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Chapter 1339 - Shi Hao’s Rage

A hatred of blood and bone!

Many people were about to go crazy, but it was difficult for them to roar out. They suffered four great defeats in a row, four young kings’ corpses lying on the battlefield, collapsing in pools of blood.

It didn’t matter if they didn’t want to accept this, reality was just this bloody.

At this moment, everyone sensed just how unwilling, how much despair the people of Immortal Ancient’s last phase battle felt. This type of battle truly left one in grief and indignation.

It was to the extent where many of them felt as if all hope turned to dust, only an expanse of darkness before them.

Those with unmatched ancient seeds were all defeated like this, what hope was there left to speak of? Even though they felt anger, felt sorry, they couldn’t see the light.

Everyone saw some clues from these battles. The other side was definitely powerful, regardless of whether it was the ancient creatures or the present world young kings, they were all like undefeatable demonic gods.

Previously, Shi Hao still felt anger, carrying great hatred, but now, his expression was cool, not saying a single thing, only watching the battlefield with an ice-cold gaze.

His mind had never been dealt such a heavy blow. How were they supposed to fight? Even if he felt no fear towards the young kings on the side, if he won, he still had to face so many more.

He understood well that the other side had found flaws in the unmatched ancient seeds, finding a way to deal with them. The consequences of this were severe to the extreme.

Perhaps in the future, there wouldn’t be many who could fight at his side in the future.

Shi Hao’s mind was cold. Even if he was given time, growing up one day, he still might have to face countless people with only a few comrades to help him.

How could a single person face the other side alone? How lamentable was that, how unrealistic?!

“Too weak.” The Mantis Centipede spat out these words, breaking the silence. It looked at the corpse on the ground.

“No!” Someone screamed out, these people Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s clansmen, as well as Immortal Academy’s elders. They truly couldn’t bear to see this scene. Many people cried out in grief.

“Master!” There was also an attendant who screamed out, feeling as if his heart was tearing, lungs splitting.

A cool breeze swept through this place, swirling up a wave of bloodiness, making every single person on this side feel a type of despair, as well as a deep coldness.

“The fate of heaven is on our side.” An ancient creature from the other side said.

The Mantis Centipede turned around, suddenly discovering that the immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment released blazing multicolored light, auspicious energy overflowing.

“Great auspicious sign!” An older generation figure of the foreign side was both shocked and happy.

“The next opponent will make your dao fate grand and profound, it truly is rarely seen.” A foreign elder explained.

Many people on their side were shocked, not expected to see this type of thing happen.

It was just like the armor fragment corresponding to the Golden Devil Bird, this type of thing rarely seen. That represented a great danger, yet now, it was perfectly opposite, an auspicious sign!


“I will preserve it in your place first.” At the black abyss’ side, an elder took action, restricting the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed, calling it over, Moreover, he had the Mantis Centipede remain on the battlefield.

“With heaven’s fate on my side, who will come and give up their life?” The Mantis Centipede faced the young geniuses of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, extremely unfeeling, eyes deep, carrying cold intent, as well as a type of contempt.

The shell fragment that corresponded to it surged with auspicious light. It was extremely dazzling.

The Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment was spiritual, foretelling a great auspicious scene.

The foreign young kings were all incredibly envious, wishing they were in the centipede’s place, that they were the ones fighting.

Only, they didn’t dare act rashly. The ancient ancestors had already spoken, so no one dared to walk up.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, it was full of sadness. Auspicious light actually emerged for the foreign side, dealing a great blow to everyone’s minds. A few creatures felt discouraged.

Under great sobbing sounds, a group of people brought Purple Sun heavenly Monarch’s ruined body away, piecing him together, trying to assemble a complete body.

He died just like that? This clan’s people were filled with unwillingness, not even outsiders able to believe this. When Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was born, there was but a great purple sun!

“Child, you care too much about victory or defeat. Why is there a need to go so far? Perhaps it was that seed that harmed you… without it, you might have been able to go even further…” An elder released a mournful sigh, old tears falling.


The Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragments shone, a piece flying out, choosing another person.

The Mantis Centipede didn’t withdraw, meaning that its opponent had now appeared.

“It’s actually him!”

Everyone was shocked looking in that direction.

Qin Hao stood there blankly. He became a fighter, chosen. Right now, his battle clothes released keng qiang noises, silver light resplendent, even more dao sounds rumbling within him.

