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Chapter 1340 - Tearing Apart Enemies

A roar sounded, all sides were shaken. Streak after streak of lightning hacked down, descending from the sky dome, the scenes astonishing!

Shi Hao’s brows stood on end, his head of black hair flying about chaotically. Right now, he longed for a fight, wishing to bathe in the blood of enemies, wash away all of his resentment.

“Haha…” The Mantis Centipede laughed loudly. It remained fearless, standing in the void, its centipede body flickering with chilly metallic luster, the pair of mantis arms like heavenly blades.

Then, the Mantis Centipede looked down on Shi Hao before it, saying with contempt, “Laughable, just now, the cultivators of your side died one after another, regardless of whether they were old or young, groveling at our feet, all of them defeated, unable to take a single blow, yet you dare claim that you can kill me? Has there not been enough bloodshed yet? Lowly species, what can you bring out to face me, how will you fight me? You all are too weak!”

In the distance, the foreign young kings all roared with laughter, a few people revealing looks of contempt, making sarcastic comments, loudly ridiculing them.

“It really is laughable. From past until now, you all were always the weak ones, never winning, yet you dare bark at me? This is like a pitiful bug on the ground roaring at a Heavenly Dragon in the nine heavens above, trying to intimidate it. You think something like that would be useful? It will only appear comical and lowly!”

These words were ear-piercing. They looked own on the creatures of this side, not placing them in their eyes at all, seriously insulting the dignity of the one on the battlefield.

Using a bug and Heavenly Dragon as a comparison, what kind of analogy was this? It really was going too far, making the youngsters of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths feel extremely ashamed.

“Are you done? These are your final words? After killing this centipede, I’ll wait for you all to step onto the stage, kill whoever comes. Do you dare come?” This was Shi Hao’s ice-cold reply.

The eyes of the young kings on the other side were dark, many people looking at him coldly, killing energy pervading the air. A few boulders weighing hundreds of thousands of jin, over a million jin floated up under an invisible domain, and then they exploded, stone fragments scattering all over the place.

These people didn’t say anything, but their attitudes explained everything.

If they were given the chance to come out, they would definitely kill Shi Hao, directly slaughtering him. Ever since the ancient times, the creatures of that side had always achieved great victories, so they had a powerful sense of superiority. From the past until now, never had anyone threatened them, all those who opposed them were killed. 

This youth named Huang before them, ever since the very start, he had always been provoking them, opposing them. The best method of dealing with him was to kill him!

“Mantis Centipede, you still aren’t taking action to kill him? Do you really want to continue listening to a lowly creature speak deliriously?” Someone said coldly.

“Cultivation is so dry and dull, rarely does someone dare speak like this to us, not knowing the height and depth of heaven and earth. When this type of person really is suppressed and killed, wouldn’t it be more interesting?” The Mantis Centipede said with a laugh.

Then, it recovered its cool, becoming just like when it killed Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, walking through the void step after step. 

“The hunting game has now truly begun!” Its expression was cold. An arm turned into a brilliant heavenly blade, pointing it at Shi Hao.

It could be said that it was extremely arrogant, the thought of being defeated never even crossing its mind. It moved powerfully, looking at this world’s young supreme beings like a group of livestock waiting to be slaughtered.

“If you want to throw away your life, then just come!” Shi Hao said coldly. He condensed a fist imprint, his entire body exuding clear splendor, war blood gradually surging.

“Heaven’s fate is with me, even the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment releasing auspicious multicolored light. The result has long been set in stone.” The Mantis Centipede spoke indifferently. It raised its arms, about to hack apart the enemy before it.

En? At this moment, many people were shocked. They stared blankly at the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment, all of them a bit stupefied.

The shell fragment corresponding to the Mantis Centipede’s auspicious multicolored light receded, becoming a bit dim, auspicious light no longer surging, directly changing.

“What is going on? Why is it like this? There was such brilliant multicolored light just now!” Many people were stunned. The changes were just too sudden. Why did it change as soon as they were about to fight?

This was a bit abnormal. First, it was the person who was selected that changed, and then even the auspicious omen disappeared, the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment’s divine splendor disappearing. This was extremely strange! 

