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Chapter 1298 - Final Land of Refinement

This wasn’t normal at all. When he had just stepped onto the pathway, he saw a sheet of old skin fall, screaming sounds endless, extremely mournful. Why was it this peaceful now?

There were only a few dozen steps left on this path. This region didn’t allow flight, so he could only walk.

There were great dao traces in the air, like a lightning pool. Those who dared attempt flight would definitely be blasted to ashes.

“He is about to go inside. What is there over there?”

In the rear, many people were paying close attention, more nervous than Shi Hao. They all wanted to know what kind of cave was inside the ultimate land of self-refinement.

However, if Shi Hao took a few more steps, they wouldn’t be able to see him anymore, because he would walk around the corner, enter the central land!

After a deep breath, Shi Hao adjusted his mind and spirit, completing all preparations. He gave the little ant on his shoulder a look, asking, “Ready?”

“Let’s go!” The Heavenly Horned Ant was quite direct, already throwing all caution to the wind to obtain the Imperishable Scripture.

One step, two steps…

Five steps later, stellar streams moved in reverse, heaven and earth changing greatly, everything changing!


The heavens collapsed and earth ruptured, giant mountains rumbling. Great dao light was released, world shocking divine chains of order crashed down, hacking down murderously at Shi Hao, blocking the path forward.

Sure enough, there were unforeseen events, dangers here!

Shi Hao just knew that there was no way they could continue smoothly. They saw such strange things right from the start, so how could the final steps be peacefully crossed?

Shi Hao roared, doing everything he could to attack. His entire body was covered in symbols, lightning everywhere, Kun Peng wings resisting the divine chains of order crashing down from above.


Sparks flew in all directions. Everyone discovered with shock that Shi Hao's fist was comparable to Immortal Gold. It smashed into a silver divine chain, releasing ear-splitting noises.

One had to understand that this was but a great dao chain. It was extremely thick, formed from natural order itself, yet it was blocked by his physical body.


Shi Hao roared angrily, erupting with divine might. He formed fist imprints, directly stopping those dozen or so divine chains of order, blasting them all to pieces.


However, these were great dao divine chains, the embodiment of natural laws. There were some chains that were ridiculously powerful, impossible to defend effectively against. One of them abruptly appeared from the void, piercing through Shi Hao’s shoulder, immediately causing blood to gush out.

“Huang was injured!”

Everyone was horrified. Shi Hao’s strength spoke for itself, hard to find others who were comparable to him in the same cultivation realm, but he was still injured here.

Was he going to die here? Things were looking extremely bad. It was because from past to now, no one had been able to enter and exit alive. At the very least, no one in this great era had succeeded!


Another black divine chain of order descended, rushing at the back of Shi Hao’s head like a viper.


He didn’t turn around, instead flipping his hand, grabbing it. Then, with a fierce tear, it was directly ripped apart.

Everyone saw some symbols flickering between Shi Hao’s palm and fingers, some fingers flickering. Those were his methods, he was using great divine abilities to resist the divine chains of order in the sky.

“Kill!” The little golden ant cried out loudly. He stood on Shi Hao’s shoulder, helping him resist these attacks. Brandishing his fists, he fought back against these natural laws.


Large amounts of brilliance crashed down, countless chains descending, rushing down like ten thousand vipers, about to submerge Shi Hao within.

Shi Hao supported a single heavenly passage, forming a screen of light, impervious to all methods. Meanwhile, at the crucial moment, he even more so compressed his heavenly passage into an extreme point, and then let it explode.


A world-shaking noise rang out. The gates within his body were opened, withstanding the power of the outside world. As the extreme point erupted, terrifying power was released.

In the sky, many divine chains of order continuously broke apart.

This scene really was shocking. Everyone knew how heaven shocking Huang’s methods were. There was a reason why he could suppress Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch.

He was too powerful, actually relying on his own strength to break so many divine chains of order.

If it was anyone else, they would have definitely been long nailed to death here!

The void became quiet. Moreover, divine irregular scenes appeared!

Large amounts of light scattered down, as if someone was ascending to immortality. Together with that corpse seated above the mountain that was staring forward, as well as the malicious spirit next to the ancient coffin, this scene looked extremely strange!

What was it that was falling? They were feathers, falling down one after another like heavenly blades. They were extremely large, hacking down towards Shi Hao.

These were things from the coffin that came out when it opened previously, just that they had been hanging from the precipice, only displaying their power now!

Apart from this, there were a few scales that were extremely thick, their surface carrying cold light.


Shi Hao took action, attacking with full strength. However, these things were too sturdy, impossible to break. It was because they were all left behind after the most powerful creatures died. 

Meanwhile, when that creature was alive, it stepped or perhaps already set foot into the long life domain, only dying because of unforeseen changes.

Shi Hao moved forward, resisting the pressure, attacking these feathers and scales. Apart from this, the mountains collapsed, giant boulders tumbling down, smashing at him.

These things all carried symbols, not things that could be dealt with normally!


