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Chapter 1268 - Call Into Question

There was someone who recognized Shi Hao, releasing a cry of alarm.

This name was one that hadn’t been mentioned for a long time. For a year after he disappeared, there were still people discussing him, but this slowly quieted down. However, today, his name was spoken once again.


Was it really him? Everyone turned around, many people’s attention concentrated in that direction!

He looked extremely familiar, it really was that person! Only, he looked much more ordinary than before, lacking a type of brashness, his entire being becoming much calmer.

A large portion of the people here had seen Huang before. Right now, they all revealed looks of shock, why did he show up again? From what everyone knew, he lost his position as a supreme being, supposed to never appear again!

No one expected that he would reappear today in Heavenly Deity Institution.

“It really is him, Huang has returned!”

A single leave and almost three years passed. Where did he stay during this time, what was he doing? Many people carried puzzlement within.

“Huang, he was previously the young supreme being of a generation! Only, because he didn’t have a perfect ancient seed, he ended up withering away. What does his appearance now mean? Could it be that he successfully merged with a dao seed?”

A few people were excited, especially those who remained in Heavenly Deity Institution, the students who weren’t chosen by Sacred or Immortal Academy, their faces even more so full of excitement.

“Our Heavenly Deity Institution isn’t without talents, just that he hadn’t returned before! Now, a truly supreme being returned, even the Nine Netherworlds Ao falling under his hands, he even more so dared to challenge Little Sky King!” A few people laughed loudly, feeling extremely stirred up.

It was because during these two years, Heavenly Deity Institution had declined greatly, the true geniuses all chosen away, gone without any intention of returning.

The academy didn’t have any other stunning students. Under the pressure of the two great academies, it became dim without radiance, losing all of its former magnificence and brilliance.

The present Heavenly Deity Institution was extremely low profile, something that couldn’t be helped. It was because there were no exceptional disciples here, those who were left behind all ‘rotten wood’ in the eyes of Immortal and Sacred Academy, useless.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s students were extremely inferior in status, unable to raise their heads before the two academies’ disciples. It was because none of them could compete against the two academies’ disciples.

When the two academies’ disciples appeared, Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples were all rejected, to the extent where they were harshly berated, not attached any importance to at all, lacking the respect they ought to receive.

“Huang, is it really you?” Someone cried out, rushing over.

When Shi Hao was in Heavenly Deity Institution before, he didn’t really have much interaction with these students, instead having some conflict with a few of the best geniuses, competing against them, for example, Lu Tuo, Wang Xi and the others.

However, as time went on, only these students and Shi Hao remained, the so-called heaven warping geniuses all left. Only a small portion of individuals remained in the academy, so even those that were previously unfamiliar with Shi Hao developed excellent opinions of him, as if they had seen a close friend. 

A few people were even crying tears of joy, feeling their blood surge, couldn’t help but roar towards the sky. It was because they had suffered just too much unfairness and humiliation.

For example, this time, in Heavenly Deity Institution itself, when the underground immortal cave was about to open, Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples were berated and ordered to move back, not allowed to remain in the front.

Just how awkward was this, truly a type of extraordinary shame and humiliation. They felt ashamed and resentful, yet there was nothing they could do!

It was because previously, there were people who expressed their discontent, fighting back, but those who weren’t chosen really weren’t the other side’s opponents.

During these clashes, forget about Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, Qi Gu, Great Xu Tuo, and the other true supreme beings, even their attendants and servants didn’t take action. The others appeared, yet these individuals were still subdued.

There were some who had been beaten until they coughed out large amounts of blood, thrown out of Heavenly Deity Institution’s gate, yet they could only hold this loss, remain silent, unable to say anything back. They held back their resentment and quietly withdrew.

The others didn’t rush over, but they were all curious. These were the disciples of the two academies.

As for Huang, it could be said that few didn’t know about him. He was an influential figure three years ago as well, previously displayed a series of brilliant battle accomplishments, such as subduing and taking the young genius Mo Dao with three strands of immortal energy as a servant, even more so defeating the Nine Netherworlds Ao and other things.