The Mantis Centipede’s expression changed slightly. It had just said that heavenly fate was on its side, yet the shell fragment immediately changed, making it feel extremely uncomfortable, its eyes growing malicious.

“Human, you can die now. Lowly species, you will be just like your ancestors! Just grovel before our feet!” The Mantis Centipede roared loudly.


Its right arm brandished about, the mantis blade too resplendent, illuminating the sky dome, hacking at Shi Hao. It was as if it came from hell, severing this world, blood energy surging.

This was the Mantis Centipede’s murderous will. The exceptional blade radiance was brilliant and dazzling, accompanied by bloody light, wishing to instantly slice up Shi Hao!


Shi Hao’s body was perfectly straight, standing there, his right arm producing a fist imprint, releasing a streak of blazing lightning radiance, striking the mantis blades. Chilly light and dazzling lightning exploded here at the same time, multicolored haze engulfing the heavens, heaven and earth exploding!

This great confrontation’s explosions were just too powerful!

When things calmed down, the light fading, the Mantis Centipede towered in the void, looking downwards, vicious energy rumbling.

However, below, Shi Hao stood there, unmoved in the slightest, similarly unharmed. He was still standing there perfectly well, not being affected.

“Mantis Centipede, this isn’t your style. Are you showing leniency in your attacks?” Someone expressed discontent.

The Mantis Centipede was only testing things out, still holding back. Its centipede body released ka ka sounds, every joint flickering with dark golden radiance, powerful and sturdy.

“You’ve disappointed me, far from being as powerful as I had imagined. I will not show mercy, everything will end here!” The Mantis Centipede said to Shi Hao.

Just now, even though it was acting frivolously, it always remained extremely careful. Now, after a slight test, it felt like there was no need to be careful. Either way, they were going to fight, so there was no point in holding back. It completely erupted with power.


The Mantis Centipede shot over, entire body bending, faster than lightning, throwing itself murderously at Shi Hao. An expanse of dark light shot out of its mouth that corroded all things, and its right arm turned into a heavenly blade, hacking at Shi Hao’s head.

This was the most powerful attack. Not long ago, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was restricted precisely by this dark light, and then cleaved open by the heavenly blade, thus dying.


At this moment, a terrifying sound rang out. The void was collapsing, because the Mantis Centipede’s body was too frightening. Wherever it passed by, the void collapsed, time becoming chaotic.

Right now, it was invincible!

This was the power it gathered for a bit of time, it could be considered the most powerful attack. It was going to instantly cut down the enemy!


The earth quaked and mountains shook. Shi Hao roared out, suddenly jumping, truly moving his hands, waiting precisely for this moment.

It was because he wanted to establish a position of power, wishing to kill the other party in the shortest amount of time, using blood to wash away this world’s humiliation, carry out the most shocking intimidation.

In Shi Hao’s surroundings, light flames rose one after another, making him look as if he was a War Immortal bathed in immortal flames. His eyes were bright and full of expression, brilliant like stars, body submerged in blazing divine multicolored light, just too resplendent.

Apart from this, all types of gates in his body opened, body as the seed, condensing the potential in his body, deriving clear splendor, forming a curtain of light, a circle surrounding him. It was bright and dazzling.

The light flames and the light sphere impervious to all methods made Shi Hao look divine and powerful, as if he was a solitary immortal who was reborn through flames, displaying unmatched power.


Heaven and earth warped, breaking open, unable to support this type of stage.


The heavens shook and earth quaked. The dark light the Mantis Centipede released couldn’t break through the divine ring around Shi Hao’s body, erased by that sphere of light, truly impervious to all methods

Meanwhile, when the Mantis Centipede’s heavenly blade formed from its arms descended, Shi Hao didn’t evade, instead releasing the most powerful attacks. On his right hand, there were Kun Peng symbols, Lightning Emperor symbols, Willow Deity patterns, and other things, merging together, powerful beyond compare!

This hand directly faced the brilliant snow-white heavenly blade!

This was a head-on collision! If he failed, then his head would be hacked off, the most intense clash!

