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The blood was thick. The dark golden centipede body thrashed about, struggling in the void. It was torn into two pieces, the pain too hard for it to bear.


The upper half of its body tried to flee, struggling free, but it paid the price for this. Another piece of its body came off, injuries added upon injuries, centipede blood scattering about.

Everyone was stunned. In that instant, the two great experts decided life and death, this type of change happening. The Mantis Centipede was defeated, moreover in such a miserable manner, its body in tatters.

Who would have expected the battle to be this intense, only this short of time used up? They all felt like it had just happened, yet it already ended!

It was too sudden, everyone finding this a bit hard to believe!

“How could it lose? The Mantis Centipede had its body torn apart by another! Isn’t its body known to be study and unbreaking, golden body imperishable?” In the back, a group of foreign young kings were moved, their expressions serious for the first time.

Forget about others, even the Mantis Centipede felt awful, in disbelief. It was previously full of confidence, possessing absolute faith in itself that it could subdue the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ experts, yet in the end, it fell to this state, just too tragic.

As for the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, they had long erupted into commotion. They had been sullen for too long. Now that they finally saw a great victory, everyone cheered. They longed for dawn, and now, they finally saw it.

For this side, from the start until now, everything was just too hard to bear!

It was first a million year supreme being Xiang Feng who was killed, and then Crimson Hair Divine Monarch fell. Afterwards, it was Lu Hong, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, and others, geniuses with perfect ancient seeds killed. It truly was lamentable, making one feel as if the world became dark, even breathing difficult.

“You… harming my dao body, breaking my golden body, the grudge between us will not end until death!” The Mantis Centipede said, angered to the extreme.

Just now, it almost died. If not for it decisively severing a segment of its own body to struggle free, it really would have been killed by that youngster.

The Mantis Centipede had never thought that it would lose to someone from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. This young man was too terrifying, actually even more savage than it, like a prehistoric beast that reappeared in this world.

“Then you can just die!” Shi Hao replied, pressing forward, expression indifferent and unhurried. He was more like a demon king than the Mantis Centipede, killing intent surging.

The Mantis Centipede’s gaze was cold and deep. It didn’t have any other choice, this type of decisive battle couldn’t be fled from. The Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment selected an opponent, so based on regulations, only when one side fell could it be considered complete.

“I am going to kill you!”

The Mantis Centipede produced a crystal, within it sealed a drop of bright red liquid, brilliant and dazzling. It was like a red sun stone, the essence blood of its ancestor.

It raised its head and drank it, ruined body quickly regrowing. This wasn’t a simple reconstruction of the flesh, but rather a comprehensive restoration of vital energy, quickly restoring it to its peak.


The Mantis Centipede moved, the dark golden body breaking apart the void, attacking Shi Hao with extreme speed. It didn’t face him head-on anymore, instead carrying out a normal battle.

It believed that it they truly fought a great battle, displaying all methods, there was no way this youngster could break its body. A battle between the two of them would take at least a few hundred moves, could not be condensed to one move deciding life and death!

Not long ago, that was a forceful clash, lacking technique, even less profound mysteries to speak of.

Now, it was different. It relied on its battle skill that allowed it to roam freely under the sky to strike down Shi Hao.

Sure enough, this Mantis Centipede possessed extraordinary skill, battle instincts astonishing. It surrounded Shi Hao while attacking, turning into a sphere of light.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, many people’s hearts were raised, fearing that something unexpected would happen. They finally achieved a great victory, but if the situation was now reversed, it would make one vomit blood, feel as if the entire world was dark.

“I’ll help send you to the afterlife!” Shi Hao only had these words. He displayed terrifying methods, Kun Peng wings on his back, Earth to Inches Great Divine Ability below his feet, stirring on lightning at the same time. Three types of secret methods supported each other, his speed reaching an unimaginable level.


For the Mantis Centipede, the current Shi Hao was terrifying. He used those unstoppable fists to smash against its body, bombarding it with murderous strikes.

This seemed to be done intentionally, using world-shocking oppressive fists to strike its body!

It could tell that Shi Hao’s battle technique was shockingly high, definitely grown step by step. This wasn’t a ‘Pride of Heaven’ fostered through a family’s endless resources.

However, Shi Hao didn’t use those techniques, liking to use the most powerful fist imprints to smash at its body.

“You…!” The Mantis Centipede was furious.

This wasn’t like a battle, but more like humiliation, tossing and turning it about, only using his fists to exert his dominance!

In reality, the reason why Shi Hao did this was because one, he wanted to powerfully kill it, and second because he wanted to study the Imperishable Scripture, operating it on his fists, discovering that it was terrifying and astonishing after all.


The Mantis Centipede couldn’t hide, entering a desperate situation. It was forced to trade blows with Shi Hao. It brandished its mantis arms, snow-white blades illuminating the sky dome, blade energy covering the world.

This made many people’s expressions change. However, the result was tragic.


Sky shocking sounds rang out. Shi Hao faced the mantis arm head-on, breaking apart its body.


The Mantis Centipede was in despair. It was just like it when it killed Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, brimming with confidence, power unmatched. Now, the other side was precisely dealing with it in this type of state, not someone it could face forcefully.


Shi Hao’s fist shot out, carrying great dao energy. Grand and boundless fist intent filled heaven and earth, as if an expanse of boundless stars appeared. Great stars swirled one after another, crushing downwards.

The Mantis Centipede revealed a bitter smile, difficult for it to move in the slightest. It was suppressed there, watching with its eyes open as that fist smashed down like a comet onto the great earth.


This fist smashed through its body. That centipede’s body was originally connected in segments, but now, it completely exploded, blood and crushed shell pieces flying in all directions.