Two to three years ago, when Huang was mentioned, many people felt respect and fear, not wishing to stand against him.

Only, as time went on and geniuses emerged in large numbers, those who merged with perfect ancient seeds appearing one after another, how could he still hold his previous status? They all felt that there was no way he still had his brilliance from back then!

After calmly thinking things through cool-headedly, many people felt that Shi Hao was definitely going to lose the glory he had at the Heavenly Deity Realm. It was because he lacked an unmatched ancient seed!

Shi Hao was surrounded, more than ten disciples from Heavenly Deity Institution at his side, their eyes burning with passion leaving him feeling a bit helpless, but at the same time made him release a sigh. During the past two to three years, Heavenly Deity Institution really has been shown contempt and scorn, suffering all types of injustice.

“What is that thing?” In the distance, many people were curious, staring at Shi Hao’s hand.

Specks of auspicious light moved about. Inside Shi Hao’s hand was a stone box, extremely simple and ancient in appearance, also quite mysterious, wisp after wisp of white mist lingering about, even more so having immortal dao multicolored light rising from it.

This left many people moved. This was a precious box!

It actually rushed over on its own, flying out from the mud pool, clearly possessing spirituality. Everyone’s minds burned with desire, really wanting to rush over and seize it.

Even Lan Xian, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, Qi Gu and the others were quite curious about what exactly was inside of the stone box.

Shi Hao looked it over, and was then about to open it. However, right at this time, someone from the distance, spoke up. “Wait!”

“Do you need something?” Shi Hao didn’t stop, his tone indifferent, still examining this stone box. It was wrapped in flowing light, carrying a wave of auspicious energy, actually quite sturdy. After trying several times, he actually wasn’t able to open it.

“Dao friend, the stone box flew out from the mud pool, so it should have originated from the immortal cave, an ownerless item. As such, it does not belong to you.” A humanoid creature with an extremely large and tall physique spoke.

On his head was a single golden horn, his eyes also faint golden in color, long hair shining like a flame, his powerful and straight body giving off a type of pressure.

He clearly recognized Shi Hao, knowing that he was precisely Huang. Even if he didn’t know about this person before, he definitely heard the others’ discussions just now. Now that he stepped forward like this, he was clearly expressing a type of stance!

Everyone revealed strange expressions. They all knew that this person didn’t have any good intentions. This was challenging Huang’s dignity, sizing up his present true strength.

Even though this person spoke rather tactfully, not directly ripping up all face, this type of stance, this type of tone were clearly purposely to stand in his way.

“Since it is an ownerless item, then what is the point in you telling me to wait? An ownerless item fell into my hands, then it means it now does have an owner.” Shi Hao swept out an indifferent look.

When that single horned humanoid figure was swept through by this glance, he felt a wave of alarm. His heart jumped, this Huang… could it be that he was still that frightening? Didn’t he lack a suitable dao seed to merge with?!

His head of flame-like long hair scattered down, golden pupils releasing sinister light. He didn’t shrink back, instead pressing forward a few great steps, saying, “It is an ownerless item, needing to be transferred to higher authorities, and then after the great families’ discussions, only then could they be conferred to someone!”

Many people became silent, their eyes swirling with light, watching this interesting development. They understood that this person was determined to stand in Shi Hao’s way, not allowing him to obtain the stone box.

Flames of anger appeared in the eyes of Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples, all of them extremely angry. This truly was going too far! If it was Great Xu Tuo, Lan Xian, or the others who obtained the stone box, would this person dare speak these words?

Now that this person saw Huang return, could it be that he didn’t think the other party still had his past divine might, and thus purposely walked up to provoke him? Someone from Heavenly Deity Institution angrily said, “You are Jin Jiaoxi? I’ve heard of you, you are proficient in the Rhinoceros Horn divine ability, your flesh strong, defensive force astonishing, having a set amount of reputation. However, acting this domineeringly really is a bit lacking in propriety. What qualifications do you have to stop my Heavenly Deity Institution’s people from obtaining treasure?”

