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Chapter 1251 - Four Reincarnation Imprints

In the darkness, Shi Hao felt as if his head, torso, and four limbs were divided, falling into the magma, burned until only bones were left. He felt incomparable pain.

However, he believed firmly that this was only him losing his mind, not something that was truly happening!

What underworld, what heavenly devils and gods weeping and howling, true immortal having its body torn apart? All of it was fake, all illusions.

He believed firmly that he was standing in the same place, just that he was immersed in a type of spiritual world, and that was why all of these things were happening. He couldn’t help but feel shock towards the Yellow Springs Fruit’s medicinal effects.

It was because everything was too real, with almost no holes in these scenes, as if he was truly experiencing cruel torment, not like it was fake at all.

He roared loudly, wishing to regain his consciousness in this nightmare, completely wake up and grasp everything!

Even if this was a form of tempering for the mind, an essential tribulation he had to face for strengthening his spiritual force, he still wanted to be on the initiative to throw himself in, not be passively trapped like this.

The darkness was endless, surrounding this place. Shi Hao’s will became more and more blurry, as if he was about to disappear, enter an eternal nothingness!

“Everything here is fake! Why aren’t you waking up yet?!” Shi Hao roared at himself.

Only, when he opened his mouth, blazing magma poured in, but then it flowed back out from his throat. He felt as if he didn’t have any flesh, only his skull and bones of his four limbs floated in the red liquid.

Why was it this real? Why couldn’t he wake up?

Shi Hao tried again and again to wake up, using all types of methods to stimulate himself, but his will instead became more and more blurry, about to disappear.

“This won’t work, if I fall into darkness like this, will I never be able to wake again?” Shi Hao’s consciousness thought within this weakness, feeling a bit frightened.

His suffering really was too great, his experiences extremely strange. If he sunk into the sea of magma and entered a thorough muddle-headedness, was something unexpected going to happen?

Even if it was the will of the world, in a dreamland, if he suffered damage here, would it affect his cultivation?

“Laughable, this is a true hell, the Yellow Springs Fruit is able to link up the two worlds. There is a set of bizarre symbols within them that could open the void and serve as a shaft, dragging you into the underworld.”

In the darkness, there was this type of cold voice that sounded, ruthless and without any fluctuations, as if it was an arbiter speaking.

“Why is it called the Yellow Springs Fruit? It is because it contains the coordinates of hell, able to open up the realm gate and bring you straight into the underworld. If you die here, then your life will come to an end. If you live, then your mind will be tempered.”

That person didn’t display joy or worry as he spoke like this.

Shi Hao was perplexed. His will was extremely powerful, but just now, the pain was unendurable, his body torn apart by chains, and then magma that could burn gods and devils to death poured down onto him, too difficult to bear.

Right now, he began to develop doubts. Wasn’t this a dream produced by the Yellow Springs Fruit? Could it be a true experience, the so-called divine fruit’s symbols really able to open up a gate in the void?

Shi Hao was frightened; all of this was just too terrifying.

However, he still didn’t believe it too much. That type of fruit would be just too heaven-defying.

He couldn’t lose consciousness now. Regardless of whether what he was experiencing was real or fake, it would be beneficial for him to remain clear-headed; otherwise, he would be in huge trouble.


Then, he felt as if his bones were shattering, completely burned down. His primordial spirit also began to break apart, splitting into several pieces, and then it quickly dimmed.

“Why does it feel this real? Am I going to die?” Shi Hao still wasn’t willing to believe this. However, the intense pain of his primordial spirit splitting apart and the feeling that he was dying was just too real.

In the end, he couldn’t hold on anymore. Endless darkness surrounded him, his spiritual awareness scattering. He felt like he was starting to fade away from existence, about to disappear forever.

Right now, he didn’t even have the ability to think anymore. He really couldn’t hold on any longer, about to return to the earth and dust, forever extinguished.

In the end, with a hong sound, he lost consciousness. Endless darkness drowned out this place.

“Just too strange!” In the final instant, Shi Hao released a weak strand of consciousness. If it was fake, then it was too realistic, simply impossible to distinguish from reality.

If ti was true, then he was definitely dead.

After who knew how much time had passed, a white bone island rose from the magma, rising from the scarlet red ocean surface. It was as if many years had already passed, a bit of phosphorescence flickering about.

A strand of soul flame appeared from within this radiance, extremely bright and brilliant, somewhat standing out from the masses.

“Who am I?” He released this type of vague consciousness.

Then, he saw a dark sword core, a tattered skeleton, and even a rust-filled lightning emperor armor; it was just this familiar.

“I have some impression. When looking at these things, it’s as if I experienced a person’s entire life.” That soul flame released a low voice, and then it couldn’t help but cry out, as if it was in extreme pain, frantically trying to recall something.

Just like that, many years passed. On this white bone mountain, a few soul flames emerged, and then went out again. There was only that one strand that was the most special, moving around a sword core, armor, and other things.

Only this day did he obtain new memories from those objects. He saw two pieces of white bones that were different. 

“True Primordial Record, Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram…”

He recalled these two things with difficulty. Then, he struggled fiercely, filled with unwillingness, as well as a type of despair.

“I am someone called Huang, I am a heavenly emperor,or I am Shi Hao?” He seemed to be talking about himself, yet was also questioning this soul’s intrinsic quality.

Only, he couldn’t recall any details, only a vague and rough impression. He was suffering greatly, wishing to know what exactly happened in the past.