“Ah…” The Mantis Centipede screamed, struggling, wishing to protect its primordial spirit.

However, Shi Hao’s right fist shone, carrying surging resplendent divine light. It was as if the most terrifying volcano erupted, magma connecting the heavens above and earth below.


The Mantis Centipede’s head was blasted through, splitting apart into pieces. Then, that fist passed through, the scene fixed in place, leaving everyone shocked.

A foreign young king of this generation was killed, its life ended just like that!

Dead, the Mantis Centipede was killed in battle!

The battlefield was quiet. The foreign kings were all alarmed, finding this extremely difficult to bear. Their side’s powerful Mantis Centipede was actually defeated, slaughtered!

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, a sky-shaking cheering erupted. When the dust settled, they were the ones who won this battle!

“Thank you, Huang!” In the distance, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s attendant knelt down, hot tears falling, kowtowing in Shi Hao’s direction, expressing his gratitude.

There were others who shouted out, this place immediately becoming incredibly noisy.

According to the rules, Shi Hao could choose to step down.

However, right now, he stood there on the battlefield like a pine tree, not moving for a long time.

“Next!” Finally, Shi Hao’s cold voice rang through the battlefield.

“You… are truly unbridled!” The Snake Yaksha berated angrily.

“If you aren’t willing, then come over. I’ll cut you down just the same!” Shi Hao’s words were concise. He stared at the Snake Yaksha, as well as the Golden Devil Bird and silver-haired woman, really wishing to kill these three creatures.

Previously, they were arrogant, overlooking the cultivators of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, even killing Lu Hong, Xuan Kun, and others. Only blood could return blood, wash away their humiliation.

“You think I don’t dare? Just wait for me to kill you!” The Snake Yaksha was extremely strong-tempered, its entire body silvery-white. A pair of wings moved about, heavenly wind sweeping about, blowing apart the void. A silver snake tail even more so smashed apart several million jin of boulders.

“Then just come and accept death!” Shi Hao said.

However, the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment shone, already choosing an opponent for him.

This was a strange person with twelve pairs of arms, as well as a pair of horns on its head. It had a goat-like face, its fur golden. An extremely astonishing fluctuation was released from its body.

“Just die!” This foreign young king rushed over, directly roaring, using the most decisive attitude to express its will, murderous energy rushing into the heavens.

The twelve arms all formed imprints, secret techniques appearing one after another, this place submerged in magical force.


Shi Hao retaliated with domineering methods, not hiding at all. He used the most intense secret methods to respond to this foreigner, violently counterattacking just this directly.

All of the secret methods were scattered by him, fist radiance heaven overflowing!

“Eternal Demon Wall, suppress!” That creature’s expression changed, using its innate divine ability. It chanted an incantation, twelve pairs of arms forming imprints, summoning a black demonic wall. It was dyed with bloody traces, its pitch-black surface carrying bloody pearls, everything crushing down at this moment.

The demon wall descended, trying to suppress and kill Shi Hao!

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, a few long life families’ elders sucked in a breath of cold air. This was not a normal type of divine ability, but an ancestral method belonging to the other side!

This was a divine ability that was different from the past!

A race grasped a type of secret method, and the more people it killed, the stronger the secret method would become, the inheritance would thus also gradually become increasingly formidable.

Right now, one could see that the black demon wall was dyed in blood, red from the blood of powerful individuals its ancestors killed, forged through the blood of many creatures.

Ancestral method, the more ancient its inheritance, the greater its power. This was the accumulation of a clan’s killing through successive generations. 

Of course, if the descendants of later generations wished to use it, they had to activate it themselves, fully comprehend it themselves.


The black demon wall was sticky with blood. It dropped down from above on Shi Hao, forcefully crushing down.

“The so-called foreign inheritance is just this? Nothing special after all!” Shi Hao released a short shout. His entire body surged, several types of precious techniques overlaying. He erupted with domineering power, facing it head-on.


Behind him, divine chains made of willow branches were formed one after another. They rushed at the black wall, wishing to pierce through.


Lightning surged endlessly, accompanied by primal chaos. Thunder surged, Shi Hao’s entire body releasing electricity, hacking at that wall.

Then, a Kun Peng appeared, spreading its wings, supporting the black demon wall on its back, forcefully overturning it, and then attacking it furiously!


Precious techniques erupted one after another, Shi Hao attacking with the most powerful methods.

Finally, with a honglong sound, the black demon wall cracked apart, and then it exploded, a rain of blood scattered down. It completely broke apart, destroyed.

The ancestral method failed, making the expression of that creature creature with twelve pairs of arms turn pale, mouth coughing out large amounts of blood. It staggered backwards, suffering the most terrifying backlash.

Shi Hao didn’t give it a chance, long since rushing over, condensing a fist imprint. Streak after streak of fist radiance erupted, all of them smashing over murderously.

“You…” This creature was shocked and angry, at the same time feeling fear. It was not a match, feeling the aura of death.


In the end, Shi Hao’s fist blasted it apart. It couldn’t stop the strike at all, its entire body exploding into a rain of blood, dyeing the skies red.

The second foreign young king fell!

This battlefield became extremely quiet, everyone looking at Shi Hao.

“Next!” Shi Hao coldly said, powerful beyond compare. He kept his word, wishing to face everyone with his strength alone.

“You…” On the other side, the group of young kings were shocked and angry.

The Golden Devil Bird, silver-haired woman, Snake Yaksha, and others even more so shivered inwardly, because right now, Shi Hao was staring at them.

“You all can’t escape. Since there are ten people in total, just come one by one, everything will be settled!” Shi Hao said coldly.

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