Normal people definitely wouldn’t do this, they would feel restraining fear for each other, there was no way they would so quickly enter a battle of mutual destruction.

The reason Shi Hao did this was because one, he had the confidence, and two, because he wanted to end things as soon as possible. He wanted to end this battle in the shortest amount of time, because this type of exchange could turn a battle of hundreds, or even thousands of exchanges into a single instant, ending everything in one move.

That was why after this clash, if he won, he won, if he lost, then he lost. It was simple and direct.

The Mantis Centipede’s eyes were cold, it never expected Shi Hao to face it head-on, planning to destroy indiscriminately. It immediately laughed coldly.

“My body and my arms are study and unbreaking. You dare compete against me in physical strength, face me like this? Simply courting death!” This was the Mantis Centipede’s confidence.

At this moment, there was a great pressure between heaven and earth. Everyone stared at that place, observing the two individuals tangled in battle.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, many people were nervous to the extreme, even their breathing about to stop, about to suffocate. It was because they were too nervous, fearing that Shi Hao would be killed.

“You have to win!”

“We cannot lose anymore! Kill that vicious centipede!”

A few people prayed inside, desiring a victory that could wash away their humiliation, something for them to establish their confidence.

On the foreign side, those young kings were all watching carefully. Right now, no one spoke randomly. Now that the true moment descended, even these people were a bit nervous, finding it a bit difficult to calm down.

The blade was resplendent, snow-white sharp radiance world-shaking, hacking the sky dome into two, the scene horrifying!

Meanwhile, at this moment, Shi Hao’s hand that rushed up was no longer that brilliant. It only carried wisps of chaotic energy, as well as some profound symbols that swirled about, a bit indistinct.

Shi Hao released a short shout, his right hand turning into a palm blade, facing the mantis arm. The two collided, now truly a competition of the flesh, a life and death clash.

What was the result going to be like?

Everyone felt as if their hearts were pushed up to their throats. Right now, this place became completely quiet, every single person feeling a bit terrified. The results were going to become visible soon.


The sound of flesh shattering sounded, making many people cry out. It was as if they were the ones fighting, as if they were the ones experiencing a life and death decisive battle.

The moment bloody light surged, Shi Hao stood there proudly, not suffering any damage.

Meanwhile, the Mantis Centipede’s face distorted, the intense pain difficult to endure. Its right arm that had formed a heavenly blade was forcibly broken off by the other party’s palm, which was why such a large amount of blood gushed out!

Just how terrifying was this?

The Mantis Centipede’s arm was known as a matchless blade, yet in the end, it was bare-handedly broken off by another! This was a terrifying result!

“Ah…” The Mantis Centipede roared. Its entire right arm was hacked off, blood surging.

It found this hard to believe, that it would be defeated, be at a disadvantage. There was actually someone who destroyed an important mantis arm!

If the two great experts carried out a normal confrontation, it was unknown just how many exchanges there would be. It definitely wouldn’t end in a short amount of time.

“Good, you cut it off well! Break its arm, and then kill it!” Many people roared. They had felt sullen for too long, so now that they saw this insufferably arrogant Mantis Centipede seriously injured like this, everyone erupted with noise.

“Where do you think you are going?!”

Shi Hao roared out, because he saw that the Mantis Centipede was turning around to run. He weaved through the void, chasing after the Mantis Centipede.


The Mantis Centipede brandished its body, the centipede body like a whip, thrashing out at Shi Hao, making the void break open.


Shi Hao grabbed the centipede tail with a single grip, raising it up, his strength able to uproot a mountain. His arms each grabbed a separate part of the centipede body, and then he fiercely tore at it!


Bloody light splashed out. The Mantis Centipede’s body was ripped open! Shi Hao was simply like an overlord, his boldness unmatched, completely berserk, body soaked in blood!

Right now, his head of black hair flew about chaotically. Blood dyed its surface, dripping wet. His eyes were resplendent like lightning!

The powerful Mantis Centipede, in this type of frontal clash, was forcibly ripped apart by someone, leaving everyone shocked!

“Ah…” The Mantis Centipede screamed. Its body was soaked in blood, mouth howling out.

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