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Chapter 1296 - No One Visiting

“We’re going!” Shi Hao nodded decisively. He came for the Imperishable Scripture, so these clues had to lead to the final destination!

Huang was going to head to the most terrifying place, the ultimate restricted region. These news swept through the entire ocean region like a storm, triggering a huge commotion!

Northern Sea Forest was extremely large, not any inferior to normal large continents. Of course, it was formed from giant rocks, stretching across the oceans, seawater clear and crystalline between these rocks.

For most people of Immeasurable Heaven, this place could be considered outside the city, a cultivation land in the sea.

Huang made his appearance, defeating Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, returning powerfully after disappearing for three years. This triggered a huge storm. Meanwhile, the place where he continuously challenged extreme peaks became the focal point of everyone’s attention.

“Could it be that he really is going to the ultimate land of refinement?”

After entering this ocean region, heading towards the stone forest’s innermost depths, Shi Hao saw several grand and majestic mountains. They were several tens of thousands of zhang tall like the backbone of heaven and earth.

There were more than ten peaks no one has ascended for eight hundred thousand years!

“Lan Xian had previously ascended this peak, moreover succeeded.” An elder pointed at one of the giant mountains.

Shi Hao was shocked. He never expected that blue-clothed woman who was beautiful like an immortal to be this powerful, even a bit more formidable than he had originally thought.

“Are you still going to continue?” Someone asked in a quiet voice. These were young ladies who were extremely beautiful and pure. Back then, they had seen Lan Xian’s extraordinary performance, even more so saw Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s mountain and river devouring might, so they were full of admiration.

Now, when they heard that Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was defeated, they all found this hard to accept, not believing that Huang was this formidable.

It was mainly because Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s display was too outstanding, completely the appearance of an unmatched young hero, the impression he left them with too deep.

That was why purely because of their fondness of him, as well as their fervent admiration, they felt a bit of enmity towards Shi Hao.

Even most of the people further back, when they saw Shi Hao was going to continue without stopping, they all felt that he was a bit too arrogant. Was he going to walk right past even these mountain peaks?

In reality, if there was enough time, Shi Hao didn’t mind visiting them one by one, treating them like cultivation.

However, right now, time was pressing. He feared that the longer he waited, the more unexpected things would come out. He had to enter the ultimate forbidden region and search for clues of the Imperishable Scripture, acquire that unmatched text!

The forest and pathway were connected by a bridge, forming an inseparable entity.

The pathway was desolate, the stone forest showing a lack of human habitation, the scenery becoming more and more serene and hidden. Almost no one visited this place normally, because there was no need.

This was a divine peak that no one had treaded on for over a million years. When one entered deeper, it was as if they reached the limits of the world. This peak towered into the clouds, majestic and boundless, the pressure so great everyone felt that it was hard to breathe.

There were six ancient mountains there in total, each more vast than the last. The amount of space they occupied was vast like plateaus, supporting outer space, holding up the stars.

They towered right here, blocking the path ahead.

“Not many have ascended these mountains in this great era, perhaps some no one had ever stepped foot on.” A good-natured old woman explained.

The shortest mountain a million years, the mountains in the back only more and more ancient, easily adding several dozen or even another hundred thousand years!

Meanwhile, that shortest mountain also far exceeded all of the peaks that were seen thus far.

“It is rumored that on those peaks, some have empty coffins, some having unmatched experts seated on them who might have stepped foot into the long life domain!”

Shi Hao listened to all of this, feeling greatly shocked. “Are there corpses as well? They should have passed away a long time ago, right?”

“Should have long died in a seated posture. However, behind these giant mountains, in that ultimate land of refinement, it is difficult to say. There might even be a true immortal sitting there.” A middle-aged man explained.

This was a king from Northern Sea Forest, his magical strength profound, strength exceptional, a great expert in this sea domain!

Even though he was an older generation authoritative figure, he didn’t look down on Shi Hao, partly due to his respect for Heavenly Deity Institution’s Great Elder, partly because with Shi Hao’s current momentum, he was definitely going to be like a fish transforming into a dragon.

“The final land of refinement might have a true immortal?” Shi Hao stopped.

“Perhaps, perhaps not, because no one has entered inside, so no one knows for sure.” This city king explained.

At the same time, he gave a few examples.

The few mountains before his eyes hadn’t been climbed for millions of years, but that didn’t mean that no one went up before.

