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Chapter 1292 - Passage of Time


That lightning was too terrifying, exploding by their sides, collapsing the void, blasting apart the world, the power incomparable. It was even more horrifying than heavenly tribulation.

Every single streak of that lightning was like a stellar stream, descending from the innermost depths of heaven’s dome, vast and boundless. They were so dazzling tears would fall from one’s eyes when they looked at it.

“What kind of damn place is this? Why did we end up here?” The little ant cried out. The feelers on its head moved about, its entire body shivering, heart even feeling cold.

Shi Hao also felt his scalp go numb. They definitely couldn’t approach that thing. It was already so frightening around it, once they went inside, it would definitely wipe out their body and spirit.

Even though Shi Hao had confidence, when he came to this place, his instincts told him that even though his flesh was extremely powerful, his cultivation realm still wasn’t high enough to face this.

Once he was struck by lightning, he would most likely turn into a blast of bloody mist on the spot!

“Ah… no!” The little ant cried out, struggling with everything it had, displaying the most powerful divine ability of its clan. The power could shake up heaven and earth, able to overturn the world.

Only, there was a type of domain that silently spread, instantly breaking apart their resistance. They couldn’t withstand it.

The void distorted, time flowing in reverse, time fragments blooming like flowers one after another, able to erase all power.

Fortunately, when that lightning radiance hacked down, even though it was boundless and majestic, able to kill anyone, it didn’t land on them. There seemed to be a mysterious wave of power pulling on them.

The strong feeling of time, a feeling of great changes poured over like the tide, surging in front of them, spinning intensely. An immeasurable passage was formed, unknown where it headed!

“Hurry and think of something! Otherwise, we are all going to die!” The little golden ant panicked. He still hadn’t matured yet, so now that he experienced such heaven-shocking developments immediately after birth, he was already starting to lose his mind.


Shi Hao raised his left hand, several dozen golden divine chains reaching out from his palm. They were like spider silk, shooting into the distance, about to wrap around a shoal rock.

This was Willow Deity’s method, only, unfortunately, it couldn’t display its effects here. The entire world seemed to be crushing down, making the golden chains turn dim, moreover shattering that shoal rock.

“Let me out!” The little ant screamed, continuously brandishing its fists, using its clan’s extreme strength precious technique, wishing to break free of the restrictions and shatter everything.


It suffered a backlash, opening its mouth and spitting out blood. Lightning radiance suddenly appeared, not hacking down on the underworld boat, but there was a frightening aura that swept over, as if the world was being destroyed, universe collapsed, all life extinguishing.

“Break apart!”

Shi Hao shouted, using his own divine ability, displaying the Reincarnation Precious Technique. There were time fragments inside, touching upon temporal power.

However, it was better to have not used this power. Once it was activated, they flew even faster, a wave of terrifying secret force pulling at them and the underworld boat. They began to fly towards the sky connecting vortex with extreme speed!

“What exactly is going on? Others go straight to Northern Sea Forest when they are on the underworld boat, why are we this unlucky? The little golden ant screamed miserably.

Shi Hao was also reflecting over everything that just happened. There wasn’t anything that was really unexpected, so why did they encounter this type of misfortune?

“Could it be that it is because you are the heir of the Heavenly Horned Ant, and that’s why some type of natural laws were stirred, which is why we were imprisoned, about to be dragged into the passage of time?” Shi Hao made this type of speculation.

“What does it have to do with me? I never heard of natural laws acting differently towards different bloodlines! There is definitely some type of forbidden object that triggered this passage of time!” The little golden ant screamed out.

Shi Hao frowned. He actually had this type of speculation as well, but could some type of artifact really produce such a frightening scene?

After carefully thinking about this, he really did have quite a few ‘forbidden objects’ on him. It was hard to say which item it was exactly that might have produced this type of effect.


The ocean roared, great waves striking the heavens. This type of giant wave could crush great mountains, directly scatter the clouds in the sky; it was just too horrifying.

Of course, it still wasn’t enough to reach those mountains peaks, plants, and rest of the great world that hung down from the sky.

Only, the blazing sun formed from the ancient Golden Crow on the water surface was submerged, fragmented golden multicolored light emerging from the water that splashed out. It was still extremely brilliant.

“Hurry up, I can’t hold on anymore!” Even though the little ant was small, his primordial spirit strength was astonishing. However, right now, there was blood flowing out from the space between his brows.

The closer they got to the passage of time, the more powerful the pressure was, as if a blade of time was about to cut down on their primordial spirits.

Shi Hao was starting to panic as well, because they were just too close, about to enter that heaven reaching passage of time. If they really fell inside, only heaven knew where they would end up falling into!


Thunderous light erupted. He first put on the Lightning Emperor’s armor, the tattered armor starting to shine. Even though there were holes all over it, rust stains covering its surface, right now, lightning radiance surged, as if an ancient immortal revived, incredibly berserk, releasing undying immortal light.

“What kind of demonic armor did you end up bringing? Was it this thing that caused this?” The little ant struggled, feeling that things were extremely dangerous. If this ended up guiding down all of the lightning radiance from above, they they would definitely be blasted into charred coke by the electricity.

This type of lighting far exceeded the Void Dao Realm. Even supreme beings most likely cooked through if they came, impossible to defend against!

However, after the Lightning Emperor Armor shone for a short period of time, it became quiet again. It didn’t really react with the passage of time.


