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Chapter 1216 - Divine Medicine Garden

The Soul Guiding Lotus’ silver light moved heaven and earth, instantly releasing heaven reaching divine multicolored light. It struggled intensely in Shi Hao’s hands.

This dusky ancient land lacked light, but it didn’t lack rare precious medicines. A sweet fragrance filled this place, no lack of divine things, and as such, intense struggles and conflicts erupted.

With the Soul Guiding Lotus in hand, Shi Hao felt joy , but he still wasn’t satisfied. He began to carry out his next plans, following those people forward.

“Phoenix Grass!”

There was also an intense battle in that region. Heavenly Deity Institution’s Xuan Kun was injured. A delicate and pretty youth from Immortal Academy roared, his aura actually become berserk. He forced back his opponents, seizing the Phoenix Grass.

Shi Hao came a step too late. He didn’t recognize this person, but it wasn’t someone who fought with him over the Soul Guiding Lotus, and as a result, he didn’t pursue him.

“Ao…” In another region, dragon cries shook the nine heavens. A purple dragon rose up, carrying mists with it, the scene incredibly magnificent.

“Evil Dragon Medicine!” Someone cried out loudly, pleasantly surprised. Meanwhile, a commotion had broken out here, everyone fighting crazily.

Even Shi Hao was shocked. That stalk of medicine looked extraordinary, irregular scenes astonishing, sparking an intense battle. Many people surrounded that area, attacking each other.

Wang Xi went there, Lu Tuo took action, the woman from Immortal Academy who had her Phoenix Wing Immortal Gold Ranseur destroyed also charged over, all of them desiring that medicine.

This was a stalk of medicine that was a foot tall, purple and sparkling. It was rooted in the ground here, wishing to escape, but it was forced back again.

Divine medicines were intelligent, able to escape through the earth. This was the legendary Evil Dragon Medicine, its divine effects astonishing. It wanted to escape, but it was trapped by a formation someone laid here, unable to successfully leave.

As a result, the battle here also became exceptionally spectacular, figures flying about, fighting life and death struggles.

The six or seven leaves on that medicine looked like domineering evil dragons, the blades of the leaves like dragon claws. Purple energy rose, divine light flickering about, the scene extremely dazzling.

“This is simply like a restricted dragon!” Someone exclaimed in admiration. This stalk was among the best of divine medicines.


The battle here was extremely terrifying, all types of great divine abilities all appearing, immortal energy scattering, tearing through heaven and earth. These were all the most powerful individuals.

What was the most eye-catching was the one who used the Dragon Fist, simply like a true dragon as he moved through the air, clashing head on against others, defeating all those in his path.

Soon afterwards, he also suffered the same bitterness Shi Hao previously did, being attacked from all directions.

He was precisely Ten Crown King. He roared towards the sky, a small sparkling tree that was replete with moisture appeared in in his right hand, bright and multicolored. Chaotic energy surged, shocking all of his opponent.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s people were still relatively better off, while Immortal Academy disciples’ eyes immediately went red. This was one of the most powerful immortal seeds in history, one that was absolutely perfect, making them feel jealousy and shock.

There were immediately people who rushed over, to the extent where they didn’t even fight over the Evil Dragon Medicine, surrounding Ten Crown King, wishing to seize the precious tree in his hands.

“With a World Tree Sapling here, what point is there in fighting over anything else? Merging with it is better than all opportunities!”

Those people went crazy, attacking Ten Crown King, their eyes blazing with greed!


Only, they underestimated the power of the World Tree Sapling. When it released its power, leaves rustled about, chaotic sword radiance swept out, making everyone’s expressions change.

The great battle was bitter. In the end, one person was struck by the World Tree Sapling, his entire chest area caving in, his three strands of immortal energy almost scattering, only then did everyone become horrified, breaking out in cold sweat.

Ten Crown King obtained it, seizing the Evil Dragon Medicine with a single motion!

This was something he had to obtain. He cultivated the True Dragon Precious Technique, grasping the most domineering Dragon Fist. If he refined both fists with the Evil Dragon Medicine, then the benefits would be unimaginable.