Even the foreign side’s creatures looked over, staring at him.

“En, his battle clothes are a bit strange, possibly refined from the armor fragments of an Immortal King!” A foreign ancient creature revealed a shocked appearance.

“Strange, in his body, there is… a bone? It is too special!” An ancient ancestor next to the black abyss spoke, feeling extremely shocked. A vertical eye appeared between his brows, seeing through the mysteries of Qin Hao’s body.

Soon afterwards, everyone woke up, immediately realizing what was happening. That bone most likely belonged to a great figure from the last great era, right now stored in his body, still containing life force.

“Natural luck! That bone is formidable, no wonder the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment moved. Once he is killed, that bone can be obtained! There are great mysteries within!”

They spoke quietly, understanding the reason.

“I truly wish I could be the one to fight!” A few young foreign experts were envious, wishing to be in the centipede’s place, kill Qin Hao, thus obtaining this great opportunity.

“Haha…” The Mantis Centipede’s previous callousness disappeared, now laughing loudly in an unbridled manner. It pointed at Qin Hao, saying, “You, come over and accept death!”

“You, I will kill you!” Qin Hao was furious, walking out with large steps. He was someone with great pride, this part visible just from how he continuously compared himself to Shi Hao.

Suddenly, an arm blocked in front of him. A figure’s back faced him, towering like a mountain, stopping his way forward.

“Older brother!” Qin Hao cried out with a low voice.

“You cannot go!” Shi Hao said with a low voice. He didn’t turn around, instead staring at the Mantis Centipede ahead.

“You thing who doesn’t know the difference between death and life, you wish to stop me from acquiring my prey?” The dark gold Mantis Centipede’s eyes became cold. It stood on a giant rock, overlooking Shi Hao.

“Older brother, let me kill him!” Qin Hao said.

“You are still young, your cultivation lacking, needing time to consolidate.” Shi Hao said. His arm was extremely strong, remaining there, not letting him go over.

It was because he knew that if his younger brother walked forward, he would undoubtedly die, not be the Mantis Centipede’s opponent. He couldn’t watch his own younger brother die in vain.

“I…” Qin Hao wanted to say something.

Shi Hao waved his hand, not letting him say anymore. He faced the battlefield and looked at the Mantis Centipede, saying, “I am his older brother, let me fight in his place. Is this possible or not?”

“What a joke. Who do you think you are? What right do you have to stop me from obtaining my immortal bone? Step aside!” The Mantis Centipede laughed coldly, raising its head, showing great disdain.

“Who is this person? Does he truly think he is anything? Actually interrupting the decisive battles again and again, what a joke, not knowing the difference between life and death.”

In the distance, the foreign young kings were all mocking him, ridiculing him. They looked down on Shi Hao, not attaching much importance to him at all.

Only the Golden Devil Bird felt a wave of alarm, feeling a chill run through her body. She always felt like when she faced this person, a wave of bad feeling would arise. 

Right now, many people from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths looked over.

“Big brother, you should leave. Let me go over!” Qin Hao’s face was completely red. He stared furiously at those creatures on the other side.

“No!” Shi Hao didn’t move at all, stopping there, preventing him from going forward.

“Young man, what kind of place do you treat this as? Stirring up trouble again, if I kill you this time, everyone else better shut up!”

“Big brother, hurry and leave!” Qin Hao wanted to move around him.


Shi Hao grabbed his arm, making it hard for him to move.

“Young man, do you want to die?” On the other side, a powerful and dignified voice sounded.

At the same time, Great Elder also exerted powerful might, opposing with equal harshness.

“I am following the rules, all of you, see for yourself!” Shi Hao shouted.

At the same time, he transmitted sound to Qin Hao, saying, “Operated the supreme being bone I gave you with full force!”

“Big brother!” Qin Hao looked at him.

“Hurry, don’t waste time!” Shi Hao scolded.

Qin Hao’s previous inner demons had long been undone, no longer opposing Shi Hao like before. He did as he was told.


A sphere of divine light surged, incomparably dazzling. Supreme being symbols extended, the scenes shocking the heavens.

At the same time, Shi Hao also activate the supreme being bone in his body, making a certain type of divine ability quickly activate. The two individual’s auras were unexpectedly exactly the same!

The same type of supreme being blood flowed within their bodies, as well as a common supreme being bone.

Shi Hao had three types of innate precious techniques, previously giving one bone to Qin Hao, which was why there was a precious technique that was produced within him.


