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Chapter 1345 - Magma King

“Deserves to be killed, so hateful…” Some of the foreign young kings couldn’t help but roar out, angered by Shi Hao’s words until they erupted with rage, hair even starting to stand up in anger.

When had they ever been humiliated like this? Their side of the world was above all life, overlooking the cultivators of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Ever since the ancient times, whenever they fought, they always achieved great victores. However now, a young man actually humiliated them like this.

These young kings were normally high up above, yet today, they were treated like food by this person, cooked before everyone!

The most unforgivable thing was that he actually gave that so-called dish a name, calling it ‘Triple Delight’.

These two words’ destructive force was too great, making the kings’ faces all fall, their lungs feel like they were going to explode. Never before had they felt so humiliated. They were young foreign kings, yet the three of them together were given this type of name, this was definitely going to become a joke.

It was to the extent where they could imagine that due to the destructiveness of the name ‘Triple Delight’, it was going to spread throughout the lands. If this happened, all clans knowing of it, it might even be recorded in history.

One side was angered to the extreme, while the other side roared with laughter.

Ever since the battles began, the cultivators of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths had never felt as carefree as right now. When they watched Shi Hao eat this ‘Triple Delight’ dish, many people’s expression became incredibly brilliant.

“You won’t be able to continue living. Act complacent while you can, you are going to die soon!” On the foreign side, the Snake Yaksha and others spoke coldly, cursing him.

The battlefield was extremely spacious. Shi Hao stood there, one hand on a wine jar, the other holding a piece of tender golden meat, drinking large gulps and taking big bites.

He didn’t berate those people, because the words that should have been said have already been said.

Right now, he calmed down, only praising the the meat quality, the wonderful taste, how he had never tried something like this before, that these were top level delicacies in this world.

The other side berated him, cursing out loudly, threatening that they were going to take his life.

However, Shi Hao was just that calm, only sharp radiance occasionally flashing past his eyes, as if lightning hacked across a dark night, piercing into one’s soul.

“That white lion had Anlan Clan’s true blood inside of him, the taste really isn’t bad, having a special fragrance.” Shi Hao commented.

When these words sounded, the other side became quiet, the foreign cultivators alarmed, angry, and scared. How daring was this youngster, was he really going to offend Anlan Clan to the end?

They felt like this young man should be glad that there were no direct descendents from Anlan Clan here. Otherwise, the most terrifying things would definitely happen!

After the initial shock, many young kings became even angrier. Anlan Clan was a family that they revered, high up above, worthy of everyone looking up to, once their undefeated ancient protectors. How could they tolerate a small cultivator’s blaspheme?

A few creatures denounced him, berating him, their words naturally unpleasant, but Shi Hao pretended as if he didn’t hear anything, instead asking, “Zhan Feng is a white lion, so what kind of appearance is Anlan Clan? Don’t tell me the true Anlan Clan is also an ingredient of Triple Delight.”

Many people’s faces twitched, finding this intolerable. These words were too daring, no matter who it was, they couldn’t insult Anlan Clan like this.

“Wu, this Mantis Centipede doesn’t taste bad. After the shell is removed, the meat inside is white and tender, the flavor excellent. This type of centipede flesh is better than even the Divine Prawn produced by Dragon Palace.” Shi Hao commented again.

Someone from the Mantis Centipede Clan immediately shouted. They were not centipedes, but rather a type of ultra king race, high up above, overlooking ten thousand clans.

Shi Hao drank large gulps, enjoying large mouthfuls of delicious food, saying to himself there, “This is the first time I ate foreign food, definitely an unforgettable memory! I really feel great!”

Right at this time, the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment finally moved, releasing dazzling light. A shell fragment landed in the hands of a young king. 

It was time, the shell fragment chose Shi Hao’s next opponent.

This was a brilliant creature, scarlet light rushing into the heavens. It walked over step by step, the earth below its feet melting into magma. It was fiery red and blazing like a piece of blazing steel.

“Magma King!” Someone said quietly.

This was an extremely powerful young king, someone who was different from other creatures. It was because it was simply as if made of lava, lacking flesh and blood.

It was rumored that his type of species was produced from the volcanoes under the sea, innately able to control fire, grasping great yang essence, condensing the power of a fire bloodline.

Shi Hao gave it a look, and then with a light sigh, said, “Does your side have no one left, sending out a freak like this.”

In front of the black abyss, the foreign creatures all glared angrily at him. He truly was becoming more and more arrogant, already looking down on his opponent before they even exchanged moves.

