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Chapter 1295 - Extreme Peak

They arrived at their destination. The Heavenly Horned Ant’s mind was burning with passion, always wanting to obtain the Imperishable Scripture, cultivate an imperishable body, recreate his father’s unmatched glory!

Moreover, from the words his father left him, the true scripture still hadn’t appeared yet, only those with karma able to obtain it!

“I want to surpass my father, become the most powerful Heavenly Horned Ant in all of history!” The little golden ant spoke of its great spirations.

The stone forest stretched out unendingly. This place replaced the sea, becoming a bizarre secret world.

Shi Hao tried to fly towards an extreme peak. It was extremely hot, a Golden Crow corpse resting at the peak, unknown just how many tens of thousands of years it had been since someone last ascended it.

“En, the pressure is so great!” Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. At first, he had thought that the rumors were too exaggerated, but now, he felt that it really was like this.


A streak of fire essence flew over, turning into a golden line, directly burning down the void. It was even more powerful than magical artifacts of the Void Dao Realm!

Shi Hao avoided it. He frowned, and then climbed upwards. He wanted to try and climb the extreme peak to take a look, see just what was so special about it.

Heavenly fire descended, fiery light filling the sky. Raging flames burned the heavens, making the temperature of this ocean region rise rapidly as well. From the distance, boundless golden rainbows could be seen.

This place was extremely resplendent. On the extreme peak, an ancient Golden Crow was shining and burning, releasing the greatest power.

“I’m going to die from the heat!” The little golden ant cried out strangely.

“Rise!” Shi Hao released a light shout. He resisted the pressure, his hands forming imprints, pushing aside the fiery light, opening up a path to the top.


Great winds rose, carrying an expanse of raging flames as they swept upwards. The void immediately distorted, and then collapsed. The temperature of the raging flames was just too great, melting heaven and earth.

Shi Hao moved his sleeves, using the World Within the Sleeve divine ability. This wasn’t a precious technique that he learned, but rather a spatial dao method he imitated on his own after his own dao forged ahead, his understanding of the world growing more profound.

Of course, there was still a difference between this and that world shocking divine ability.

With a hong sound, the great flames were sucked into his robe’s sleeves, about to be refined. However, this blaze continued unendingly, unexpectedly still burning, igniting a corner of his sleeves.

“Truly hard to deal with.” Shi Hao shivered inwardly. This flame was so powerful, he actually couldn’t refine it.

“Extinguish!” Shi Hao released a light shout. A large hand turned, grabbing out fiercely, imprisoning all of the flames into his hand, and then he closed his giant fingers.


This time, the golden streams scattered in all directions, the flames finally wiped out.

This was the result of brute force!

However, this seemed to have angered some type of natural order above. Fiery light overflowed, golden divine chains interweaving, and then shooting downwards, crashing down on the mountain.

Shi Hao really was shocked. It was this difficult, just a random extreme peak already stopping him. This truly was astonishing, no wonder they were called extreme peaks.

He quickly evaded, his body like a ghost, leaving behind streak after streak of afterimages.

As a result, the original place he was at was pierced, black holes appeared one after another in the void, all of them blasted open by the chains of order. The fiery light scattered, turning into blasts one after another, arranging themselves like underworld flames. They filled the void, surrounding Shi Hao.

Shi Hao finally understood why Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch and Lan Xian shocked Immeasurable Heaven after they each left their names on a well-known extreme peak.

This type of mountain peak really wasn’t easy to climb.

Forget about other young supreme beings, it was extremely strenuous even for someone like him, needing to avoid the attacks. If it was another Void Dao Realm expert, they would have likely been wiped out!


Blast after blast of golden fiery light shone like suns, arranging themselves and chasing after Shi Hao.

This type of thing was formed by the symbols and natural laws of a supreme being level figure after its death. It was extremely frightening!

Of course, when different people climbed the peaks, the attacks they encountered would also be different, this was where the beauty of the extreme peaks laid.

In the past, it had previously been known as a place of self tempering, because all extreme peaks had strange formations. Regardless of how powerful the people that entered were, as long as they entered the stone forest and began to ascend the peaks, they would definitely encounter powerful attacks comparable to their own cultivation realms.