Shi Hao came, but he didn’t take action against Ten Crown King. Instead, a fist smashed out, almost blasting through that Immortal Academy woman’s back. Fortunately, her reaction speed was fast enough, quickly evading, her entire body erupting with precious radiance.

Despite this being the case, she still staggered about, her lower back struck. Her slender body rose into the air, blood continuously coughed out from midair.

“Who?!” Those on the side shouted, these all individuals from Immortal Palace. When they turned around and saw that it was Shi Hao, their expressions immediately changed, because they had previously surrounded him too not long ago.


Shi Hao landed, but no one faced him. Those individuals all felt restraining fear. They had exchanged blows with him already, deeply understanding how frightening he was.

“This fella is a problem. Find someone to suppress him.”

“What a pity, the most formidable individuals like Little Sky King and the others aren’t here!”

Even though these individuals felt a bit unsatisfied, they didn’t rashly take action. In the end, they even more so directly left, even that woman herself only glaring at him angrily, not fighting to the end.

It was because there were many opportunities in this ancient land, they didn’t want to waste time. Precious light surged in the distance, another divine medicine emerging!

Medicinal fragrance wafted out. It really was unknown what kind of great natural luck this place carried, six types of unmatched divine medicines already emerging, enough to shock the entire world.

Up until now, three types of divine medicines were obtained.

Meanwhile, there were many other spiritual herbs, holy medicines even more so appearing in untold numbers, making everyone’s eyes red, their blood surging.

The three stalks of divine medicines all landed in the hands of young supreme beings. The others who only had two strands of immortal energy could only sigh inwardly, not getting involved, obediently picking the other spiritual herbs.

“Yi, there are more people now, did the second batch of people enter?” The first group of people who entered were stunned.

It was clear that someone went out to send news, informing the others that there weren’t dangers, but divine medicines and other great opportunities. As a result, the elders began to send in the second batch of disciples.

This region was extremely vast, those who entered appearing in all different positions.

Immortal Academy's people had good eyes. They saw a green-clothed woman in a region, precisely Qing Yi, her appearance quiet and peaceful, face exquisite and flawless, beauty enough to topple cities.

“It’s her, the woman who walked together with Shi Hao!”

Back then, when conflict broke out between Immortal Academy’s Wu Tai and others, Qing Yi was right by his side, and she was also involved in the ridicule Wu Tai and the others spoke. That was why when she appeared here, she was immediately recognized. 

“Heng, it’s this woman, even she dares to come. We have to have her taste a bit of suffering no matter what!” Someone said.

There just happened to be a young supreme being with three strands of immortal energy who was passing through this place. When he heard this, his expression was moved. Not long ago, when he surrounded Shi Hao, he suffered a loss, having the Soul Guiding Lotus seized. He found this a bit hard to accept inside, so now, he immediately developed different thoughts.

“You… come over here!” He shouted out, extremely domineering. However, when he carefully examined Qing Yi’s appearance, he felt a wave of shock, ripples stirring within him.

The words had long been spoken, they couldn’t be changed. He really wanted to capture Qing Yi. Regardless of whether it was to get revenge on Shi Hao or to restrict him when they fought for medicines later on, he had to take action.

“Octadic Treasure Unicorn!”

In the distance, someone cried out, full of pleasant surprise. Many people were fighting chaotically.

Shi Hao’s mind was moved. There was actually this type of thing? He quickly rushed over, wishing to fight over it.


A Qilin shaped creature was beneath the ground, trying to escape, but it was quickly forced to appear again.

Octadic Treasure Unicorn, a plant the shape of a Qilin, this thing normally hid underground in the depths of the ore mine, absorbing the essence of the great earth. It rarely appeared in this world.

It was the leader of the Archaic Octadic Treasures, one of the worlds’ finest foods, its taste enough to make deities salivate, delicious to an indescribable degree. Even the culinary deities of the world could only sigh at its rarity.

Apart from this, it had another important use, which was that when it was mixed with other medicinal herbs, it could increase its medicinal effects by more than just a few times.

