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Chapter 1323 - Peerless Expert

Immortal Wang leaped into the air. He looked extremely young, as if an eagle hatchling was spreading its wings, his arms in harmony, mouth releasing sound, throwing himself at Great Elder.

There was no light, no great dao symbols that appeared, it was just that direct, not like a confrontation between matchless experts at all.

Great Elder moved to the side, his right arm like a snake, suddenly curling, shooting towards the sky with an inconceivable angle, as if a python was devouring the moon.


The two collided, releasing a muffled noise. The skies didn’t break apart, only the areas of the body that made contact releasing strange sounds.

Shi Hao opened his heavenly eyes, his breathing about to stop. He carefully watched everything, because all the way until now, he still didn’t see the profoundness of this. He wanted to understand.


He finally captured a few things. In the two extreme experts’ surroundings, the void that collapsed merged together, needle like radiance interweaving, and then quickly disappearing.

The two great experts’ energy was definitely terrifying, yet not the slightest trace leaked out, instead devouring the power of the void instead. The sharp needle-like radiance from just now should be the essence extracted from the great world.

This… was unimaginable!

Shi Hao had a vague feeling that if the two individuals were to attack without any restraint, the sun, moon, and stars would even be blasted down, simply able to tear apart the great cosmos!

Only, they were restricting themselves!

Shi Hao couldn’t see through this, couldn’t understand. This wasn’t because he wasn’t talented enough, because not even Wang Da, Wang Er, and the others could understand. One had to understand that their cultivations were profound to an unimaginable level!

The nine dragons had cultivated for endless years, arriving from the ancient past until today. Both of them could sweep through all enemies in their path, impossible to measure.

Meanwhile now, only old eight and old nine, these two could see through these two peerless figures’ confrontation.

“Merging true immortal natural laws, changing the complex into the simple, condense the profound mysteries of the heavens into a few moves. This type of ability, this type of cultivation, we are still too far off.” Wang Family’s old eight released a light sigh.

Wang Da frowned. Right when he was about to speak up, the second immortal dao symbol great mountain suddenly broke apart, and then it completely exploded.

“Heavens, how could it be like this? These are the immortal dao remains of my clan, a part of the unmatched formation. How could it collapse now?”

Wang Family erupted into disorder, many youngsters and a few elders becoming nervous. This was something that had never happened before. Just how powerful did the enemy have to be to accomplish this?

Many people believed firmly that regardless of what happened in the immortal family remains, it wouldn’t result in its destruction. However now, what happened toppled their understanding, producing fear and alarm within their minds!

“Why is that old man so powerful? We really have to immediately get rid of him, or else there will always be a great mountain blocking our path!” Wang Da said with a low voice.

Great Elder switched from defense to offense, his long clothes fluttering about. He rushed into the heavens like a vicious bird, attacking Immortal Wang!

Just like before, there was no great disturbance, yet for some reason, everyone felt like they were suffocating, feeling a deep pressure, as if this strike was going to knock down large amounts of stars from the sky.


Immortal Wang released a great roar, as if a vicious tiger was crying out. A primal chaos tiger appeared, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, throwing himself at Great Elder.

At the same time, Great Elder’s simple and ordinary figure also finally displayed changes. There was a giant bird in front of him, also transformed from primal chaos, extremely blurry. It rushed outwards.

“Not good, they aren’t able to hold themselves back anymore. This is the final strike, as well as the most terrifying confrontation!” Wang Jiu said.

He operated the formation himself. Great mountains all resonated, trembling as well, putting up a defense.

At this moment, the skies were shaking, affected by the power of the two great experts.

This type of scene was simply unimaginable!


The great sun in the sky grew dim, oppressed by the two great matchless experts’ brilliance. A starry sky emerged, many stars rumbling, about to crush down.


The two roared out together. They really couldn’t hold back anymore, simultaneously rushing into the heavens. At the same time, one tiger, one bird also clashed, erupting with primal chaos radiance.


This was absolutely world-shaking. Cracks began to appear in outer space, every single great crack extending for who knew how many tens of thousands of li, the scene horrifying to the extreme.

The two great experts arrived in outer space in an instant, standing in the starry sky, carrying out the final ultimate strike.

One could see Immortal Wang’s hand become incomparably terrifying. He grabbed a string of enormous stars, refining them into weapons, smashing them towards Great Elder.


Stellar light splashed outwards. A few great stars exploded, shattered by Great Elder’s sleeve, and then he activated a fist imprint, smashing it towards Immortal Wang’s chest.


Immortal Wang released a long roar, shattering a few stars around him. The space between his brows shone, a black ancient sword appearing, hacking towards Great Elder.

Chaos Calming Art, primordial spirit sword core!

This was an unmatched sword dao, an unrivaled technique. From past until present, there were just too many legends about it. This was a wondrous technique that shook the past and present.

Sure enough, Great Elder’s expression became grave. His fist imprint was overlaying power, becoming stronger and stronger. It was as if a stormy sea of a thousand waves converged together.

