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Chapter 1214 - Soul Guiding Lotus

There weren’t many plants in this dark ancient land, but when they did appear, they were all spiritual medicines. Even divine medicines like the Soul Guiding Lotus and Phoenix Grass appeared, naturally leaving everyone shocked.

Not long afterwards, this place became chaotic, everyone fighting intensely. A great confusing battle erupted.


Shi Hao fought with that woman. His palm released a faint golden radiance, releasing Kun Peng power. It smashed together with the immortal energy she released, making everything around them shake.


On the other side, Lu Tuo and a young man fought against each other, both of them covered in blood. This was a world shocking great battle between those with three strands of immortal energy.

“You have to properly think things through! Fighting a decisive battle over a stalk of medicine with me, if this really is worth it!” That woman threatened. She was someone who used every means fair or foul, not hesitating to use Immortal Academy to pressure Shi Hao into giving up on the Soul Guiding Louts.

“Less rubbish, just fight for it with you own strength!” Shi Hao remained unmoved, directly sending a fist smashing out. Lightning radiance was released in thousands of streaks, all of it erupting before him, brilliant and dazzling.

If it was a normal person, they would have long been blasted by the lightning into charred residue, not difficult for this lightning radiance to kill heavenly deities at all, comparable to the most terrifying heavenly tribulation.

However, this woman was extremely tough, three strands of immortal energy merged into the dao, forming wisps, wrapping around her impressive figure, moreover displaying a type of ancient dao method.

Shi Hao’s magical force was profound, flesh body powerful, bravery unmatched. After clashing forcefully with her several times, he directly rushed forward.

This was especially the case when several hundred golden willow branches rushed out in Shi Hao’s surroundings, immediately leaving this woman stupefied. Her expression became strange, involuntarily taking a few steps back.


Shi Hao leapt over, throwing himself forward, about to pull out that Soul Guiding Lotus.

This lotus flower was holy and pure, its fragrance wafting out, entirely silvery-white in color, radiance flickering about. It took root in a spring, within the pool of divine liquid that was sparkling and translucent.

The pool wasn’t that large, only a few zhang in perimeter. There was innate essence energy inside, accompanied by a flower fragrance.


At the critical moment, a streak of purple radiance flew over. Wang Xi took action, displaying several precious techniques with a raise of her hand, stopping Shi Hao’s advance.


Then, she even displayed the Chaos Calming Art, using this unmatched sword art that shocked past and present, severing the void, cutting off the path ahead, not letting Shi Hao approach.

At the same time, Lu Tuo also took action. He released a great shout that sounded like lightning, displaying an ancient heavenly art, blasting at Shi Hao’s back, the power brilliant and majestic.

Immortal Academy’s people also worked together to stop Shi Hao.

Meanwhile, that woman who had previously taken action against Shi Hao also snapped back, continuously releasing precious technique attacks murderously in his direction.

Shi Hao shifted sideways, avoiding the precious techniques, his body shifting about like a fiend. He gave Wang Xi a cold look, and then turned around to give that woman from Immortal Academy a palm.


The woman’s body was greatly shaken up. In a contest of physical strength, how many people could compare to Shi Hao? He was practically no different from the most powerful body refinement cultivator!

The space between her thumb and index finger split, blood flowing out. Immortal Academy’s woman gripped her hand, bits of bright red color appearing on her thumb, the true blood that flowed from that wound.

Shi Hao rushed forward again, his countless afterimages making everyone confused, not knowing if they were real or fake. It could only be said that his speed was too fast. His target was still the Soul Guiding Lotus.

However, these people were extremely decisive. Regardless of whether it was Heavenly Deity Institution’s students or Immortal Academy’s disciples, they took action together. Anyone who dared approach the divine pool would suffer devastating attacks.

Shi Hao was extremely powerful, but it was still difficult for him to face everyone alone. After all, these were the ones with the most terrifying potential in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, all of them cultivating three strands of immortal energy.


Those people couldn't distinguish between what was an afterimage and what was his real body at all. The only thing they could do was release attacks!

With numbers on their side, they didn’t have to worry about whether they hit the true body or not. As long as they saw figures, they would attack, and many of the attacks were released beforehand.

It was because the Soul Guiding Lotus grew here. They directly released precious techniques, bombarding its surroundings, protecting it within. If anyone went to pick it, then it was the same as running straight into a barrage of attacks.


Right at this time, the sound of a weapon being unsheathed sounded. Wang Xi pulled out a divine sword that contained Immortal Gold. It was exceptionally sharp, surging with auspicious light.

At the same time, a resounding sound was transmitted from the Immortal Academy woman Shi Hao had fought before. This was a Phoenix Wing Immortal Gold Ranseur, brilliant and dazzling.

This weapon was extremely astonishing, mixed within was Radiant Immortal Gold, snow-white and brilliant, resplendent like a sun. It was incredibly intimidating.

This woman had just suffered a loss, the space between her thumb and index finger splitting open from the physical struggle. Now, she used her own weapon. As soon as this magical artifact appeared, the world rumbled. Wherever the sharp blade passed, the void was cut apart.

