell from her original body, every single one as if cast from gold. As they landed on the ground, releasing zheng zheng sounds, even boulders weighing hundreds of thousands of jin hacked apart.

Shi Hao stood in the battlefield, not being struck down. It was as if he was an unmovable martial dao peak, towering over this place, looking down on his opponent.

The Golden Devil Bird turned into a blonde woman, gorgeous and beautiful, her head of long hair resplendent like a sun, even her pupils golden. Right now, they flowed with divine multicolored light.

Shi Hao knew that this woman was extremely unordinary, even stronger than the Snake Yaksha. One had to understand that just now, she took the initiative to attack him, actually daring to carry out a physical clash. This type of test was extremely bold.

If it was a normal creature, they would have definitely exploded from Shi Hao’s attack, no suspense at all. Even that Snake Yaksha was blasted apart by Shi Hao’s fist.

However, even though the Golden Devil Bird was injured, her vitality wasn’t injured. After coughing out blood, her injuries didn’t worsen to a serious degree.

“This side has always been suppressed, but now, a freak has appeared.” The Golden Devil Bird stared at Shi Hao. Strand after strand of golden blazing multicolored light was released from her eyes.

In reality, this was also what the foreign kings were thinking. In their eyes, Shi Hao was ridiculously powerful, simply able to sweep through a group of kings, impossible to defeat.

This made every single young king feel extremely uncomfortable. They were all bloodthirsty, warmongering species, powerful and undefeated, yet they were actually obstructed in this side, stopped by a young man.

Huang, he stood there alone, defeating six great experts in a row. Six kings died! This was a major event!

If the Golden Devil Bird was defeated as well, then she would be the seventh!

Defeat meant death, there was no other choice.

The Golden Devil Bird opened her mouth, saying, “Human, you should come to our side, you will enjoy endless glory, splendor, wealth, and rank. Exceptional beauties, ancestral methods, long life medicines, all of them can be granted!”

Shi Hao was stunned, not expecting her to try to persuade him like this.

“Do you feel like you have to right to say these types of words to me? In my eyes, when you stepped into this place, you were already a dead person!” Shi Hao replied coldly.

The golden-haired girl laughed coldly and said, “You can only see the small situation, unable to see the grand state of affairs. You are about to die soon anyway. Once my world’s great army descends, what will remain? You are strong, your talent exceptional, perhaps comparable to a few legendary youngsters from my side, but so what? From the past until now, there has been no lack of talented creatures. Moreover, my world’s ancient ancestors love killing this world’s geniuses the most. Once war completely erupts, you will die without a burial site. Right now, I am trying to show you a path of life, giving you a chance to live.”

The Golden Devil Bird stood there, voice not loud, but it rang through this battlefield. From time to time, she looked towards the distant Great Xu Tuo, Qi Gu, Shi Yi, and others.

This was an innuendo for surrender, it could also be considered a type of warning.

“What a joke!” Shi Hao remained unmoved, pressing forward step by step. The entire great earth began to shake violently, the ground rupturing open. Great cracks extended out who knew how many li, even the clouds in the sky collapsing under a wave of powerful aura.

“You think I am joking? Think about that terrifying result! Your world cannot stop us at all, destined to be massacred. If you instead rely on our side, you, perhaps you can achieve great glory, perhaps even become a miracle, rise up far above, establish a King Clan belonging to yourself!” The Golden Devil Bird said.

When she saw Shi Hao laugh coldly, she added once more, “You won’t be lonely, because in the past, there were this type of geniuses that surrendered, becoming top level great clans of our world.”

“Nonsense!” Shi Hao berated. The ancient people were killed in battle, not a single one returning. All of them possessed indomitable spirits, could not be blasphemed against.

“I am telling you as it is. I offer you a path of life. As for whether there are geniuses who decided to change sides, there is proof that can be consulted in your world as well. The descendants that were left in your world were called sinner’s blood descendants.”

“What did you say?!” Shi Hao’s eyes stood up, exerting a great pressure, killing intent engulfing the heavens above and earth below. It was because what the other side said was too shocking!

In the back, Shi Yi and Qin Hao’s eyebrows also stood up vertically, great waves stirring within their minds, their fists clenching!

“If you do not believe me, then so be it. My world cherishes heaven warping geniuses the most. If you change sides, you will definitely rise up, rule over an area.” The Golden Devil Bird didn’t give up, still talking about this.

“You talk too much. I’ll send you on your way!” Shi Hao’s face fell, his mind unable to calm down at all.

At the same time, he felt like his own ancestors wouldn’t be sinners, because he had seen the scenes passed down through Stone Clan’s imprints. Those ancestors roared, crying out that they weren’t sinners, that what flowed within their blood wasn’t Ssnner’s blood, but rather glory, brilliance, and unmatched power!

Moreover, Stone Clan didn’t have sinner’s blood. Then who was the true sinner’s bloodline, where were they?

“I am giving you a chance, yet you don’t cherish it!” The Golden Devil Bird’s eyes became cold.


Shi Hao took action, decisive and ruthless, even more berserk than before. It was because the other party’s words prevented him from calming down.


Golden feathers flew out one after another, all of them burning brilliantly, even more terrifying than divine arrows, every one of them penetrating the void, flying towards Shi Hao.

This was the Golden Devil Bird’s innate ability, feathers like heavenly arrows, hundreds of thousands of them, covering heaven and earth. They were incredibly crazy, space exploding in this place, completely breaking apart.

When she fought against Lu Hong, she never displayed this. However now, it had just began, yet she already staked it all, not hesitating to pay any price.

Shi Hao’s hands moved, and then with a violent shake, a lightning vortex was formed. Countless streaks of lightning winded about, devouring all of the golden divine feathers, as if a hundred rivers gathered into a sea.

