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Chapter 1273 - Void Dao

The mud pool split apart, muddy water surged, strand after strand of immortal energy appearing below. The immortal cave was about to open.

Shi Hao stood at the very center, occupying advantageous terrain, ready to barge in at any time. This naturally left the four individuals dissatisfied.

“Not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth, do you think that just because you are special in the Heavenly Deity Realm, you can come here and stir up trouble?” Someone said coldly.

“I am standing right here, so what about it? If you don’t want to accept it, then just drag yourself over and fight me!” Shi Hao said coldly.

Right now, all pretense had been torn apart, a great battle inevitable. This would be a great confrontation between Huang and these supreme beings. However, would he be able to hold on?

Everyone had their doubts. Being strong in the Heavenly Deity Realm didn’t mean that he could remain unmatched at a higher cultivation realm.

“Are you certain that you wish to compete against us?” Suddenly, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch laughed, actually changing from the anger before, calming his rage.

“So what if I do?” Shi Hao was indifferent.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch looked at the other three and said, “How do the other dao friends feel? Does he have the qualifications to compete with us over who is superior or inferior?”

“What does he count as? Just chase him away and that’s that!” Someone berated with divine will, unknown which of them it was that spoke. It was because the voice passed through the void, surging through this mud pool.

“Do you see? You are nothing. Just hurry and leave, don’t overestimate yourself!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch had a smile on his face, but his voice was even colder.

This was done to drag the other three great supreme beings in and simultaneously display hostility against Huang, making him have no path of life, others couldn’t save him even if they wanted to. It was because doing so would risk simultaneously offending four great supreme beings.

“One should know a sense of propriety, do not forget your own weight. It’s better if you just leave sooner!” Someone said with a deep and cold voice.

Shi Hao suddenly turned around, looking towards that pure gold alms bowl. It belonged to Great Xu Tuo!

Everyone had their suspicions. Could it be that it was Great Xu Tuo who was speaking this entire time?

“You want to stay behind? You’ll have to take responsibility for the consequences!” At the same time, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch said coldly, extremely forceful.

“And what are you going to do about it?” Shi Hao opposed with equal harshness, his temperament changing greatly, no longer being indifferent and carefree, now looking down on the four great supreme beings.

“Fine, since you are courting death, we will help you accomplish your goal!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch surged with killing intent, long wishing to make an all-out effort, using power of a higher cultivation realm.

Together with the fact that the other three supreme beings were also stirred up, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch felt that it would be difficult for Huang to escape, unable to run no matter what kind of secret method he had.

“Void Dao Realm, harmonizing with the dao, using the perfect seed as an intermediary to touch the great dao, you will never understand the grandness of this!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch said.

Void Dao Realm was above the Heavenly Deity Realm, intimate with the great dao, harmonizing with it, allowing one to sense the intricate reasonings of heaven and earth. It was the first time one would make contact with the dao comprehensively. One would often even feel the illusion that they themselves turned into the great dao!

Those who were in this cultivation realm could normally establish sects, become sect masters.

Of course, not every sect master was in this realm, because sect master was a title, not some definite cultivation realm, just that most sect masters were in this realm.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch erupted, his entire body flourishing with brilliant purple light like a sun, dazzling and resplendent, making it hard for others to open their eyes. Purple energy was originally auspicious, but right now, there was killing intent that pervaded the air!

Shi Hao sneered. He only had a few words for them, saying, “All will be defeated!”

This was not the time to act low-profile, because the mud pool was currently fluctuating intensely, the entrance might appear at any time. The dense immortal mist rising from below was becoming more and more rich.

After using the body as a seed succeeded, Shi Hao didn’t even know himself how strong he was. Now that there were four supreme beings before him, this was the best opportunity to test things out.

Lan Xian revealed a faint smile, saying, “Huang, you are extremely strong, indeed extremely unordinary. However, the Void Dao Realm is different. If you didn’t merge with a perfect seed, it is better if you leave a bit sooner to avoid bringing a disaster onto yourself.”

She was extremely beautiful, her face sparkling white like jade, as if she was a masterpiece of heaven, difficult to pick out any flaws. Her pair of sapphire-like eyes were full of spirituality.