Just like that, he thought bitterly every day, struggling. When facing these remains that were not destroyed, some memories arose from time to time, spiritual light fragments flickering occasionally, allowing him to recall many things of the past.

Year after year passed. In this place, time was the least valuable, continuously flowing on.

In an instant, several decades passed. This soul hovered around these objects, recalling more and more things. His past gradually became clearer.

“I am Shi Hao, I ate a Yellow Springs Fruit, fell into the underworld, but couldn’t stick it through, dying here…”

When he learned the truth, this soul was stupefied. The past happiness, anger, sorrow, joy, the various things of the mortal world, his past close friends, everything was now far away.

He couldn’t help but release a cry, screaming like a malicious spirit, the sound echoing for a long time in this place!

When he recalled what happened of his life, he was full of unwillingness, carrying too many regrets. Did he really die just like that? He already parted from those he was close to, silently being buried alone here.

“This isn’t real!” He howled out.

Time flowed on. He felt the years elapse one after another, all the way until a century passed. Only then did his wounded heart start to calm down.

“Time is ruthless, a hundred years passed. My experiences were actually real?” When he recalled the events of the past, Shi Hao was stunned. The last hope he carried in the depths of his heart no longer existed either. A hundred years passed, time wasn’t fake, so what else was there to say? It was too cruel.

“I still want to return to the human world to see my loved ones, see those who I am close to!” This soul flame throbbed, releasing powerful energy fluctuations.

“When your desire is powerful enough, it is possible to reincarnate you.” Within that sea of magma, a heartless voice sounded once more.

Soon afterwards, a disk appeared,  full of reincarnation power. It emerged from the magma, continuously rotating. There were several areas, displaying the world that needed to be reincarnated into.

With a xiu sound, that soul flame was sucked into that disk, and then it fell into the black hole that it opened up, thus sent out to be reborn.

The various things that happened in the previous life appeared in his mind one after another. Within the joys and sorrows of life, there were a few people’s faces that appeared, the happiness and sadness of life now truly reflected.

Shi Hao released a sigh. Did this life pass just like this? He really found this hard to accept.

“What is the outside world like? I wanted to go back and give that world a look, see how those people are all doing.”

He carried bitterness and regret. After he was devoured by the black hole, he was reduced to a pure soul consciousness, and now, he was sent out to be reincarnated.

Then, he felt as if he became an infant that wasn’t even born yet, still in the mother’s womb, nurtured by the natural essence of the world, not absorbing the mortal world’s turbid energy yet.

“A reincarnation while retaining memories?” Shi Hao silently thought to himself. He operated the True Primordial Record, the Willow Deity Technique he cultivated and other things, absorbing wisps of natural essence from this world.

He wanted to use this to strengthen himself and nurture the mother body, but he discovered that it was extremely difficult.

“The Yellow Springs Fruit… really is strange!”

After who knew how much time had passed, when the infant was about to be born, Shi Hao suddenly gained a flash of enlightenment, as if he completely understood something. He firmly believed that this type of reincarnation didn’t exist.

“Even though I don’t understand how a hundred years passed just like that, how everything was that lifelike, even my mind unable to distinguish reality from illusion, I strongly believe that this is a great dream, what I experienced is not real! I am Huang, I am Shi Hao, I want to wake up!”

Unfortunately, there was no so-called ‘waking up’. In the following years, he experienced the fate of mankind. This world did not have abundant essence energy, long entering its last days.

Only the essence energy he acquired in the mother’s womb was effective. After he was born, it was extremely difficult to acquire more.

Eventually, he lived to the age of a hundred and sixty, becoming someone of considerable age. However, compared to his previous generation, this declining era was too poverty-stricken, not allowing for cultivation.

Then, Shi Hao was reincarnated once more, being transmigrated again.

He didn’t say a single thing during this entire process, carrying his memories as he was reincarnated, experiencing the weakening of age and death. He remained silent most of the time, not uttering a sentence.

Only when he reached this world, when he entered that underworld again, did he hear that emotionless voice. “After reincarnating several times, what kind of fond memories have you gained?”

“Yellow Springs Fruit, you really are strange!” Shi Hao spoke this sentence.

Finally, the world became chaotic, heaven and earth breaking apart, magma surging, sending Shi Hao out from this hell.

Shi Hao woke up, now standing before three stalks of golden and resplendent plants. Holy multicolored light poured out, brilliant and divine, several Yellow Springs Fruits hanging from them.

“A great dream!” Shi Hao sighed with admiration, at the same time filled with joy inside. It was because his primordial spirit force had been substantially strengthened, becoming a lot stronger!

How could someone have this type of primordial spirit while in the Heavenly Deity Realm? He was greatly satisfied!

However, soon afterwards, divine light erupted from his eyes, and then his pupils rapidly contracted, his breathing immediately becoming rushed.

The moment he lowered his head, he saw a few diagrams in his palm. They were small, but they were quite real. Four diagrams, all of them reincarnation imprints!

“What was going on?!” Shi Hao cried out!

These were exactly the same as the imprints that were applied in the land of reincarnation before he was transmigrated, each time one imprint applied.

Now, there were four of them in total at the center of his palm, and in that realistic dream, he had previously reincarnated four times.

There was a faint recording in a bone book of this great era, and in the jade heavenly books of Immortal Ancient, there were even more so some explanations. There were people who said that there was reincarnation, only, it wasn’t something everyone could carry out, only a select few exceptional heavenly talents had a chance of reincarnating, and that this was proved by those individuals who had reincarnation imprints.

Only, very few people could imitate and carve down those types of imprints!

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