“Dao friend is making jokes, I am merely speaking with impartial motives, this is how it should be. Could it be that you feel like Heavenly Deity Institution’s people don’t have to respect the rules?” Jin Jiaoxi said with a smile.

Then, he gave everyone a look, saying, “What do you all say? It should be the great families who decide what is to be done. This is an ownerless item, so what do you all think?”

Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples were furious. This person really was determined to provoke them. Did he really think there was no one with strength in their Heavenly Deity Institution?

It was clear that everyone had their own selfish motives. Since someone stood out to stop Shi Hao, then quite a few strong individuals weren’t willing to see an immortal treasure fall into the hands of another. A few of them began to side with Jin Jiaoxi.

These people nodded their heads, expressing that they agreed with Jin Jiaoxi’s words. Since it is an ownerless object, then a decision should be made after everyone discussed things.

“If it was Great Xu Tuo or Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch who obtained it, would you all dare do this?” Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples berated. They felt extremely resentful towards Jin Jiaoxi’s actions, this person was clearly trying to turn everyone against them.

“Brother Huang, I really am sorry, it isn’t that I am trying to target you, but this matter has to be treated fairly. Please just hand over that stone box.” Jin Jiaoxi said with a slight smile. Not only did golden light surge from his eyes, even his skin released golden radiance. “Look, this is what everyone thinks, not just my own opinion. We all wish for this place to be a bit more peaceful, avoid bloodshed, to have fairness be carried out.”

Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples all clenched their teeth. Jin Jiaoxi truly was self-righteous, actually speaking this type of words.

“Is it everyone’s intentions, or your own? Or perhaps the intentions of those behind you? If you want it, then just come for it.” Shi Hao gave him a look of contempt.

He looked extremely calm, not treating this matter as a big deal at all.

“What are you trying to say?!” Jin Jiaoxi felt attacked by this type of indifference and disdain, making him feel a wave of humiliation. Someone who had lost his past glory actually dared to look down on him like this?!

Moreover, the other person’s expression was undisguised, not carrying the slightest bit of concealment, just as if he was talking to the most lowly and despicable person.

“I have previously heard that the treasures here would belong to whoever obtained it. By changing it suddenly on your own, who are you speaking in the place of? Great Xu Tuo, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, or Lan Xian?” Shi Hao spoke without an ounce of respect.

Jin Jiaoxi really wanted to berate and scold him, claiming that this was everyone’s intentions, but he was scared of offending the four great supreme beings, so he didn’t dare directly speak out, momentarily trapped in a dilemma.

“If you want it, then just come over. If you don’t want it, then get lost!” Shi Hao was extremely direct.

“You!” Jin Jiaoxi’s expression suddenly changed. He only wished to size up Shi Hao in the place of others, but now, he found himself in an awkward situation. He shouted coldly, “Fine then, I will come over myself to seize it. I will take it in everyone’s place!”

“You only want it for yourself, you cannot represent anyone. Don’t try to flaunt whatever righteousness, or else it will only look even worse for you!” Shi Hao said coldly.

Everyone’s mind jumped. This was definitely Huang’s style! Not long ago, he looked calm and aloof, as if he lacked his past sharpness. Now, they saw that he didn’t change at all!

Jin Jiaoxi really did come up. He was extremely careful, his figure swelling. His upper body turned into a divine rhinoceros, giant body incredibly intimidating, divine skin releasing a faint golden radiance.

That single rhinoceros horn was even more so incomparably resplendent, releasing electrical radiance, as well as metal attribute essence energy. It was incredibly terrifying, sword radiance rushing out.

His lower body was still that of a human’s. At this moment, he charged forward, wishing to forcefully seize the stone box, launching his attack.

