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Chapter 1293 - One Step One Great Era

Not close, but not that far, a creature appeared?

Her magnificent style was unmatched. She entered this place, gracefully approaching this passage formed from time, quickly arriving. That type of bearing was truly moving, difficult for one to forget their entire lives.

What was an ascended immortal? In Shi Hao’s eyes, this was precisely it!

This woman’s long dress fluttered about, moving through the air, fine black hair fluttering about, her entire being carrying a type of aloof immortal feeling, as if she stood above the realm of mortals.

She was indescribably otherworldly, not belonging to this secular world, carrying a type of elegant aura. As her white clothes fluttered about, it was as if she was going to transcend above, enter the nine heavens above.

At first, she looked like a solitary true immortal, but she also looked like a spirit of the forest, untainted by the realm of mortals.

However, when she got a bit closer, both Shi Hao and the little ant became shocked!

This was a woman, when her eyes moved over, it was as if they experienced a reincarnation, deep and extraordinary. There was a type of sharpness within, not like gentle beautiful pearls.

She had a type of restrained domineeringness, a type of generation suppressing style!

In that instant, the little ant’s heart began to beat quickly, he couldn’t help but tremble, almost crying out.

Why was there this kind of woman here? She could actually crush heaven and earth with a raise of her hand, possessing a type of exceptional unmatched style, able to overlook the long river of endless time!

This was an extremely contradictory temperament. When she was calm, she looked aloof like a fairy, but when her clothes fluttered about, body quickly approaching, there was a mountain and river devouring might, able to overlook the matchless experts from past to now.

“This woman… how could she be this strong? Even though I never saw her take action, I know that her methods are definitely heaven reaching. Don’t tell me this passage of time was something she cooked up?”

The little golden ant’s voice was trembling, his entire body couldn’t help but shiver uncontrollably. Meanwhile, his primordial spirit and flesh instinctively made him feel fearful towards her.

In reality, this could still be considered a good thing!

If it were another creature who didn’t have the Heavenly Horned Ant Race’s Extreme Strength Blood, they definitely would have long collapsed on the ground, kowtowing towards this woman in worship.

Moreover, right at this time, Shi Hao and the little ant saw something that left them shocked, feeling as if they were looking at an illusion.

It was because they could vaguely hear a type of sacrificial voice, even more so a type of sound of worship, as if all life in this world were chanting the name of an empress.

Was it the woman before their eyes? It was an empress!

Even though there was endless time separating them, difficult to determine just how much time had passed, those from her time still remembered her, the sounds vaguely transmitting over!

According to Immortal Ancient secret annals, there was a rumor that wasn’t confirmed, but when one had unmatched accomplishments, saved the creatures of an entire heaven and earth, during that existence’s life or death, there would be this type of incessant sacrificial sound.

Moreover, even if there was space separating them, endless time between them, even if her corpse had fallen into the depths of the cosmos, this type of voice would still link up to her, sensing where her corpse is.

Just what exactly did this woman do, who was she? Could it be that she relied on her own strength to save the world, and that was why there was this type of endless time sacrificial voice around her?

Wasn’t it said that this was a type of reverence for the departed? However, she was clearly still alive!


Shi Hao and the little golden ant heard countless people offering sacrifice. This was an empress, a great empress who used to be magnificent and exceptional!

“She’s coming. Is this the passage of light she created?”

If this truly was the case, then it was simply unimaginable. Just what kind of heaven-shocking might was this?

With the endless river of time separating them, a broken expanse of void between them, this was already a legend of legends. From past until now, just how many people could do this?

Meanwhile, if one forcefully condensed a passage, making the past, present, and future one path, that would simply be unimaginable!

Moreover, to be more precise, it was completely unrealistic!

It was because there were people from the past who had deduced that this was impossible. If one tried to do this, unless there was a great collapse, everything going in reverse, absolute annihilation taking place, it couldn’t be carried out.

If one did things like that, then all walks of life would end up in chaos, the heavens completely wiped out.

In theory, this couldn’t be done.

However, how did this white-clothed empress do this? Was it truly her methods being so heaven-defying that she could forcefully condense this type of passage?

Or was it to say that it was a mix of coincidence and opportunity, she discovered a hole in heaven and earth, and then forcefully rushed over, nine deaths one life?


The heavens collapsed and earth ruptured, ghosts wept and deities howled!

When the white-clothed empress approached all types of heaven and earth irregular scenes appeared, truly shocking. Scenes of her killing powerful individuals appeared, a rain of blood scattering down. There were gods and devils that fell, corpses everywhere.

The little golden ant was frightened badly. Just now, it felt like this woman was like a fairy, like a solitary immortal, yet now, not only did it see her fierceness, it also saw her killing methods!


Right at this time, the passage of time became unstable, about to split apart, unable to exist for a long time in this world.

“Not good, we are going to be finished!” The little ant’s expression changed. Once the passage of time ruptured, they would become scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, not even the primordial spirit could be saved, forever erased for all of eternity.


The white clad woman took action, pointing out with her finger. Ascension immortal light pervaded the air, about to lock down this passage.

“It’s her!” Finally when the woman took action, Shi Hao’s suspicions reached a critical point. Then, he immediately realized something, recognizing this person.

White-clothed empress, this person had previously saved him in Immortal Battlefield!

Three years ago, in those ruins, there was previously a giant from endless time ago who took action on the lower reaches of the great river of time.