It was rumored that after powerful individuals of the past climbed them, some of the things they saw were shared, thus making those of the later world making many speculations.

On these ancient immortal mountains that towered into the clouds, after someone went up, they saw that the corpses were still soft and flexible, not rigid, moreover having the temperature of a normal person, it made one suspect that they were merely asleep!

There were also empty coffins on the mountains, but there were some feathers, old skin that matched the recordings of the past, and as such they were suspected to have borrowed death to achieve immortality.

From corpse to life, from death to immortality!

That was why after all these speculations were made, everyone believed that the ultimate restricted region that no one had entered might have a true immortal inside!

“This exaggerated?” Shi Hao was stunned. This was only the few mountains they had seen along the way. This meant that there might be something truly shocking waiting for them at their final destination.

True immortal, an existence who had lived from the past until now, was it waiting for someone all this time?

Shi Hao wasn’t too convinced. 

Unfortunately, when the Vicious Ten Heavenly Horned Ant told him about Northern Sea Forest, he spoke in a rather vague way, not talking much about the details.

“I refuse to believe he defeated Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch!” There was a young lady in the crowd in the back who was currently glaring at Shi Hao.

“He plans to enter the ultimate land of self-refinement, so he most likely has the strength to defeat the heavenly monarch.” Another young man said.

“Wanting to enter and really entering are two different things. In my opinion, he won’t even be able to walk in!” A girl at the prime of her life said.

It was clear that Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s reputation here was extremely great, at the very least obtaining the fondness of some of the young ladies here.

There were people who discussed in the rear as well, all of them feeling like Shi Hao was too arrogant, actually going to enter the restricted area. Could it be that he didn’t hear about the rumors that those who failed never came out again?

“Little friend, please think things through carefully!” That city lord warned seriously.

“How do I reach the ultimate destination? Could it be that I have to go through these demonic mountains first?” Shi Hao asked. It was because there were several great mountains in the way that stopped him from continuing.

According to what the city lord said, that final destination was surrounded by several large mountains, so it was the same even if they went from a different direction.

“There is a small path. It is over there!” The city lord pointed it out.

There was an extremely narrow road that stretched forward, winding about several giant mountains before reaching into the the innermost depths.

“However, it is extremely dangeous. That path is extremely difficult to walk through, risk of death around every corner.” An elder reminded from the side.

In the past generations, there were those who were curious, wishing to see what the ultimate land was like. Even if they couldn’t completely reach it, just giving it a look from the distance, this would still be enough to satisfy them.

However, once they treaded on this path, disaster would already descend!

Shi Hao thanked them, and then he went on his way again, directly taking that overgrown pathway that had no signs of usage for endless time.

“He really is going to enter!” Everyone’s expressions changed. Huang really was too daring, could be said to be absolutely reckless!

As soon as Shi Hao stepped foot on this path, he was stopped by a wave of formless energy, a type of domain that was extremely powerful. It immediately made him stop, preventing him from going further.


He fiercely brandished his fist, and then the heaven and earth felt like they were going to collapse, the path ahead cleared of all obstructions!

However, at this time, several giant mountains moved, continuously rumbling, as if they were going to collapse.

This truly was horrifying, nothing like this had happened in the past. Why did these giant mountains at the ‘millions’ level immediately start to tremble as soon as Huang took this path?

Shi Hao pressed on, only, when he had just taken a few steps, he shivered inwardly. It was because a pressure approached, the energy simply about to tear him apart.


He shouted loudly. His entire body began to shine, all of the gates within his body opening, releasing the most powerful strength to resist.

The great mountains rumbled with noise.

The giant mountains no one had climbed for millions years trembled, as if they developed life and revived at this moment!


As they rocked back and forth, rocks tumbled down, smashing towards Shi Hao.

Shi Hao raised his head, and then he was immediately stupefied!

He wasn’t shocked because of the giant rocks, but rather because he saw an extremely terrifying scene.

At this moment, he opened the heavenly eyes, seeing an ancient coffin resting on top of a giant mountain cliff. Right now, the coffin’s lid opened, someone removing it!

Apart from this, on the cliff of another giant mountain, a humanoid creature sat down, his eyes opened, currently looking at him!

A living creature?

Or was it a ghost that ascended to immortality?

Shi Hao was horrified!

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