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Chapter 1346 - Continuous Killing

The Snake Yaksha was the first one to fight, insufferently arrogant, looking down on its opponent. However, it really was strong, killing Xuan Kun, a young supreme being who cultivated three strands of immortal energy dying miserably.

Moreover, the Snake Yaksha looked down on the creatures of this world again and again, humiliating them again and again. He showed this side contempt, even more so mocking the deceased ancient people.

This was precisely the reason why Shi Hao wanted to kill it.

The Golden Devil Bird Race was extremely frightening, previously inflicting great harm to this world during Immortal Ancient Great Era, forcing Without End Immortal King to personally enter the other side, using his dao bell to wipe out this clan.

Unfortunately, there were still fish that escaped the net. Now, this clan had long recovered, rising up powerfully again. Once war erupted again, they would definitely be a great problem.

That golden-haired girl on the other side came precisely from this clan. She killed Lu Hong who had a Life Seed, moreover ridiculed this world having no one worthy, that none of them could take a single blow.

Now, Shi Hao targeted these two creatures!

“He won four rounds, he’s going to cross the halfway mark soon!” Someone said quietly.

“What are you scared of? I’ll go and show him!” The Snake Yaksha made its decision, couldn’t tolerate everyone’s glares anymore. If it didn’t go out because of fear, it would no longer have any footing on the other side where bravery was glory.

Only, the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment already chose someone. A tall and sturdy man with two heads was selected.

“Gemini King!” Someone said quietly. This clan’s people were extremely terrifying, able to destroy all methods with its two heads, known as terrifying magic cultivators.

This battle was extremely intense, magical force surging between heaven and earth. Gemini King’s two heads both chanted a foreign ancient incantation, interfering with the balance of this world.

“En?” In the distance, Lan Xian and others who were watching were shocked. The perfect seeds in their bodies were disturbed, greatly affected.

The incantation Gemini King chanted was the fruit of the foreign side’s many years of research, able to interfere with perfect ancient seeds!

Gemini King was most suited to using secret methods to begin with. Now that it displayed it, it was first testing things out, trying to see if Shi Hao had an ancient seed.

Unfortunately, he was disappointed, nothing detected. Meanwhile, he himself was forced into a passive state, Shi Hao sending fists smashing at him.

“Bath in radiance, purge all sin!”

“Darkness is eternal, desires without end!”

Gemini King’s two heads chanted secret incantations, light and darkness appearing simultaneously, standing side by side. Two types of ancient methods erupted, and then they smashed together.

The song of light and darkness rang through heaven and earth!


Moreover, it was accompanied by a surging force of destruction that swept out, destroying everything in its path.

The battle was extremely astonishing, leaving even Shi Hao shocked. This Gemini King was extremely strong, but he could still withstand this attack.

Moreover, with his extreme speed and domineering fist strength, he forcibly blasted through the screen of light and dark, slaughtering his way forward, striking this opponent.

Gemini King opened his mouth and roared out. All types of symbols and incantations were displayed, forming a storm of death. A black vortex quickly expanded, about to devour Shi Hao’s flesh.

However, all of his hopes amounted to nothing, the vortex forcibly torn apart by Shi Hao, unable to swallow him up.


The great world trembled. Shi Hao condensed a fist imprint, a heaven-shaking sound erupting, shattering Gemini King’s body protective barrier. Then, that fist penetrated his body.


A rain of blood flew out. Gemini King fell!” His entire body exploded in the void, primordial spirit wanted to flee, but it was directly grabbed by Shi Hao. The instant he closed his hand, divine light erupted, completely obliterated.

Five victories in a row. Shi Hao already killed five great kings in succession!

“Snake Yaksha, Golden Devil Bird, are you two scared? Using your words, come over and kneel down, and I might leave you all with your lives!” Shi Hao roared out.

These two creature had previously threatened Xuan Kun and Lu Hong who had the Life Seed similarly, humiliating them. Shi Hao was extremely upset then.

 When Xuan Kun and Lu Hong were killed in battle he wanted to kill these two enemies even more.

“As you wish, I’ll fight against you!” The Snake Yaksha shouted. It was forced into a corner, not backing up. It had to fight.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to raise its head, instead completely losing all face.

It had previously won, so now, it could choose to re-enter the battlefield, not needing to be chosen by the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment.

The Snake Yaksha flew over, its wide silver yaksha wings moved, as if rushing out straight from hell. It carried a terrifying aura, engulfing this entire ancient battlefield.

It had a human trunk and four limbs, but its head was a silver snake, and there was a silvery-white and shining snake tail behind it, as if cast from metal.

This was an extremely powerful clan, flesh sturdy and unbreakable, as if it was an unbreaking golden body.

Not long ago, when Xuan Kun fought it, he did everything he could, but just couldn’t injure the Snake Yaksha at all. In the end, his body was blasted through, ripped to pieces.