“Accept death!” She released a light shout, hacking forward murderously.

This left others extremely shocked. This type of great weapon was normally something men used, giving one an extremely valiant appearance when brandished. This woman was slender and tall, her figure wonderful, yet she used this type of divine weapon, her figure really drawing eyes.


Shi Hao released a short shout. He faced it bare-handedly, fighting an intense battle against her. He avoided the sharp edge, his palm and fingers like blades as they hacked at the metal pole.


Crazy winds swept about. The Phoenix Wing Immortal Gold Ranseur surged with snow-white multicolored light, flourishing like a flame, making even the void distort, burning Shi Hao’s hand.

With a huala sound, black water overflowed. Shi Hao used the Kun Peng Technique’s great yin force. That hand formed a Kun fish, moving black waves to protect himself.


At the same time, his palm hacked down on the metal pole, releasing Kun peng force, making this divine weapon tremble greatly, producing weng weng sounds like vibrating buzzing sounds.


Right at this time, Wang Xi took action. She held that exceptional divine sword in hand, cold radiance surging from it, severing space as it attacked. Chaos Calming Art was displayed as well, displayed through the divine weapon!

Shi Hao felt quite the restraining fear towards this method, because it was one of the most powerful sword arts from past to present. It had previously forced back terrifying foreign creatures, calming the chaos of an era.

He supported his single heavenly passage, entire body shining. Willow Deity Technique and Lightning Emperor Precious Technique merged together, several hundred golden branches wrapping around lightning radiance, turning into sharp arrows as they rushed in Wang Xi’s direction.


Lu Tuo released a great roar, his head of hair moving about. A sky reaching great tree appeared above him, produced from immortal energy. Endless great dao energy was released from its swaying body, sweeping towards Shi Hao.

At this moment, Shi Hao suffered attacks from all directions. It was because he was the closest to the Soul Guiding Lotus, and he had been attacking this entire time, desiring it greatly, thus incurring everyone’s resistance, all of them wishing to suppress him first.

It was clear that this type of battle was extremely difficult. Immortal Academy’s people and Heavenly Deity Institution’s young supreme beings were targeting him this entire time, stopping him from seizing the Soul Guiding Lotus. There was danger of him falling at every corner. 


Under the joint attacks of several great opponents, Shi Hao turned into a Kun Peng, rushing into the sky, avoiding that murderous situation.

He stood in the void, his expression cold. He didn’t retreat. With a cold smile, he said, “I want to see which one of you can bring it away!”

Since anyone who tried to seize it would suffer the attacks of everyone else, then he would wait right here, see who was going to be the next one that would be attacked from all directions.

As a result, everyone stood in place, no one willing to take a single step, all of them feeling apprehension.

“I don’t have time to waste here like you all! I still have to fight over other divine medicines!” Shi Hao said. He dove down again, taking the initiative to take action.


The Phoenix Wing Immortal Gold Ranseur hacked over, flickering with astonishing radiance. It carried a hazy great dao aura, sealing off Shi Hao’s path of advance.

At the same time, Lu Tuo’s hands formed imprints, a blast of thunder releasing from his mouth, thousands of streaks of light surging from his hands as he attacked Shi Hao murderously.

Meanwhile, Wang Xi also moved her divine sword, hacking forward.

Everyone moved, taking action together, sealing off Shi Hao’s path, wishing to cut him down.

Shi Hao’s entire body shone, becoming shocking and brilliant, as if his very being ignited. His single heavenly passage turned into an enormous sun, displaying all types of symbols.

He released a shout. His aura was terrifying, his own strength increased to the limit, smashing straight into those young supreme beings’ ring of ambush.


This place surged, precious techniques appearing one after another. They were all attacks from the most powerful peerless individuals, drowning out Shi Hao’s area.

However, a vacuum zone quickly appeared, large amounts of radiance growing dim, as if ice and snow melted away.

“Magical Force Immunity!” Wang Xi cried out in alarm. Recently, the Wang Family had always been investigating Shi Hao, long understanding his background, knowing he had this type of ability.

Everyone’s expression changed, watching helplessly as he broke through the precious techniques’ blockade, quickly approaching the divine pond, about to pluck the Soul Guiding Lotus with a raise of his hand.

“Lost effectiveness!” Immortal Academy’s woman couldn’t help but cry out. She brandished her Phoenix Wing Immortal Gold Ranseur, not using precious techniques, attacking directly with weapons.

Shi Hao leapt out, and with a dang sound, the sole of his foot stepped on that ranseur, causing it to tremble greatly. A single motion from his body neutralized this attack.

When Wang Xi’s divine sword stabbed over, he flicked his finger, striking against the sword body, making it vibrate with weng weng sounds.

Lu Tuo and the others from Immortal Academy rushed forward. Shi Hao’s single heavenly passage surged, erupting with all types of symbols. Several types of precious techniques merged together, counter attacking everyone.

Magical Force Immunity, this type of skill was truly stunning at critical moments. One could face everyone alone, and could even display the most powerful counter attack.


At the same time, Shi Hao grabbed the Soul Guiding Lotus with a single motion.

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