Long blue hair scattered down, a blue dress moving with the wind. As she stood there, she was like a solitary immortal riding the wind.

“Is that so? So it turns out that the Void Dao Realm needs a so-called dao seed…” The corners of Shi Hao’s lips carried a cold smile. He became serious, saying, “This is Heavenly Deity Institution, the immortal manor belongs to this place. What qualifications do you all have to fight over it and exclude me?”

“If you don’t leave, you might take a beating you know?” Lan Xian was rather carefree, teasing Shi Hao. She had an easygoing appearance, not treating this like a big deal.

“I am someone without too many hobbies, just enjoy eating. May I ask what race you are from? My second fondness is to carry back female fatties back home. Don’t provoke me.” Shi Hao stared at this blue clad fairy.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. This person dared to speak to Lan Xian like this!

Towards the first thing he said, Lan Xian could still disregard it, but she was too sensitive towards the word fatty. She grinded her teeth, saying, “Not able to see goodwill, you’ll see what happens!”

“You thing who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth, suppress!” That deep and cold voice sounded again.

This time, Shi Hao turned around to look towards that alms bowl again, starting at Great Xu Tuo.

Right now, Great Xu Tuo’s true body already appeared, standing there, buddhist energy surging, sacred radiance spreading, preventing one from directly looking at him.

This was a person with an ordinary appearance, his skin wax yellow, as if a layer of golden paper was covered the surface. His figure was dried-up and wrinkled, his hands together, eyes closed, quietly chanting scriptures.

So this was Great Xu Tuo? Everyone was shocked, many people seeing him for the first time. He was extremely ordinary, apart from his skin color, there wasn’t anything exceptional about him.

However, he obtained the ashes of an immortal monk, merging it into himself, so he was destined to take a path that exceeded the imagination of ordinary people, perhaps achieving long life.

“It isn’t this poor monk who spoke, it has always been this evil creature speaking.” Great Xu Tuo pointed towards the alms bowl. A giant head suddenly stuck out from within, extremely abrupt, and also extremely terrifying.

It was because when that head reached out, it immediately enlarged, becoming like a lofty mountain, filling up the void, its scales chilly, gaze sinister.

Everyone was shocked. After a head emerged from the small alms bowl, it actually became large to this extent!

“Red Dragon!”

After many people carefully examined it, they couldn’t help but become horrified. Was this a dragon? It was entirely scarlet red like blood, its scales as if forged from metal, its figure robust, powerful to the extreme.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. When they thought of the legends, how after Great Xu Tuo obtained the ashes after cremation, he had previously journeyed the world, wishing to eliminate the demonic, suppressing an evil dragon.

“Is this that dragon? It was rumored that its cultivation was profound, strength frightening! After Immortal Academy’s old monsters learned of its existence, they didn’t allow it to be killed, feeling that it was a rare fighting strength!”

Even Immortal Academy’s old monsters saw it as a precious talent, one could see just how extraordinary it was! This was a red dragon that was retracing its ancestor’s power, bloodline already extremely pure.

“It was this evil dragon of yours who spoke randomly again and again, provoking me?” Shi Hao asked coldly.

“So what if it was me? The baldy doesn’t wish to kill, but I definitely don’t feel such things. I’m going to make you yield!” That scarlet dragon rushed out from the alms bowl, bringing with it crazy winds, diving towards Shi Hao.

That giant body frightened many people. It was even larger than a mountain ridge, more terrifying. This region began to rumble, the void starting to collapse.


Sand and stone flew everywhere, earth splashing out, the void cracked. Nothing in this place could be seen anymore, powerful winds sweeping about, becoming a scarlet red in color. Whirlwinds swept about, devouring everything. Giant boulders that were several dozen tons in weight were sucked in, immediately crushed into powder.

Then, one could vaguely see a black hole appearing!

Just how frightening was this evil dragon? Everyone found it hard to imagine its strength. No wonder that after Great Xu Tuo suppressed it that year, it was attached importance to even by Immortal Academy’s old monsters, having its life saved.

This was the power of an evil dragon, immediately taking action to suppress Shi Hao. Meanwhile, the four great supreme beings hadn’t even made their moves yet.

