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Chapter 1297 - Terror

Shi Hao became absent-minded. At the same time, he felt a chill run all the way down, from head to toe. There really were many strange things that were hard to explain in this world!

Wasn’t it said that the extreme peaks only had corpses? How could there be something that seemed to be alive?

Ghost achieving immortality! Did this type of thing really exist? It really was frightening, chills running through his body.

“Is that a living creature? Why do I feel like he is looking at me?” The little golden ant began to develop doubts.

On that precipice, a creature was seated there, his eyes opened. Radiance spilled out from his eyes, as if they still carried life, still extremely brilliant.

One had to understand that this was a corpse that had existed for a million years, maybe even four or five million years ago. How could it still be alive?

One has to understand that back then, it was precisely because their ages were too great that they died in a seated posture. How could they have this type of death to life transformation?

If they were injured and then they entered a state of sleep to recover, then that was one thing, but just too much time had passed. Time over a million years was enough to make a supreme expert’s primordial spirit decay, their flesh die!

Even if it was a long life being, once his life spiritual essence withered up, decaying for more than a million years, there was no way he could continue living, only able to leave behind an empty shell.

Wu… ah...

Suddenly, a terrifying voice sounded!

A shadow threw itself over, screaming like a malicious spirit, making one’s scalps turn numb, all of the fine hairs on their bodies stand on end.

Forget about the man and ant below the mountain, even everyone else was trembling with fear, their knees shaking, about to collapse on the ground.

What kind of thing was that? Someone cried out loudly with alarm.

“Why is that sheet of skin alive?” The little golden ant was frightened, jumping up, extremely nervous. Its little fists released dazzling golden light.

Even Shi Hao felt a wave of horror, sucking in a cold breath of air. This was just too strange.

Just now, that creature drew his attention, but he didn’t pay too much attention to it. Now, he discovered that the thing he overlooked was actually this frightening!

It was because on another mountain, an ancient coffin that was suspended above the cliff was opened up. A sheet of skin fluttered down, but then it actually began to swell up.

That shrill cry came precisely from that thing’s mouth. This was something that was already dead, just a set of human skin, so how could it do this?

“Ah, hurry and run! Ghost achieving immortality, it is going to devour essence blood, suck out everyone’s yang energy!” A young lady screamed, turning around to run.

This triggered great panic, many people backing up.

There were only cultivators here, so how could they be scared of evil spirits? Only, this thing was too frightening, something that fell from an extreme peak, its origins unordinary.

That was but the skin of one of the most powerful individuals, perhaps even a ghost immortal’s skin!

“What kind of situation is this?” In the rear, everyone didn’t understand what was happening. People always developed fear towards the unknown.

It got closer and closer. That set of human skin expanded, turning into a creature, eye sockets empty like the depths of the cosmos. Its mouth opened, revealing sharp teeth.

It spread its arms, and then dove down just like that at Shi Hao and the little ant.

“Who cares what kind of strange creature you are?!” Shi Hao shouted out. His right fist shone, brandishing and striking out. Lightning interweaved, striking towards the sky.

This was the Lightning Emperor’s precious technique. He smashed out a lightning fist!


Lightning shone resplendently, great waves overflowing into the heavens, immediately crushing the void, blasting at that strange creature.

“Wu… ah…” An ear-splitting cry tore through the air.

In the electrical light, within the waves of energy, that creature was struck, its body turning about intensely. However, its flesh wasn’t damaged, no sign of scorched black color to be seen.

What was going on? Shi Hao’s eyes rapidly contracted. His current powerful strength wasn’t even enough to injure this thing.

However, under everyone’s puzzled eyes, this creature didn’t attack again, instead continuing to turn about in the waves of energy. It rushed into the skies under the divine strength of Shi Hao’s fist.

Moreover, during this process, it gradually dried out, no longer expanding, turning into a sheet of human skin once more.

“So weird, damn it, who can tell me what is going on?” The little golden ant cried out.

Everyone stared blankly, truly confused. Why did that set of human skin back off, not continuing its attack?

“The malicious old skin flew up!” A young lady screamed.

Shi Hao stared at it. That sheet of skin dried up, now hanging from the precipice under his divine force and energy waves, fluttering about. The old skin was like a malicious spirit’s remains, extremely frightening.

However, he also discovered some abnormalities. As the mountain winds blew past, it would swell and dry up from time to time.

“En, could it be that it only swelled up because it was blown by the wind, the screaming sounds it released also because of this?” Shi Hao said to himself.

The little golden ant suddenly understood, starting to nod its head again and again, believing that this should be the case.