Originally, these divine arrow-like feathers were extremely terrifying, piercing the world, every single one able to kill an expert. Now that hundreds of thousands of them were together, the power was simply unimaginable!

This was one of the Golden Devil Bird’s trump cards that she wasn’t willing to rashly reveal!

However now, after the lightning vortices appeared, this ancestral method was broken through. The hundreds of thousands of golden feathers rushing into the blazing vortices, great explosions erupting.


Countless golden feathers were snapped, golden feathers filling the skies. A rain of blood scattered down, the scene horrifying. Shi Hao used the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique’s greatest methods to stop this powerful attack.


The Golden Devil Bird coughed out blood, staggering backwards. Those were her own divine feathers, and now, they were destroyed, so she naturally suffered injuries as well.

Shi Hao walked over step by step, figure becoming indistinct, primal chaos surging. It was as if a War Immortal walked over from the distant past, unstoppable, mysterious, and powerful


The Golden Devil Bird cried out, using its clan’s most well-known ancestral method. When the devil bird cried, the world under heaven would be in dismay!

This was a type of extremely terrifying ancestral technique, most suitable for using on the battlefield. It could attack indiscriminately, kill enemies on a large scale.

Shi Hao felt a stinging pain on his frontal bone, primordial spirit attacked by a mysterious power, as if it was going to fall apart. His soul was attacked, his precious techniques and other things that were currently being displayed naturally stopping.


The Golden Devil Bird didn’t stop, crying out again. It was extremely deafening, extremely unpleasant to hear, but it truly was terrifying. It was as if a heavenly blade rushed over murderously from outer space, the snow-white blade illuminating mountains and rivers, about to penetrate Shi Hao’s forehead.

This type of ancestral method was too terrifying, simply impossible to defend against.

Lu Hong who had the Life Seed died precisely from this ancestral method. Even though she possessed abundant life force, far surpassing ordinary people, she still couldn’t escape death.

This was especially the case when the Golden Devil Bird wasn’t like how she was when dealing with Lu Hong right now, only crying once each time. Right now, after two cries sounded, she released the devil voice again.

Gu, gu, gu...

This was unprecedented. The Golden Devil Bird continuously released ear-splitting sounds, shaking up heaven and earth!

In the distance, all of the youngsters’ expressions changed. They quickly backed up, not daring to get close.

This was too frightening. The void even began to distort. That sound hacked at one’s soul, burning the primordial spirit, specialized in erasing one’s will.

Before, the Golden Devil Bird defeated Lu Hong just by releasing a single cry each time. However, now, she actually released five devil cries in succession.

“She is risking it all, not hesitating to exhaust the ancestral blood within her, releasing her life essence!” A foreign elder said.

Gu, gu, gu, gu!

No one expected the Golden Devil Bird to add four more cries, each more urgent than the last, more terrifying. Moreover, she vomited blood with each cry!

This heaven and earth became different, an expanse of terrifying ripples merging with primal chaos, instantly drowning out Shi Hao, surrounding the world below.

“Finished, that freak named Huang is definitely dead. Who would have expected that it is nine cries! How many years has it been since a Golden Devil Bird was able to do this?” A foreign young king felt both shock and admiration.

Normally speaking, displaying a single devil cry would already leave the Golden Devil Bird exhausted, needing to wait another few hundred moves before it could be used again.

Few Golden Devil Birds could shout out several times in a single breath, three breaths already enough to make them vomit blood, four cries severing a large portion of life. One couldn’t even begin to imagine what nine cries signified!

It was because not only was there the issue of one’s life force drying up, it was simply impossible, couldn’t be done.

However, the golden-haired woman did it!

Nine whole cries. Heaven and earth even began to rupture, primal chaos merging together with the nine cries, everything trying to kill Shi Hao. How could he escape?

It was because based on legends, after nine ripples spread, all enemies at the same level would undoubtedly die, there wouldn’t be any suspense!

A crack appeared in the space between Shi Hao’s brows, a bit of bright red blood flowing down. His body was greatly shaken, entire body feeling as if it was going to explode!


Suddenly, his entire body shone, the True Primordial Record quietly chanted by him, protecting his primordial spirit, defending his frontal bone. Heaven and earth revolved, the aura of death pushed away by him.

Everyone was stunned. This was a situation of inevitable death, yet he actually stopped it?

The Golden Devil Bird was in despair, finding this hard to accept. She paid an unimaginable price, only able to release nine cries this single time in her life, yet it was actually neutralized by the other party!

Shi Hao silently chanted. Radiance flourished in his surroundings, especially the space between his brows, this area especially brilliant. In the end, the bright red blood disappeared, his injuries instantly recovering.

Everything was pointing at the fact that Shi Hao’s primordial spirit was too strong!

It was because he ate a Golden Bodhi Fruit, Soul Guiding Lotus, Yellow Springs Fruit, and even more so experienced endless tempering, his primordial spirit sharpened through the True Primordial Record and lightning, sturdy and imperishable!

“I can’t accept this!” The golden-haired woman’s eyes grew dim, her life fading, body almost completely exhausted, already lacking the strength to retaliate.

For the sake of releasing that attack just now, she paid an unimaginable price. A lump of true blood bestowed upon her by her ancestor was completely used up, even her own life like a candle flame before a storm.

“I’ll send you on your way!” Shi Hao’s voice was extremely cold and merciless. A finger pointed out. With a pu sound, the golden-haired women’s eyes were wide open, a finger-sized hole appearing between her brows. Blood splashed outwards. She fell straight down.

She was extremely beautiful, golden long hair dyed in blood, skin white. However, right now, she lacked life force, fragrance gone jade damaged, becoming a corpse.

“Seventh one!” Shi Hao said coldly. He looked at the other side, at those kings, a beautiful corpse laying at his feet.

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