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Chapter 1221 - Coarse And Wild

This was definitely two sharp ends clashing, one was Huang, the other was an Emperor Clan’s outstanding talent. Now that these two clashed, if life and death wasn’t distinguished, not fighting until the heavens were in disorder and the earth dim, ghosts weeping and deities howling, then there was no way they would stop.

The red-haired creature was full of confidence. A finger began to dig at his ear, full of contempt as he said, “I don’t think I heard you too clearly the first time, why don’t you say it again!”

This type of relaxed attitude, picking his ears in front of everyone really was brash and unrestrained, not attaching any importance to Shi Hao. This was a type of humiliation and mockery.

“Cut you down!” Shi Hao’s words were extremely concise, only these words. Moreover, he began to move, quickly closing the distance, already about to reach him.

“Fool, I gave you a chance, yet you didn’t know to cherish it, actually daring to repeat yourself. Then just go on your way!” The red-haired creature became hostile. His right arm moved, the long red hair moving, his palm giant and powerful, directly slapping over.

After defeating three experts in succession, cutting Xuan Kun at the waist, capturing Immortal Academy’s expert, and injuring Wang Xi, it made the red-haired creature look down on the people of this side more and more. He directly sent out a slap at Shi Hao’s face, definitely a type of humiliation.

How could one be this domineering immediately after meeting? He was completely declaring through his actions that he was the most important and powerful person here.

Shi Hao’s eyes became deep, still just like before, restraining his aura, his body like a divine willow, swaying about with the wind, avoiding that palm.


That red-haired creature’s palm moved around, drawing out a curve through the air. It carried great dao patterns, turning into a heaven and earth, suppressing downwards once again.

This was similar to the world within the palm, a type of great divine ability!

“Are you still waiting for me to personally do it? If you have any intelligence, then just act on your own, I already don’t have the patience, don’t want to waste time!” The red-haired creature said.

Forget about Shi Hao, even those observers clenched their teeth. He was too unbridled, really not attaching any importance to the young cultivators of this world, showing undisguised contempt.


Right at this moment, Shi Hao erupted with power, fully unleashing his own inner treasury, all of his potential bursting out.

He was immediately surrounded by a barrier of light, supporting the single heavenly passage. It was as if he was surrounded by a blazing golden sun, just too dazzling.

At this moment, even the protectors’ descendant Dugu Yun felt a misconception, almost mistaking him for one of their bloodline’s people.

It was because right now, Shi Hao was surrounded by brilliance from his hair to his skin, from his head down to his feet, everything brilliant. Dazzling light shone gloriously, as if his body was cast from divine gold. He was like a creature who had golden blood flowing through him, turning completely golden from head to toe!

After Shi Hao’s single heavenly passage appeared, it quickly expanded, about to cover the entire red-haired creature within.

“You…” At this moment, the foreign Emperor Clan’s outstanding talent was shocked. He felt a great sense of danger, all of the blood-colored hair on his body standing on end, a layer of goosebumps appearing.

In that instant, he displayed all types of divine abilities, great dao patterns appearing densely, wishing to suppress Shi Hao and kill him here.

Only, what left him horrified was that his magical force was scattering, divine abilities breaking down, all losing effectiveness.

Magical Force Immunity!

This time, Shi Hao really was angered, immediately using vicious methods. It was because the red-haired creature’s words and actions went too far. Even a clay person had some internal heat, let alone someone like him.

Because he purposely concealed everything before, only now fully erupting, Shi Hao caught the red-haired creature unprepared, leaving him a bit stunned.

“Your divine ability is the innate skill of a certain Emperor Clan from my realm!” He couldn’t help but cry out, resisting with everything he had.

In the foreign land, there was an Emperor Clan that relied on this to dominate the world, no one able to contend against them. This was their sect protecting extreme art, something that would change all experts’ faces when they discussed it.

Quite a few people already knew about this, because when Mo Dao was subdued by Shi Hao, he had previously spoken about this in front of Heavenly Deity Institution’s people.