Of course, the so-called matching wasn’t necessarily at the same cultivation realm, possibly even more fierce!

That was why even if older generation figures were here, they still had to be careful, couldn’t recklessly advance.

Fiery light overflowed, thousands to tens of thousands of small suns smashing down, forming a stream, burning Shi Hao.

“Get lost!”

Shi Hao roared. He was stopped halfway up the mountain, unable to avoid them at all. There were too many spheres of light, the small suns just too concentrated. He had no choice but to break through.


Shi Hao formed a fist imprint, reaching out his arms. He brandished his fist domineeringly, and then smashed it heavily into these blasts of flames.


When the first blast of flames broke apart, remnant golden flames flew everywhere like fireworks, extremely dazzling, and also extremely terrifying.

This only drew even more ferocious attacks from the other blasts of flames!


Shi Hao smashed out fist after fist. Whenever a small golden sun exploded, this heaven and earth would tremble intensely, erupting with heaven rushing divine flames.

Soon afterwards, irregular scenes appeared here, heavenly flames wreaking havoc, burning the heavens.

One could see this scene from several hundred li away. This region was too resplendent, as if there were stars exploding continuously, shocking everyone in the distant giant cities.

“There is someone attempting an extreme peak! Heavens! How savage! This is directly facing it head-on! Is he tired of living?”

“Who is it acting this domineeringly, directly facing it head-on, rushing up just like that?”

Cries of alarm sounded. Moreover, there were large amounts of shadows that flew over, all of them extremely curious. What kind of monster was this, actually daring to face it head-on like this?

An hour later, Shi Hao stopped. His entire body was drenched in sweat, unknown just how many tens of thousands of fists he smashed out in a single breath, or if it was over a hundred thousand fists. All of the little golden suns were blasted apart.

When he raised his head, there were many people all around him, covering this place densely. All  of them were standing in midair, stupefied, looking like they were staring at a ghost, watching him with dumbstruck expressions.

“So troublesome. This mountain peak was actually this hard to climb.” Shi Hao said to himself.

However, in everyone’s ears, it was no different from a joke. Who was this person?

One had to understand that unless one cultivated exceptional divine abilities, ranking top ten among those of this generation, there was no chance of ascending this peak!

In many people’s eyes, this extreme peak was insurmountable, a divine land that couldn’t be blasphemed against. It was because it couldn’t be ascended at all.

However, this youth was actually this frivolous. It seemed like he could ascend this mountain as long as he used a bit of effort.

“Who is this person?” Someone said quietly. It was because he was just too shocked by Shi Hao’s absentminded words.

“Hurry and go up, I’m going to die from the heat, sweat already pouring down like rain. Stop wasting time.” A voice that didn’t really seem to match the figure urged, once again leaving everyone shocked.

That was naturally the little ant. He really couldn’t sit still anymore. Heat roiled all around him, extremely difficult to endure.

Shi Hao didn’t pay him any attention. He was evaluating the surroundings, discovering that normal exceptional young experts couldn’t ascend this peak. One really needed to cultivate three strands of immortal energy, or reach the very peak in the present world methods in Sacred Academy.

“Let’s go!”

He moved again, turning into a streak of flowing light. This time, he continuously smashed out fists, facing the natural laws that descended head-on.

Eventually, the entire extreme peak was shaking, collapsing. Divine flames rushed out from that ancient Golden Crow’s corpse, crashing down like a waterfall from the mountain peak.

Shi Hao released a great roar. He used his greatest strength, smashing his fists upwards again and again, going against the waterfall of flames. Even though sweat poured down like rain, the process straining and exhausting, he finally made his way up.

“He succeeded! Someone successfully ascended Golden Crow Peak!” Someone shouted loudly.

It had already been fifty thousand years since someone last ascended it. They never expected someone to succeed again after all this time, standing at the very top again.

All of the fiery light became completely restrained as soon as they arrived, all of it disappearing inside that enormous and resplendent golden corpse. An ancient Golden Crow rested there, vivid and lifelike, feathers all golden, standing there unmovingly.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao gained a type of realization. A scripture sounded, allowing him to gain insights. It was as if he was anointed with enlightenment.