Back then, Shi Hao was in imminent danger, about to die at any time, but right at that moment, there was a white clad beauty who was powerful and exceptional that suddenly appeared, domineeringly forcing back the terrifying creature from the upper reaches.

Even though Shi Hao had his suspicions just now, he didn’t dare fully believe it all this time. Only now, when the other party took action, did he truly understand. That type of forcefulness, that type of power, the feeling of being the sole sovereign was something he had only seen once before in his entire life.

The void caved in, the passage still unstable. Time hacked down, blades carrying the power of time, about to eliminate Shi Hao and the little ant.

At this critical juncture, several black-colored little paper boats dyed in blood gently floated over, arriving by the two individuals’ sides amidst the chaotic stream. Then, there were bright bloody specks that appeared, directly suppressing this place!

In that instant, time froze, the void becoming still, locking down everything.

It was just a few small paper boats, yet they neutralized the dangerous situation, rescuing Shi Hao and the little ant. They subdued the world, protecting this passage.

It truly was boundless divine force, exceptional and incomparable.

Now, they finally saw her. When the hazy immortal mists scattered, her face was still blurry. A magical artifact that was in the form of an immortal sword turned into a mask, turned into a ring, changed into a demonic pot, continuously transforming before her.

Then, a bronze mask appeared on her face. That magical artifact seemed to carry life, attaching to her face, giving off a type of incomparably mysterious aura.

In the end, he still didn’t see her true face. The bronze face mask was extremely strange, carrying tears, but also a smile, the two interweaving, truly eye-catching, making one’s heartstrings couldn’t help but tremble.

The woman who folded those paper boats was her?!

Shi Hao was stunned, and then he was greatly shocked, heaven-overflowing waves surging. Next to that Kun Peng nest was a gate of light, small paper boats continuously floating out from that place. Were they folded by her?

His mind was in complete chaos. What was going on? The one who took action in the great river of time was also her, this made Shi Hao feel as if he was losing a sense of time!

What exactly happened in the past?

“Immortal Ancient secret annals recorded inconceivable mysteries, perhaps there is someone who could do it, using the sacrificial chants of all life to protect the true body or corpse, and then undergoing reincarnation. Mind and corpse separate, most likely wandering through the great emptiness, ancient times full of chaos.”

It was as if the little ant was dreaming, speaking these words of nonsense.

He felt like he was witnessing the things his father didn’t write about in too much detail, seeing some things that might have existed previously only in theory.

“You… wanted to see the two of us?” Shi Hao asked with a trembling voice. He really was a bit confused. Why did this type of thing happen?

However, he vaguely knew that perhaps there really was some type of connection between this woman and himself. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have came to save him. Or maybe it was just a coincidence?

To meet two times in a row, this was definitely not normal. It couldn’t be described as a coincidence anymore!

The woman didn’t say anything, those beautiful and spiritual eyes becoming deep. They were slowly shrouded by immortal mist, eventually not even the ice-cold bronze face mask visible.

For some reason, Shi Hao felt as if he could sense her mood. It was disappointment!

“You got the wrong person, right? Perhaps what you are looking for is something I am carrying, these things on me.” Shi Hao said.

“I was not guided to the correct time.” The white-clothed empress spoke, her voice like the sounds of nature, but it still made one’s mind tremble. It was because she carried a type of tremendous regret.

Right at this time, all of the items in Shi Hao’s surroundings moved up, but then they all moved back. Finally, a drop of blood appeared from his body, lightning sounds rumbling within, shouts of war shocking the Nine Heavens!

Shi Hao was stunned. He had thought of everything, only overlooking this drop of blood!

Back then, there was a cauldron that was swirling with All Life Source Energy, Nine-Colored Immortal Gold light covering it. It didn’t belong to the past, didn’t belong to the present. It had previously sought out Shi Hao, leaving behind a drop of blood. He carried this droplet with him!

It was precisely this drop!

The golden little ant almost screamed out. Turns out the reason why they ended up in this passage was because of the drop of blood Shi Hao was carrying!

“You are looking for this drop of blood?” Shi Hao asked.

The white-clothed woman’s fine black hair fell down like a waterfall. As they moved about, there were stars within the strands of hair, as if she was standing in an ancient cosmos, and she was the sole ruler.

“The correct person, the correct destination, but met at the wrong time.” She spoke, her voice carrying a sigh, as well as a loneliness of endless time.

Shi Hao almost cried out in alarm. She was actually looking for him, this truly was incomprehensible. What exactly was she trying to do?

“I am standing right here. If you have something to say, please speak.” Shi Hao said.

“It is useless even if I tell you. You are still not you, the wrong time will wipe out everything. In the end, you will still be sent back to the origin.” The white-clothed empress should be someone of few words, but right now, she said a lot.

“Why, the difference between us is merely a single step, what is there you cannot talk about, what is there that cannot be understood?!” Shi Hao shouted loudly, not believing her.

“The two of us seem to be a step apart, but if you want to take that step, you might need to cross a great era. Have you properly prepared yourself?!” The empress asked.

“What… did you say?!” Shi Hao couldn’t help but cry out.

“One step, one great era. Can you take that step over? The current you, is that something you can do? In the end, everything will be erased, no traces remaining, unable to recall anything.” The white-clothed empress said.

Then, she didn’t say anything else, raising her foot.

One step, one great era, this type of saying frightened the little golden ant badly. He felt more and more like some things his father recorded were trustworthy!

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