“Haha, how could the true perfect power of the Void Dao Realm be something you can understand? The evil dragon can erase you with just a single move, the master lost only because he tied his own hands!”

The attendant was in an extremely miserable state, its body already in tatters, but right now, when he saw the evil dragon’s might, the red tornado engulfing this place, he still couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

However, right at this time, everything suddenly stopped, the red evil wind completely disappearing.

Only a figure remained on this stage, it was Huang! Where did the evil dragon go? Everyone was stunned; just now, it displayed great might, powerful to a ridiculous degree.

“Where is the evil dragon? Why did it disappear?” The attendant was confused, even he didn’t know what was going on.

The others were puzzled. What exactly happened?

“Save me! Baldy, great master, save me!” Right at this time, the evil dragon’s miserable cries rang out, sounding incredibly pitiful.

Everyone became dumbstruck one after another. They finally saw it. That body that was even more majestic than a mountain peak released such a great display just now, shocking heaven and earth, making mountains collapse and seas roar, but now…

It became a belt, tied around Shi Hao’s waist, its head and tail like a rope, tied together!

Everyone began to feel a bit dizzy. This was that legendary evil dragon! Even Immortal Academy’s old monsters saw great potential in it, and it was so terrifying just now, but in the end, it was dealt with just like this.

“Not simple.” The normally quiet Daoist Qi Gu who didn’t smile spoke up. He wore gray old-fashioned dao robes, his face expressionless, extremely inflexible.

“All will be defeated! Also, that blue-clothed fatty and baldy, all of you, just come at me!” Shi Hao looked forwards.

Everyone was speechless. Was he mad? He immediately challenged three great supreme beings.


Right at this time, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch took action. This was intolerable, being told again and again that he was going to be defeated! If this continued, this was going to leave a mark of humiliation on his life.

When his fist imprint smashed over, the fist erupted with heaven overflowing radiance, as if a great purple sun exploded. The divine light flourished with incomparable brilliance!

Something astonishing happened. When facing a Void Dao Realm supreme being who had merged with a perfect seed, Shi Hao directly released a fist, facing him head-on, breaking down the purple multicolored light!


At this moment, heaven and earth turned upside down, chaotic energy surged. Following Shi Hao’s fist, the entire world seemed to have been toppled, been destroyed, the aura horrifying.

Their fingers tangled about each other. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch released a low roar, shocked and angry, shouting out.

Then, everyone saw Huang’s figure become like a war god’s, bathed in golden divine flames, carrying heaven overflowing might, then rushing powerfully at Lan Xian.

In front of his fist, it was as if great heavenly stars were swirling, pulsing with him, resonating. His long hair scattered about, eyes cold, possessing a type of mountain devouring might.


It was just a fist, but the void was shattered, clashing with Lan Xian.

Blue multicolored light surged. A graceful and beautiful immortal body swayed, full of shock. The expression on that beautiful face was sluggish, not daring to believe what was happening.

This type of power was too frightening, shocking the young female supreme being. Her snow-white slender hand was in intense pain, lightly trembling!


At this time, Shi Hao then rushed towards Great Xu Tuo, his fist turning into a great silver hand imprint, on it carved all types of symbols, such as Kun Peng, Suan Ni, and others, strange and terrifying.

The great hand imprint struck towards Great Xu Tuo, blocked by the alms bowl. However, as a result, that precious artifact rumbled, and then directly exploded. This ancient artifact was destroyed!

“Heavens! What am I seeing? Is this real?!”

Someone cried out with alarm. Right at this moment, heaven shocking changes were taking place. Huang was fighting against three great experts by himself!

Everyone found this unbelievable. Someone without a perfect seed actually had this type of unmatched divine might! He was just one person, yet he fought three great supreme beings at the same time, his power suppressing the world, leaving everyone shaken.

“He doesn’t have an unmatched ancient seed, so why… is he so strong?” The attendant’s face was pale, his lips trembling. He fell on the ground, body shaking, truly feeling Huang’s terror.

While the others were shaken, they similarly carried confusion. Was this Huang’s true strength? Why was he able to reach this step even without a perfect dao seed?!

This place erupted with commotion!

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