He immediately sat down. There were benefits for climbing this peak after all!

Fire dao scriptures sounded, the entire extreme peak full of spiritual essence. Many people below were shocked, all of them sitting down to listen to the scriptures at the bottom of the mountain.

An ancient and aged voice sounded in Shi Hao’s mind. That old Golden Crow had left behind imprints, someone who was previously an exceptional supreme being!

He didn’t talk about precious techniques, nor did he speak of divine abilities, only talking about the wondrous uses of various cultivation realms. They were all the deepest insights of the strong.

In addition, this wasn’t something that was directly taught, but rather something that was enlightening, having Shi Hao think himself first, and then offering guidance. The voice didn’t want others to follow his own path.

An hour later, the scripture sounds ended. Shi Hao opened his eyes, discovering with shock that he made progress with his dao, actually becoming a bit greater!

This really was frightening, leaving him shocked!

Only an hour had passed, yet his cultivation took a great step forward.

“I do not have any scriptures to share. In fact, in the various cultivation realms, your achievements are even greater than mine. All I can share is some experiences of this life.” The Golden Crow imprints grew indistinct, then that voice completely disappeared.

Even though it spoke like this, Shi Hao still felt like he obtained great benefits.

The others felt dejected, because the effects of this scripture weren’t all that useful for them. Moreover, it ended just too quickly!

“What is going on? Only an hour has passed, so why did it end early?” There were some who asked in confusion.

“It is rumored that the more perfect one is in the various cultivation realms, the shorter the amount of time they would spend listening to scriptures. This person is too heaven-defying, ending in just an hour!” Someone explained the truth, triggering shock.

Who exactly was he? This was what many people were wondering.

It was because Shi Hao continued without stopping to rest, hurrying here all the way from Heavenly Deity Institution. News related to him haven’t spread yet, many people still not knowing about him.

“He seems a bit familiar, like… Huang!”

At first, this person spoke with a tone of doubt, but later on, he directly cried out in alarm, because now, it completely matched, recognizing him.

There were a few people who had seen Shi Hao’s appearance before.

“Something’s not right, didn’t Huang disappear? He didn’t obtain an unmatched ancient seed, and that was why he declined, no news of him for the last three three years.” Someone said with regret.

“There is no need to doubt, this is definitely Huang. I have personally seen him before!”

This triggered an uproar. Then, there were people who hurried over from the depths of the Northern Sea Forest. It was because they obtained news, knowing about Heavenly Deity Institution’s matters.

When news spread, this place immediately erupted into commotion.

“What? Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was defeated under his hands?”

This place was in an uproar, great waves produced!

Then, Shi Hao didn’t stop, starting to face another extreme peak. During this day alone, he climbed nine peaks in one breath, breaking a record!

Northern Sea Forest was in chaos.

Huang arrived, establishing a record here, continuously ascending extreme peaks, triggering tremendous waves.

It was unknown just how many people hurried over. There were many people in the giant cities within the ocean region depths. Many of them rushed over to listen to the scriptures of the extreme peaks.

Shi Hao frowned, because the benefits he obtained were becoming less and less. The scripture sounds were already ineffective for him.

“Why are the effects becoming less?” He carried doubt. He began to ask some of the natives here.

“Huang, you are a genius. Being able to ascend nine extreme peaks in one day is truly a world shaking event! However, the extreme peaks are also separated into grades, some mountain peaks never having people ascending them for tens of thousands of years, some more than a hundred thousand years. There are also a few that haven’t been ascended for millions of years!” Someone explained.

“En?” Shi Hao nodded. Soon afterwards, he understood. Clues of the Imperishable Scripture definitely rested on an extreme peak that hadn’t been ascended for a million years.

“Apart from these, there is also an ultimate land of refinement!” That elder continued.

The Northern Sear Forest had previously been called a land of refinement, so one can well imagine what kind of place that ultimate land of refinement was!

Shi Hao was shocked, and then he immediately asked, “Where is it?!”

“That is a restricted area. Are you sure you want to enter?” The elder widened his eyes in shock.

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