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Chapter 1303 - Unmatched Under the Sky

Just how terrifying was this person? One had to understand that back then, the little Heavenly Horned Ant’s older brothers and sisters were viewed as stars of hope, their talent exceptional, divine bravery unmatched among their peers, moreover raised with great care by the elders of all sides.

Together with their Extreme Strength Blood, they were exceptionally heroic, the most stunning outstanding figures of the younger generation!

However, even those young supreme beings, the children of a Vicious Ten with unmatched abilities, were defeated by this person, and then ruthlessly killed.

Moreover, it was all done by the one before their eyes!

Just how strong was this young man exactly? It truly left one horrified, strength unimaginable. This was an unmatched demon king who suppressed a group of Immortal Ancient geniuses.

“Ah…” The little golden ant released a long cry, feeling like his heart was tearing, his lungs splitting, as if his liver was breaking apart inch by inch. It was just too sorrowful; he now met the true enemy.

His older brothers and older sisters actually all died under this person’s hands, and not the Blood Phoenix Lion’s. That was only a mount!

The little Heavenly Horned Ant’s eyes shed tears of blood, feeling as if a knife was being twisted in his heart. The loved ones he had never met were killed by this person, the murderer right before his eyes, so how could he endure this? He cried loudly, throwing himself forward, about to stake it all.

“Calm down!” Shi Hao took a step forward. It was as if the stars spun in reverse, instantly arriving before the little ant, standing in its way, not allowing it to risk it all.

“Don’t stop me! I am going to kill him, get revenge for my brothers and sisters, ah…” The little ant wept, tears tumbling down. This type of pain was carved into its bones, engraved in the heart.

“He is right there, do you think he can run? Don’t bicker over this small bit of time!” Shi Hao advised, his tone extremely serious.

It was because he feared that something unexpected might happen to the little ant, which was why he stopped him, yet he couldn’t just say that he wasn’t this young man’s opponent, fearing that he might stubbornly go crazy.

The little ant’s entire body was taut, golden light tangling with scarlet multicolored light. His Extreme Strength Blood boiled, killing intent roiling, the corners of his eyes widened to the point of splitting. He forcefully endured that urge, but didn’t take another step forward.

“Heavenly Horned Ant, you should thank him, or else you would already be dead.” That young man in the golden mountain range said calmly.

“What did you say?” The little ant stared angrily, wanting to go crazy. His loved ones died miserably, yet the other side was still so cold and overconfident. This was just too hard for him to endure.

This was a young man, only in his twenties, his body dressed in green robes, golden hair extremely thick and long, falling behind him all the way down to his calves.

Having hair this long was also rarely seen. It was like golden silk, releasing dazzling and blinding radiance.

His skin was extremely white like fine jade, his face sharp as if sculpted. That was why even though he was handsome, he wasn’t that feminine, possessing a type of restrained heroic aura.

His pupils were also golden, moreover carrying a cross shape, extremely strange, light flickering within. Two streaks of golden lightning interweaved in the void, unexpectedly releasing sounds of wind and lightning.

This was truly horrifying. This young man looked extremely mild and gentle normally, untainted by the mortal world. However, when he displayed a bit of might, his gaze immediately became just that intimidating.

Just this look alone released thunderous noises, as if lightning pierced the sky!

“Your older brothers and older sisters had all already matured, reaching the most powerful state of their age, far surpassing you, but they were still beheaded, so you can well imagine what the result would be like if you had walked forward. It was him who saved you.” That male said calmly.

That type of battle accomplishment was enough to shock past and present, extremely brilliant!

One had to understand that those were the children of the Vicious Ten’s Heavenly Horned Ant, able to look down on all of their peers, but they still died, killed by this person!

However, when he was talking about these things, mentioning old matters, it was all just that natural, spoken extremely carefreely.

Things seemed more and more terrifying. Just what kind of person was this exactly? Even the most powerful Heavenly Horned Ant descendant of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths could be powerfully subdued and suppressed, it was just too horrifying!

If news of this spread spread, it would definitely trigger great shock and alarm. This young man was too frightening, powerful to an unimaginable level!

“I want to fight against you! If I am inferior to you, then I am willing to die in battle. I cannot continue living in despair!” The little ant released a long roar, the corners of his eyes widened to the point of splitting, two streaks of blood flowing out from within. Golden flames surged from his body, burning furiously, all of his potential ignited at this moment, wishing to go even more berserk and fight a decisive battle against this person.

This was a fight to the death. Even though he knew he wasn’t a match, he was still going to fight a heroic battle.

“Calm down! There is no need to get revenge right now!” Shi Hao stood by his side, forcefully pressing down on his shoulder, releasing a clear splendor to help him suppress his rage.

He couldn’t just watch the little ant send himself to his death. His potential was tremendous, so dying in battle like this just because he hadn’t matured yet was too much of a pity. It would just be too regretful.

