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Chapter 1322 - Immortal Ancient Banner

Xu Family’s supreme treasure was a rag, yet this made Immortal Wang’s expression become serious, even more so making Wang Da, Wang Er, and a few others feel incredibly shocked.

Shi Hao felt his scalp turn numb. He could hear endless war cries from that piece of cloth.

The cloth Great Elder had was extremely shabby, and it was wrinkled all over as well, some holes visible on its surface. It looked like it was going to completely fall apart.

One could roughly make out that this was a banner. There were all types of blood traces on it, the passage of time leaving behind too many imprints on it, clearly an ancient artifact.

“Back then, during Immortal Ancient’s last phase great battle, this was previously an iron-blood war banner that was held by a true immortal, leading the various clans to face the other side’s great army…” Immortal Wang said to himself.

Even he felt a bit of regret.

“Correct, it is precisely this war banner!” Great Elder said.

This war flag, in the past, was perhaps only an iron-blood war banner, a symbol, but its significance later was completely different. There were Immortal Kings that died, used to bind the corpses when they were brought back.

Moreover, it wasn’t just one, but two!

One could see just how miserable the final battle was. The most powerful Immortal Kings of a realm were killed in battle, disappearing in defeat.

It was unknown just how many people were killed, corpses filling this place.

This war banner was used as cloth to wrap corpses, previously bringing back the ruined bodies of two Immortal Kings. Meanwhile, their essence blood also unavoidably soaked through this banner.

Its material was sturdy, originally weaved out of precious threads. Now, together with Immortal Kings’ most fundamental essence blood soaking through it, it became even more unordinary.

Soon afterwards, it directly developed spirituality!

Later on, it ended up in the Xu Family’s hands, after a process of refinement, it became a supreme treasure with immortal dao formations engraved on it, becoming something in between a formation and a weapon.

Not far out, there were quite a few Wang Family disciples who were watching what was happening. When the elders spoke about these secrets in a low voice, everyone became greatly shocked.

Even Shi Hao was shaken up. What was this? It was the iron-blood banner of Immortal Ancient War!

The significance of this thing was too unordinary. Regardless of what its power was like, it was enough to leave everyone in this realm shaken up.

It was simply a piece of history itself, the war banner of the past. It was heavy like a mountain!

No wonder war cries sounded endlessly, it was all because of the true meanings stored within this banner. It originated from the battlefield, soaked in the blood of endless experts.

When the day came where they had to face the other side, this war banner would undoubtedly be the most suitable banner to wave once more. The war spirits of the past would be with them, blood sacrifices made with the blood of the enemy!

Should this banner be raised once more, it would definitely be a grand occasion, one accompanied by blood boiling battles!

“Xu Family, they really were willing to part with it!” Immortal Wang said.

Xu Family and Wang Family were old enemies, the two clans not getting along with each other. In Heavenly Deity institution, Princess Yao Yue always stood against Wang Xi, from this alone one could see that the clans carried great hatred towards each other.

Meanwhile, the discord between the two clans could be traced all the way back to Immortal Ancient times!

They were both long life families after all, so even their gratitudes and grudges were terrifyingly long, moreover not going away all this time, everything tangled together.

“Isn’t it merey a tattered banner, already about to fall apart? What is so special about this?” There was someone watching the battle from the horizon. An expert from Wang Family said quietly, not attaching all that much importance to this banner.

“Heng!” Great Elder released a heavy snort. That person immediately exploded, turning into a blast of bloody mist.

“You…” The expression of some of Wang Family’s Nine Dragons changed, feeling like Meng Tianzheng was too unrestrained, actually killing someone right in front of them.

“Meng Tianzheng, you are too insolent!” Wang Er shouted.

“Wang Family is just like in the past after all, not caring much about Immortal Ancient’s last phase battle all that much, even daring to disrespect the sacred object that has wrapped immortal kings’ corpses, not attaching importance to it.” Great Elder said.

This time, Immortal Wang didn’t say anything, only some individuals among the Nine Dragons who didn’t accept this.

Immortal Wang knew that the significance of this banner was too great. For someone like Great Elder, it was an unmatched sacred object to the extent where its value was even greater than the Ten Realms Diagram.

As a war banner that had soaked in the blood of ancient people, and even serving as the cloth that wrapped around two great Immortal Kings, this tattered banner, in some people’s eyes, was equivalent to some type of spirit, even more so a type of soul.

That was why Immortal Wang didn’t retort this, not opposing Great Elder on this matter. Otherwise, it would force the other party to retaliate with even greater ferocity.