When those cultivators in the back heard this, they were also stunned, feeling like this made sense. Otherwise, there was no way to explain this.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything. He stared at that precipice. The sheet of skin was still tough and durable, but this was still something he expected. After all, it was left behind after a supreme individual died, so it only made sense that it was impervious to all methods.

However, just now, the abnormalities weren’t something that he could explain with just those simple words. He just felt like there was some type of incomprehensible power controlling it.

“Hm? Wait, there is something on the mountain!” Right at this time, an elder cried out. He was someone with extraordinary status, normally extremely calm, but at this moment, he couldn't help but cry out, his face completely changing color.

All eyes began to flicker about, but most people couldn’t see anything. Only a few people who cultivated Heavenly Eyes were able to discover some clues.

“What? A hand, what is that?!”

On the cliff was a hairy hand with long fingernails. They looked like iron hooks, black and gold, sharp and dazzling.

Meanwhile, on that palm grew long red fur. It reached out towards the old skin, grabbing it in one go carefully, as if it was protecting a sacred object.

Then, that hand dragged the human skin, bringing it back into the ancient coffin suspended from the cliff, then closing the cover.

Unfortunately, there were mountain rocks that blocked the way, so they couldn’t see what exactly it was. They only saw a blurry figure, as well as that hand that reached out from the cliff.

Then, everyone heard a cry like that of a malicious spirit, extremely faint. That creature knelt down, prostrating in worship before the ancient coffin.

At this moment, everyone felt cold from head to toe. This was too horrifying. Abnormal and terrifying things really did happen on these extreme peaks?

How could there be living things? Did a malicious spirit really appear, or was it to say that a ghost immortal was born?

This was different from all of the ancient books’ recordings. This should be a place of self-refinement, a holy land, one able to listen to the scriptures when they went up, instantly gain realization.

However now, there was this type of terrifying thing that happened, making one shiver with fear.

That place quieted down, no sound could be heard.

Shi Hao didn’t know how that set of human skin fell, nor did he know what kind of thing was protecting it. He just felt like he couldn’t stay here for a long time.

At the same time, he looked towards another giant mountain. There was a figure seated on top, eyes wide open, overlooking the world below, as if they were looking at him and the little golden ant.

Shi Hao wasn’t sure if he was alive or not, because if it was just a corpse, it was still possible for its eyes to not rot and still shine like divine stone.

However, he was trembling down to the soul, just feeling uneasy. He couldn’t help but shiver all over.

Could he still continue forward? The surroundings of this small pathway were full of unpredictable dangers, those giant mountains seemed to have evil creatures living there!

In the back, those people all carried similar misgivings, feeling like this ancient land became mysterious and terrifying.

There were people who previously ascended these giant mountains millions of years ago, seeing the truth. However now, it already became like this.

The ultimate land of self-refinement was a place no one had truly succeeded in coming back alive from. Just how frightening would it be? That place most likely had even more strange and terrifying things happening inside.

It was to the extent where they had reason to believe that the reason why they discovered malicious spirits on these giant mountains was precisely because they crawled out from that ultimate land of self-refinement.

When they thought of this, everyone shivered inwardly, no one daring to enter. That was simply the source of evil, a sinister and malicious place that exceeded all of their imaginations!

“Are we still going inside?” The little ant asked. In a small voice, he said, “Why do I feel like something isn’t quite right?!”

“We are going!” Shi Hao’s reply was extremely simple. Then, he began to walk forward again.

Everyone in the back was completely shocked. It was because after experiencing what happened just now, Shi Hao already saw such terrifying and ominous things, so he should have stopped here. They never expected him to continue forward.

“Young man, you must rethink thrice!” The old city lord reminded.

“Many thanks for senior’s good intentions. I know what I must do!” Shi Hao continued into the small pathway without even turning around.

Right now, all of them couldn’t help but admire his boldness. His actions made others feel respect.

Shi Hao walked forward with large steps, following the craggy stone pathway, walking beneath the great mountain, resisting the great pressure. It felt as if he was walking with a star on his back.

If it was anyone else, they would have definitely been crushed by the pressure!

It was because this was originally prepared for unmatched beings who exceeded this era, those who reached a certain extreme of a cultivation realm. It was the land of self-refinement for the most powerful!

The little ant grimaced, but it held on, so one could see just how extraordinary it was as well.

One step, two steps…

Shi Hao’s footsteps echoed out, walking extremely far with a single breath. There were no irregularities or danger, the giant boulders that previously fell down stopping, not continuing to tumble down.

Eventually, he reached the end of the small pathway, just a few dozen steps left before entering the ultimate land of refinement. Meanwhile, that place just happened to be a corner!

Shi Hao was about to see the truth, find out what kind of place that was exactly!

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