Moreover, if he died, the Heavenly Horned Ant bloodline could be considered to be completely extinct, no way of continuing it.

However, he could also understand how the little Heavenly Horned Ant was feeling. His brothers were killed, sisters murdered, all of this done by a single person, and this person was right before his eyes. It was impossible for him not to feel the need to get revenge and fight.

“Let me go! The enemy is right before me, how can I hold myself back? I have to get revenge!” The little Heavenly Horned Ant cried, struggling about. His emotions were all over the place, tears flowing in long streams.

“Interesting, quite the heavy emotions.” On the other side, the young man carried a faint smile. He gave Shi Hao a look, and then looked at the little Heavenly Horned Ant, remaining incredibly calm all this time.

“You can come, I temporarily won’t take your life, but I’ll let you know that even though the Heavenly Horned Ant is known as one of the most powerful clans, they are still not unmatched. It is meaningless for me.” The young man’s tone was extremely natural.

However, this type of calm tone contained a type of innate confidence, as well as a type of transcendent meaning, not placing his opponent in his eyes.

It was clear that he didn’t see the little ant as an opponent at all, doing this just to prove one thing, that the Heavenly Horned Ant Race whose reputation shocked the world wasn’t a match for him!

“Let me go!” The little ant roared. It felt a type of humiliation. Just how arrogant was their race? Their clan was glorious, their brilliance shining for endless generations.

However now, there was someone who was looking down on them like this, to the extent where he was showing contempt for this entire clan. It was more than what he could endure.

Light swirled within Shi Hao’s eyes. He looked at the little Heavenly Horned Ant, and then at the other party, and then he calmed down. It was because if he didn’t let go, it would be too hard for the little ant to vent his resentment, only feeling even more strongly.

He might as well just let it take action!

However, at the same time, Shi Hao’s vital energy was greatly condensed, adjusting his body to the most optimal state, ready to act against that young man at any time.

He wouldn’t allow any accidents to happen to the little ant.


The golden little ant released a great roar, its fists fast like lightning. In that instant, he released the extreme fist method -- Ant Fist!

At the same time, the power of this attack erupted, every fist enough to shatter mountains and rivers. If not for this battlefield being too special, a place for battles between the most powerful, it might have long been destroyed.

Despite this being the case, mountains and rivers still resonated, space exploding. Large black cracks extended for several dozen to over a hundred li across the sky, chaotic energy surging.

The little ant was even a bit stronger than when he was fighting the Blood Phoenix Lion.

The little Heavenly Horned Ant disregarded all consequences, blood energy surging powerfully, rushing out from his head. He ignited his potential, about to fight a battle to the death, rushing murderously at the young man.

“Master, kill it! What is so special about the Extreme Strength Blood? It can’t compare to your blood at all!” The Blood Phoenix Lion shouted, hating the little ant bitterly, hoping that it would immediately die.


The heavens collapsed and earth ruptured, rubble flying into the clouds!

The little ant’s fists were too terrifying, striking through the void, as if the everlasting was going to be revealed. It was as if nothing could stop them!

Fist radiance overflowed into the heavens, suppressing this world. Divine force surged like an ocean, terrifying to the extreme.

However, even though it released several hundred fists, they all struck empty air, not hitting the other party’s body, each time only collapsing space, producing a string of frightening afterimages.

That blonde young man just stood right there, never leaving a range of several feet. However, he avoided several hundred fists from the little ant just like that.

Just how terrifying was this? He moved calmly within that small of a distance, yet it was already enough to prevent the fists from hitting him. Ten thousand methods rushed over, yet none of it tainted the body.

“Your speed is too slow, you won’t hit anything!” The golden young man said coldly.

The little Heavenly Horned Ant was both shocked and angry, hating the fact that he hadn’t matured yet, his true strength indeed inferior to the other party’s. He was actually looked down on like this by the killer of his siblings.

He went crazy, doing everything he could to release his Ant Fist, collapsing the void. Three strands of immortal energy rotated about, merging with his fists, the power world shocking.


This time, the blonde male didn’t dodge, instead taking action, grabbing his most powerful punch, stopping it calmly and naturally.

“Strength too weak.” He said indifferently.

The young man stood there, his right arm raised horizontally, five fingers wrapped around the golden resplendent fist the Heavenly Horned Ant released. Those fingers were like clamps, the little ant unable to move even an inch forward ,no matter how much he struggled.

“Who are you?!” The little Heavenly Horned Ant gnashed his teeth in anger.

“He Wushuang.” The golden male didn’t hide his identity, directly stating his name.

“Little bug, put away your arrogance and ego. Before this name, the entire younger generation of your side is no different from dirty soil, absolutely nothing. They cannot compare at all!” The Blood Phoenix Lion roared from the distance.

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