At that time, its ferocity was heaven overflowing, insufferably arrogant, making everyone feel restraining fear.

“There was no lack of immortals in the last era, yet they were still defeated, some even more so  becoming my realms’ great ones’ servants, from what I heard, these were your ancestors. Do you think that you can overturn the heavens just because you won a few rounds? Come, I will kill you!” The Snake Yaksha’s mouth was extremely vile, immediately provoking Shi Hao, wishing to anger him, disturb his dao heart.


Shi Hao left behind an afterimage, rushing forward, directly taking action. Divine light erupted in ten thousand streaks, as if a sun was exploding here.

“Huang has been angered!” Many people from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side cried out in alarm.

Shi Hao was indeed angry. The Snake Yaksha brought up the events of the past again and again and again, humiliating the people of the last great era, so he was naturally going to take action ruthlessly.


Heavenly winds roared. It had to be said that the Snake Yaksha’s silver wings were extremely frightening, stirring up great winds. They not only smashed apart the void, they also formed a domain, imprisoning a few people’s movements.

Shi Hao’s speed slowed down a bit, still affected somewhat!

Eventually, it was as if he entered a swamp, every movement extremely difficult.

Not long ago, Xuan Kun was locked in place precisely because of this, and then killed.

“I originally thought that you might be quite strong, but it seems like I overthought things!” The Snake Yaksha spat out its red snake tongue, releasing si si sounds. It suddenly released its power, large amounts of symbols crashing down onto Shi Hao.


Suddenly, Shi Hao moved, facing the other party, increasing his speed while moving. He was going to smash straight into the Snake Yaksha.

The so-called restriction only affected him for a moment at the start, and then it was neutralized, difficult for it to obstruct Shi Hao any further.


The Snake Yaksha brandished its wings, hacking them down towards Shi Hao, silver radiance resplendent. The sky dome was immediately hacked apart, the world as if split in half.

However, with a pu sound, Shi Hao’s fist blasted through one of its wings, blood immediately pouring out, making it release a muffled groan.

They had just begun, yet the Snake Yaksha was already injured! It was clearly not Shi Hao’s match.


The Snake Yaksha roared, its entire body surging with blazing silver light, as if it was set aflame. In addition, there was blinding radiance that rushed into the heavens, drowning out this place.

It transferred extreme power, moreover releasing a fatal blow. The silver snake tail behind it silently formed a silver war spear, hacking towards Shi Hao’s head.

Xuan Kun died just like this, his body pierced by this tail, killed on the spot.


Shi Hao raised his right hand. It released large amounts of auspicious light, and then it fiercely hacked forward, wind and thunder erupting, the noise absolutely deafening!

With a pu sound, Shi Hao’s right hand was like a blade, hacking forward. Blood splashed out. The Snake Yaksha released a miserable howl, body tumbling about, running from that area.

The silver snake tail of its body that was known to be unbreaking had a piece hacked off, directly becoming a severed tail!

Not long ago, it was still unstoppable, killing Xuan Kun, but now, it was hacked at like this by another. While it released roars of pain, there was also a type of uneasiness and great fear.

The main reason was because Shi Hao had been studying the Imperishable Scripture the entire time. He used it on his own hands, which was why all things broke before them.


The Snake Yaksha moved its wings. Lightning immediately rumbled, the scene terrifying to the extreme. This was its yaksha side, using its clan’s profound mysteries.

Meanwhile, its snake head didn’t waste time either, chanting incantations, attacking Shi Hao fiercely, wishing to kill him.


Shi Hao looked at it coldly. He released the greatest power, rushing forward murderously.

Those incantations and barriers of light all disappeared. Shi Hao’s fists smashed apart everything, the Snake Yaksha’s body smashed flying, blood flowing in a long stream.

Its wings were already in complete tatters, beaten to ruins!


The Snake Yaksha roared angrily, carrying unwillingness, staking it all against Shi Hao.


Its conclusion was already set. Shi Hao displayed the Imperishable Scripture’s symbols, his hands becoming unimaginably sturdy, blasting half the Snake Yaksha’s body to ruins!

“Where is your domineeringness, your insolence now? Come!” Shi Hao shouted.


In the end, Shi Hao condensed a fist imprint, his fist smashing into the Snake Yaksha’s frontal bone, killing it.

The Snake Yaksha died just like that!

“Golden Devil Bird, do you not want to come up anymore?” Shi Hao shouted.

At this moment, he already won six rounds, making the minds of the foreign young kings grave.


That golden-haired woman rushed over, attacking Shi Hao.

Shi Hao didn’t act politely, using the Imperishable Scripture’s profound mysteries from the first strike. Divine light surged around his fist, as if an angry wave engulfed everything, sweeping forward.


As a result, the golden feathers withered. This devil bird that transformed into a beautiful woman was injured.

If this continued, Shi Hao really was going to slaughter his way to the end!

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