At this moment, the piece of immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment moved, grabbed by Shi Hao. It was still shining, choosing him on the spot.

Shi Hao released a breath of relief. It was as he suspected. He succeeded!

“Withdraw for now!” Shi Hao said to his younger brother.

“Big brother!”

“Go back, leave this to me!” Shi Hao’s expression was serious, his tone serious, ordering him to immediately return.

At this moment, everyone was stupefied. Why did the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment act like this? When it chose one person, it could actually change?

Everyone was stunned, even the foreign creatures stupefied, momentarily speechless.

Qin Hao wanted to insist on fighting, but after being scolded by Shi Hao, in the end, he lowered his head, listening to him, walking back.

“Big brother, you have to be careful!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. It should be their turn to be worried!” Shi Hao spoke with a calm and confident tone.

Qin Hao withdrew. Shi Hao loosened his arm, but that Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment didn’t leave, releasing clear splendor, illuminating his body, now sure that it chose him.

“How could it be like this?” There were some cultivators from the other side who were confused.

“They are brothers, moreover having a similar type of bloodline force, extremely rarely seen. Moreover, just now, their auras were exactly the same, as if they were the same person.” An aged creature explained.

Shi Hao walked forward with large steps. This time, no one opposed, none of them expecting this type of thing to happen.

“Huang, you have to win!” From the back, someone shouted.

They had lost too much, young supreme beings falling one after another, making many people feel a pent-up wave of resentment, about to vomit blood. They desired a victory, urgently hoping to sweep aside this trend.

Shi Hao’s appearance gave many people hope. It was because they all knew that he was extremely strong!

However, there were quite a few people who were dejected. They had suffered too many losses, feeling nervous, moreover not truly understanding Shi Hao too well, fearing that he might also lose.

This time, everyone was extremely nervous.

The giant rock below the Mantis Centipede cracked apart, and then it exploded. It’s human feet stood in the void, centipede body towering there, eyes ice-cold.

“You actually dare ruin my great opportunity, I am going to divide your corpse, you thing who doesn’t know the height and depth of heaven and earth!” The Mantis Centipede was furious, its expression cold.

“You are going to die soon!” Shi Hao said directly.

The Mantis Centipede laughed loudly, its expression full of mockery. “Your people have died one after another, all of them so-called heavenly talents, yet what was so special about them? You are the same, in my eyes, you are nothing!”

“Haha…” In the distance, the group of foreign young kings all roared with laughter.

“Now that I am standing on this battlefield, all of you will die!” Shi Hao said with a calm and indifferent tone, his words resounding through heaven and earth, ringing through this place like thunder.

In the distance, an attendant knelt down, bowing down towards Shi Hao, saying, “Huang, I’m begging, you, you have to kill that centipede!”

He was Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s attendant, previously hating Shi Hao greatly, but now, he was full of tears, kneeling there, sincerely apologizing, bowing down seriously, carrying great emotion as he said, “In the past, I was wrong. Please, get revenge for my master, kill that centipede!”

After saying this, he howled with grief, breaking into sobs.

Regardless of how their relationship was in the past, right now, his emotions were serious, feeling grieved for Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, begging Shi Hao, wishing for him to get revenge for his master.

“Alright, I promise you. Today, in this place, I will kill it!” Shi Hao shouted.

“Just something like you even has the delusion of killing me? Stop dreaming! Look at you, you’re already shaking!” The Mantis Centipede laughed coldly.

It wasn’t the only one, everyone else saw that Shi Hao’s arms were shaking slightly, to the extent where his entire body was. However, everyone knew that this wasn’t fear, but rather the result of holding back for a long time.

“I have never felt as good as I do right now, finally… I can fight! My body is excited, trembling!” Towards the end, Shi Hao was roaring out, his head of long black hair flying about chaotically like a matchless devil king. A wave of heaven overflowing killing intent rushed out, engulfing the heavens above and earth below!

Right now, he was even more savage than the foreign cultivators. He unfolded his arms, faced the sky, and then roared, “Today, I alone am going to kill all of you! If one comes, I’ll kill one, if a pair comes, I will kill a pair, the entire younger generation will die under my hands!”

Streak after streak of powerful lightning surged around him as he spoke, connecting the heavens above and earth below, resonating with his words. Giant pools of lightning emerged one after another, these miraculous scenes of the world not precious techniques displayed by him. His voice resounded through the entire world!

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