One could imagine if a stalk of divine medicine or even a stalk of long life medicine was mixed with this Octadic Treasure Unicorn, just what kind of effects there would be!

That was why no one purely viewed it as something to satisfy their desire for good food. Even if they obtained it, they would still have to store it and use it at the crucial moment.

Only, this things was too rare, even more miraculous than divine medicines, rarely seen. They never expected to find one here. As a result, everyone began to fight and compete over it.

Shi Hao had previously obtained one in the three thousand provinces’ Immortal Ancient Remains, but it had already been eaten with divine medicine, only the root kept, waiting for it to regrow. Now that he saw another stalk, how could he not be pleasantly surprised? He slaughtered his way forward.

It was because he recalled a faint recording from bone books that if two stalks of Octadic Treasure Unicorns encountered each other, there might be some type of astonishing change.


He encountered Lu Tuo here, exchanging a fist on the spot. There was no friendship of being from the same academy to speak of here, only intense battles and fighting over natural luck.

“En, the Octadic Treasure Unicorn fled again. Restrict the earth, we cannot allow it to escape through the ground!” Everyone displayed secret methods, sealing the ground.

After clashing continuously Shi Hao caused the space between Lu Tuo’s thumb and index finger to split, blood flowing out. His body wasn’t a match, unable to fight Shi Hao head-on.

“En?” Suddenly, Shi Hao saw green moonlight pervading the air, a familiar aura spreading. The immortal dao energy was extremely clear; it was Qing Yi.

Shi Hao was certain that she followed the second group of people in, and was currently fighting against others, forced to use that mysterious green moon.

In another place, Meng Dou was extremely shocked, he never expected this woman could summon this green moon, releasing a rain of light to protect herself.

He was originally extremely domineering, wishing to quickly capture this world toppling green clothed beauty, but in the end, he discovered that the green moon stopped him, and there was even mysterious flame that burned about, forcing him to retreat.

“All of you, look, isn’t that extremely similar to the Green Lunar Flame recorded in legends? How could it be accompanying her at side?!”

“You’re right, that’s the Green Lunar Flame!”

“Have you all heard that legend, that Immortal Ancient Great Era’s Fairy Qing Yue will appear in this world one day? Could she be related to her?!”

A few of Immortal Academy’s disciples began to discuss among themselves, all of them extremely shocked. That green moon made them recall too many things, recalling some secrets.

Meng Dou was moved, inwardly surprised. This woman was related to True Immortal Qing Yue? If he captured her ahead of time, having her follow him at his side, then there might be world shocking natural luck.

He immediately took action, using three strands of immortal energy to suppress her, moreover using secret treasures to quickly capture Qing Yi. However, it wasn’t effective, and Qing Yi’s green moon seemed to have begun to retaliate as well.

“You’ve forced me to use murderous methods!” Meng Dou’s expression was ice cold.

“Hou…” Suddenly, a great roar sounded. Shi Hao arrived from the air, slaughtering his way over.


He was extremely direct, a Kun Peng Fist appearing as soon as he arrived, shaking up heaven and earth, striking Meng Dou until he fell back.

An intense battle was unavoidable, erupting on the spot!


Meng Dou wasn’t a match. When he took action against Shi Hao, that was together with everyone else, surrounding and attacking him, yet they couldn’t even stop this youth. Now that they were fighting one on one, he was blasted until blood sprayed out from his mouth.


Shi Hao used several precious methods, fighting a decisive battle against Meng Dou. As a result, his chest was blasted through, lightning shooting out in tens of thousands of streaks, blasting that place until it immediately became scorched black after blood rushed out.

“Ah…” Meng Dou screamed, feeling like his body was going to break apart, his primordial spirit unsteady, very likely falling here. He turned around and immediately ran.

Shi Hao chased after him, shocking everyone here. Was a young supreme being going to die here?


Finally, Meng Dou fled the ancient land, rushing out from the cliff, appearing before the two academies’ elders, almost dying.

This was the first young supreme being that withdrew, triggering a huge commotion.

When Immortal Academy’s old monsters learned what happened, their expressions all became unpleasant. If this continued, if that Huang went crazy, will everyone be forced out?

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