“Things are a bit troublesome.” Wang Jiu said, transmitting sound to a few of his older brothers that had more fiery tempers.

“I refuse to believe that he can face our Wang Family just by relying on this ancient banner!” Wang Da said coldly.

“It is indeed a bit troublesome, this banner both a formation and a weapon. Now that it has made an appearance, my Wang Family’s immortal dao formation can’t do anything to it, it can cut open a path. I never expected the Xu Family to be this generous, daring to lend out this type of thing.” Immortal Wang secretly transmitted to his nine sons.

“This… could it be that we can’t do anything to him?” Wang Er found this hard to accept, still wanting to keep Great Elder here.

“Immortal Kings’ wrapping cloth, after it was refined into a supreme treasure, even if it doesn’t allow one to walk through our formations like level ground, it is pretty close. At the very least, he can move through it, and with the Ten Realms Diagram as well, Meng Tianzheng will bring tremendous destruction to my clan’s ancient land.” Immortal Wang said.

He felt like even if they made Great Elder stay behind, perhaps even kill him, Wang Family would have to pay a tremendous price they would find hard to bear.

“This old thing, I really want to immediately kill him. Could it be that after he barged into our clan’s pure land, we can only watch him leave without doing anything?” Wang Da was furious.

Immortal Wang’s expression was incredibly overcast, only a while later did he seem to have come to some kind of decision. He looked towards Great Elder, and then said, “Today’s matters, let’s end it here, I will no longer pursue it. It is because I respect this war banner greatly, not wishing to take arms against it.”

When Great Elder heard this, he roared with laughter. While carrying an expression of ridicule, he said, “You respect this war banner? It is hard to say whether your Wang Family even acknowledges that battle. Someone like you would feel like this banner is a sacred object?”

It was because he could tell just from the reactions of the disciples, which was why he didn’t hesitate to directly kill a powerful expert from this clan.

Then, Great Elder’s expression became cold. “You won’t pursue this matter, implying that you are graciously letting us go. However, I want you to know that I am pursuing it further, that I came today to demand an explanation!”

“You… Meng Tianzheng, don’t go too far! My Wang Family has spoken benevolently. What kind of place are you treating this as?!” Wang Er shouted.

“A place where I will get an explanation.” Great Elder replied coldly. His eyes released two sharps beams of radiance, killing intent roiling, staring straight at Wang Family’s old second.

“What do you want to do?” Immortal Wang asked.

“It is simple, I want you to restrict your heirs, vow not to target Shi Hao anymore.” Great Elder said.

“You… are forcing father to make a vow?” Wang Da was truly angry, immortal mist on his body surging. “For the sake of an ant, you are going so far, even wanting my father to make a promise, what qualifications do you have to do this?!”

Great Elder spoke coldly, saying, “Do you feel that you are that special, high up above? However, in my eyes, you are only a bit more remarkable. After a period of time, Shi Hao will be stronger than you!”

Then, Great Elder said, “He is my disciple, just like you are Immortal Wang’s children. I am declaring right now that if Wang Family dares harm Shi Hao again, I will not stay my hands from the Nine Dragons, kill one when I see one!”

These words were resounding and deafening, ringing through this entire ancient land, all creatures within several tens of thousands of li hearing them, stirring up great waves.

Who was this? He actually dared threaten the Wang Family!

“Dao brother, you have crossed the line.” Immortal Wang said.

“This time, I, Meng Tianzheng, every word I speak is like a nail, meaning precisely what I say. If your Wang Family dares cross this line again, I will definitely unleash a great slaughter, a few of the Nine Dragons will definitely die!” Great Elder’s words were like thunder, resounding through this ancient land.

“It’s Meng Tianzheng!”

“Heavenly Deity Institution’s Great Elder!”

“He is taking action for Huang’s sake, actually threatening our old great ancestor!”

The atmosphere became extremely tense, ready to erupt into a world-shocking great battle at any time.

“For these things, you had to barge into my Wang Family? Why didn’t you inform us through a letter?” Immortal Wang said.

“Father!” Wang Da’ couldn’t restrain his anger, feeling like his father wasn’t acting bold enough.

“My true body came, yet you all still wanted to suppress me, so what will a letter accomplish?” Great Elder said coldly.

“I gained some realizations recently. Let us exchange a few moves, if I lose, then everything will be as you wish.” Immortal Wang said, about to fight Great Elder.

