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Chapter 1215 - Resisting All Enemies With Force

The Soul Guiding Lotus’ silver radiance moved heaven and earth, immediately erupting with heaven reaching divine multicolored light. It struggled about violently in Shi Hao’s hands.


Everyone took action together. How could they watch as he seized this rare divine medicine for himself? Large amounts of light struck over, but they were all neutralized, magical force ineffective.

Only the Phoenix Wing Immortal Gold Ranseur, divine sword, war halberd, lance, and other weapons could do anything. Shi Hao had no choice but to deal with them.

Suddenly, Shi Hao’s hands shook intensely. The silver-colored lotus leaves melted, turning into liquid. Then, the petals withered, also turning into sparkling liquid, melting there!

In the void, the silver droplets of liquid condensed, surging from Shi Hao’s palms and fingers, rushing into midair where it gathered into a sphere of liquid that was silver and sparkling.

This stalk of divine medicine actually melted, displaying this sudden change at the most critical moment!

However, the liquid was still there, floating in the void, extremely fragrant, more than ten times richer than before. Everyone’s eyes burned with desire, grabbing towards it together.

“When a divine medicine matures, it will dissolve on its own into precious liquid. Its roots have escaped!” Someone said with a sigh.

Shi Hao was at the very front, he naturally couldn’t let this go. His large hand reached out, covering forward, hoping to grasp it.

However, those people all displayed force. This was a competition of physical strength, the young supreme beings all displaying terrifying methods. Blood energy overflowed into the heavens, attacking fiercely.

Shi Hao’s body was greatly shaken; he had no choice but to seriously defend himself. It was because his body was shaking, his single heavenly passage warping, about to collapse.

This wasn’t only because of those people’s attacks, there was another reason: his Magical Force Immunity was losing effectiveness. These people were all extraordinary, the symbols they displayed before extremely frightening. Magical Force Immunity was battered with attacks, and now, it couldn’t support itself anymore, about to dissipate.

Lu Tuo’s palms were lush green, slamming over murderously, the power enough to penetrate the heavenly dome.

Shi Hao’s hand grabbed the Soul Guiding Lotus liquid, his other hand quickly moving. They continuously clashed with those two palms. This place rumbled with noise, power surging, the void distorting and then exploding.


Sword radiance crashed down; Wang Xi’s sword stabbed over.


The void was hacked open. Immortal Academy’s woman held the Phoenix Wing Immortal Gold Ranseur, also bringing it down, aiming straight for Shi Hao’s head. 

Apart from this, the other two from Immortal Academy also slaughtered their way over. Spears and halberds descended at the same time, incredibly sharp, flickering with cold radiance. They stabbed directly at Shi Hao’s vitals.


Shi Hao’s single heavenly passage shone, surging with precious techniques. The golden willow branches turned into divine chains of order, rushing in all directions, attacking indiscriminately. Apart from this, endless streaks of lightning erupted here. Meanwhile, his body even more so shone, reincarnation profound mysteries appearing, engulfing all directions.

A great collision erupted here. Shi Hao fought furiously. With the Magical Force Immunity on the verge of vanishing, he had to fight with the last bit of advantage he still had.


The void trembled, and then it shook intensely. All types of precious lights surged. Everyone was immediately pleasantly surprised, discovering their symbols were effective again. They all released vicious attacks forward.

Just now, there were a few people whose expressions were still unpleasant, because their precious techniques were ineffective against Shi Hao, while the other party’s Kun Peng Technique, Lightning Emperor Divine Ability, Reincarnation symbols and others all erupted, truly making their expressions change.

Now, the situation reversed. These people’s precious techniques displayed their use, completely pouring down. The attacks that should have taken effect now arrived!

Divine radiance erupted from Shi Hao’s eyes. Even though he was being disturbed and attacked, the hand that covered the silver liquid didn’t pull back. A cauldron appeared between his palms and fingers, collecting away all of the liquid.


These people’s precious techniques descended. Even someone as powerful as Shi Hao couldn’t face everyone head-on. His single heavenly passage became blurry and dim, distorting, about to explode.


The Chaos Calming Art took effect. A sword hacked over, drawing a burst of blood.

When Shi Hao evaded, he avoided damage to his vitals, but his arm was still injured by the sword radiance. Striking red blood trickled down, the injuries not that serious. However, sword energy surged, containing a spiritual will, about to damage Shi Hao’s body.


Shi Hao released a short shout. A pair of Kun Peng wings appeared behind him. With a fierce shake, great yin and great yang force intertwined, spinning about, eliminating the sword energy from his body.


The fist imprint Lu Tuo condensed arrived, clashing with Shi Hao head on. The heavenly dome released dong dong sounds, the void collapsing.


When the Phoenix Wing Immortal Gold Ranseur belonging to the woman from Immortal Academy descended, Shi Hao leaned to the side, his palm and fingers striking against the phoenix wing edges. Keng qiang noises rang out, sparks flew in all directions.

A war halberd and lance stabbed over. Two other great experts charged at him, aiming at the space between Shi Hao’s brows.

The most crucial thing was that immortal energy pervaded the air, symbols surging. Precious techniques swept over in a berserk manner.

Shi Hao entered a dire situation. He fought an intense battle against many people, all of them the most powerful individuals of the younger generation, the most promising individuals from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, so his situation naturally didn’t look good.


Shi Hao put away the silver liquid. His hands formed magical imprints, fighting a great battle against everyone.