Sure enough, when Shi Hao faced them head-on, his arms felt sore. There were patterns engraved on the mountain rocks, sturdy and imperishable, unbreaking.


At the crucial moment, Shi Hao pulled out a sword core. Snow-white radiance erupted, as if a river of stars crashed down.

Chi chi!

He brandished the Everlasting Immortal Sword, hacking with all of his strength. It was because he didn’t want to waste time here. If he already used up all of his strength here, how was he going to go inside and explore?

Shi Hao understood well that the ultimate land of self-refinement was definitely going to be a dangerous place!


There were feathers that were broken, erupting with dazzling sparks, some scales that were also shattered, gold light flickering about.

At the same time, on the giant mountains, there were malicious spirit howls by the ancient coffin, the noise incredibly shrill and mournful, making one’s scalp go numb.

In the back, everyone’s expression turned white. That thing on the mountain won’t come down, right?

In everyone’s opinion, Shi Hao truly was daring. Things already developed like this, yet he was still moving forward, not willing to stop. There was but a ghost immortal staring at him from above!


Right at this time, an eagle-headed person appeared in the skies above. It had a human body, but an eagle head, as well as a pair of red wings. It dove down with extreme speed, a blood-colored battle spear in hand.

That war spear was broken, but it was extremely frightening, carrying a strand of immortal energy. It erupted with unmatched might!

Shi Hao’s expression fell. Was this still a trial?

The magical artifact the other party held was extremely terrifying, and it was powerful enough on its own. That might very well be a damaged immortal dao magical artifact!

This was a desperate situation, one without any chance of life. Right now, he was starting to believe that some unforeseen event took place here, that it was no longer that land of refinement!


In the final moment, Shi Hao only had one movement. He fiercely flung out the Everlasting Immortal Sword, throwing it into the sky.


When the Everlasting Immortal Sword rushed into the heavens, it unexpectedly erupted with endless light. A rain of light scattered about, as if it was ascending to immortality, and then, there was a great explosion.


Following a long howl, a fishy rain of blood scattered down. That eagle-headed person returned to the precipice.

The Everlasting Immortal Sword fell down, entering Shi Hao’s hands. 

“What happened?” Shi Hao was incredibly shocked. The light the sword erupted with was too dazzling, not even him seeing what truly happened.

After this strike, he became even more certain that this sword core that was first dug up from an underground mine had an extraordinary background!

This time, the mountain path became calm.

When Shi Hao continued again, there were no more obstacles, no more dangers either.

Then, he disappeared from everyone’s line of sight. He headed inside the innermost depths of the land of refinement.

“Huang went inside!”

“Can he succeed? Is he going to come back out alive?!”

A loud clamoring filled this place. After all this time, there was someone who entered the ultimate land of refinement again, moreover making it through the beginning stages. However, they didn’t know if he could return alive.

Not a single person left. They all waited right here, wishing to see the result.

In reality, regardless of how things ended up, the name Shi Hao was destined to be left behind in Northern Sea Forest, a name that wouldn’t be forgotten.

Shi Hao entered, arriving in the ultimate land of self-refinement!

When he looked at what was before him, he was immediately stupefied, his entire body petrified. He didn’t move for a long time.

It was because what he was seeing was too astonishing!

This desolate land was extremely vast, the limits couldn’t be seen from a single look. There was black mist lingering about, adding a type of mysterious and terrifying atmosphere to this place.

There were too many corpses on the ground to count.

The most important thing was that these creatures seemed like they had just died. They were collapsed in pools of blood, some still bleeding, their bodies seemingly still carrying warmth.

The earth was scarlet red, blood flowing like a river!

Moreover, he hadn’t seen most of these creatures before, every single one of them extremely large. 

Many of them held weapons, but most of these weapons were broken.

This was a battlefield, a land of decisive battles!

There was a divine bird that looked like Green Sky Pengs, large like a mountain, entire body green-golden in color. A thick divine arrow pierced it between the brows, its corpse laying right there.

There was a giant golden ape that was ten thousand zhang in height, behind it an alligator tail. Its skull was smashed apart by a club, its brains smashed open, primordial spirit erased, dying extremely miserably.

There was a creature that was like a True Dragon, only, it had eight heads, its massive body winding about a giant mountain, but right now, its body was broken, long separated into more than ten pieces. It had been hacked by a sword, but that sword was also broken, inserted into a giant mountain just like that.

This place was too cruel, powerful creatures everywhere. All of them were laying in pools of blood, weapons stabbed into their bodies, their deaths extremely miserable.

Meanwhile, what left Shi Hao the most horrified was that this battle seemed to have just ended, because the blood of those powerful creatures’ bodies was still releasing steam, still carrying a temperature!

This was just too shocking. How could it be like this?

Shi Hao could tell just from his intuition that the creatures here were all ridiculously powerful. In his eyes, this was a group of supreme individuals!

Why was there this type of situation? Did the battle just end? Did those who survived just leave?

Shi Hao stepped in the blood, continuing step by step, extremely careful. He was going to enter the innermost depths, see what exactly was going on here.

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