Then, Shi Hao produced the True Primordial Record, holding the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in his hands. The sparkling white bone was extremely gentle. Even though it was unordinary, right now, it didn’t resonate with the irregular scene here.


Finally, Shi Hao produced a sword core. At first, it was dull and without light, ordinary looking, but after being bathed in the radiance of the lightning, it actually began to release zheng zheng sounds, about to tear through the sky. Resplendent sword radiance was released, tearing apart the heavenly dome!

The Everlasting Immortal Sword was completely suffused with killing energy, surging with killing energy. It was never as bloodthirsty as it was right now, full of murderous intent, simply as if it was going to unleash a massacre in this world!


Sword radiance reached into outer space, what was released already not pure sword energy, but more like a great mountain that supported heaven and earth. It towered above, crushing the heavens.

Shi Hao was stunned, and then his body became ice-cold. He never thought this sword’s murderous intent would be so heavy, actually this frightening. Was it stimulated by the surrounding power?

A wave of bloody mist immediately scattered, surrounding the ocean dome.

In that instant, Shi Hao’s nose felt extremely itchy, because he caught a whiff of a bloody smell. It was all produced by the sword core, as if it was going to wipe out all creatures in the present world!

It was too strange, too frightening!

Right now, he really wanted to throw away this sword core. The difference from how it was in the past was actually this great! The rain of light the sword core released was still brilliant, as if it was ascending to immortality, but three feet outside the range of this sword core, precisely outside of where Shi Hao was, there was a scarlet redness everywhere, a bloody smell filling this place.

“What kind of sword is this? Why is it this sinister?” The little ant was both shocked and fearful, feeling a bit stunned. Why were all the things this fella carried so strange?

The sword core was inauspicious, clearly withstanding the secret force of this place. Even if it was time it was facing, it would still hack through it, vicious light overflowing into the heavens!

However, it still stabilized itself in the end, because the fragments of time and lightning didn’t resonate with it. Both sides didn’t interact, no longer opposing each other.

“This still isn’t it. Is it really something I am carrying?” Shi Hao felt quite helpless.

He then took out a dragon scale that was a foot in length. It carried the power of dragons, something that he obtained from pursuing the inauspicious and ominous back then from the blood-dyed black ancient boat in the void!

“Draconic energy!” The little golden ant’s eyes narrowed, feeling shocked inside.

It still wasn’t this item, unable to calm the power of time.

In that instant, all types of scattered artifacts appeared in Shi Hao’s surroundings. He removed everything he had, forming a large pile.

However, it was already too late. A wave of powerful force pulled at them, smashing towards that passage with unstoppable momentum. Lightning hacked, time circling about.

This passage made one’s soul tremble before they even truly made contact with it, making them feel a wave of chilliness.

Time circulated about. It was as if should they be caught within, tens of millions of years might pass in the blink of an eye. That was a gate of time; once one fell inside, it was unknown just where and when they would end up.

No one could explain for sure why this type of gate opened, because since the ancient times, there were only a few examples, all of them becoming unexplainable mysteries!

Meanwhile now, Shi Hao was perfectly experiencing this, about to truly witness the so-called unsolvable mystery throughout all ages!

“Wah, no! I don’t want to die, I still haven’t grown up, still didn’t get married, I still didn’t leave behind an unmatched bloodline for my clan! Don’t take me away, the Heavenly Horned Ant Race cannot be wiped out!” The little golden ant cried out, its hands and feet struggling about, frantically resisting, completely going crazy.

Shi Hao was also frightened. Heaven knew what kind of place they were going to! If they really ended up going to an uncivilized generation, or entered the last great era, then it truly would be lamentable. All connection with this great era would be severed!

At this moment, Shi Hao’s mood was complex. He thought of many things. Just how was this passage even formed?

Was it man-made, or was it something created naturally by this world? If it was man-made, then just how frightening of power was this? How many people could have this much power?

If it was created by heaven and earth, then what kind of conditions were required for it to take form?


A man and ant screamed at the same time, because their bodies flew towards that screen of light, about to make contact with the lightning and power of time, enter that passage.


Heaven and earth shook, roaring seas reaching into the skies!

At this moment, light devoured everything, nothing visible any longer. There were only waves, only time swirling about, covered by the power of time.

Astonishing changes took place here!

The passage split apart, lightning separating in the middle, not striking the two of them. Shi Hao and the little ant fell directly into the passage.

In that instant, they felt the corrosion of time. Their bodies felt as if they aged several tens of thousands of years, their entire body feeling exhausted and heavy, covered in a layer of brilliance.

“I don’t want to die from old age! Since we came, then hurry up and continue, bring us out!” The little ant screamed.

Shi Hao was also resisting this force, but he felt like a speck that fell into a boundless sea. His individual power was just too insignificant, many giant stars moving about in his surroundings.

“No!!!” The two of them shouted out at the same time!


A muffled noise sounded, and then a streak of eternal light followed, making everything turn in reverse. They felt as if they were becoming younger, things changing in a good direction.

At the same time, Shi Hao widened his eyes with shock. He saw several small paper boats, not too close but not too far, all of them dyed in blood, words written on them, floating along this passage of time.

“I am the only one left…”

It was still those familiar words, as well as the same paper boats.


A world-shocking streak of lightning hacked down, accompanied by the most dazzling light. A figure appeared in the distance, and the corners of clothes fluttered about, magnificent style unmatched; she was getting closer!

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