The red-haired creature didn’t know the reputation of Huang, so right now, he was naturally shocked.


A Kun Peng fist smashed out. Heaven and earth became chaotic, golden divine feathers filling the sky, Shi Hao smashing over with overwhelming divine ability power and fist strength.

The red-haired creature’s pupils contracted, now no longer daring to show the slightest bit of carelessness. He gathered all of his body’s essence energy, frantically resisting. He knew that divine abilities were useless, so he could only rely on his powerful flesh strength.


The great dao rumbled, the noise absolutely deafening.

Kun Peng symbols filled the skies, restraining his fist. His single heavenly passage also shone, stopping his body.

The red-haired creature roared in fury. This type of feeling was too terrible! They had just begun fighting, yet he had his magical force neutralized, physical body locked down, things were absolutely awful.


Shi Hao’s fist smashed into the void. It was too vicious, directly smashing into the red-haired creature’s face without any suspense, simple and powerful.

Forget about the red-haired creature, even the spectators’ eyelids jumped, feeling pain in his place. This was just too fierce and hard, that cheek about to cave in.


The red-haired creature coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, half his face in intense pain, flesh caved in, the pain unbearable. He had never experienced something like this before, having his face punched in front of everyone’s faces.


He screamed out, within it endless rage, as well as a type of sullenness. His head of long red hair stood up on end, eyes releasing blazing silver radiance.

He really was angered badly. This was a type of humiliation, even more so a type of shame. The glorious outstanding talent of an Emperor Clan was actually punched right in the face! This had never happened before!

Not far out, the spectators, after experiencing the initial alarm, all released a breath of relief. This was an extremely refreshing feeling!

It was just like how after the nervousness ended and a satisfactory result was seen, as if relieved from a burden.

It was because the red-haired creature was too domineering, that type of overbearing behavior leaving many people furious, inwardly stifled. Now, they all released a breath of negative energy.

“What are you screaming around for?” Shi Hao berated, and then another fist smashed over. This time, it was no longer the Kun Peng Technique, but rather carried lightning. Electrical radiance pierced down streak after streak, erupting from his fist.


This fist was too direct, firmly smashing the red-haired creature into the door, the heavy blow making him dizzy, almost knocking him out on the spot.

Blood dripped from his face, his head a bit caved in, the intense pain making his silver eyes bloodshot, becoming almost scarlet red.

However, what could he do? His divine abilities lost effects, and he was also restricted by the single heavenly passage. Even though he could still move, his body was sluggish, entering the most dangerous situation.

Pi pa sounds rang out continuously. Shi Hao’s fist smashed straight into his face. Not only did it carry the power of his flesh, there was also lightning, all of it completely erupting now.

One could clearly see his head of scarlet hair charred black by the electrical arcs. As for that face, the hair even more so came off, producing a black face, a bit of a charred smell released.

This type of emotional overload was too much. The red-haired creature almost fainted on the spot. He had never been humiliated like this, actually being beaten up violently in front of everyone’s eyes.

It was because what was the most excessive was that all of it struck him in the face!

Moreover, this person was someone he had previously looked down on, showing great contempt. However, in the blink of an eye, he was lifted up and viciously beaten by this very person.

Was there still heavenly reason? The red-haired creature wanted to go insane, simply about to go mad!

Of course, the most shocked were still those who were watching, all of them stupefied.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s young cultivators all knew how strong Huang was, but this result still exceeded their expectations. This was just too tyrannical, right?

In everyone’s eyes, that was a foreign Emperor Clan’s outstanding talent! Even if Huang was powerful, if they truly fought, he still had to pay blood as the price, and even then he might not necessarily win.

Yet now, it was a completely different story!

This possessed toppling effects. It was just the start, yet Shi Hao already gave everyone a pleasant surprise, or perhaps it could be said to be a scare!

They had never seen such a fierce person, when faced with a foreign Emperor Clan, he was still coarse and wild to a ridiculous degree, as if he was holding up a chicken, directly beating it violently. Could he be any more violent and savage?