The cultivators of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths finally felt as if a breath of resentment was let out. Previously, regardless of whether it was the Snake Yaksha, Golden Devil Bird, or the others, they all looked down on their opponents, showing their world’s people contempt.

Now, they finally reacted. Huang won three great battles, starting to show the other side disdain, looking down on the other kings, everything flipped over.

Moreover, it was hard for the other side to retort to this.

“You are going too far! Looking down on our side’s kings like this, you will definitely be used as a flesh sacrifice!” A foreign cultivator shouted.

Shi Hao explained, saying, “You all misunderstood. It isn’t that I am looking down on his strength, but rather that the so-called Magma Clan’s constitution is too terrible, actually all made of lava, no meat, so what am I supposed to eat? I wanted to gather a fourth ingredient to make four type meatballs!”

His voice wasn’t too fast or too slow. This type of tone immediately made the foreign kings furious to the point where their noses became crooked, really wanting to crush him to death with a single grip!

That type of explanation was clearly looking down on all of the kings, long treating them like a plate of food.


Magma King roared, throwing itself over. It didn’t have a set form, changing from a human body directly into a scarlet tiger, throwing itself over, wishing to tear Shi Hao apart.


The great earth split open, magma surging, ultimately rushing high up into the sky. From the distance, the scarlet red color was absolutely horrifying.


Even the void was burned until it caved in, falling apart. Bright red liquid flowed, destroying everything.

Shi Hao was shocked, this monster really did have some methods, actually attacking like this, controlling the power of the flame dao, the temperature terrifyingly high.

However, he wasn’t scared. He supported the single heavenly passage, standing there, immediately becoming impervious to all methods. Divine light surged, forming a origin divine ring.


Shi Hao increased speed, rushing at that Magma King. His palm hacked down, striking at the scarlet tiger, making it release a sky shocking roar.

The ferocious tiger suddenly disappeared, turning into red magma, merging with the scarlet red liquid that filled heaven and earth, unknown where it was.

“Destroy!” Shi Hao released a short shout. His hands moved, divine might world shocking, using his magical force to suppress the red lava.

However, the great earth had long melted, forming a sea of magma, burning heaven and earth. It turned into a scarlet red wave that reached into the heavens, the scene horrifying to the extreme!

It was like an expanse of red sea, blazing heat rushing into the heavens, engulfing that place.

Everyone’s expressions changed, even Shi Hao shocked. He underestimated this creature, its methods were definitely extraordinary.


Shi Hao’s fist strength was incomparable, smashing into this sea of lava with full power, stirring up heaven overflowing waves. A muffled groan sounded.

“Still not coming out?” Shi Hao shouted. His ten fingers all moved, lightning surging, hacking down fiercely, blasting the sea of lava until it surged, to the extent where it was going to dry up.


Suddenly, the sun in the sky fired down a streak of astonishing radiance, great yang essence. It was guided down, melting all things.

Magma King harmonized with heaven and earth, summoning the power of great yang essence.


Unfortunately, it ran into Shi Hao, not someone who could be evaluated with normal reasoning. Shi Hao used the Kun Peng Precious Technique, rushing up, his wings like clouds that filled the skies, severing the great yang essence, scattering it.

This battle didn’t continue for a long time, but it was enough to leave Shi Hao greatly shaken. The seemingly ordinary Magma King was actually this powerful.


However, Magma King was still not a match, forcibly dragged out of the sea of magma by Shi Hao, and then killed on the spot, its body exploding. Apart from large amounts of lava, there was also sparkling light.

This creature was not only made of magma, there was divine stone, as well as bits of flesh.

“It seems like the quality of the four type meatball is going to fall a bit.” Shi Hao said.

On the foreign side, many creatures’ eyes became red. That was but the flesh of the Magma Clan, originally rock, later producing flesh, it was definitely a precious great mending medicine.

There were some who believed that this type of rock that turned into flesh was even better than a few divine medicines.

Many creatures roared out from the foreign side. They suffered four defeats in succession, this was difficult for them to accept, moreover all achieved by a single person. This really shouldn’t be happening.

A few creatures’ eyes became deep, staring rigidly at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao also looked over, shouting out, “Snake Yaksha, Golden Devil Bird, you all should understand well that the ones I want to kill the most are you two. Do you dare come and fight? I’ll even allow both of you to come at me together!”

Everyone’s expressions changed. After Shi Hao’s fourth great victory, he directly issued a challenge. The effects of this were just too great!

The Snake Yaksha and Golden Devil Bird were both stunned. If they didn’t accept the challenge under this type of situation, then they would be lowering their heads. How were they even supposed to raise their heads in their world again?

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