In addition, Great Elder’s arms moved, carrying out nine revolutions. The surroundings waves erupted, fist radiance incomparable, surging like a stellar sea. Everything attacked at one area, striking that primordial spirit sword core.

One could see just how serious Great Elder was, concentrating all of his power on that sword.


The two individuals leapt out, both of them entering the depths of the great cosmos!

It was because the attack power of this strike was too great, the consequences difficult to predict.


Countless symbols exploded, erupting in a starry dome. The primordial spirit sword core carried out a great collision with Great Elder’s Nine Revolutions Fist Imprint, terrifying to the extreme.

In a flash, the battle of Immortal Ancient’s last years, the blood energy of the most powerful experts appeared once more, that group of individuals returning.

This type of intense battle was difficult to witness in this world, only seen in the last great era.

There were stars burning, this expanse of cosmos splitting apart, the cracks extending outwards. In the end, starry light flickered, everything completely extinguished, this place becoming dark.

If others were to find out about this scene, they would definitely be horrified. The fierce battle happening in the great cosmos was just too shocking, exceeding the imaginations of the mortal world’s experts.

In the late stages of Immortal Ancient’s last phase, it was precisely because there were too many experts, the power too great, that it ultimately lead to the destruction of the ancient world, turning it into the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

“What ended up happening?” In Wang Family’s ancient land, a group of people were uneasy, nervous to the extreme.

The result of the battle between these two peerless experts was too great, because if one side died, then the other party’s descendants, inheritance, and other things couldn’t be protected.

“Capture him first! Everything is happening because of him!” At this moment, Wang Da spoke, his eyes ice-cold, as if there were two blades resting in his eye sockets.

He stared at Shi Hao, determined to capture him first. Regardless of whether Great Elder won or lost, this would become a captive that they could use for bargaining.

Wang Jiu shook his head, hinting for Wang Da to look in Shi Hao’s direction.

There was a piece of cloth on his body that was dyed in dark red blood, some holes on its surface, the cloth looking extremely old-fashioned. It was unknown just how many years it had existed for.

It was precisely the corpse wrapping cloth, the former Immortal Ancient war banner that had wrapped around two immortal kings, on it the blood and grievances of endless generations past!

Shi Hao felt a strange type of feeling, as if he was standing on a boundless battlefield, shouts of war shocking the world. There were powerful creatures that fell from the skies one after another, blood dyeing the great earth red, corpses piled up like mountains!

This was a moving and tragic scene. The blood of the ancient people poured down, as if the heavens itself were crying. The war banner witnessed everything, and it was soaked in the blood of these warriors, the unwillingness and grief condensing into spirit.

“The war banner is on his body, that old thing putting it onto his body before leaving, but I believe that this should be useless. Could it be that this thing can stop us? After all, this youngster is still extremely lacking, not growing up.” Wang Da said coldly.

He directly took action, about to grab forward. If he could seize this war banner, it would be quite the contribution.

However, an astonishing thing happened. The war banner moved, releasing an angry roar, accompanied by world-shaking war shouts. Wang Da was sent flying, blood flowing out from the corners of his mouth.

“That old thing left behind a bit of vital energy!” Wang Da said hatefully.

“Brat, do you think that just because you have a Meng Tianzheng behind you, everything is fine? The people my Wang Family has wished to kill have never continued living. Towards ants like you, we just have to directly crush you! I believe that Meng Tianzheng will definitely experience a great defeat, and then he’ll have nothing to say. When that time comes, your end will be extremely pitiful.”

Wang Da said coldly. Moreover, he called over a few of his brothers, wishing to break through this Immortal King Corpse Cloth, seize this supreme treasure to cut off Great Elder’s path of retreat.


A streak of divine rainbow descended from above, landing by Shi Hao’s side.

At the same time, Immortal Wang also returned, standing in front of the nine dragons.

The two both remained quiet. The battle ended. The three or four moves they spoke about before, had actually already been exceeded.

“Let’s just stop at a draw.” Immortal Wang said.

“Fine, but the conditions have not changed. You must deal with matters as I have previously stated!” Great Elder said.

“Father!” Wang Da and the others walked up, filled with unwillingness. Someone barged into their home, yet they were actually going to give up, it really left them feeling sulen.

“From today forth, you all are not permitted to deal with that youngster.” Immortal Wang said. Then, he turned around, leaving without saying another word.

“Spoken words are meaningless, please write down a decree. Apart from this, what about the special herbs I asked for from Wang Family’s immortal earth? There better not be a single stalk missing!” Great Elder said.

“You are going too far!” Wang Da roared out.

“Are only you all allowed to bully my disciple? Am I not allowed to pay you all a visit?” Great Elder’s voice was cold.

“You all, back down!” Immortal Wang berated, having the present family leader come out and write a decree, informing the clan that they could not start a fight with Great Elder’s people for no reason.

Everyone was shocked. Immortal Wang actually agreed, moreover so directly!

If this matter spread, all of Immeasurable Heaven will be in chaos. It would produce a great commotion!

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