Shi Hao’s third fist landed, striking the red-haired creature until blood spurted out from his mouth and nose, his current state absolutely miserable.

“I never thought your skin was this thick, so good at taking a beating!” Shi Hao mocked.

In reality, he was a bit alarmed. If it was a normal person, their brains would have long exploded under his fist, turning into a blast of bloody mist. There wouldn’t be any suspense.

Yet the red-haired creature didn’t end up like this, still perfectly alive.

Those who were watching also snapped back, immediately realizing how terrifying the red-haired creature was. If they were suddenly restricted by Shi Hao, it would definitely be a bitter battle. His body was too strong, completely a peak body refinement cultivator. If the one being struck wasn’t the red-haired creature, he would have already been blasted to pieces.

“Thick skinned fella!” Shi Hao sent his fists smashing downwards while ridiculing.


This time, the fist force was exceptionally great, moreover carrying divine ability symbols, smashing into the bridge of his nose.


The red-haired creature released a long roar, snot and tears flowing everywhere. No matter how powerful he was, he still couldn’t hold on. His nose first transmitted intense pain, and then it became sour, caving in.


Then, his teeth flew out, struck until his sharp teeth became loose, flying out of his mouth.

“I am going to kill you!”

The red-haired creature howled, beyond furious. He had never suffered such shame! All of his essence blood surged, primordial spirit shining, chanting a type of ancient scripture from his mouth.


Shi Hao bombarded his face, about to cut down his primordial spirit. It was because he could feel that the Magical Force Immunity was starting to lose effects. The other party’s chanted scriptures were extremely strange, about to free him from these restrictions.

In the end, this red-haired creature was extremely strong!

Shi Hao had a feeling that if they truly fought and he didn’t launch a surprise assault, the battle would be incomparably intense, not completely one-sided like this.


Right at this time, Shi Hao produced a dull sword core, brandishing it without any hesitation, hacking it towards his forehead, wishing to immediately end his life.

Sword light erupted. This was the Everlasting Immortal Sword, immediately erupting with radiance that hid the sky and covered the earth, too dazzling, sun, moon, and stars even paling in comparison.


The space between the red-haired creature’s brows was cut open, but the sword tip was hindered. A five-colored shield appeared, rushing out from his forehead.


The shield dimmed, sparks flying in all directions, in the end cut apart.

The Everlasting Immortal Sword began to tremble, absorbing that five-colored shield’s essence, merging it into itself. This was actually a precious artifact cast from Immortal Gold, its value priceless, yet was still cut through!

After being stimulated by this type of life and death torment, the red-haired creature struggled with everything he had, finally breaking free from the restrictions, obtaining his freedom.


Only, right now, it was as if a war immortal possessed Shi Hao’s body, holding the advantage and not giving an inch. He brandished the sword core, hacking down murderously. Sword radiance erupted like rainbow light, cold radiance illuminating the world.

The red-haired creature was extremely powerful, but after suffering this heavy blow, the space between his brows was still cut open. Even though it was blocked at the critical moment by an ancient shield, his primordial spirit still suffered great injuries. 

At this time, his heaven reaching earth shaking abilities couldn’t be completely displayed, immediately forced into a defensive situation.


Shi Hao advanced boldly, sword energy released in ten thousand streaks. In the end, one sword sealed the deal, hacking through his neck, that head almost tumbling straight out.

The red-haired creature gripped his neck with his hands, jumping backwards, smashing into the stone wall with a peng noise, directly fleeing while nursing a grievance.

It wasn’t that everyone didn’t know about Huang’s might, but when they saw this scene, they were still stunned. That was but a foreign Emperor Clan expert who continuously defeated three young supreme beings! Yet he was beaten up to this type of sorry state, barely holding onto his life as he ran.

Golden lotuses scattered. The protectors’ descendant Dugu Yun also entered the stone walls. Shi Hao brandished the sword core, stabbing it in. As a result, he himself also rushed inside.

Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, and the others felt some hesitation, but in the end, they all rushed in.

“Go, we are also entering!” More and more people came, these people making the choice to charge forward as well.

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