He blasted aside the war halberd and struck away the lance, his heroicness unstoppable. He wanted to break out, but these individuals attacked together viciously, their faces fallen.

Soul Guiding Lotus, it was too miraculous. Even if one’s primordial spirit shattered, they could use this to revive and be reborn, who didn’t want to obtain this? This was equivalent to an extra life!


When Shi Hao bare-handedly stopped the Phoenix Wing Immortal Gold Ranseur again, this weapon suddenly shone, the temperature terrifyingly high, simply able to burn the world, ignite the Nine Heavens.

Shi Hao’s palm was in intense pain. When he lowered his head, he discovered that his palm was scorched black; if not for his strength being powerful enough, his entire arm would have been burned to ashes just now.

“Kill!” Immortal Academy’s woman lightly berated. Her entire being seemed to have ignited. She charged at Shi Hao while bathed in sky reaching fiery light, sealing this place with divine flames.

“Sky Burning Flames!” Someone cried out in alarm.

Shi Hao was deeply surprised. This type of fire was too powerful, posing a threat to him, even him feeling the great heat. He had to treat this seriously.

“Dao flames that could burn the heavens, an unmatched divine flame!” He knew what this was.

It was because he had previously seen this type of ancient method, Great Sky Burning Art, an unmatched ancient method. These flames could burn down the heavens.


Fiery light reached into the sky, sweeping towards Shi Hao, the blazing heat difficult to defend against. His palms that were scorched black transmitted back even greater pain.


Shi Hao condensed a magical imprint, his aura changing greatly, showing contempt to everything under the heavens. He displayed the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art, supporting his different precious techniques, blasting forward.

In that instant, he went completely berserk. Precious techniques interwove into light, bombarding this place, as if the gates to six dao had truly been opened, time itself altered by reincarnation.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao drew a sword. At first, it was dim, but when he just began to swing it, divine light surged, light surging into the sky, a hazy rain of light covering everything.


The Phoenix Wing Immortal Gold Ranseur was cut in half, and then the Immortal Gold stored within surged towards the sword core in Shi Hao’s hands. A great treasure was thus destroyed.

This was the Everlasting Immortal Sword. Shi Hao normally wouldn’t use it, but when it was used, it meant that his eyes were red from murderous intent, about to stake it all.


Sword light flashed. Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art coordinated with it, almost removing that Immortal Academy woman’s arm. She quickly withdrew backwards, her face full of pain from losing her weapon, finding it difficult to accept.

Her Phoenix Wing Immortal Gold Ranseur was destroyed, cut apart by a sword, and then the Immortal Gold stored within was seized, now just scrap metal.


The others’ attacks arrived. Shi Hao displayed the Six Dao Reincarnations Ancient Heavenly Art, supporting this sword. He already let it go, the sword core’s rainbow light spinning about here, carrying heavenly dao patterns.

This sword core seemed like it had revived, extremely mysterious. Light poured down like rain, a humanoid creature appearing on the sword core, immortal mists pervading the air, the scene extremely intimidating.


When Wang Xi’s sword stabbed over, the Everlasting Immortal Sword hacked down, breaking it into two on the spot, absorbing the Immortal Gold within.

Shi Hao was shocked. After not using this sword for quite some time, he discovered that this sword was becoming more and more powerful. As his strength increased, this sword core seemed to have been nurtured, becoming many times more terrifying than before.

Wang Xi’s charming face turned pale, feeling incredibly broken-hearted. This was but an exceptional sword, yet it was cut through by someone like this. It was just too much of a pity.


It was as if Shi Hao went crazy. He activated the Six Dao Reincarnations Divine Ability, attacking everyone until their expressions changed. He slaughtered his way out with this sword alone just like that.


The shoulder of Immortal Academy’s woman produced a blast of blood, almost cut apart diagonally.


Wang Xi flew out. The Six Dao Reincarnations great divine ability was displayed, Wang Xi suffering the brunt of the attack, her body shaken until blood trickled out from the corners of her lips.


Sword energy weaved about. Shi Hao charged out from this dangerous place, breaking free from the encirclement situation, and then he stopped.

He really didn’t have a choice when he was surrounded by everyone. With so many young supreme beings attacking him from all sides, he actually broke his way out while still in good shape. If news of this got out, it would definitely shock the world.

Right now, many people felt helpless. Shi Hao stood there not too far away. They could still attack him, but they were no longer as active as before.

“Does anyone else want the Soul Guiding Lotus?” Shi Hao asked.

There was no way of obtaining it even if they wanted it, and they all knew why. 


Lu Tuo released a cold snort, the first to withdraw, rushing into the distance.

Wang Xi turned around, not saying anything, also silently withdrawing.

“Actually injuring me, you’ll pay for this sooner or later!” Immortal Academy’s woman said.

“If you don’t want to accept it, then come over and fight right now!” Shi Hao shouted.

“I’ll fight you another day, have to fight for some spoils of war first!” Immortal Academy’s woman said through clenched teeth, turning around to leave.

The minds of this group of people were all shaken, none of them willing to fight against this madman. They all wanted to continue searching for divine medicine.

It was because they knew this person grasped the Kun Peng technique, his speed too fast. Now that he obtained the divine medicine, breaking free, if he wasn’t a match for them, escaping was too easy.

In that instant, this place became peaceful, everyone leaving.

Shi Hao laughed coldly, following behind them. Now, it was his time to take the initiative, targeting these people. If anyone obtained divine medicine, then that was who he would loot.

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