Only when he approached did Shi Hao move. His figure shifted, taking action with lightning speed, but there was a type of aesthetic perception, directly striking forward! Eventually, all the brilliance disappeared, everything returning to normal, the other party nowhere to be found.

With a blur before everyone’s eyes, Shi Hao formed a type of simple and ancient magical imprint. With a leap, he broke through Jin Jiaoxi’s sect master level defenses, and then with a kacha sound, cut down his giant horn.

After a moment of peace, the single-horned rhinoceros released a miserable howl that shook heaven and earth, the great earth breaking open. The distant mountain peaks were even about to collapse, rubble rushing into the heavens.

His strength was extremely great, possessing terrifying divine might, but now, he lost his most powerful and well-known golden horn from a single clash!

Everyone became stupefied. This was just the beginning, yet it already ended! There was only one exchange, yet Jin Jiaoxi’s divine horn that condensed all of his essence was lost!

“With Heavenly Deity Realm power, Jin Jiaoxi’s defenses were broken through, his rhinoceros horn cut down, excellent!” Right at this time, the blue-clothed fairy spoke.

Everyone was stunned. It was Lan Xian who was commenting on this battle, speaking about the situation.

Everyone was stunned. He broke through a sect master level expert’s defenses with heavenly deity level strength, this was like something out of a legend! This was but crossing a great cultivation realm!

“Interesting, using heavenly deity level strength to strike a sect master level opponents’ weakest point of defense, and then borrowing the enemy’s power to trigger resonance, thus breaking his own horn.” Lan Xian.

Everyone was stunned. Was Huang doing this to display his dao or his techniques? Using Jin Jiaoxi’s own power to break his horn, this was extremely frightening!

“You…” Jin Jiaoxi was in great pain. This was what he was going to use to achieve the dao, yet it was destroyed just like that! It left him in so much remorse that he had thoughts of suicide.

“Do you still want to ask for the stone box?” Shi Hao asked indifferently.

Jin Jiaoxi released a furious roar, turning around to leave. He knew that Huang was extremely frightening. Even if the other party didn’t merge with a perfect seed, he was still not a match.

“Who said you could leave? I heard that divine rhinoceros meat wasn’t bad. You, stay here for now.” Shi Hao said.

“Ah…” Jin Jiaoxi screamed, shivering inwardly. He immediately turned into his original form, becoming a small mountain-like golden rhinoceros, turning around to run.

It was because he had previously heard some rumors that at Huang’s peak, he loved roasting all types of rare strange beasts the most, extremely ‘frightening’, a demon king.

“Where are you going?” Shi Hao said quietly behind it.

 Right at this time, great wind swept about in the distant skies. In addition, purple light spread. A young man with auspicious purple energy around him descended from above.

“Cui Zha, please save me!” Jin Jiaoxi screamed, truly frightened badly. He couldn’t help but cry for help.

Even though Huang had left for many years, his power and influence still remained. After a simple probing, Jin Jiaoxi became completely terrified.

“Zi Tong, that is Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s attendant!” Someone said softly. The one who came was precisely the powerful attendant who followed Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch.

“Jin Jiaoxi, stand at my side. I want to see just who dares to touch you!” The attendant named Zi Tong had auspicious purple energy around him. He stood there, full of confidence as he spoke coldly.

A hint of a cold smile appeared at the corners of Shi Hao’s lips. He walked forward. The reason Jiaoxi dared to provoke him turned out to be because of this attendant, someone from Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s side!

“Zi Tong, stand back.” Right at this time, the skies became incredibly resplendent. A great purple sun descended, incomparably terrifying.

In the great purple sun was an extremely blurry figure who released astonishing divine might fluctuations from his body, as if even the sun, moon, rivers, and mountains were going to be crushed. It was precisely Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch.

“So you are Huang? Even though this is the first time we met, I have heard of your great name for quite some time!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch said.

1. Jin = gold, Jiaoxi = horn, rhinoceros/sharp

2. Cui = Pure, Zha = dregs, slag in mining

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