“Fine, however, there is one more thing. You all must pay a certain price. This time, you harmed my disciple, so I cannot just let things end like this!” Great Elder said.

“What more do you want?” Immortal Wang said coldly.

He found it a bit hard to hold back now. If not for his apprehension towards the corpse wrapping cloth and Ten Realms Diagram, as well as the danger to his own children, he would have taken action a long time ago.

“Wu, what do you want?” Great Elder asked Shi Hao.

At this moment, Shi Hao was overwhelmed by emotions. Great Elder really possessed matchless divine might, even this domineering after coming to Wang Family, opposing Immortal Wang with equal harshness. He truly was worthy of being a peerless expert.

“I… wish to examine the Chaos Calming Art.” Shi Hao said.

When they heard this line, everyone from Wang Family became furious.

Even the corners of Immortal Wang's lips twitched slightly.

Wang Da, Wang Er, and the others were truly angered badly. It was just a young man, yet he dared to casually ask for their sect protecting scripture. How could they just let this happen?!

The Chaos Calming Art was high up above, its strength matchless throughout the world, known to be one of the three most powerful sword arts from past until present. It was an unrivaled scripture.

In the earlier years of Immortal Ancient, just by relying on this art, there were people who forced back foreign enemy troops, maintaining the peace of a certain period of time. The words ‘chaos calming’ came precisely from this.

This was enough to prove how astonishing and glorious the Chaos Calming Art was!

“This cannot be done.” Immortal Wang said coldly.

“It can’t?” Shi Hao felt regretful.

Great Elder was a bit speechless. Wasn’t this basically asking for Wang Family’s lives? If they really demanded it, perhaps Immortal Wang really would stake it all against them, fight with their lives.

“You should change the request. Forget it, I’ll make the decision in your place, help you think of something.” Great Elder said. He feared that Shi Hao would raise some type of unrealistic condition, so he hurriedly added.

Great Elder discussed things with Immortal Wang, and then the two took action!

They naturally wouldn’t use the Ten Realms Diagram, war halberd, and other things, only exchanging bare-handedly, fight with their true strength.

“I’ve gained some insights recently, so you should watch yourself!” Immortal Wang said coldly. He took action. 

Everyone was horrified, scared that they might be turned into bloody paste by the unmatched magical force blast waves. However, at the same time, they were extremely curious, wishing to see what kind of matchless methods were going to be displayed.

However, everyone was disappointed.

Immortal Wang didn’t release divine force fluctuations, nor were there any boundless natural laws that interweaved, the winds and clouds calm. When his great sleeves moved, his right hand formed the shape of a crane mouth, piercing towards Great Elder.

What was this? It wasn’t some legendary great divine ability!

However, Great Elder’s reaction was completely different from everyone’s anticipations, becoming extremely serious. He stared at his opponent, and then his right leg slowly moved back. Like a vicious tiger swinging its tail, it lashed out at the crane mouth.


Everyone was speechless. Wsa this a battle at the very peak? Why did their techniques seem ordinary, lacking the slightest fluctuation of power, even more so no chaos or disorder appearing?

Then, Immortal Wang was like a spiritual ape, moving his arms and releasing a fist.

It was as if Great Elder was embracing the moon, guiding force.

“What is father doing? Why doesn’t he take action domineeringly, cut him down with the Chaos Calming Art?!” Wang Da said quietly.

Only Wang Jiu’s expression was serious, incredibly grave, even his breathing stopped as he stared at these two. He saw through the enlightenment, saying with a low voice, “They are turning the complex into the simple, transforming the ten thousand dao of the world into a single motion, comparable to matchless methods!”

“It looks ordinary, just a single move, but father has merged several killing methods of the Vicious Ten. You tell me if this is dangerous or not?” Wang Jiu said with a sunken voice.

Then, he closed his mouth, feeling like he was suffocating.

It was because the two of them already completed the three moves.

“I do not feel like this type of attack has any power.” Wang Da was puzzled.

However, his expression immediately changed, because a giant mountain behind him cracked with a kacha noise, and then it exploded.

Forget about him, even the expressions of others from Wang Family changed. How could the great mountain crack apart?

One had to understand that there were a total of ten thousand spiritual mountains in this immortal family ancient land, every single one of them possessing immortal symbols. However now… one of them collapsed.

Everyone understood that even though Immortal Wang and Great Elder’s competition looked simple, extremely easygoing, clouds and winds light, the power was unimaginable!

Once it ignited, heavens would fall and earth would split, everything falling to ruin!

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